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Toxic Wifi Radiation Continues Even When Ipads, Ipods, etc. Are Turned Off

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From Neil Cohen
May 7, 2014

Toxic Wifi Radiation Continues Even When Ipads, Ipods, etc Are Turned Off (May 17, 2014)

Radio Frequency Radiation --- even when devices are off --- unknown, unseen causes of health problems. from Neil Cohen
  • Shan
    May 7 6:07 PM
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    Radio Frequency Radiation.
    Here is an interesting article for those people out there that cannot find the source of their health issues.
    Friends, a quick update. I am just amazed once again. Our modern wireless technology seems to be successful at amazing me constantly with its toxicity and insidious nature, even when I thought I understood most of it!
    I have been feeling on edge and dizzy in my head, inside my office/apartment for a week or so, and have been measuring a very high "spike" of radio frequency radiation shooting through my office/apartment every few minutes. I could not track it down, and even went so far as to ask my neighbor if I could check her house. She was very open and kind about it, being curious as well.

    Between the constant spraying of chemtrails here in Shasta, and these high frequency spikes coming through my house, even in my own small way, I have really come to understand how people, more RF exposed than myself, are being pushed to the very edges of what their bodies and minds can handle almost every day. I don't know how anyone in larger cities or corporate work environments is coping these days?

    Anyway, I spent the better part of 2 hours today, measuring in all directions around my apartment, outside my apartment, toward each of the neighbors, looking for the origin of these high frequency radiation spikes. Now on one hand, I am a little embarrassed to tell you what I found. And on the other hand, my education is continuing and I am offering you a further education as well.

    When I was syncing some music on my ipod (always done with a cord adapter, never wirelessly), the device needed to be "restored" to factory settings in the process. So I followed instructions and did this. Turned it off and put it back into my living room where I use it to play music. My ipad, which holds my personal and business contacts, and which I never use wirelessly, had to be restored to factory setting as well when I downloaded an acupuncture point app into itunes and I was trying to sync it.

    Both these devices were TURNED OFF in my home. I will repeat this once again. Both these insidious but useful little devices were TURNED OFF. Do you know what? When they were reset to factory settings, the "wireless function" (WiFi) was turned back on. Now I know perfectly well to keep the wireless function off on my kindle, ipad and ipod. I almost never use them wirelessly. But the wireless function on both the ipod and ipad were turned back on after the factory settings were restored. But the devices were totally off! TURNED OFF! And they were still spiking out dangerous levels of RF radiation through my apartment and I did not even know it was those devices.

    I turned the wireless and bluetooth options off on both devices. And then turned the devices off. I turned on my RF meter and nothing. No more spikes of radiation. I am embarrassed because I could not figure out where this radiation was coming from. I am irritated at the insidious nature of this technology. I am relieved to not be having my blood/brain barrier penetrated by this toxic radiation. And I am blown away, in total amazement, at what we are doing to ourselves with the technology we are using. I never knew devices such as these could radiate RF spikes when they were TURNED OFF.

    This makes me wonder what cell phones are doing even when they are **off**? And who knows what else!

    The owner of a local crystal store here in Shasta asked me to track any potential radiation in his store because he was not feeling good in there. I did not feel good in there either. I used my most sensitive meter trying to find what was bothering him. He told me he had all wireless devices turned off in his store. I traced the location of the radiation spikes to an area where he had his video camera system set up for viewing the various rooms in his store on a computer screen. I figured it had some sort of wireless transmission that he did not know how to turn off.

    He spoke to the people who installed the system and they did not know anything. I went back the next day determined to find an answer, laying some radio frequency shielding material over the video system and still measured the radiation spikes. So it was not his video system. Then I looked at a tiny little laptop they had in their front counter area and I said is the wireless function off on this computer? The answer came back, **oh yes, everything is off, nothing wireless in here.** I clicked one switch on the computer for the wireless radio, TURNED IT OFF, and my meter stopped registering the radiation spikes. He said he instantly felt better. He had no idea that this was the source of the radiation. And all this radiation was from one little laptop that had the wireless radio function on, without even being used wirelessly!

    Moral of the story: How many sources of wireless radiation do most of us have around without even knowing it? Cordless phones, wireless computer mouse, wireless keyboards, wireless function turned on on our computers even if we are using an ethernet cord, wireless modems, smart phones.


    Neil Cohen
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