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Why Do Millions of People Continue to Use Smart Phones & WiFi Devices When the Health Damaging Effects Are So Well Known?

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From Ken Adachi. Editor
March 26, 2015

Why Do Millions of People Continue to Use Smart Phones & WiFi Devices When the Health Damaging Effects Are So Well Known? (March 27, 2015)

Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health - Barrie Trower

Published on Aug 20, 2013

Mr. Barrie Trower, a British physicist who was a microwave weapons expert and who worked for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service, talks about the health effects of WiFi and other forms of microwave radiation.

Cell Phone Radiation by Eric Dollard

Few people know who Eric Dollard is, but for those who know, his reputation as a radio engineer is legendary. I spent two weeks with him in the Summer of 2002 and I spent many hours during that time doing what is witnessed in this video: listening and learning. He knows what Barrie Trower knows about microwave energy: it seriously damages the body at the levels we are now encountering with the use of Smart phones, WiFi, etc., and yet millions of people - through sheer ignorance - continue to use these devices as if they were innocuous and completely safe.

I just cannot get over the inanes and recklessness of people who ignore these serious and justified warnings. Am I living in Wonderland?

A few days ago, we were visited by a man we've known for 20 years. He's a very smart guy who got his doctorate in the mid 1970's He taught advanced math at many universities and is aware of a lot of things - except the health damaging effects of microwave radiation. He used to have a flip cell phone which he always placed against his ear when talking on it. Now he places a brand new smart phone against his ear as he radiates his brain with 10,000 to 100,000 microwatts of microwave radiation. Swiss and Austrian EMF safety authorities had established ONE microwatt per meter square (1uw/m2) as the safe upper limit for human exposure to microwave energy fields. As shown in the Bioinitiative Report of 2012 and many other studies, biological damaging effects from microwave energy fields start showing up at sustained exposure levels of around 3.5 microwatts.

It's easy to measure the intensity of microwave energy fields with a meter designed for the job such as the economical Acousticom2 ($250) or the more expensive Aucoustimeter AM-10 ($470) seen in the videos below or the German made HF35C ($430) which I used in a 2012 article on shielding against Smart meter radiation. It's nice to have your own meter because you can then make the tests yourself and verify that the meter readings shown in dozens (or perhaps hundreds) of Youtube videos are accurate on the dangers of microwave energy coming off smart phones, cell phones and WiFi routers. However, you don't have to buy your own meter to verify the facts because the Youtube video readings tell the story, as I've checked cell phones, smart phones, wifi routers, and smart meters with an Acoustimeter which I borrowed, and I'm seeing the same levels of microwave radiation as shown in the videos.

Here's the part I don't understand: Why do so many people continue to use smart phones as if there was no reason to be concerned? Why are so many people completely unaware of, and seemingly oblivious to the biological damage being done to their body from microwave radiation coming off their smart phone or WiFi router? Who do they think would alert them to the biological damage caused by microwave energy fields if not ordinary people via Youtube videos? The manufacturers of smart phones or WiFi routers? The companies who erect and maintain cell phone networks and towers? The corporate-owned, lobbyist-bribed plutocracy that we call the "government?"

Younger people are gong to suffer the greatest loss of health and longevity from the use of smart phones (which seems to be ubiquitous among teenagers). Pregnant women should never be sleeping in a house or working at an office with a WiFi router or anything that uses wireless technology, with smart phones being the worst of the worst because they expose the body to MORE microwave energy than what you pick up standing at the base of a cell phone tower. Don't believe me? Get one of the above meters and check it for yourself.

I'm sure most people would be really concerned and worried if they looked out their window one day and saw a cell phone tower erected right next to their house or apartment. Yet millions of people have no concerns whatsoever in carrying around a smart phone in their pocket where they are absorbing more microwave radiation than that coming off a cell tower.

If you are one of those very rare individuals out there in Internet Land who actually has the common sense and intelligence to awaken from your commercial-friendly, media-induced slumber and realize that WiFi anything is really Bad News for your body, then you have to switch over to all ethernet cable for your home computer, disable the WiFi functions on your laptop (and wireless router), and stop using a smart phone altogether (and that means throwing the smart phone into the trash and not try to sell it or give it away to someone else - so they will get the brain cancer that you are trying to avoid). I never bought a smart phone because I already knew that they were much worse than cell phones in terms of microwave radiation output. However, if you own one, the only intelligent thing to do is to trash it and be glad you awoken before you did more damage. The body can be detoxified from RF radiation. However, it takes longer to roll back cellular, endocrine, and DNA changes, so the less you've absorbed over time, the better. The minimum latency period for cell phone radiation problems to show up is about 10 years. For people with stronger genetic constitutions, it may take 20 years for the cancer or other forms of neurological disease to fully manifest, but once it does, you've really got a problem on your hands and it won't be solved by throwing away your smart phone - then.

Think about it. Educate yourself now and not later when you get the cancer diagnosis. The documentation and studies are all over the internet. The Bioinitiative Report of 2012 alone will keep you busy for a week.

The body tries to compensate the best it can to protect the interior of the cell and DNA from being damaged by the microwaves so it uses calcium and cholesterol, for example, to function as a barrier or shield against the assault. However, the body is now calcifying cell walls and building up cholesterol plaque to address a short term assault, but at the same time it's creating other, long term problems for the body. The only way to solve this is to stop exposing yourself to microwave energy fields altogether or at least minimize your exposure to the lowest level possible.

Ken Adachi

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"The Autonomic system is affected by microwaves of the centimeter wave length band. These waves affect circulation, respiration, temperature control, water balance, albumin and sugar concentration in the cerebro-spinal fluid, hydrogen ion concentration, EEG, GSR, sleep, conscious awareness, etc." - W. Bergman (The Effect of Microwaves on the Central Nervous System )

The Microwave Factor

Microwave - and other forms of electromagnetic - radiation are major (but conveniently disregarded, ignored, and overlooked) factors in many modern unexplained disease states. Insomnia, anxiety, vision problems, swollen lymph, headaches, extreme thirst, night sweats, fatigue, memory and concentration problems, muscle pain, weakened immunity, allergies, heart problems, and intestinal disturbances are all symptoms found in a disease process originally described in the 1970s as Microwave Sickness.

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Josh del Sol put together a very informative documentary on Smart meters and microwave dangers called Take Back Your Power which can be viewed online at low cost or you can order the DVD for about $20. He also has a newsletter loaded with lots of helpful info about Smart meters, surveillance schemes, and microwave radiation dangers.

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