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Resentment Against Police & the Marxist Utopia

[Editor's Note: The author is obviously an older, former policeman who lived and worked in the America I knew in earlier decades, when civility, sanity, common sense, and common purpose existed among law-abiding Americans, whether police or civilians. Today, police are recruited partly from ex-military special forces who are trained to be brutal killers and therefore lack the inner moral compass to behave in an even handed, reasonable, rational, and compassionate manner towards ordinary citizens encountered in everyday police work. The standards for who is allowed to become a police officer have also declined precipitously in recent decades, so that those who lack the physical, moral, educational, and intellectual background necessary to do police work judiciously are now wearing the uniform and badge that was once reserved for a higher caliber of policeman.

I'm opposed to women police carrying firearms and doing routine patrol work. Beyond being more vulnerable to harm and engendering a resentful response from young male suspects whose masculinity is being affronted by tough talking, assertive female cops, female police officers must, by necessity, adopt a demeanor and personaity that is opposite to that intended for the female species. Too often, you wind up with the butch-dyke, Amazon type who is neither female nor male. She lives in an artificial, in-between world where the job requires maleness and testosterone, whle her DNA screams at her to express femininity. The two can't possibly co-exist. ...Ken Adachi]

By Andrew C. Wallace
January 29, 2011

Resentment Against Police & the Marxist Utopia (Jan. 29, 2011)

Original Title: Why 11 Police Officers Were Shot In 24 hours

This is an explanation of the shooting of Police Officers Tom Baitinger, and Jeffrey Yaslowitz and a U.S. Marshal in St. Petersburg, Florida, Officer Steven Dodds in Oregon, Officer David Moore in Indianapolis, two Officers wounded in Port Orchard, Washington, Two Sheriff's Deputies wounded in Tacoma, Washington, and four Police Officers wounded in Detroit, Michigan. Eleven of these shootings took place in 24 hours as reported by Fox News 1-25-11.

To expect different outcomes from inner city Marxist Utopias is both moronic and impossible. Simple logic and history dictates that most people born into the world without being taught right from wrong, the Golden Rule, ethics, morals or guidance from a proper family, the teachings of Jesus Christ and real education, are doomed. These residents even elect and support those who deprive them of freedom and prosperity, who are just like those who sold their own people into slavery in the first place.

Law abiding people living in the Marxist Utopias live in fear of the criminals produced therein and have a strong resentment of ill treatment by the establishment represented by the Police. Under existing circumstances, this deadly situation is highly resistant to change.

Police have never had the lead responsibility to protect the people. Our constitution gave that obligation to the people themselves along with the right to keep and bear arms as protection against criminals and a rogue government. It is impossible for police to protect the people without an armed citizenry supporting the police, but the Marxist Officials will not allow it because they rightly fear retribution from the people. Officials should fear arrest for their treason.

The people had my back when I was a police officer and I would never work under the present conditions where the police are perceived much like that of an occupying army. In many cases the people are protecting the criminals and hate the police.

The police have limited choices, none of them easy. They can arm and train the law abiding people while earning their trust. This would require that the police pay close attention to the prosecutors and judges to insure that people get equal justice and due process in a civil manner. Since many prosecutors and judges are corrupt, police will have to investigate and arrest some of them to establish creditability. Police will have targets on their backs until they are perceived as friends of the people. Don't tell me that this is a pipe dream and will not work because I have experienced it. As a police officer, I have been offered housing at much reduced cost to get me to live in their area, the people wanted my services. Police in Marxist utopias can't say the same thing as they are mostly hated.

We used to have a saying that "You could fight with every drunk, or not, your choice". I have seen many current police officers on TV treat people in a disrespectful manner that did nothing to get rid of that target.

I was taught as a police officer "to either kill the people with kindness, or to kill them for proper cause", and that we were not paid to subdue people with a club or with physical force because it was poor public relations, not required, and sooner or later we would lose with dire consequences. This policy was based upon experience and was very effective. We did not wear track shoes because common law allowed use of deadly force to stop felons. We could use positive road blocks so car chases did not last long. Everyone knew the rules of engagement so it worked quite well.

This problem was started by greedy politicians who instituted pure Marxism in the inner cities depriving people of equal opportunity and freedom by replacing it with equal poverty and slavery resulting in a brainwashed population with a large criminal underclass. One example of a major cause is the 20% high school graduation rate of Blacks in St. Petersburg, Florida, which is the worst example of low graduation rates in the United States.

