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Market Newsletter Predicts Huge Population Die Off in 2020-2029 Among Young People Foolishly Addicted to Wifi & Microwave Devices

Notes from Ken Adachi, Editor
June 27, 2014

Market Newsletter Predicts Huge Population Die Off in 2020-2029 Among Young People Foolishly Addicted to Wifi & Microwave Devices (June 27, 2014)

Teens with smart phonesI've written a number of articles since 2007 discussing the health damaging effects of exposure to high level microwave energy fields from the use of cell phones and Wifi devices. The greatest damage is experienced by young children and teenagers whose bodies have not yet grown to full size (smaller the body, greater the damage). I stated in many of those articles that a lot of young people are going to go to an early grave due to the cumulative effects of microwave damage to their DNA and cellular structures (calcification of cell walls). Today, I received a copy of a free market newsletter written by Manfred Zimmel in Austria who expresses the same concerns that I have expressed concerning the coming Wifi Plague --which is completely preventable if people simply WAKE up and stop using Wifi gadgets, especially smart phones (which just about every teenager now owns), that put out continuous high levels of microwave energy as long as the phone is turned on. Get rid of all Wifi devices and only use an old fashion cell phone that you keep 3 feet away from your body while talking over the speaker phone or use an air tube headset.

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Free Amanita Newsletter © Copyright Manfred Zimmel page 8 of 36

There will be 3 major contraction waves, interrupted by 2 brief recoveries (2015/16 & 2018/19): (a) 2014/15: without large global differences, similar to 2008 (b) 2017/18: major regional (war-related?) differences (c) 2020er: the final maximum bombshell with huge regional differences caused by many wars & epidemics. The most important yet hardest to estimate factor is the degree, speed & regional distribution of the world population reduction 2020-29 (10-50% on average?). Everyone with microwave wireless WMDs like WLAN/ Wi-Fi, cell phone (without a good protection) is a warrior in the biggest war of mankind against itself. That’s how the military of the year 2014 looks like: total ‘gleichschaltung’ (forcible coordination) of soldiers with highly dangerous microwave weapons, stirring the blood of every fascist…

4. population decline 2020-29: In 2009 it was forecast that the global life expectancy would top out in the coming years & then drop for a long time. This call has contradicted virtually every demographic call, so it was completely impossible in the standard way of thinking… And yet for the first time ever a major nation (Great Britain) released data in September 2013 that since 2010 the life expectancy of the oldest cohort has been declining by 1 year per year. It’s hardly a coincidence that this extra-ordinary news came 666 years after the biggest epidemics in history: Black Death 1347 (killed half of the European population). This is hardly a surprise, as Lyme disease/ borreliosis (miasm of destruction = syphilis reloaded) is the first major epidemic of the 3rd millennium. It is totally unknown that Lyme disease is not just transmitted by tics, but also from human to human ( link ): sexually, by breast-feeding… 1/3 of the US blood bottles are polluted with Lyme disease, as there are no controls at all. The Morgellons caused by chemtrails are another major factor. As usual, the crowd worries about just the wrong thing! Major epidemics are inevitable, as germs get extremely aggressive because of (microwave) pollution. Dr. Klinghardt has found out in lab tests that under EMF radiation germs of Lyme disease & fungi [mold] breed 600 times more (!) than without. Moreover, the amount & aggressiveness of their toxins [E.g. mold toxins] increases dramatically. Why is high frequency electromagnetic pollution so dangerous? Because it causes the ORANUR disease (ORgone Against NUclear Radiation), as described by Wilhelm Reich already 60 years ago. When the ‘good’ life energy (orgone) interacts with high frequency electromagnetic radiation, then DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy) is created. This was experimentally validated in the 1950s (with a Geiger counter) & later researched by Prof. James DeMeo, who also developed the Saharasia theory.

Reich’s insights were so dangerous to the scientific establishment & the nuclear power mafia that his books were burned (!) by the FDA in the US & Reich himself was murdered in jail. A similar observation was made by Ric Weinman: radiation ruins the vital webbing, which can't be repaired with traditional methods. High frequency spectrum: * megahertz 106 = radio * gigahertz 109 = microwaves (cell phone, WLAN/ Wi-Fi) * exahertz 1018 = X-ray * zettahertz 1021 = radioactivity/ gamma rays

The physicist Barrie Trower has been a micro wave expert for the British military & secret services since 1960. He labels microwaves as the stealth weapon, tested & used against the population since Thatcher. Meanwhile the microwave warfare has been has been sophisticated & it is even possible to choose which physical or mental illnesses shall be produced. E.g. 6.6 resp. 6.66 hertz (number of the Beast!) produces sexual aggression, no wonder with 6 = sex ( Link ). Frequencies can both heal & make sick, the pioneer of frequency therapy is Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971) who was terrorized by the FDA similar to Wilhelm Reich. Due to his expertise Trower demands life imprisonment for people who install WLAN/ Wi-Fi in educational institutions or other places where girls & young women spend a lot of their time ( Link ). The reason is that the radiation causes more or less irreversible genetic damage of the eggs in the ovaries, with the full effects not seen before the generation of the *grandchildren* - which is 30-60 years later ( Link ). Interestingly, the eggs already present in the ovaries at the birth of a baby girl are 10x more sensitive to radiation than the rest of the DNA. 15-20 year ago the biggest sterilization in the history of mankind began

According to a study by Prof. Davoudi in Austria the cell phone use immediately deteriorates the sperm quality of men, too. But this is not a big problem because sperm is produced every day. Today’s contraception is with the cell phone. There are 3 sectors where the risks can’t be insured because the risks could be 'endless': nuclear power, genetic engineering & microwaves (mobile phones, WLAN/ Wi-Fi…). Which one of the these 3 is the most dangerous? Of course the one where the crowd is least aware of: microwaves – there is very little concern about it. This is even more surprising when we take into consideration that nearly 100% of the ‘rich’ world population is subject to EMF pollution 24/7. And everyone rich or poor is a victim of HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). It is hard to tell whether Frankenstein food or nuclear power will be more dangerous, which heavily depends upon political decisions. The bigger the danger, the less it is recognized by the crowd! GMO food faces most resistance but the danger is alleviated because it can be corrected with the aid of the Primeval Code ( Link ). Russia is fought so heavily by the illuminati because this nation stubbornly refuses to reduce its population with Frankenstein food, apart from many other maneuvers against the NWO.


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