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Vaccine for Meningitis?

From Chris Gupta <>
October 13, 2004

Further to Vaccine Shenanigans, here is more data to show how the vaccines have more to do with business than with health. It is really worth visiting Jon Rappaport's website where he shows how the statistics (among lot of other less known vaccine info) are being manipulated to con the unsuspecting. Strangely, even when the manufacturer states that there is no evidence for efficacy - the propaganda is such that most, especially the mainstream health practitioners, summarily ignore it and continue to trumpet the supposed benefits...

Similarly, a Lipitor TV ad clearly states: "Lipitor has not been shown to prevent heart disease or heart attacks". Just read some of the comments on the statin posts and you will be amazed at how many feel trapped in the cholesterol hoopla and are reluctant to not take it (and similar statins).

This phenomena is created through mesmerizing the masses by leading them to believe whole heartedly in the miracle of modern day medicine... See also:

If prescription drugs are so good, where are all the healthy drug takers?

The way to deal with this is make people empowered and publicly disgrace those professionals and professions who parrot the party line despite lack of clear data on efficacy and injury - unfortunately, this takes time - (meanwhile millions suffer) this web site and others are an attempt to do just that.

Chris Gupta


OCTOBER 12, 2004. Reporter Jon Eisen, at Scoop Media, runs down another Chiron tale. He has the audacity to actually read the Chiron package insert that goes along with the vaccine. Surely he is breaking some law. It's not fair to examine company literature too closely.

I confess I visited the Chiron website. And I found this reassuring statement: "Every second, 25 people across more than 70 countries are immunized with a Chiron vaccine."

Also, beneath a very long list of Chiron vaccines, I encountered a remark that was puzzling. The FDA has not approved any of the vaccines. They are not sold in the US. Call me crazy, but I'd think Chiron would want to peddle these shots in the richest nation in the world.

Here is an excerpt from the bracing Eisen piece:

Maker Admits Meningococcal Vax May Be DangerousMonday, 23 August 2004, 9:26 amPress Release: Jon Eisen

Vaccine Maker Admits NZ Meningococcal Vaccine May Not Work, and Could Be Dangerous

The manufacturer of the new meningococcal vaccine currently being introduced into New Zealand has admitted that ”complete protection against infection caused by the New Zealand strain (of the bacteria) cannot be guaranteed.”

In the “package insert” designed to provide guidelines for doctors and nurses administering the vaccine, the CHIRON company also states that the vaccine has a high rate of possible side effects.

Moreover, it says that much crucial data about the performance of the vaccine, as well as data on “contraindications” (where it should not be used) are incomplete.


• While the insert says that “the population at risk should be vaccinated with MeNZB [company name for the vaccine] to prevent serious systemic disease” it concedes that “data on concomitant use of other vaccines are not yet available.” This means that if a person gets one or more other vaccines at or around the same time as the MeNZB vaccine, there are no data on possible adverse outcomes.

• The vaccine also “has not been evaluated in persons with thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet count) or bleeding disorders.”

• ”As with all injectable vaccines, appropriate medical treatment and supervision should always be readily available in the rare case of an anaphylactic event (life threatening allergic reaction) following administration of a vaccine.”
The company neglects to provide any data on these kinds of events.

• “MeNZB has not been specifically evaluated in the immunocompromised. Individuals with complement deficiencies and individuals with functional or anatomical asplenia (problems with or absence of a spleen) may mount an immune response to MeNZB; however, the degree of protection that would be afforded is unknown.” [Understand that far more than a BILLION people in this world have compromised immune systems---JR]

• “Any acute infection and febrile illness (an illness with an associated fever) is reason for delaying the use of MeNZB except when, in the opinion of the physician,withholding the vaccine entails a greater risk.” In other words, inasmuch as the manufacturer does not actually have any meaningful data on risks and benefits, it’s up to the doctor’s “educated guess” as to whether or not to vaccinate a sick child or infant. More: “A minor illness such a temperature of less than 38.5 detgrees such as a minor upper respiratory infection, is not usually reason to postpone immunisation.” However, in that such an infection may or may not be an indication of someone who is “immunocompromised” (a contraindication for the vaccine; remember that there is “no data” on this) the reader is left wondering about this apparent contradiction in the directions.

• “There are no adequate data from the use of MeNZB in pregnant women.”

• “Information on the safety of the vaccine during lactation is not available.”

• “The degree and quality of the cellular immune response is not yet established.”

• “Clinical efficacy (whether it works or not): No prospective efficacy trials have been performed with MeNZB.” In other words, the company has no idea as to whether or not the vaccine actually does what they say it should do.

End of Scoop excerpt

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