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The Visual Ray Revisited:
Evaporating Clouds Employing Eyesight & Intent- Alone

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
April 3, 2007

I'm always elated whenever I see real, fair-weather cumulus clouds in place of those phony, toxin-laden chemtrail "clouds" which we continue to be bombarded with daily. Chemtrail spraying is now into its NINTH year.

Let me repeat that: the US Air Force has been poisoning the skies of North America and all of the citizens living under those skies for nine continuous years and the entire gamut of corporate media, the Bush Administration, the Judicial Branch, the Legislative Branch, the state governors, state legislators, and municipal legislators ever mention one word about it. Montel Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Charlie Rose, Tim Russert and Jim Leher, among many other TV hosts, seem to be oblivious to this subject.

The daily spraying of chemtrails into the North American atmosphere began in earnest in the winter of 1997-98 and continues unabated up to the present moment. Locally, I've noticed lulls in chemtrail spraying that have lasted as long as several weeks, but they usually spray on a daily basis. However, March 27, 2007 was a lovely, no-chemtrail day locally and what a delight it was to take photos of natural, genuine clouds composed as Nature had intended, with only water vapor and the "glue" which holds natural clouds together, orgone energy. The beautiful cumulus clouds shown in these two photos represent what we used to see all the time-before the Air Force chemtrail spew boys (or more likely computer operated drone planes) got into the act. Today, natural-cloud days are more of a rarity, but we do see them from time to time, and we are grateful for these reprieves from chemtrail-laden skies.

Natural cumulus clouds 1 Irvine, CA March 27, 2007  101PM     Cumulus clouds 2 Irvine, CA March 27 2007

Notice how sharp-edged these real cumulus clouds appear when compared to the soft, fuzzy edges seen with chemtrail-created "clouds"  Notice also how deep blue the sky looks, compared to the pale, hazy, washed-out blue seen with chemtrail skies. The deeper blue is due to the higher concentration of positive polarity orgone energy ("OR" orgone) in the atmosphere, while chemtrail skies are dominated by the negative polarity of orgone energy called "DOR." by Wilhelm Reich.

The Visual Ray

While taking these photos, I decided that it was time to demonstrate once again just how easy it is to evaporate (real) clouds by merely 1) staring at them with your eyes and 2) holding a focused intent in your mind. This ability was called The Visual Ray by Dr. Ernst Lehrs in his book, Man or Matter and I, in turn, learned about it from Trevor James Constable's extraordinary book, The Cosmic Pulse of Life.

I initially wrote about this amazing phenomena in an article I posted on May 29, 2000 ( I mentioned in that article that the reason the cloud evaporates is because you are drawing the orgone energy out of the cloud and into your body via the visual "ray beam" which we all emit from our eyes whenever we stare at something. The orgone energy from the cloud travels along our visual "beam" which is acting as a wave guide Orgone energy always travels from a source of lower concentration to a source of higher concentration. Your body has a much higher concentration of orgone energy than the cloud, therefore, the orgone flows into you from the cloud and the cloud dissipates because it no longer has the orgone "glue" it needs to remain intact.

For today's demonstration, I picked a small, puffy cloud so you can see just how quickly you can completely evaporate a cloud using the Visual Ray. I have successfully evaporated much larger clouds, but it takes considerably longer, so I chose a small, isolated cloud to shorten the process. I picked a cloud that was over a tree hoping you would see the same tree throughout the demonstration,but it was fairly windy that day and my demo cloud moved on me, but I hope you can recognize that I'm busting the same cloud. The entire process only took 4-5 minutes. I'll post the digital time stamp which accompanied each photo.

1. Here's our chosen cloud before applying the Visual Ray 1:02 pm         2. A little closer view 1:02 pm

Visual Ray Demo 1 begins March 27, 2007 102pm   Visual Ray Demo 2

I'm holding the thought that I'm going to evaporate this cloud while simultaneously scanning the cloud with my eyes in a zigzag pattern, both left to right and vertically, up and down. I continue to scan the cloud with this zigzag motion and hold the thought that I'm dissolving this cloud throughout the entire demonstration. Notice the very small fragment of cloud on the right of the photo is actually growing in size while I'm dissolving the larger cloud chosen for the demonstration.

3. 1:03 pm .                                                                                          4. 1:03 pm

Visual Ray Demo 3   Visual Ray Demo 4

5. 1:03 pm                                                                                             6. 1:04 pm

Visual Ray Demo 5   Visual Ray Demo 6

7. 1:04 pm                                                                                           8. 1:05 pm (notice purple 'artifact' to immediate right of demo cloud)

Visual Ray demo 7   Visual Ray Demo 8

9. 1:06 pm                                                                                            10. 1:06 pm

Visual Ray Demo 9   Visual Ray Demo 10

11. 1:06 pm                                                                                          12. A little closer 1:07 pm

Visual Ray Demo 11   Visual Ray Demo 12

13. 1:07 pm    (I'm scanning both fragments seen below)                        14. 1:07 pm   Going....

Visual ry Demo 12   Visual Ray Demo 13

15. Going.... 1:08 pm                                                                            16. 1:08 pm  Gone!

Visual Ray Demo 14B   Visual Ray Demo 14


The only way to find out if this really works, is to go out and try it yourself! Once you prove to yourself that you can do it, then show some kids how to do it. Kids will go banannas with this one and will spread the word faster than any article I may post or anecdote you may repeat. Of course, you must use a real cloud for your demonstration. Trying to evaporate chemtrail "clouds" with the Visual Ray won't work because chemtrails are not merely composed of water vapor, but rather are laden with particulate matter, jet fuel, toxins, organisms, etc. However, many people have discovered that using focused intent to dissolve chemtrails will bring results, amazing as that may sound to the left-brained, reason-bound skeptc or the uninformed.

Ken Adachi

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