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Slowly Waking Up in Toronto: "Could WiFi in schools be harming our kids?"

[Editor's Note: I've been posting articles on the dangers of microwave energy since 2002. Why does it always take years and sometimes decades for the general pulbic to wake up to these unseen microwave dangers when the warnings of WiFi dangers are covered so thoroughly on the Internet? Considering how many milllions of children have been (and are being) exposed to daily bombardment of high level microwave energy fields due to the presence of WiFi in their schools, there will come the day when we will see an explosion of leukemia and other life changing consequences of exposure to these DNA-damaging radiations. Children are much more vulnerable to microwave radiation damage than are adults. Smaller bodies, less muscle mass and thinner skulls mean greater penetration of microwave energy ~ and greater damage to DNA. Microwave energy breaks down the blood/brain barrier and allows garbage in the blood stream to get into the brain. Microwave energy fields encourage cell wall calcification (calcium is deposited into cell mebranes) which is the body's attempt to protect itself from this damaging radiation. This includes calcification of all organ and glandular systems in the body. Parents who allow their kids to go to a school that have WiFi are helping the unthinking dimwits who run that school destroy their child's health. Don't do that to your kids. Get those schools to pull out that WiFi or find another school where more intelligent people are in charge. Buy a Zap Checker or rent a high frequency detection meter and see for yourself just how high the microwave readings are in a school or office with WiFi. The safe ambient level of microwave exposure (Swiss and Austrian radiation safety committees) is less than ONE microwatt per meter cubed. In a WiFi environment, you will usually see the ambient readings anywhere from 1,000-2,000 microwatts, sometimes higher. An old fashion cell phone will put out 200-400 microwatts at 3 feet (much higher next to your ear), while smart phones put out FIVE times more microwave energy. People who walk around with a smart phone all day are slowly killing themselves and they don't know it.

Get rid of all Wireless equipment and only use hard wired cable for everything (mouse, printer, etc.). Don't find out when it's too late, like the victims of 1950 era A-bomb testing, that the people (and goverment "regulators" who will change the 'guidelines' to anything the industry wants) who promote these technologies are just in it for the money and don't give a damn about your health or well being. In fact, the microwave radiation poisoning agenda is probably intentional and part of the NWO population reduction plan ...Ken Adachi]
May 15, 2014

Slowly Waking Up in Toronto: " Could WiFi in schools be harming our kids?" (May 15, 2014)


Please pass this article from The Globe and Mail in Toronto on .  It provides good information about the precautions beings taken by some countries to protect their children. 
More information about WiFi and health can be found at, including pages dedicated to children and RF and Autism.


Could WiFi in schools be harming our kids?

Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Sunday, May. 11 2014, 4:00 AM EDT
Last updated Monday, May. 12 2014, 8:53 AM EDT

Students in Lindsay Freedman*s split Grade 3/4 class at Red Willow Public School are working away on tablets, laptops and iPods. It*s Bring Your Own Device day, a regular occurrence here, and supplementing the devices brought from home are 20 school-owned iPads. Freedman walks around the classroom, marvelling at her students* instant embrace of the online presentation app she*s just introduced. *They’re an instant motivator,* she says, referring to the tools in their hands.

Red Willow belongs to the Peel District School Board (near Toronto), one of several across Canada that have adopted WiFi throughout its schools, an embrace of 21st-century technologies designed to **ensure that our students can thrive in a future that can*t be predicted,** as Peel*s promotional brochure puts it.

Though most parents and educators celebrate the move, some are raising concerns about the possible health impacts of the radio-frequency (RF) radiation on which wireless technologies operate. Exposure levels to this kind of radiation, which fall in the same frequency bandwidth on the electro-magnetic spectrum as radios, televisions and mobile phones, continue to rise as wireless technologies become more prevalent.

Canada*s current guidelines on RF exposure are in line with those of the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection – the largest regulatory body in this field. But many other jurisdictions have adopted considerably lower limits, either as a precautionary measure or because they view the science differently.

How is it that health agencies reach such different conclusions when faced with the same scientific evidence? Why are some Canadian schools installing WiFi while France is limiting exposure? Switzerland heavily favours wired Internet connections in schools, yet Israel is pulling it out of its lower grades altogether.

While most Western bodies have deemed the scientific evidence on health effects inconclusive, many European jurisdictions are choosing to err on the side of caution until more is known. In a resolution in 2011, the Council of Europe recommended that the As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) principle be applied to electromagnetic radiation, fearing **there could be extremely high human and economic costs if early warnings are neglected.**  It also condemned the **lack of reaction to known or emerging environmental or health risks and virtually systematic delays in adopting or implementing effective preventive measures.**

Lichtenstein, Italy and Belgium responded by drastically lowering their exposure guidelines. In France, a bill currently before the Senate insists on a principle of moderation where RF radiation is concerned. If passed, WiFi will be banned from maternity wards and child-care facilities, communities would have to be consulted before any installations in schools, and if installed, all routers would have to be accessible to teachers who could turn them off when not in use. Laurence Abeille, the Green MP behind the bill, had originally proposed a ban in all schools around students up to the age of six. She had to water it down to gain broad support in the National Assembly, but feels public concern in France is rising. This spring, a 32-year-old man received medical benefits from the local health authority in Essonne, south of Paris, for his electro-hypersensitivity – a first in France.

Switzerland prides itself on having among the most stringent regulations on electromagnetic radiation in the world. As of 2000, it has supplemented its exposure limits (which are in keeping with Canada*s) with much more restrictive limits for installations of power lines, television and radio transmitters, and mobile phone base-stations in well-frequented locations. The new regulations were accompanied by an aggressive public awareness campaign about the health risks of RF radiation. Swisscom, the national telecom company, promotes its line of low-radiation **Ecomode** phones and routers as **safer** – openly acknowledging the risks inherent in these devices. And for 10 years, Swisscom has been installing wired Internet connections in Swiss schools for free. Why not wireless? As company spokesman Carsten Roetz wrote in an e-mail, **because there*s no reason to put a radiation source that isn*t absolutely necessary in schools.** Of Switzerland*s 6,800 schools, Roetz estimates that fewer than 100 have opted for wireless connections.

In March of this year, the Jerusalem Post reported that the Israeli Education Ministry had ordered radiation testing in all Israeli schools, banned WiFi from pre-schools and kindergartens, and restricted its use to one hour a day for students up to Grade 3. The move came in response to persistent complaints from parents whose children suffer from some form of electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Russia*s exposure limits for RF radiation are 100 times lower than Canada*s. While Russian schools can choose to install WiFi, they are the exceptions, says Oleg Grigoriev, chairman of the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (an expert group that reports to the Russian parliament). He says damage to children*s cognitive function caused by long-term exposure to low-strength electromagnetic fields has long since been demonstrated by Russian researchers. Russia, he explains, began experimenting with the impacts of electromagnetic fields on the nervous system a century ago, and, as a result, does not consider its approach precautionary, but rather **science-based.**

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