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Review of Whitley Strieber's Book, The Grays

By Ed Walsh <>
March 15, 2009

Review of Whitley Strieber's Book, The Grays (Mar. 15, 2009)

Whitley's Strieber's recent book, The Grays, reinforced my view of him as a propagandist for the establishment's story line on UFO's, aliens, "What it's all about", etc. The message of the book is that "Grays" are physical beings (definitely not spiritual nor interdimensional entities), that they are members of an ancient civilization that has reached the end of its possibilities for further progress, and that they need to interbreed with us to give themselves a further lease on life and give us their wisdom and technology.

In order to paint this picture of these beings, the author indulges in some simply amazing lapses of the rationality of his own story line.

For example, the reason you ordinarily cannot see them is that they are able to synchronize their movements with the tiny movements of our eyes. Since our eyes only see movement, being still with respect to our eyes, renders them invisible. The author claims that they can do this for as many as two people at a time, but admits that with three or more, they cannot achieve invisibility. This completely unworkable plot device seems to me to indicate the importance the author places on Grays being material. He obviously does not want to deal with the possibility that these beings may not be physical in the ordinary sense. Or that they are illusionary entities of some other sort (e.g., induced by hyposis.)

The author has the Grays manipulating peoples' lives in various ways: inducing couples to meet, fall in love, and marry, for example. Yet, they are also supposedly unable to communicate well with humans, nor understand them very much. This concept is essential to the key idea of the plot, which is that this one boy is the result of generations of directed breeding in order to facilitate communications between humans and grays.

He also makes a number of other assertions about Grays that cannot be reconciled with common features of stories many people have told about contacts involving Grays. For instance, that there are only three [groups] of them operating on earth -- the rest are travelling across the universe due to arrive (guess when? Hint: Mayan calandar). Some of the things said in the book imply that there may be some more here, however, at a certain critical point in the plot, only three were available to intervene.

Another amazing plotting failure: these physical beings have almost totally artificial bodies, and are for all practical purposes eternal in life span. And yet, with bodies like that, one is destroyed in a fire, and another is torn up by a dog! They suffer these events, giving up their otherwise eternal existence, in an attempt to save some earth people, including the boy who is the main focus of the plot. And they did this heroically and self-sacrificially (they are good, wise, benevolent, heroic, and saintly).

There are a number of interesting features in the book and I wonder if these qualify as either "limited handouts" or just "street creds".

There is a faction of extremely powerful men who are equal to our outrank the President of the US. They have access to triangular air craft. In this case, not much of a limited hangout -- these triangles are essentially dirigibles with low observables technology, plus something like a skin of LCD material which paints the sky behind the craft, rendering it fairly invisible. No zero-point or other non-disclosed tech.

However, one of their operatives uses a device which broadcasts a signal from an antenna which causes people to become violently upset. He also enters peoples' houses at night and hypnotizes them to carry out his objectives.

So much for the book "The Grays". Whitley himself, in one of his other books, which is written in the first person and purports to be a truthful account of events which happened to him, admitted, in effect, to being a mind control victim. There is a scene where he is in his bedroom and someone enters it and grabs Strieber. When he struggles, this man spoke a word to him, and Strieber became paralyzed. He did not pursue in that book any further implications of this. However, it established in my mind that he, at least at that time, was under someone's mind control.

Ed Walsh


[Note from Ken Adachi: Mar. 16, 2009. I listened to a re-broadcast of the Coast to Coast radio show hosted by George Knapp last night. The first guest was a guy from MUFON and the second guest was Michael E. Salla, Ph.D, who has written two books on 'exopolitics': Exopolitics: Political Implications Of The Extraterrestrial Presence and Exposing U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life. Michael, much like Whitley Streiber, is sold to the public as a good guy who is trying to get the word out on aliens, but had lost his job at the American University in Washington due to the controversial nature of his UFO work. He sounds like a very nice man with a calming Australian accent and an easy demeanor. The only problem is the content of his narrative matches perfectly with UFO/alien story line being pumped by Dr. Steven Greer, Whitley Streiber, the late Phillip Corso, Robert Dean, MUFON, and other ufology 'researchers'. In other words, while posing as outsiders and independent researchers trying to get the government to come clean about its involvement with aliens, they are really promoting the story line that the inner government and its Illuminati overlords, want the public to believe about the soon-to-be-disclosed alien presence on earth.

