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The World Conquerors
The Real War Criminals

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[Editor's Note: Jan. 3, 2013. This book is an amazing read. I have Steve Campbell to thank for mentioning it in a recent email sent on December 27. You will find this book difficult to put down once you begin reading it as it is so dead-on-target in describing the centuries-old machinations and skullduggery of organized Zionist Jewry to bring about their complete control and domination of every nation and human being upon this planet. This book was published in London in 1958, but it may have well been published yesterday. when one considers the unerring accuracy of the political subversion and undermining of national interests, described by its brilliant Hungarian author, Louis Marschalko, that has taken place here in America and Europe since the end of World War I. You will find the html text much easier to read than the original pdf book, but I've included the original scanned book in pdf for those who prefer a pdf download. For people with slower internet connections, I divided the book into two halves for faster download. For the html version, I've taken the liberty to place some words in bold print when a new name is mentioned by the author and I will occasionally link, underline or set in bold, statements that I feel are particularly important to note...Ken Adachi]

Greg Felton; America is now fully controlled by Zionists says Canadian researcher
Published on Feb 24, 2014

The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals by Louis Marschalko (1958)

By Louis Marschalko (1903 - 1968)
Published 1958

The World Conquerors, front book coverComplete original book in pdf (40 MB) / First Half in pdf (20 MB / Second Half in pdf (20 MB)

English trasnlation by A. Suranyi

Publisher: Britons Publishing Society, London

1. The oldest "Nazism" in the World
2. The Meaning of Christ's Resistance
3. World Domination in Three Stages
4. Millionaire Bankers Back Bolshevism
5. A Movement Maligned
6. The Real War Criminals
7. Why Hitler Had to Go
8. The Real Victors of the Second World War
9. "Revenge is Ours" .
10. New Purim and Nuremberg
11. What Has Become of Six Million Jews?
12. Spiritual and Economic Persecution
13. Biological Class-warfare Against All Nations
14. The Jews Have the Atom Bomb
15. The Betrayal of America
16. The Fulfilment of the Protocols and the Farewell Letter of a Hungarian Martyr
17. The Key Positions of Jewish World-Power
18. Secret Powers
19. The Hungarian Freedom Revolt

To the memory of the Nationalist Martyrs and victims of Bolshevism

[About the Author

Louis Marschalkó

Louis MarschalkoLouis Marschalko (September 11, 1903 - May 20, 1968) was a Hungarian nationalist writer and author of The World Conquerors (1958).

His father was a secondary school teacher, his mother a musician.

He started to work for nationalistic newspapers. He lived in Debrecen until 1936, when he moved to Budapest. He wrote the booklet Who Betrayed Hungary in 1918-19. The booklet was banned after 1945, as anti-judaic and antisemitic, even though the author had no influence to the fact that over 90% of the betrayers and Bolsheviks were Jews. He opened the eyes of the Hungarian readers with that book, since only few knew, that most the betrayers were Jews. Jews in Europe generally hide their Jewishness in the public

He did not come home 1945, but had to remain in Munich, since otherwise the Bolshevists for sure had killed him. He wanted to emigrate to the USA, but having spent some months on Ellis Island in New York, the American immigration authorities refused his immigration application due to Jewish influences. He returned to Munich and worked as a simple worker, and wrote his books and articles at night.

Since Jews (Martin Himler and others) who betrayed Hungary and caused lot of suffering in Hungary, appeared after the Second World War in Europe as American officers in CIC uniforms, and gathered East-European patriots and delivered them to sure death under the Bolshevistic regime of their race-companions, wrote some scandalous smear books about Hungary and Hungarians, he wrote about the role of Jews in Hungary and in the world. (Conquestors of the country, Conquestors of the world). He was also co-author of the book Accusing Gallows that described the tragic destiny of the last legal Hungarian administration. His book "Conquestors of the world" was published three times in the USA, but he did not receive any royalties.

He died in Munich, 1968. On his grave there are the words: "For God, our country and freedom, forever".]

[Inside dustcover]
The Second World War was said to have been waged for "the rights of small nations," but the author, like countless other Hungarians, is literaliy "on the run from Communism." He has been living in exile since 1945 because of his anti-communist views, Although he was never a member of any party, the Communist regime of Hungary, with typical effrontery, demanded that the U.S.A. authorities " hand Louis Marschalko over as a war criminal." A former special correspondent of two leading newspapers in pre-Communist Hungary, Marshalko is a brilliant novelist, playwright and poet and has many hundreds of articles to his credit. World Conquerors expresses some of the bitterness and contempt of millions of enslaved Europeans for the rulers of the " victorious nations." It shows that by being urged to throw off the German yoke, the central European nations were tricked into becoming satellites of the Soviet.

