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WiFi & Cell Phones Pose a Much Greater Danger Than Most People Realize;
Find Out the Facts

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
July 3, 2012

WiFi & Cell Phones Pose a Much Greater Danger Than Most People Realize; Find Out the Facts (July 3, 2012)

Update August 6, 2013: I just discovered this short video by Erid Dollard, one of the greatest living radio engineers and electrical energy authorities walking around the planet. I spent two weeks with him in July of 2001. I plan to post more info about him and his work. I described two of his important videos made with Borderlands on the Products page.

If you read all of the articles which I've written to date on the dangers of microwave (Wifi) energy, you will see that Eric's concerns and cautions parallel the statements that I've been making all along. The vast majority of people using cell phones, Wifi, Wireless anything have ZERO KNOWLEDGE or EDUCATION about the dangers of high frequency RF energy fields (meaning microwaves). Just because you can't see it or feel it, doesn't mean you aren't being DAMAGED by it. Wake up and get rid of ALL Wifii devices if you value your health and that of your family.

[Forward from Ashley, Australia]

Port St Lucie Florida Women Confront Local City Council Sellouts for Stonewalling on Smart Meter Microwave Poisoning (May 10, 2013)


(I was forwarded the videos seen below by Keith Ranch, a documentary producer, interviewer, and reporter of paranormal events who I hope to soon do a radio show with on the life of Al Bielek)

I've posted a few articles in prior years (links at the bottom) on the dangers of cell phone usage and the damaging health effects from microwave energy fields, but the two videos seen below add powerful evidence that holding a cell phone against your ear while talking is the dumbest thing you could possible do. The damage to children, especially very young children, is exponentially greater than that of adults. If you care about your kids living a normal life span, do NOT give them a cell phone - ever.

Other microwave electronic devices such as Smart Meters and WiFi computer components, are adding a tremendous burden of toxic, microwave EMF pollution to the body that is having a cumulative--and disastrous--effect.

Using a high quality, German microwave frequency analyzer last October to test the intensity of ambient microwave fields in my neighborhood, I was dumbfounded to discover that WiFi routers used for internet access in many homes put out an ENORMOUS amount of microwave energy (600-1000 microwatts) that is being absorbed by the people living in that house 24/7.

It was shocking enough to see that our newly installed Smart Meters were putting out up to 95,000 micro watts every minute (updated Sep. 2012), but to see the added burden of WiFi router radiation was stupefying. The safe level for human microwave exposure, according to Swiss and German environmental safety groups, is ONE MICRO watt per cubic meter. One watt is the equivalent of ONE MILLION micro watts.

Newly Observed Phenomenon: Cell Wall Calification

While not mentioned in these videos, I've received information recently from a very sensitive medical intuitive who is discovering that many people are beginning to experience CALCIFICATION of organ and muscular tissue cell walls due to excessive exposure to high intensity microwave energy fields, such as those found in a home with a WiFi router, WiFi printer, WiFi mouse, Smart Meters, near cell phone towers, etc. It appears that the depositing of calcium into cell walls, normally composed of lipid (fat) cells, is the body's attempt to shield against the penetration of microwave energy fields into the nucleus of the cell, where our DNA strands reside in the chromosomes.

I met a young Japanese guy (32) recently who told me that he's had lower back pain and kidney pain for the past 3 years and doesn't know why since his doctor couldn't find anything wrong .I asked my medical intuitive friend to check, and sure enough, he's calcifying like a rock. If he doesn't take corrective action to pull that calcium out, he's going to be in big trouble within a few years. Obviously, stopping all exposure to microwave energy fields needs to be at the top of his priorities.

[Addendunm, Sep. 17, 2012. I recently came to realize that parolees who are forced to wear GPS ankle bracelet tracking devices are being subjected to an enormous amount of microwave energy on a 24/7 basis. One man I know who was railroaded into the California prison system for 3 years as a "sex offender" on completely trumped up charges, is now on parole for about 1.5 years and is having ever increasing symptoms of EMF poisoning due to the GPS tracking device he must wear on his ankle around the clock. He had recently developed a non itchy, red bumpy skin rash that started at the ankle that has the GPS device and has been spreading up towards his abdomen. We are working on a idea to shield his body from the GPS signal by covering him with a conductive fabric suit and grounding it to earth, at least while he sleeps. The medical intuitive who told me about the cell wall calcification process, said that the cells in the area around his GPS ankle are becoming heavily calcified, but it's also spreading to other parts of his body. This is a serious and pressing issue for those who are forced to wear these tracking devices.]