If the police can't change things by throwing some officials in jail and working with the people they should resign, and law abiding residents should move out. To my knowledge it is almost unheard of for Police to use their legitimate and superior power to clean out prosecutorial and judicial corruption. If the police don't do it, who can?

There is a high probability that our money and government benefits will become worthless. When this occurs, residents of the Marxist utopias, seeking food, will attack the government or the working people, in either case, it is not a time to live or work in the city.

My prayers go to the families of the brave officers who have died because of yet another failed experiment in Marxism by Traitors to our Constitution in the government, and most especially to the Marxist media who refused to tell people the truth.



Subject: Resentment Against Police & the Marxist Utopia
From: Robin (Bronx, NY)
Date: Mon, January 31, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

I had to write to address the statements I read in the article named in the subject line.

I noticed the writer constantly speaks of crime in the inner city, yet he conveniently left out the heinous crimes being committed in the suburbs. To my thinking, he is no better than the marxist media he is also talking about when it comes to the truth about what's really going on. Yes, crime is committed in the inner city everyday, but so it is also in the suburbs. The one thing I can say is in the inner city at least, we know what we are dealing with as opposed to the suburbs, which only realize what's going on when they're surrounded by law enforcement and news media. And then their statements are the same as those spoken by the inner city residents. Example, " he/she isnt capable of this type of crime". or my favorite "Our kids played together all the time i never noticed anything strange about them."

When we people stop living in a bubble and admit that the suburbs are no better then the inner city. Their crimes are just more hidden. thanks to the police and main stream media! When will the people in the suburbs understand they are the ones who are much more mind controlled and blinded then we are in the inner city. And the sad part is that we in the inner city are much more aware of what is going on then they are in their safe little havens in the suburbs. it isn't us poor who are being destroyed. IT'S THEM. We're already poor and struggling and know the plight of it.

Thank you for listening Mr.Adachi

Robin H
Bronx, NY

Hi Robin,

I can identify with your sentiments because I lived in a very rough inner city in your general area for most of my life. I've spent a lot of time in all five boroughs of New York City, as well as in grunge towns like Newark, New Jersey, so I know how you feel. People who live in poor inner city neighborhoods are CONSTANTLY concerned about being robbed. If I was working under my car in my little back yard, I had to put all of my tools away and lock up the car, JUST to go into the house for two minutes to grab another tool from my basement workshop. If I didn't lock up my tools, there was an even chance that some drug addict scum bag who was watching me (drug addicts sit on their butts all day watching the neighbors) would grab my tools while I ran into the house. You have to devote so much time and energy to protect yourself from being robbed, that it wears you down and you get fed up with paying through the nose for property taxes and getting NOTHING back from the city in terms of cops on the beat or protection from crime. A lot of inner city cops are on the take from drug dealers.

How many people who live in suburbia know that sneakers tied together and flung up over telephone lines is a signal to drug addicts that you can purchase drugs in the house adjacent to where the sneakers are hanging? Very few I would think, but most people who live in the inner city know exactly what it means.

Police corruption, brutality, and indifference to the plight of law-abiding inner city residents is a big problem in America. The rank and file police aren't going to self improve. The mayor or city manager isn't going to do anything unless he's forced to, and the Police Chief is going to be the most resistant of all. Residents need to organize and lay out a plan to take power back from the corrupt politicians and police who are selling you out to Big Brother in the interest of self gain (federal dollars being doled out from Comrade Obama Land, Washington for "training" to turn your local cops into NWO Robocops).

We recently had a big scandal involving corrupt politicians bleeding local property tax payers dry in the city of Bell, California. Local property owners finally woke up and took action by getting the Attorney General to arrest the most flagrant rip-off artists, but also gathering enough signatures to force a recall vote of every single city council member who was part of the rip-off. The recall election is coming up in March and every one of those corrupt council members is going bye bye. Once the city manager was arrested and indicted, investigators discovered that the corruption was much deeper and more far reaching than it initially appeared. Isn't that always the case?

Corruption and indifference does not improve on its own. You must convince your neighbors that ONLY local, organized opposition will bring any hope of improvement to the quality of your life. Organize with your neighbors. Get involved and fight. .

Sincerely, Ken


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