World Conquerors indicts the real war criminals. It gives horrifying glimpses of the agony behind the Iron Curtain and describes the plot to extend the slave system to the Western world. Thousands of copies of the Hungarian edition have been sold and this English translaton is published to warn the West. It is written by one who is a firm friend of the English-speaking people but an implacable foe of their vacilating and corrupt governments.

For more than a century, under various pretexts, a battle has been waged for power over the nations. The exercise of power has become the supreme aim of many people. Bankers, politicians, clergymen, trade union leaders and Communist Party secretaries are all on the hunt for power. The storm troops of the dictatorships are no longer shouting tbe old Socialist slogans. They declare openly and trumpet brutally " Power is what we want ". And the so-called Democratic parties, though trying to keep it a secret, have also in their hearts actually adopted the dictatorial battle-cry," Power is what we want ". Power, like possession of the magician's wand, has become their obsession in life and it does not matter how it is achieved, whether through Conservative or Labour parties or through the Christian churches.

The structure of modern society with its overpopulation has as a consequence developed the idolatory of power. The golden calf has been taken off its pedestal and has by now become a secondary emblem only. The gold, the wealth and all parts of the symbolic sacred animal of Capitalism can be apportioned, distributed or sold by anyone who has the power to do so, as if it were meat in a butcher's shop. The Church aims to attain power by controlling the human soul, the Marxist through ·the autocracy and omnipotence of material means, the banker by his gold or by holding in his hand the control of the Press, the Bolshevist by the sheer brutality of the tommy-gun. But all parties, groups, sects, democracies, dictatorships and churches have one thing in common: they all want power. And this is quite understandable, as power often appears to be absolute, more even than all the gold in Fort Knox. For if that gold were evenly distributed among all the people on earth the share per head would be so small that it would hardly be worth anything.

But power over empires, states, societies and continents is infinite. It can be distributed like the five loaves and two fishes apportioned by Christ. It secures ministerial posts, episcopal positions and benefits, senior ranks in the police force, party secretaryships as well as other major and minor offices. But only for those who are the followers of power or who belong to the organisation of the bosses holding power. Included are those belonging to the following the party leader, trade unions, boss, dictator or bankers; those who are members of some democratic union. Christian trade unions or, of course, any of the masonic lodges.

So it is quite understandable that in these days nearly every slogan and school of thought is directed at one thing only - the seizure of power. "Let us pray" say the churches, but behind their words it is not always Christ's kingdom that is built, but the wordly power of some high priests engaged in double-entry bookkeeping."Freedom" shout the Communists to their bamboozled Party members and followers but as a background to this empty slogan loom the torture chamber, gaol [jail], detention camp and the gloomy hovels of Siberian slave-labourers. Here we find side by side the misery of exploitation and the power and wealth of the privileged Communist ruling classes. " Democracy " is the slogan proclaimed throughout the Western world, but it is well known that the voting system here does not represent the power of the people, but merely screens the mysterious influence and hidden rule exercised by secret cliques.

Behind these false facades is hidden the substance of the most satanic dream of the world conquerors - to become the masters of the whole world! How can this ambitious goal, the dream and aim of Caesars, dictators, bankers and trade union potentates ever since Ezra and Moses and through Alexander the Great to Stalin, be achieved? Conventional armies have become obsolete for furthering this purpose. The hydrogen bomb might wipe out both parties. Both parties can be attacked by rockets. Such a conquest is now impracticable, so the plan is to conquer the world by " peaceful " means, such as by the cheque book, by Unesco [United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization], by re-education, by a new moral code and by peace-propaganda. From this idea Lenin developed and built up his diabolic strategic system to seize and expand power, and this system under the name of Bolshevism has proved until now to be irresistible everywhere where people were unaware of the details of this power-technique.

The supposedly cultured world failed to realise, however, that Lenin's Bolshevism was a component only, such as were also Marxism, Freemasonry and Capitalism itself. For there existed another more thorough, universal and gigantic scheme which had been working already for over a century and a half, its aim by now very nearly accomplished. On the basis of ancient doctrines this latter scheme was not going to conquer global power for any of the "isms", parties, sects, churches, professional organisations or social classes, but exclusively - for one nation only.