In the mid to late 90s, I took Whitley Streiber and Steven Greer at face value and thought they were the face they presented to the public, but it became painfully clear as the years rolled on that they were being used, either knowingly or not, as propagandists to pave the way for the alien disclosure deception laid out in Serge Monast's description of Project Blue Beam.

You can likely get a sharper picture of the Gray aliens from reading the letters sent to me in 2005 by two brothers, Andy and Willy. I've extracted a portion of their description of the Grays below, which is posted in its entirety at this link:
September 16, 2005

Written by Andy and Willy

"The Zetas are physical beings like us, that’s the reason we can see the UFO so easily. They knew about the existence of our planet thousands of years ago, but ignored it as they didn't’t considered it as a strategic point in their plans to conquest the universe. After the first atomic bombs, they considered that our race achieved a substantial scientific advancement and started to pay us more attention- Their original planet was destroyed thousands of years ago, losing a lot of their culture and spirituality. After that, a lot of changes occurred from their physical level to their views about the universe. Now they are a shadow of what they were once, a great race- .

They are extremely mental beings and destroy any emotions that may arise in them- In their minds, their goal is to understand what is the greatest power of the universe and exploit it for their own benefit. They know the greatest power is Life itself, and for millenniums they have tried to find a way to create life from nothingness, but have failed to find the origin.

Having no spiritual beliefs, the truth will always escape through their fingers.- They only believe in science and believe that there is a tool or machine for everything, and believe that their minds are so great, that someday they will become like gods. They are extremely telepathic and can produce great mental waves, that they use to manipulate and control weaker minds.

Their technology is based on the sub-atomic power and supra-electromagnetic transmissions used to power their transportation, weapons, and others life support machinery. They seek the cure for pain. There is a deep pain in their race that the control with their powerful minds in time to time. It is not a physical or emotional pain, it is something that the human race has not experienced yet.- They think that this constant pain is what prevents their powerful minds to achieve their full capacity. Through science they are trying to find the cure for this pain and its source.

The Zetas see humanity as a basic intelligent life form that still has their roots in animal instinct. They believe that in studying us and our animalistic nature, they will find the cure for their pain. (We believe that the pain is in reality a great inner tension between the very highly develop minds and their extremely underdeveloped hearts). Scientifically they will never find the cure they seek. As they have no spiritual values in their minds, their moral values are thin, and this allows them to control others without remorse, while their great minds shake any feeling of guilt. And with their heart closed, they will never find fault in their ways.

Their philosophy is to control all the details and events in their lives and even their deaths if they could. They have great ambition of power and a deep desire of supremacy of their species over all others. Science is their religion and they have a deep knowledge in regards of mental evolution. What they don’t understand is that the mind can't evolve to the supreme level without the heart. They feel emotions, but in a vibrational form, (humans can't understand this ) and the vibration of fear is the most powerful in them.

They don’t feel love or jealousy like we humans understand those feelings. They just want to control and know everything. The Zetas are extremely curious. - The only thing that has prevented them to achieve their goals with us are more advance extraterrestrial beings that guard our planet 24 hours a day.

(I know you are very busy and I don't feel to keep writing more and taking more of your time unless you let me know is of some interest to you).



September, 19, 2005

( By the end of getting this ET information, the attacks had gotten worst. Through all this time I wasn't sure where these attacks were coming from, as the source was doing a great job of concealing themselves.

One day, I went to the movies with my wife. Everything seemed fine, but when the lights went off, I started to feel a pressure at my chest, as if I was loosing my breath. Then I felt a sharp pain and I thought i was going to have a heart attack. I had to leave the theater and go to the restroom with my wife's help. Once there, I relaxed and my body automatically started to vomit this negative energy, and then I felt better.

