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Waking Up to Chemtrail Disinfo

[Editor's Note: This e-mail is an anonymous response to another recent article sent out by Mark Davey which highlighted the current hodgepodge of chemtrail disinfo gambits. The most cunning disinfo is disseminated by a fellow (whose father was career military and seems to exhibit that slightly skewed, peculiar behavior you tend to see with mind controlled people) with a chemtrails 'information' web site who has been pushing a very lenghty "Chemtrails Report" for a couple of years that wants you to arrive at the conclusion that Edward Teller is trying to save us all with sun screens and radar protection from those nasty terrorists (whoever thay might be). I'll post the earlier article this response refers to in short order. I can't argue with the opinions expressed by this writer concerning chemtrails except to remark that 'seeding clouds' generally produced little or no real results in the 1950's when trying to produce rain. Trevor Constable's Etheric Rain Engineering or Wilhelm Reich's version of cloudbusting, however, works in almost every case-even with desert conditions. You should also read the latest article I've posted from Montalk to get a clearer picture of the reasons behind chemtrail sprayings....Ken Adachi]

May 9, 2003

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From: Mark Davey
To: Mark Davey
Sent: Friday, May 09, 2003 3:38 AM
Subject: response to sunscreen

This was sent from a new friend in response to sunscreen article.

Sorry to have to write you in this fashion, but I can no longer sit and watch the amazing display of stupidity demonstrated by the so-called fringe media and various internet sites that purport to “get to the bottom” of this chemtrail business. Let’s get to the point.

First, notice how every so many months, here comes yet another “insider” email about how these chemtrails are just cloud cover to protect the planet or some other idiot view like “increased jet traffic along unused air corridors.” We laugh at how many radio shows run this dribble with such frequency that we now wonder why they too, exhibit either complete idiocy or, are in fact, part of the disinformation campaign being waged to keep the world’s population looking the other way.

Common sense is the key here, no matter what is postulated. Use your brains. Think things through. Let some clarity and rationality come into the picture.

Disinfo strategy Numero Uno: Cloud Cover to protect us from those evil sunrays, caused by us selfish, gas-guzzling citizens.

First, notice how most folks who use this disinfo strategy always condemn the consumer as being the bad guy—who uses way too much energy for our poor planet—then these agents point out that chemtrails are, in fact, doing us a favor by creating cloud cover to protect these same people from their own greed. The problem with this ongoing disinfo strategy is that everybody knows free energy has been around since the 1920s and it is corporate America who keeps us dependent upon oil, not ourselves. How convenient to make us the scapegoats for real problems (global warming, ozone depletion, etc.,) then the big LIE which is they are doing us some favor to relieve the problem. Notice the current Ed Teller scenario being played out right now. This new strategy is keeping real researchers from looking into the smoking gun: biologicals.

Second, Cloud seeding has been around, and used successfully, since the 1950s, with no adverse effects. USAF studies during that time were proudly published in most relevant media of the day and laboratory results were always available to anyone who was interested. Why? Because real cloud seeding is actually harmless. They can make all the clouds they want which have NO BIOLOGICALS in them. The simple truth here is that if making clouds were the reason, they would happily own up to it.

The reason for the secrecy now is for the following reasons:

1. Barium waste products are part of the “soup.”
2. Desiccated red blood cells with no hemoglobin are present in ground and air samples. These blood cells contain pathogens that act like the good old
sleeper agents. These are binary weapons systems being deployed on a global level.
3. People are dying in large numbers. Talk to medical professionals. They tell the real story here and it is not a pretty one.
4. Malathion is part of the soup.
5. Dioxin is part of the soup.
6. Aluminum is part of the soup.
7. Much of the chemtrails are being done right into existing clouds on rainy days to insure that the mix will get into your water supply. The key here is
the barometer. When humidity exceeds 30%, they start spraying. Pay attention.
8. There is a coup-de-tat taking place and it started with the Bush administration.

You will find the following disinfo strategy’s deployed against researchers:

That leaves some very few answers. Answers that most people would rather not consider. Let’s see who gets the answer right. I’ll send another email in a

Please keep my name anonymous

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