The plans for Lenin's system were to some degree rough and superficial. Their greater weakness was akin to tbat of a general who lets the enemy know in advance the point oI attack and the strength of his forces and the tactics he intends to employ. Whereas, the other, the great fundamental plan, proved much more effective because, similarly to historically successful military operations, it has carefully guarded its secrets from outsiders and indeed often from initiated persons also. Its greatest asset was that it appeared much more general than, for example, the schemes of the trade union leaders limited to the class struggle, or the tactics of church leaders restricted to the spiritual level.

It was perfect and absolute Totalitarianism.

This planning, even to-day, does not attempt to capture global power by means of any particular movement or political system but through the simultaneous use of all creeds, churches, materialisms, political doctrines and patterns of power. It wishes to get built into all positions, movements, churches, masonic lodges and trade unions. It wants to take possession of all key positions in the most opposing movements, in the churches, parties and trade unions. It desires to hold in its hand both Bolshevism and capitalism, materialism and idealism, to capture or hire spiritually all writers, artists, politicians and the mob. It aims at not being visible anywhere, but at being present everywbere and at directing and controlling everything. To divide and rule! To march detached but at a given moment to assault united.

Anybody now surveying the world and world affairs may well realise that this plan has already taken shape. The atomic fission of human society has achieved perfect success. Mankind is divided not only by the natural God-created races and nations. Even the nations are split up now. East and West Germany are divided, as are also North and South Korea. China, Indo-China and Trieste, are split up or separated while Europe is divided by the Iron Curtain. Populations are split up and divided into white and coloured persons, capitalists and Bolsheviks, employers and employees, moneyed classes and working classes, Catholics and Protestants, suppressors and suppressed, victors and vanquished. But, as we will see later, all this chaos, disorder and division is directed by the same iron will, by the same secret force acting according to the interest of the leaders of a single race of 15 million people. They are to be found behind the well-padded doors of world capitalism as well as behind the thick walls of the Kremlin. It is they who instigate enraged crowds to strike and demonstrate while at the same time giving wage rises and promoting inflation. They attack Christianity while acting simultaneously as trustees of the gold and other assets reprcsenting tbe earthly power of the churches "whose kingdom is not of this world ". They are the atom scientists and the anti-atom humanists; they are the masters and the murderers of the Communist secret police, yet at the same time they condemn the murders of the nations in UNO [United Nations Organization]. They are the arch-enemy of patriotic ideals; they preach against the sovereignty of states and against racial discrimination, while all the time representing a racial nationalism of a vehemence so far unknown to have ever reigned over the nations of the earth.

Our globe with all its Continents - either openly or secretly - is already dominated by this Jewish nationalism. By using certain methods this fact can be demonstrated just as the presence of atomic radiation can be demonstrated by the aid of a geiger counter. For instance, should any nation, state, press or politician, parliament or any other person commit any act not forbidden by law or by the moral code against another state, class or person, then in this sublime age of democracy everything is free and permitted without risk. But should anyone commit the same act against Jewry or even against one Jew, the Jews will wipe off from the face of the earth this offending entity, whether it be an individual or a great nation. This will be effected, if necessary, by the atomic bomb or by the victorious Red Army or by the aid of any of the " democratic " constitutions, perhaps by the use of terror prisons or the cheque book or tommy-gun.

Amongst many other things this invisible seizure of power owed its success to misapprehension and oversight on the part of antiJewish people during the last century. They regarded the Jew as an internationalist, which is not tbe real reason for opposing him. On the other hand, one could not justify his behaviour in destroying his fellow-men any the easier because his motives were based on race, creed, or birth, which, in fact, is what does motivate them. So we are convinced that it is our God-granted right and human duty to fight against the reign of terror exercised on a supernational level by a small fanatical nationalist minority which has subjugaied the world and driven mankind far along the road to total extinction.

By the flash of the atomic bomb we should see at last that we are living in a false, dishonest, deceitful world-order, in a disorganised society on the eve of a universal catastrophe. This Satanic tribal nationalism holds world power in its grasp. It holds the hydrogen bomb, and in its mad blindness could destroy the whole of the globe and, with it, humanity. Is all this a bad dream or a nightmare? To answer this question we must learn more about this tribal nationalism and its tactics. Then we shall see that the nightmare will resolve itself into reality and fact.

Chapter One: The oldest "Nazism" in the World