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The Day Israel Attacked America ~ Powerful Video Documentary

When We Elect Our Israeli Congressional Representatives on Nov. 4, Please Remember the 34 Sailors Killed & 172 Wounded Aboard the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 by Israeli Air Force Planes & Naval Attack Boats Paid For by the American People

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November 3, 2014

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The Day Israel Attacked America ~ Powerful Video Documentary Reveals the Full Story of the Attack on the USS Liberty ~ Hidden for 47 Years (Nov. 3, 2014)

The USS Liberty was strafed, bombed, torpedoed, and napalmed by the Israeli Air Force for over two hours on June 8, 1967 beginning around 2 PM. This was an act of war. It was not a "mistake." The Israeli military was knowingly attempting to sink the Liberty, an electronic spy ship, which was operating in international waters.

The Day Israel Attacked America (Video Documentary, 48 minutes)

Published on Nov 1, 2014

This aired late Friday evening, 31 October 2014 on the Al Jazeera America channel. Took me completely by surprise as I was simply channel surfing for some good Halloween horror flicks, The biggest reason I uploaded this is because at about 19:50 in this video, the witness says he saw Israeli boats machine gunning the life rafts and then machine gunning the ship. I never heard that before. I thought the Liberty thing was just a mistaken aerial bombing that didn't last long. Now, I don't know if the life rafts were manned and deployed, or empty and still attached to the ship, but either way, this definitely discounts the "mistaken identity" explanation. Anybody have more info on this?


Ernest Copenhaver
1 day ago

As a US Nay Vet that steamed in those waters back in 1970 during the Black September Crisis, I can tell you I will "never" forget, or forgive, the Israelis for this atrocity. The only thing that makes me more sick is that, knowing that facts, we didn't lay waste to their sorry asses.

Aki Minasian
1 week ago

This is really awful. I just don't understand why my country continues to flood USA TAXPAPER DOLLARS to Israel :(

Tommy E Moore via Google+
23 hours ago

June 8, 1967 Israel knowingly attacked the USS Liberty a lightly armed intelligence gathering spy ship full of America's brightest. Israeli fighter planes sunk life boats or killed as many sailors as possible and even tried to sink the crippled ship with all its data with torpedoes. The US and Israel then participated in a coverup to cleanse their hands of the wrongs they had done on this day with the full approval of the United States government. From this day forward the US Israeli relations have grown to what it is today. This is the one smear that LBJ has on his watch since he closed his eyes to this attack from our number one ally in the region.

Mah Be
2 months ago

This event was PURE EVIL & the idea that our country still supports Israel with billions of tax payer dollars each year is INSANITY ! The amount of joblessness, homeless & children going hungry right here is outrageous. The very infrastructure of our nation is falling apart yet we send financial aide to many other nations ==== how does this make sense? Apparently common sense isn't so common after all. Why don't our so-called trusted servants realize charity begins at home? It seems our political officials don't give two sh*ts about we the people once they get to D.C. most of them only seem to care about getting re-elected. America's political system runs rampant with corruption appearing to be rotting at its core & it will soon come crashing down if these vital issues are not addressed!

This banner should be displayed on every SUV, station wagon, van, and truck across American highways

Never Forget USS LIberty Attack June 1967 by Israel



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