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Dr. Mathias Rath & the SARS 'Epidemic'

[Editor's Note: This article underscores the tremendous value and benefit of taking large, multigram doses of Vitamin C in order to pump up your immune system and assist your body in fighting any disease condition, not only flu-like, viral infections. Linus Pauling had always recommended taking the ASCORBATE form of Vitamin C instead of the ASCORBIC ACID form, in order to avoid the stomach upset that large doses of ascorbic acid can cause. The SARS 'epidemic' that the NWO Gang had hoped to ignite with their bioenginered bug didn't "take off" last year because it was stopped by additional 'interventions' than those claimed here. I have knowledge of some of those other interventions, but I won't elaborate further as we need to protect the identity and nature of such work Of course, this in no way diminishes the important contributions achieved by Dr Rath and his team as explained in this article.

In addition to the interventions that I was privy to, I'm sure that there were other forces on the spiritual and (perhaps) friendly extraterrestrial level that also played a significant role in aborting the SARS 'epidemic' that the Illuminated Ones had expected would take off and cause a stampede for their wonderful, "life-saving vaccines". Too bad for the satanic baby killers and their blood drinking membership, but that's how it goes when your agenda is worldwide genocide and spiritual warfare. They should "get used to it", as workers on the Light Side are just beginning to reach their stride. As more intended 'victims' begin to awaken to the Dark agenda, there is a growing tendency to resist such manipulations and fight back in ways TOTALLY UNEXPECTED by the Illuminated Ones. Stay tuned and above all, GET INVOLVED. This is a spiritual, as well as a physical WAR between Lucifer and all of God's children- make no mistake about it! It's necessary to let go of your fear, tune out the disinfo boys, and tune into your heart and 'higher angels' in order to find out exactly what part YOU should be playing in the salvation of humanity and that of this lovely blue-green planet...Ken Adachi].

From "Parhatsathid Napatalung" <>
Feb. 14, 2004

Dear Editor:

The late Linus Pauling knew treating Vitamin C will help reverse virus replication. This is true of AIDS or SARS. As a vindication, one Dr. Rath exposes the conspiracy and all of the sudden, SARS was "under control"

I wonder if it was a media controlled SARS "epidemic" to destroy the Asian economies? Guangdong province is the only province that has a record of its growth. Could the Bush cartel have picked on this particular place to disable the economy? Same goes for Toronto, where CNN created the image of it becoming a ghost town, when in fact it was business as usual.

Here is Dr. Rath's Vindication:

How Dr. Rath and $30,000 in Public Health Advertising by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation brought the SARS epidemic "under control"

Throughout the Iraq war, Dr Rath has exposed the Rockefeller Group and the pharmaceutical/ petrochemical cartel as the largest benefactors of a war with weapons of mass destruction. This war would be abused to abolish civil rights worldwide, guarantee the survival of the pharmaceutical industry and
establish the monopoly of the pharmaceutical cartel over global health. Unmasking the 'war plan' of these corporate interest groups behind the military war against Iraq and exposing these groups as even benefiting from a war led with weapons of mass destruction, made it impossible for them to do just that - to risk a war with weapons of mass destruction.

The very same week that Dr. Rath published his open letter exposing the "Rockefeller-financed Trilateral Commission" behind the Bush-Administration's war, the plan for the use of weapons of mass destruction was dropped. That very same week the Pharma-Cartel launched their Plan B: the SARS epidemic.

By the middle of March, all of a sudden, the news were dominated with the buzz-word 'SARS' and a global scare campaign was launched. The SARS epidemic was a man made PR-stunt with the goal of creating the global psychological state that would allow the pharmaceutical cartel to create in people the state of mind enabling it to continue its rule - even with an Iraq war fought only with conventional weapons.

Dr. Rath and his team recognized this strategy and called their bluff. He knew the scientific fact that all viruses including the virus that causes SARS (corona virus) can be largely blocked by optimum use of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and other essential nutrients. Dozens of studies with different viruses have all confirmed that there is no known virus that does not respond to vitamin C. In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, it was shown that vitamin C alone can block even the HIV/ AIDS-Virus by more than 99 % (Proceedings Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 1990, 87, 7245-9).

Knowing these facts, Dr. Rath decided to publish full page Public Health Alerts in newspapers in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore. The title was "Vitamin C against SARS". The subtitle read "What everyone should know - but the World Health Organization (WHO) does not tell you - about natural
protection from the new epidemic."

Dr. Rath's public health information informed people in the countries most affected, about the benefits of vitamin C and other essential nutrients to optimize the immune system and help prevent the spread of SARS. But this Public Health Alert, financed by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation, was also a harsh criticism of the World Health Organization (WHO). Dr. Rath criticized the WHO, founded half a century ago to promote human health, to be undermined and abused by pharmaceutical investment interests.

This investment industry is based on the patentability of drugs and continues to instrumental the WHO to serve primarily the promotion of patentable, profitable prescription drugs. In fact, there is no other reason why the World Health Organization would fail to fulfill its obligation and bring the life saving information about the health benefits of essential nutrients to the people of the world.

The text for the open letters was submitted to the newspapers on 9th April 2003 and under-went a meticulous review in the respective countries,
including by one Ministry of Health. This review process alone made sure that the information about the effectiveness of a non-patentable natural
substance, vitamin C, for the natural control of the SARS epidemic is available everywhere and can and must be used.

The publication date for Dr. Rath's health information in these Asian countries was set for Saturday 12th of April 2003. The advent of the "Public
Health Information Campaign by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation" and the public exposure of WHO as a puppet of the pharmaceutical cartel, rang alarm
bells within the WHO. In fear of the loss of its credibility with the people of the world, this world body had to react. Disputing the scientific facts was no option. So the only way out was a withdrawal of the scare tactics. Their basic message: It's not that bad.

Thus, on the very same day that millions of people in Asia woke up to the stunning news of fighting SARS with vitamin C they must have been even more
stunned by the WHO making a 180 degree turn around. Referring to the WHO's medical officer Mike Ryan, the New York Times reported for the world to know: "Virus Called Mostly Under Control".

What a remarkable day. After having launched one of the largest media stunts in the history of planet earth, the pharmaceutical cartel and its allies within the WHO had to withdraw it within hours of Dr. Rath calling their bluff.

Dr. Rath comments: "I have been fighting the pharmaceutical cartel for more than a decade now, but this success overshadows everything. The pharmaceutical interest groups - ex-posed as conducting an organized fraud business that risks the life of millions of people and drains the economies
of this planet - are apparently extremely nervous. There can be no other reason why they reacted so fast following my exposure that the pharmaceutical cartel is the organizer and benefactor of this man made hysteria. This fact should open the eyes of every intelligent person: How scared must they be if $30,000 in public health advertising is all it takes to stop an epidemic that has been dominating the news around the world."

After having been denied the opportunity to escalate the war against Iraq into a war with weapons of mass destruction: after having been denied the possibility to abuse such an event to abandon civil rights around the world for its own survival, the pharmaceutical cartel has just suffered another

The people of the world are one step further toward recognizing the true nature of the pharmaceutical cartel as an unscrupulous investment group around the Rockefeller group. The pharmaceutical investment industry has sacrificed more lives over the past decades for their unscrupulous "business with disease" than the number of people who died in all wars of mankind put together.

The people of planet earth are waking up to the fact that there is a special interest group among us that not only took control of the White House and controls news dissemination around the world through their ownership of Time Warner, CNN and other news channels, but also abuses these instruments to impose wars and epidemics on our planet.

It's time for a change. We ask you to support the People's Agenda for a new world of health, peace and social justice.


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