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Former Mental Asylum Patient Stew Webb, Currently Running for U.S. Vice President, Issues His Own Restraining Order & Injunction

[Editor's Note: July 8, 2004. I haven't had the time yet to finsh a long article that I've written about Stew Webb, one of the more colorful nut cases walking around the planet. Webb's role as an FBI informant and disinfo stooge, along with Barbara Hartwell, to smear and discredit Ted Gunderson, needs to be examined in greater detail, but for the moment , you should go to his web site and see the long list of people that Stew Webb has 'issued' a "restraining order" against Despite the fact that a real judge [Judge Roach I believe] keeps throwing this stuff out the minute it lands on his bench, Webb keeps refiling it every year or two. Who's paying the filing fees I wonder?

Anyway, Yours Truly is one of the many scoundrels listed in Webb's 'restraining order' as follows: "Ken Adachi (Co-conspirator Stalker for CIA Ted Gunderson Criminal Harassment, Criminal Slander, Criminal Defamation of Character, Stalking of Plaintiff & plaintiffs witnesses)."

I bet you didn't realize that I was working for the CIA as a stalker of Webb and his witnesses did you? Well, I didn't either until today, so you shouldn't feel too bad. Anyway, I'm happy to report that Alec Jones of, a top reporter of the satanic NWO takeover agenda, was one of the first radio host to realize that Webb and Hartwell are disinfo agents and threw them off of his web site and off his radio show, firing the young interviewer who seems to think that Webb and Hartwell are legit. It took her awhile, but Rayelan Rushbacker of Rumor Mill FINALLY came to see the light and stopped postings Hartwell's outrageous lies, unfounded accusations, and egregious slanders directed against Ted Gunderson, Fritz Springmeier, and other REAL patriots trying to help save this country from the government satanic traitors who are manipulating Webb and Hartwell. It will be interesting to see how long it takes before Hartwell and Webb start tearing into each other as their supposed 'credibility' crumbles beneath them as more and more people-at least those who who are paying attention- come to realize the monstrosity of their lies and their true colors as mind controlled stooges for the CIA and FBI...Ken Adachi]
July 8, 2004

Breaking News: July 6, 2004 [now taken down]

Archived here

"Today I, Stew Webb, filed a Grand Jury Temporary Restraining Order and Permanent Injunction against George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, John Ashcroft, Judge Roach, George H. W. Bush, Tim White, Ted L. Gunderson, Larry Lawson, Brenda Negri, Gary Best and other unnamed Co-Conspirators. This is a temporary order in behalf of myself, Vice Presidential Candidate Stew Webb, Presidential Candidate Thomas Heneghan, and Former Vice President Albert Gore, The Duly Elected President Of The United States of America untill Jan. 2005.

Temporary Restraining Order And Permanent Injunction Filed against George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, John Ashcroft, and others in behalf of myself Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan and Albert Gore filed July 6, 2004 "

Restraining Order against George W. Bush & Others File
Stamped U.S. Court Copy July 6, 2004




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