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Armed Black Uniform Troops Running Maneuvers in British Columbia

[Editor's Note: I've been reading reports of local B.C. Canadians encountering black uniformed troops-wihout insignias- for almost two years now. ZS Livingstone reminds me that these troops are likely UN and not US forces. It seems that they are operating out of large underground bases which today are plentiful and numerous throughout North Amercia as documented by author Dr. Richard Sauder, Phil Schneider, Al Bielek, and others. Don Croft has also reported the presence of Russian troops in many of the underground bases in the Northwest/Canadian border region and mentioned an armed encounter with these mysterious UN troops in the Osoyoos/Oroville with Washington militia groups. Of course, they are preparing for the coming dissolution of both Canada and the United States into the NWO 10 sector North Amercian Region. Forward courtesy of Dave Cowan <>..Ken Adachi]

By Mark Metcalf
Sept. 12, 2003

US Military Prepares to Occupy British Columbia?

For over a year, the U.S. military has been sending soldiers into British Columbia ostensibly as a training mission for possible action in “Bosnia and other places in the Balkans.” Quoting from the Nelson Daily News (NDN) of August 21, 2002, “Our mission is a simulated enemy and we’re trying to get troops over to aid and assist the friendly side,” said Staff Sergeant Greg Harris of the U.S. Army. The American troops were also active in the Chilliwack region in June of 2002. No statement was given as to what part of the “Balkans” Chilliwack most resembles.

Again quoting from the NDN, a dock was rebuilt to support the weight of American tanks as part of the “legacy project,” and a “bridge was made on a portion of the Trans Canada Trail at Christina Lake.” Said Warrant Officer Gene Sharp of the 44th Field Engineers Squadron in Trail, “We stopped people from going into the area while we were building it. We have big equipment moving around and we didn’t want anybody to get hurt.” (Interestingly, Christina Lake was also the epicenter of an alleged earthquake when a double sonic boom echoed across the Kootenays several years ago. The double sonic boom is the trademark sound of a spacecraft moving into, or out of, near-earth orbit at high speed. For instance, the U.S. military’s super-secret Aurora re-entry flights over Los Angeles produce double sonic booms.)

Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) Mass Mind Control Has Come to the Kootenays
American military trucks were also reportedly seen hauling odd-shaped apparatus covered by canvas tarps into the high altitudes of the Nancy Green area. This activity may be related to the unexplained appearance of two military helicopters flying in extremely close formation over the city of Nelson last fall. Witnesses reported that the helicopters flew in a systematic grid pattern that covered the city and the lake. Close formation stunt flying is necessary for testing and calibrating the coverage of Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) weapons systems. My own home, in the Slocan Valley, was hit last fall with a very strong ULF pulse that momentarily turned off my computer even though my computer was on a UPC battery. The ULF pulse also threw a 175-amp breaker in addition to erasing the memory in my DVD player. I think it is safe to say that American ULF technology is now operational in the Kootenays.

ULF energy waves move – depending on the frequency they are tuned to – at approximately fifty feet per second. It is therefore not possible for one low-flying aircraft to measure the amplitude, or power, of the wave because these aircraft are not large enough to capture the entire energy pulse. Two or more aircraft must fly in precision lock-step movement and as low to the ground as safely possible to measure the coverage of these waves over targeted population areas. This calibration process is important because as the terrain changes, the amount of effective coverage also changes. If the power is too low in some areas the people may be completely unaffected. And if the power is too high in other areas, the back windows of cars will be shattered, as happened in Los Angeles in the fall of 1996, when ULF technology was installed and tested by the military. Many Los Angelenos became afraid to drive on the elevated freeways after more than 240 rear windows exploded. Quoting from CNN, Oct. 9, 1996, “Police are not sure what weapon is being used in the vandalism.” One Cal Tech scientist was quoted as saying that the damage had to be the result of pulsed energy waves since there were no projectiles found. (FYI: The rear window of a car is engineered as the weakest window because it doesn’t normally encounter much stress, and so it is always the first to break from strong pulsed energy waves.)

ULF weapons are used against the American people throughout the United States and can induce severe states of fear or depression. ULF can also impair mental concentration and physiological function, with symptoms ranging from a high-pitched ringing in the ears to incapacitating flu-like stomach illness. ULF technology for the purpose of mass mind control was first tested on the city of Medford, Oregon, in 1974-75, making Meford the suicide capital of the United States overnight. (For more information about the Medford story, go to and click on “Other Writings by Mark Metcalf.” If you are not on the Internet, call my office in Oregon and request a free copy – 503 359-5954.)

