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White Owl on The Dangers of Monoatomic Gold & 'Enki' Aliens

From White Owl
February 4, 2009

White Owl on The Dangers of Monoatomic Gold & 'Enki' Aliens (Feb. 4, 2009)

Dear Ken,

I am Native American and am what would be referred to as a Shaman. I have many things to share and discuss, but in an effort to stay focused I will try to share just one thing at a time.

For some reason throughout my life, these so-called beings of royal blood would appear in my life. They were not the pure bred, but the cousins and descendants They would pop up at various times and tell me their last name and of course, it was not hard to figure out their ancestry. I always felt as though someone was watching and recording everything I did, and that there were just too many coincidences. They of course tried to be unobvious, but I could always tell they were around and watching me by the very specific and personal questions that they would ask me, which I thought was odd since they were strangers to me.

Recently, someone who must be connected to them, offered me some monoatomic gold and told me that it would improve my health. I didn't know anything at all about it and didn't really understand what it was. I took a very small dose (much less then they recommended) and for not a long period of time. I explained that I did not need this stuff for the purpose of transcendence as being a Native American and being a Shaman, the ability to travel and communicate in the world of spirits is already a natural ability that this did not need to be enhanced in my opinion. I didn't really believe that this stuff could do that and was only interested in it for the purpose of improving my poor health.

Here is my interpretation and feeling about this monoatomic gold stuff: Don't take it.

It is a desperate, disguised attempt for transcendence on an artificial level.

The experiences and information that come through on a native American spiritual level are not manipulated or artificial experiences and the information that comes through is in a pure form. The information that comes through by use of this monoatomic gold is somewhat manipulated and artificial. Think of it as a vibration of sorts. For example, the beings that operate on this vibration can only be "seen" or "heard" by us when taking this monoatomic gold. Otherwise, they are largely invisible.

It's like getting an extra channel on your TV when they are able to reach you. While they would like to think they have transcended on a spiritual level, they seem to be trapped and unable to move out of the dimension they are currently in, except through contact with us humans and only by bringing us to their "Vibration". Whether this is mind control or manipulation is unknown.

I felt as though one dream in particular was an attempt to influence me and I was actually threatened with a particular punishment if I did not follow through with it. Why they would bother to threaten me is not logical because there "attempt" to influence me to do something, was actually a noble and kind act, so it did not make sense to threaten me as it was not something I would object to anyway. I believe this was an "Experiment" by them to see if they could influence me or trick me in to doing there bidding. They might also mistakenly believe that by getting humans to create good Karma, it will reward them with spiritual overspill or reward.

This brings to my mind that perhaps these beings are only able to "Live" and "Direct" or "Influence" through us physical beings, but they have no control whatsoever on the physical plane because they on, nor in it. How do I know that they are not simply enlightened or advanced beings who are trying to help us?

The answer is simple: true spiritual growth is achieved through direction of our "Higher Self", not by manipulation and threats from other spiritual beings. By this I mean, the better part of ourselves that is capable of helping others, and giving our love and making sacrifices as needed for the common good of humankind in order to be better human beings. We don't need magic pills or potions like monoatomic gold to be better human beings. We just need to want to be and act on it.

Some other notes about the information received from use of this monoatomic gold and it's consequences: Initially, you may receive information that is crisp and clear and does not seem to be artificial or manipulated. This stage is on a different vibration then the next level. I believe this a "stage" or phase that does not last long. While at this stage (I will call it Stage 1), I saw the "Enki". They are some other type of beings to be aware of. Whether they still exist on earth is doubtful.

Remember, advanced beings likely have the ability to genetically engineer life forms. Chimera's are a combination of two or more distinctly different species. If you were an advanced being and Earth was your petri dish and you didn't like the results of what you created or you were practicing creating a food chain, then the Enki would be predators or our natural enemies. They are somewhat like the reptilians, but only in that they need blood and the nourishment of the human bodies to survive.

The Enki themselves are not particularly advanced or intelligent. They appear human in every respect except for their tongues. They are a race of blond hair, blue eyed females. They are perfect visually and appear attractive to human males who mistakenly are lured by there appearance only to find that they have become "Dinner".

At one time they were sprinkled about the human population, but none or very few exist now and likely they were mistaken for vampires or cannibals at one time and annihilated. Since they were not particularly intelligent and mostly appeared vacant emotionally, they would not be a species that would last long, as humans are far superior in intelligence. I'm not certain how the Enki killed their prey as that was not shown to me. I only saw their "Dinner Ritual".

The Enki don't actually eat human flesh. It is the blood they are after and the blood that is closest to organs, muscles or bone. One human being "Feast" can last an Enki a very long time. They do not need to "Feast" regularly or often. The Enki have a longer and more pointed tongue than humans. On their tongue are suction cup type things, much like an octopus has that only appear when they feed. The Enki tongue is composed of many nerve endings and nerve tissue that is similar to what humans have on their sexual organs. When the Enki feed, they receive sexual stimulation via the feeding process and it it fulfills a different type of hunger then the type that humans have when they are hungry.

They may have eventually evolved into what is now called a vampire or were mistaken for vampires. The thing with the Enki is that the feeding ritual is a "Feast" or Banquet to them. They always remove all there clothing when they feed. If they want to, they fillet the flesh of there victims so that they can suck the blood closer to the muscle and bone. In the past, it was difficult for them to hide the bodies when they were done feeding and the bodies often looked mutilated. If or when they appear, they usually choose to do so during wars so that the mutilated bodies can be blamed on enemy torture, thereby covering their tracks.