Trying to inquire with my brother into the nature of this attack, we finally were able to pierce the veil and one of the gray ETs of the Yukonadious Race revealed himself- He was the one attacking me all the time. My brother was in Thailand, but that land is well guarded and the ET's didn't dare to go there. I being in South America, it was like open season there as those lands are their territory. Not even the Zeta Reticulan dare to enter their frontiers. The Yukonadious are a vile, almost evil race and the worst treat for the planet. But we will talk about them in another letter.

This ugly ET told us to erase all the information from our computers and hard drives or the attack against me were to be intensify. As the can easily kill a human being with the mental power, there is a Universal Law that prevents something like that from happening. But anyone with the ability to harm has be taken into serious consideration. So we decided to comply and for the first time, I slept all night long. When I told my wife about what was going on, she thought to herself "Who the hell they do think they are doing this against my hubby and worst to humanity and still wanted to remain anonymous?" She told me later that just after she thought that, a sharp intense pain was felt in the side of her head. Later we found out that a type of etheric implant was placed on her in that part of the head.)

"Continue from before..................

The Zeta’s internal path between their minds and their hearts is very narrow, and without the heart it is very hard to understand Reality. Even though, they have great minds, they have no imagination, but they do posses a sense of precognition that replaces it. They are very psychic, but not in the same way we human are as seeing auras, chakras and astral planes etc, but in the capacity to transmit mental waves. They constantly transmit these mental waves in the form of microwaves with the purpose of controlling humanity. It may sound strange, but with this transmission, they are trying to change us to be just like them (the perfect design in their minds)

The effects that these waves have on humans are many, but especially they are designed to close the heart of humanity, pushing us to be more mental and analytical and losing many of the qualities of the heart, like love, compassion the feeling of brotherhood and more. They use these waves many times on us trying to change the vibration of the upper chakras and the heart to stop the flow of information we were getting about them. The best strategy of the enemy is to make others believe that they don’t exist, but in time humanity will know what is going on behind the veil.

The zetas are extremely physically strong (although their thin bodies appear to be fragile). Besides mental control, they use their strength to subdue abductees once they have the humans inside their ships. Our recommendation to the reader is that if they see a UFO (the typical dish form)- just hide. We don’t recommend having images, drawings or figures of these beings, because- believe it or not- these forms allow them to establish a connection with you and forward their mental waves to reach their goals.

Spiritually speaking with the New Age lingo, the Zeta’s are afraid that Planet Earth is going to ascend towards a Golden Age (which has happened to them in the past,) leaving them behind in many ways, (especially at the spiritual level, even though they may seem not to care about that). Their natural pride can't conceive that humanity may leap forward beyond them. This makes them even more controlling and jealous. The last Golden Age that their civilization experienced was 1.2 billions of years ago and they cannot comprehend why humanity has had 3 Golden Ages in the past 500.000 years and we are at the doorsteps of the 4th one. That’s why they think that there most be something very special about this planet, so they seek the means to control it. All of their evil plans have been disassembled by other higher Extraterrestrial beings with more advanced technologies.

The Zetas have a great base in the middle of what is named the Bermuda Triangle. They were drawn to open a base of operations there as it was the place for an ancient Atlantis Temple of great Power, where anchored the power of the seven rays in those days. The Zetas don't know this and are not in that place for spiritual reasons, but they where drawn by the great electromagnetic fields that are generated at that point. They use that base to transform the electromagnetic waves in pure energy. There is a great antenna, the biggest on the planet (all invisible by the use of electromagnetic technologies) designed exclusively to mentally control humanity.

They transmit many subliminal messages that attack the human instincts, making us act with very specific behaviors. (it's possible that the cell phone antennas, used for mind control, may be linked to theirs. Or they use them too or maybe the technology comes from them. We are not sure because we learned about the cell antennas after reading about them on the Educate yourself page). In short, they want to control the human race and if possible make us their slaves or worst- destroy us.

(more to come...)

Willy and Andy "


You can continue reading Andy and Willy's info here: Scroll down to Part 3

Ken Adachi

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