Cell Phone & WiFi Dangers -- Watch This And Doubt No More

cell phone radiation seen on meter show 2,500 to 10,000 microwatts per meter squared


WiFi Radiation -- Is Your Modem Router Safe?
Measures the radiation from Wifi router.


The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters with Rob States, MS; MIT trained engineer and expert in microwave energy systems
[This is a well done, easy to understand presentation on the dangers of Smart Meters and microwave devices. Listen carefully and pay attention to details]

Uploaded by eon3 on Nov 1, 2010

In this invitational presentation to the San Francisco Tesla Society consulting engineer Rob States explains how PG&E's so-called 'smart' meters work and why they endanger health and privacy. He asks the obvious question, "Why would you trust thecompany that brought you Prop. 16?" For more info: StopSmartMeters. and


It is next to impossible to undo the damage from excessive microwave exposure to the brain once acquired, so it's imperative to AVOID the exposure in the first place. This is critically important when it comes to children.

Your ONLY OPTION: Get rid of ALL WiFi computer components in your home and switch over to hard wire and cable connections. Ignore these words at your own peril. If you have a Smart Meter, you must shield the back of the meter so the microwave energy will not be radiated into your living space.

Do NOT give a young child (or even a pre teen), a cell phone under any circustances. Teach teenagers how to carry and use a cell phone with less exposure by using ear buds or the speaker phone, but never against the ear. Do not carry a cell phone in your pants or shirt pocket. Keep it at a distance from your body in a handbag, or briefcase, or on the car seat. Use your brains: keep the cell phone at least one-two inches away from you body (in a metal shielded pouch) if you must carry it.

Our radio show transcription writer, Kamele, has done us all a huge favor by transcribing into English text the video presentation seen below by Dr. Devra Davis of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) who gave her talk on April 4, 2012. This will allow non English speakers to copy and paste the text into the Google Translator and be able to read this important information in their native language. Many busy people prefer to read a written text rather than sit through an hour audio presentation, so save Kamele's pdf transcript to your hard drive and send it around to your friends and relatives and post the link to blogs.

(Kamele will soon type up a transcription of the second video talk by Barrie Trower, as well)

Study this information carefully and take the necesary precautions to reduce your exposure --and above all-- protect your kids from cell phone microwave radiation.

Here is Kamele's written English transcript of the entire one hour talk by Dr. Devra Davis:

Ken Adachi

1) Cell Phone Dangers, Toxicology, & Epidemiology by Dr. Devra Davis PhD, MPH, at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), April 4, 2012

(see for tips on protecting yourself form cell phone radiation)


2) Barrie Trower: Dangers and Lethality of Microwave Technology (2010) (2 hrs, 20 mins) recorded Nov 30 2010!


Foiling a "Smart" Meter, Part Two: Aluminum Mesh Screening

[Note that this lady is using an additional signal attenuator (shown in-line with the antennae connector wire) with her meter that I didn't have when I made my tests using the same model meter. Her readings are able to detect the full wattage of microwave radiation coming from the Smart Meter. Her readings are showing peaks of 95,000 micro watts coming off the Smart Meter. That's the same thing as 95 milli watts of microwave energy. This pulse of microwave energy is being emitted every one minute with Smart Meters on a 24/7 basis. Austrian and Swiss environmental safety groups have determined that one micro watt is the safe limit for human exposure of microwave radiation (the industry sellouts in the FCC say 600 micro watts is the upper limit). The normal background reading of microwave radiation is usually 0.3 to 0.5 micro watts in an urban environment. Some electric power companies were falsely stating that their Smart Meters were putting 100 times LESS microwave energy than a cell phone call. Cell phones will measure 200-400 micro watts right next to the phone while taking a call. Therefore, electric power companies were claiming that the Smart Meter was putting out 2-4 microwatts, when the truth is, Smart meters put out as much as 95,000 micro watts of microwave energy every 1- 2 minutes. 24 hours a day. ]

Uploaded by thisirradiatedlife on Sep 7, 2011

Part Two of
Foiling a "Smart" Meter on the Street.. Instrument used here was a high frequency analyzer, with one attenuator on the antenna, changing the read-out by a factor of 100 (i.e. 100x less sensitive) so "010" on read-out = 1000 µW/m2 (equiv to 0.1 µW/cm2)



Cell Phone Dangers (June 30, 2008)

Cell Phone Radiation Poses a Serious Biologic Health Risk by Dr. Neil Cherry (Nov. 19, 2007)

Microwaves: The Radiation Poisoning of America (Oct. 8, 2007)

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Inexpensive Method To Shield a Room Against Microwave Energy (Jan 9, 2012)

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WiFi Dangers

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