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An Inquiry into the Authenticity of Stew Webb, Eric Jon Phelps, Greg Syzmanski, & William Dean A Garner
December 10, 2014

An Inquiry into the Authenticity of Stew Webb, Eric Jon Phelps, Greg Syzmanski, & William Dean A Garner (Dec. 10. 2014)

On 12/9/2014 10:16 PM, JD wrote:


I think I had heard your name on some Stew Webb interviews, but recently found your site on a search for Don Nicoloff. Your site is simply awesome! Thanks much for your research and sharing. My question is of another "Jesuits guy" like Eric Jon Phelps, William Dean A Garner, as well as Greg Szymanski, and Stew Webb, as far as your opinion of them, and their authenticity, or lack thereof.

Thank you for your work, and may God bless!



Hi JD,

Thanks for your note.

Of the people you mention, I only know about Syzmanski, Phelps, and Stew Webb. I can't comment on William Dean A Garner because I haven't read his stuff. I did a brief search on his name and could see he's been involved with Dan Brown's book (Zionist inspired disinfo to legitimize Merovingian bloodline BS touted by Sir Laurence Gardner) and maybe into Jesuit bashing.

I already have an index page on my web site devoted to exposing Eric Jon Phelps,

who's into bashing the Pope, Jesuits, and Catholics in general with the most ludicrous and outlandish accusations you could possibly imagine. I understand he was a stone mason most of his adult life, until he and his Zionist backers decided to present him to the world (around 1998 or 99) as an authority on the history of the Catholic church with his 1,100 page CD titled "Vatican Assassins." I suspect that his Talmudic rabbi friends may have played a big role in assembling that montage of anti-Catholic venom, masquerading as a scholarly tome If you actually read any of it, you will quickly see why no serious academic or scholar, or even your average armchair historian, could take Phelps seriously. Phelps was subsequently rewarded by his Zionist pals in Israel with a diamond merchant franchise. His star seems to be fading in recent years despite efforts by Illuminated "whistle blowers" like Karen Hudes, to prop him up among her globalist friends at UN sponsored forums. Today, more people seem to recognize that Phelps is a Zionist disinfo agent, tasked with defaming and demonizing the Catholic church (a long term goal clearly outlined in the Protocols of Zion) -- or anyone who calls him out as a lapdog for Zionists.

I don't have a hard opinion of Greg Syzmanski. I listened to a number of his radio shows back in the mid 2000 period and he sounded OK to me. He sent me emails a few times back then and we chatted briefly. I think Greg got into Vatican bashing more after he foolishly got involved with Leo Zagami and Eric Jon Phelps. After that, it seems that for him, all evil can be assigned to the Vatican, even though I believe that Greg himself was raised a Catholic. I think Greg worked as a reporter of some sort assigned to the Vatican in earlier years, but I can't remember the details. The Catholic bashing may have been the reason he was dropped by RBN, but I'm only guessing. He's a capable radio host, but it doesn't look good when he repeatedly interviews obvious Zionist shills like Eric Jon Phelps. So whether Greg is working with the Zio boys or not, I can't say.

Stew Webb is as low as they come, a demon possessed snake if there ever was one. The guy simply oozes sleaziness. You just have to look at him. The snake eyes alone are a dead give away. Webb is a pathological liar, incapable of uttering more than 3 sentences without embellishing, fabricating, or twisting the narrative into a heroic tale of himself saving the day in one fashion or another, when he's never accomplished anything of virtue in his entire life. A self serving mountebank, he married into an Illuminated family and has been an agent for the dark side ever since. My guess is that he's mind controlled to the hilt.

He pretends to be a "whistle blower" but he has NEVER revealed anything to date of any importance or insight about the NWO and its players because he was -- and is -- a total nobody; an alcohol and drug addicted motor mouth who had been tasked by his handlers in the FBI (and probably the CIA) to ingratiate himself into Ted Gunderson's life so he could both report on Ted's activity and eventually steal Ted's most valuable research materials right out of Ted's condo in Las Vegas. I reported on my web site that in July of 2000, Webb had stolen at least SEVENTY large file boxes filled with a lifetime of Ted's investigative research material which Webb now quotes in radio interviews, claiming it as HIS research (E.g. Project Camelot interview I heard last year). Webb was never arrested or indicted for the theft of Ted's files. When Pam Schuffert provided a sworn affidavit to Ted in 2006 that she was in cell phone contact with Stew Webb on the very night he was stealing Ted's boxes, the Las Vegas police refused to issue a warrant for Webb's arrest citing the statute of limitation had run out; even though Ted had reported Webb as the thief to Las Vegas police at the time in happened in 2000.

Webb is a protected FBI informant. When alive, Ted had reported that Webb had three serious FELONY indictments pending against him--including threatening a motorist with a gun-- and ALL of them were dismissed when the FBI went into a courthouse with Stew Webb in Las Vegas and had a little chat with the judge. I think that took place sometime after 2000 or 2001.

You know you can't trust a web site like Gordon Duff's Veteran's Today when he has a sleaze ball like Stew Webb for a contributor. Webb's association with Veteran's Today also serves to degrade the reputation of honorable contributors like Alan Hart, when seen on the same masthead with a psycho like Stew Webb. Jim Fetzer also keeps on reminding the public what an uncritical knucklehead he can be by fawning over disinfo agents like Stew Webb or Ed Chiarini in interviews. I've been reviewing Fetzer's statement on the JFK assassination lately and while I give Fetzer credit for worthy efforts - such as his 2003 conference on the doctored Zapruder tape - he also can put his foot in his mouth over and over again by endorsing people he has not vetted carefully before bringing them on his show. But that's the nature of Jim Fetzer I suppose. He just can't get enough of himself and has to keep his mouth and keyboard running 24/7.

I heard a Youtube interview recently with the appropriately named spider spinner himself and the father of David Hinkson accuse Ted Gunderson of single handedly railroading David Hinkson into prison, as if the conduct of David Hinkson, his business associates, and the jury who convicted him had nothing to do with it. It's obvious that Webb's FBI handlers told him to insert himself into the Hinkson trial in order to later blame Ted for the outcome. Ted, among many other people, was subpoenaed to testify at the trial. I haven't read the transcript, but I doubt if anything Ted had to say had any substantive bearing on Hinkson's conviction one way or the other. Hinkson was convicted of soliciting the murders of a federal judge, a federal prosecutor, and an IRS agent in retaliation for a prior criminal case brought against him. Whether he was set up and railroaded or whether he was truly guilty, I don't know, but Ted Guderson had nothing to do with prosecuting the case or putting Hinkson into prison. Only the demented mind of Stew Webb, capitalizing on the emotional vulnerability of a distraught father, could forge that absurd accusation into a podcast 'expose.'

I've posted a number of articles over the years discussing the hyper mendacity of Stew Webb. I can only hope that more people will take the time to look into Stew Webb's background and outrageous slandering trail of lies and call him out for the lying, government-owned snake that he is.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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