Stage two or three of Monoatomic gold: your hair may start to fall out. You may develop arthritis or pain. You will have trouble sleeping. Your skin will start to glow. You will become more aware of other spiritual beings. The spiritual beings on this level are not that friendly. They are frankly miserable, manipulative, and disillusioned. I think they would like to get out of that vibration, but cannot. They closest they can come is through us and they try to develop in us an addiction or false sense of transcendence with the monoatomic gold. We are merely attenae for them; receivers on their radio broadcast station that would never be seen or heard, lest we tuned it on with the monoatomic gold.

Once you reach this level, it will take a long time (or never) to end the pestering or clamoring of attention from the beings that exist on this plane. When you attempt to block them out, they remain on the fringes of your mind, but don't truly have the ability to control you. You may see flashes of white translucent objects or things and feel their presence, but that's about it. Whether this is true, less so or more so, for those who are not shaman, I do not know and can only speak for myself.

The most important things to remember is this: it is entirely possible for other beings to exist other then ourselves. It is entirely possible that other beings can be genetically engineered to be our natural enemies and that yes, we may have our own food chain, just like the animals. To admit that anything is possible is our best defense against any enemy, whether a genetically engineered predator or any "being" that exists in any dimension. To think that we are the most advanced and intelligent race in the universe is a deadly mistake. To think that visitors from the galaxy far away would visit us and enlighten us poor stupid human beings and save us from ourselves, is expecting a lot.

The truth is, we have a great responsibility to protect, learn and grow from our experiences as human beings. We have the ability to save ourselves, but only if we ourselves can evolve spiritually and begin to do things for the "Right Reason".

As far as the reptilians go, I have never met or seen one. It's hard to believe that they exist other then the "sayings" like some people being referred to "cold as a reptile" etc. As far as the belief that there is some kind of blood line of rulers running the show on earth, it seems like a lot of people who are related are running the world. It sort of reminds me of those dog shows.Those people are always breeding dogs trying to win "Best in Show". Are they breeding presidents and rulers? Sure seems like it. That seems very likely.

Usually I can sense "hostile" beings when I am close to them. I have not been close enough to any of these rulers to say one way or the other whether I believe they are shape shifters or reptilians. This brings me back to rule number one. "Anything is possible".

White Owl

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Subject: monoatomic gold
From: Diana
Date: Thu, February 5, 2009
To: Editor

Hey Ken,

I tried this stuff back in early 2007. My son tried it too and both of us began to get really strange sensations and irritable after using it no more than two months. I read this info online and I got a little concerned. I don't know how much or how long you have to take it, but I can tell you that I wasn't getting pyschic that I know of.

I have always been very intuitive and that didn't seem to change. Also used a product called Aulterra they promote with the gold and there was another one too I think called black something. Anyway, I stopped using all the products and have a good amount left. I ran across some of it a few weeks ago and started wondering about it again. Decided to google it today and look at it from a different perspective.

I also was doing holosync and stopped as I noticed some disturbing effects as well. I guess I want to know if there is any way to eliminate any damage that may have been caused or if you know any more about this subject or anyone I could contact that might.

Thanks and many blessings,


Hi Diana,

Hulda Clark talks about ways to remove gold from the body in her books. There are different ways to chelate out metals, including detox clay baths. It's possible that you could detox gold using homeopathy as well. I'll forward your note to Luke Gatto who knows a lot about homeopathy and maybe he has something on this.

Regards, Ken


From: Diana
To: Editor
Subject: Re: monoatomic gold
Date: Feb 6, 2009

Thanks Ken.

My son and I both felt like we were vibrating at a higher level before this stuff. In fact, it was after taking this that I had problems with the place I was working in and went to another place to work. I did ok, but before taking this stuff I was really doing very well.

I have used several of the detox foot pads which are suppose to pull out even heavy metals from the organs if that is true. I know I got tons of black stuff for weeks out of my body and finally started to get lighter and then I stopped using them due to financial considerations.

There is so much positive hype about monoatomic gold online. When you google it to try to find ways to remove it, all these windows pop up that are touting its fantastic abilities. Seems to me that the gold in history has always created more insanity and greed, etc. than anything positive.

Who knows? If we knew the truth we would all be so freaked out I imagine. I hope someday we can really know the truth about all this stuff. For everything they say is good, someone else says it's bad. The thing that made me suspcious is that when I first ordered the gold, I also ordered this stuff called aulterra and one other thing that I think was called black something. Anyway, the woman I spoke to out west talked to me a long time about this and said she had been on it for a long time and she had always been really different since a child and her grandfather had always told her how special she was. Turns out grandpa was a high ranking MASON.

My grandmother was Eastern Star, but she was my biological grandma, not the person who raised my dad. Also, something I want to pass along, which I don't know if you have looked into or not, but have you looked at the RH factor in blood types? 98-99% RH positive same as Rhesus monkey DNA. RH negative 90-92 percent same as Rhesus monkey DNA. What do you make of that? 5 percent of the world is RH negative. They have done research and apparently RH negative can heal themselves. Let me know what your thinking and I will tell you my thoughts......


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