Black-Uniformed Troops
Perhaps the most ominous development in British Columbia is the appearance of black-uniformed troops with small sub-machine guns and no insignias. These troops have been reported by hikers in a variety of wilderness locations around the West Kootenays. The soldiers were invariably described as having “hateful” expressions or unusually ugly dispositions. Encounters generally consisted of one soldier coming forward from the squad waving his machine gun and ordered the hikers to withdraw immediately, saying they were in a restricted military area. The hikers reported they were only too happy to comply. The encounter locations ranged from the Little Slocan Valley to the ravine 150 yards north of the Nelway/US border crossing. By far, the most interesting sighting was just five kilometers up Grohman Narrows creek, starting from Kootenay Lake, one mile east of the city of Nelson. In this case, the soldiers were seen next to a giant mound of fresh earth that appeared to be newly replanted with young trees and shrubs. Because there are major highways that divide each of the areas where the black-uniformed troops have been sighted and there are no reports of these troops being observed on the highways, it seems that they are literally surfacing like moles from a recently developed system of tunnels that apparently lead to military installations in the United States.

In addition, a large helicopter from a private contractor in the lower mainland has been carrying out trees from the area north of Grohman Narrows, indicating that land is being cleared for some purpose. The daily logging activity occurred over a period of several months in the fall of 2002 and continued for an additional three weeks in March of 2003. No explanation has been offered as to what could be motivating this “private” logging venture when depressed timbre markets have made helicopter logging extremely unprofitable.

Can a Country Exist Without Its Border?
In signing the current “security” agreement with the United States, the Canadian government publicly ceded control of the Canadian border to the American military. Now it is becoming clear that the Canadian government privately ceded British Columbia to the American military as well, for how could the invasion of British Columbia occur without the Canadian government’s knowledge and cooperation? It’s time the Canadian people asked themselves some important questions:

1. Does the Canadian government have the right to give British Columbia to the American military?
2. Does the Canadian government also have the right to give the people of British Columbia to the American military?
3. Does the American military plan to take possession of British Columbia with, or without, people?

Currently, I am hearing reports of American troops being active in the bush around Argenta. In addition, there are now two households on the east ridge of Winlaw (towards Grohman Narrows) that are hearing a very low-pitched thumping late at night. One individual thought it might be a neighbor running a rock-crushing machine, but upon investigation it turned out the neighbor in question had sold the machine the year before. Another local described the sound as “a steady, low, rhythmic rumbling that sounds like tunneling underground.”

It has become evident that the people of British Columbia need a People’s Intelligence Network (PIN) because British Columbia appears to be trapped and slowly sufficating in a bubble of secrecy, and that bubble must be popped. We need good quality information and we need it now. It would be very helpful if every person could start by being very conscientious in observing and recording any unusual encounters, or troop sightings. If you have observed something you think may be significant, be sure to make detailed notes while your memory is still fresh. Try to notice things like the following:

1. How many soldiers are there?
2. What is the exact location and time of day?
3. What do the soldiers look like? Take note of facial features, uniforms, and equipment.
4. What are their exact words? How do they move and how do they behave?
5. What does the surrounding terrain look like?
6. What activities are the soldiers engaged in?

In addition, keep a detailed log of other strange occurences, such as the entire family coming down with stomach flu or having terrible nightmares at the same time. Or lights dimming and returning to normal in a sequential order that travels across the home. Or computers on UPC batteries that suddenly turn off and reboot, or computer screens that suddenly become wavy. Or low-pitched rhythmic sounds that may sound very faint, but over a period of days become louder and then, over time, become softer again, indicating a general direction of underground movement. Keep dates and times.

Photographs and video footage would also be very helpful. Please contact me by mail with written statements and your contact information. Caution: I have also uncovered evidence indicating every telephone in the region may be permanently “on” and recording (even when on the hook) 24-hours a day, courtesy of the U.S. military. So if you do have important physical evidence like a videotape of the black-uniformed soldiers, do not discuss it on or near a telephone. Be discreet. Once multiple copies are made and a signed deposition is on the public record you will have little to fear. I will also be very discreet in requesting follow-up interviews. If you are venturing into a known black-uniformed troop area with a video camera, I recommend the camera crew be quietly following the lead hikers at a distance of approximately 100 yards. Always go in pairs, not alone. Reasonable caution is recommended for all. Countless lives may depend on the information you provide. God be with you.

Mark Metcalf is currently making a documentary on the U.S. military’s preparations for the invasion of Canada. You can write to him at 622 Front St., #2013 , Nelson, BC V1L 4B7, or drop off mail at Box Office, 622 Front St.


Reader Feedback:

----- Original Message -----
From: Stephen R. Leach
Sent: Monday, September 15, 2003 9:01 AM
Subject: Black Uniforms in BC

Mr. Ken Adachi,

Firstly, let me commend you for the information pertaining to the 'black uniformed' NWO enforcement officers. They do not have a sense of humor and are trained to hold no pity for anyone not willing to bend to their demands.

I have formed a lobby organization here in southern Ontario to question the Ministry of Defense about such allegations such as foreign troops on Canadian soil. In fact, your story isn't a surprise to me but the timing sure is. I knew we were close to the NWO taking over everything and the Canadian Gov't is going out of its way to give up all of our sovereignty to just such a group of dictatorial miscreants. I stand against such a policy work on behalf of many, to expose and pass on the truth of where this nation and the USA are heading. My mission is to speak truth and truth only. If there is any supporting information pertaining to this BC activity, I would be pleased to receive it and would be happy to respond to any inquiries, questions or concerns that you may have of me.

God Bless,

Stephen R. Leach
President, Voice of Liberty
Oshawa, Ontario

----- Original Message -----
From: Editor
To: Stephen R. Leach
Sent: Monday, September 15, 2003 3:22 PM
Subject: Re: Black Uniforms in BC

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for contacting me. I'm interested in your efforts to expose this information. I'll share with you what I've gleaned and can put you in touch with BC locals who might be able to provide more insights. I learned from Al Bielek some years ago that there is a vast interconnecting underground high speed (magnetic levitation) train system that connects all of the undergroundbases & underground cities thoughout North America, from Canada to Mexico. that's been in place for at least 25-30 years.

I'll paste in a note just received from ZS Livingstone concerning these troops. Do you want to make your info public? I can append it to the article already posted.

Regards, Ken

From: Z Livingstone
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Monday, September 15, 2003 8:17 AM
Subject: The US Forces in Nelson Area [British Colombia, Canada]

Dave Cowan passed the same message regarding armed men in the hills around Nelson and other towns along the US Border. About the mid 1990's, Don Croft said that he was living in the Oroville Washington State area west of Osoyoos and the survivalists/home schoolers/irregular militia had a war with troops who popped out of the holes along the border. The hillbillies won, but this year there was a massive forest fire in the same region which at one point was threatening to burn its way up to Keremeos. Don Croft said that the troops were Russians, not US Forces. He says that they were the very same men who were stranded in Germany when the Berlin Wall fell. These Russians did not have available housing at home in Russia so they stayed in East Germany until housing was found. Apparently they were wearing UN or IFOR like insignias. The forces in the Nelson region could be from nearly anywhere in the world, not just the USA or Russia. Fifteen nations train at the air flight school in Moose Jaw, mainly from the smaller NATO countries which do not have much room. Cold Lake has many foreign nationals. The British have a whole division of tanks for training purposes in the Suffield base north of Medicine Hat. Suffield is one of the only places in the world where nerve agents, biological warfare and other air borne toxins are "overtly" tested.

Canada has an open-sky policy for US Forces. Submarines are are allowed to freely ply the waters especially the Arctic Sea. The phone call for permission to retrieve a fallen USSR nuclear satellite from northern Canada was just a formality as treaties are in place. In fact having Sandia or Laurence-Livermore scientists and equipment searching for the radiation was like getting the A-Team to do that miserable chore.

There is a lot happening underground as tunneling can be heard in many spots in southern BC. I believe that there may be a tunnel connecting Washington State to Alaska under the Monashees and other ranges that connect to them.

A great number of Chinese nationals were coming as boat people from mainland China. Cargo containers were used. Many have reached Canada and have simply disappeared. Are they going underground to the USA and staying underground? Could there be the same tunnels connecting into Mexico?


From: Jon
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Monday, September 15, 2003 1:14 PM
Subject: Re: The US Forces in Nelson Area

I agree that the troops are as likely to be Chinese or Russian as they are US.

In any case, they would have to be foreign troops, as the reluctance of native troops to fire on thir own citizens is a more or less a known quantity. This is one of the reasons that many of the RCMP may wind up on the side of sanity instead of the NWO insanity.

A friend of mine reported seeing Chinese miltary vehicles going through Midway about 2 years ago. I was not able to confrm that report, but thought I would mention it anyways. This is not a new thing. In fact, the publicty it is getting is the new thing, and that is a good thing in my opinion. Many of the locals in this area, who went to an esoteric school in yelm. also are quite psychologically prepared for such a possibility. There are a lot of food stashes and other stores of goods in this part of BC. The area, despite recent hard years, is still relatively rich in natural resouces; game and wild edible plants.

BC is a large, rugged, sparsely populated area. They could chase us around here for 20 years and still not even get close to winning. Look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietman, the Balkans, etc., etc. Such an attempt would be short lived.

A shooting war is the last thing that any of us need or want, but the threat of one cannot be allowed to cow us. If people pay attention, then martial law cannot succeed. There are way more civilians than there are enforcers of martial law, and it is only the herd mentality that makes an undertaking like martial law possible.


----- Original Message -----
From: John
Sent: Monday, September 15, 2003 3:30 PM
Subject: Re- Kootenays article on Jeff Rense.

Shalom Ken!

Perhaps the many forest fires in B.C. this summer were a diversion from sightings of the nature indicated in your article. "HAARP" weather control..Extreme fire warnings for 2 months. Closed forest access roads.???

Just a thought.

Oliver B.C.
Formerly a Kootenay resident.

-----Original Message-----
From: Sharon Alder []
Sent: Sunday, October 12, 2003 8:20 PM
Subject: Fwd: From Isaiah

Good Evening and Happy Thanksgiving!!!~

Wonder how many of us can trace their 'roots' back to the early Pilgrims that landed on the shores at Plymouth Rock. Seems that my Dad's Mother's folk were some of these people. Always loved corn and squash and turkey!!!! A kindly reminder to Remember Mother Earth and Give Back to Her At this Time. We take Sooooo much from her and give sooooo little in return . She asked me today to Send This Message, the more we Nourture and Give to Her at this time the easier will be the Pangs of Labour and re-Birthing. The more She Heaves and Ho's, the more We will Rock and Roll but the music will be of a very Deep and Sonorous Nature.

Onto the message that I am forwarding. YES! unfortunately I must report from Chilliwack that I was very puzzled and concerned about the occurence of convoys going through our city and back roads. We have an old army base hear and hundreds of acres of land adjacent the boarder for 'practice' sites. As You may remember, from June of last year to end of January, this conciousness and body experienced, as I am now, 'being' shut down. This body landed up in bed for six weeks and double over to a forty-five digree angle. Many Lightworkers and Elders fared worse that I did. Six local elders did not make it through the winter.

The answer as to how to operate in the coming years, is to 'Circle the Wagons', as Gayle puts out in her email that I hope to send you. The Circle is the strongest geometric form that exists and contains all the sacred geometries!!! The message that this embodiment and conciousness as Hahni-nu-aka-pilia, literally, ' Messenger of God in Body Form" is the formation and co-ordination of 'Infinite Light Circles of Oneness' as the foundation for the New Way of Being. As we find 12 and align in the Light, We will Be protected from everything around us, albiet geophysical, meteorological, socio-political-economic or whatever, and We will be able to manifiest All that We Require!!! I Am Here on this planet to assist in putting this in place and look forward to hearing from any that may receive more information and or assitance in setting up a Circle and for the co-ordination of the many Circles of Light that will come together.

The following letter is from Isaiah on the Big Island of Hawaii . I would 'Council' on this and to hear feedback from any who may have things to report. Literally, I think it is time to call a conference. Please let me know any response that you have to what is put forward in this email.

Infinite Light and Love, bringing All into the Oneness, SharOn/Hahni/Sophia Alder

From: "Isaiah Landers"
To: "Sharon Alders"
Subject: From Isaiah
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 16:13:40 -0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
Hello Amarushka and Joshua,

I have been spending the past few evenings with Bruce and Barb, getting an update on what transpired at their conferences in Seattle and Phoenix.

They had previously read the two articles below, and met quite a few people at the Seattle conference that were from BC. So were casually asking them bout the information.

As fate would have it, the person who wrote the original information, Mark Metcalf, is a good friend of my ex-husband. And about the only person I still know in Nelson. It IS a small world.

Anyway, of the people quieried, two said they had left Nelson specifically because of this activity and were now in Vancouver! All 5 said that they had run into the 'black uniformed' troops. They all mentioned that they found them 'odd' as well, like they assumed by information given that they were American, but that they had strange accents, that weren't 'quite' American? I'm wondering about cloned troops? Audley (my Okie guru) said that they would be using alot of clones this time. EEK!

They also mentioned "tunnelling" noises.

I do know that the glacier there is one of the main 'brain' glands of the earth. If they are underground, what are they doing there? Any feelings on this?

I guess this is the reason for change of plans.

Love, Terrie


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