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The World Conquerors
Chapter Twelve, Spiritual and Economic Persecution

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By Louis Marschalko (1903 - 1968)
Published 1958

The World Conquerors: Chapter Twelve, Spiritual and Economic Persecution (1958)

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Chapter Twelve (pages 169 - 184)

Spiritual and Economic Persecution

Six million ghosts, a grandiose legend of murdered Jews, served as a great capital investment for the world conquerors. We do not wish to whitewash anybody or anything, and we willingly acknowledge that even if the number of Jews who perished during the Second World War were only 600,000, this would constitute as big a crime as if the number had been six million. But then, the Prague murders of Sudeten Germans, the killing of the Rumanians of Moldavia, of the Greeks, and of the Hungarians, etc., etc., were also big crimes.

These crimes became really sinister when a propaganda tale multiplying the actual figure of the Jewish victims by ten, was used not only to carry out an Old Testament revenge but also to serve as an excuse for renewed world terror. For this terror to become firmly established itwas not enough to merely kill physical bodies at Nuremberg, because the spirit had to be murdered too ~ not only the spirit of German "Nazism" but the spirit of Christianity. In the "spiritual Nuremberg", the real accused were not Goering Rosenberg and the other leaders, but the person of our Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

In 1946, a Jewish conference was held in Switzerland, and on its agenda, amongst other things, was a proposal to amend The New Testament in those parts where it pictures Jewry unfavourably, and it was suggested that all the available copies in the world be confiscated. (Maurice Bardeche: Nuremberg or the Promised Land.) At the same time Amsterdam Jews wanted to stage a re-trial of Christ before the court of Jerusalem in order to "rehabilitate" Him. And just about this time a new attraction was being prepared at Hollywood. The world Press reported that a new film of Christ was being shot with the bandy-legged Charlie Chaplin in the title role. Meanwhile Jewish rabbis were demanding that the singing of (169) Christian religious songs in the schools of the U.S. be forbidden because their sensibility was hurt. Anna Rosenberg, the Assistant Under-Secretary of War, would not allow crosses to be placed over the graves of soldiers killed in action during the Korean War if these cemeteries contained any Jewish dead.

The deaf and half-blind Knut Hamsun, one of the greatest European writers of our age, was a typical victim of the spiritual terror. Although eighty-five years of age, this celebrated and widely respected man was silenced by confinement in a lunatic asylum. Knut Hamsun sided not so much with Nazism as with German ideology, for he himself was descended from pure Germanic ancestry. But the very fact that a world-famed intellectual authority endorsed the conceptions of National Socialism, was intolerable to Jewry. In any case, it was not possible to present Knut Hamsun to the world as an uneducated, ignorant lout, and similarly the other great German genius, Sven Hedin, could not be passed off as an or a guttersnipe. Therefore the grey-haired eighty-five-year-old Knut Hamsun was dragged before the "Norwegian" court on a charge of "treason". He was sentenced to thirty days jail, together with his wife, just for the sake of branding him. He who is not a servant of the world conquerors is a guilty man. He is guilty because behind him looms the shadow of six million Jewish martyrs! But the great writer, undaunted, speaking on behalf of the prosecuted and hanged Christian European elite, defiantly stated: "I can wait for another occasion and for another court. The day may come either tomorrow or, perhaps, in a hundred years, but I can wait. I have time enough. It makes no difference whether I am alive or dead. But I can and I will wait."

And when, half blind, he still tried to write and earn his daily bread so as to help his grandchildren, he was locked up in a lunatic asylum.

"I can wait!" echoes his voice from the heights of immortality, vibrating with the unbroken faith of a dismembered Europe.

Similar, almost in detail to Knut Hamsun's, is the tragedy of Erwin Guido Kolbenheyer, one of the greatest German writers, the author of the Paracelsus Story. He was evicted from his house, and an emigrant Jew presided over the "German" court sentencing him. He was forbidden to follow his "calling", as if a writer could be (170) forbidden in the name of freedom and democracy to fulfil his divine mission by using his God-given talents. Yet, faced with the Morgenthau spirit of persecution and destruction, Kolbenhayer also stated the truth: "Everybody who tries to defend or excuse himself is considered guilty!"

It is a well-known fact today that the blacklists compiled against intellectuals were brought into Germany much earlier than the lists relating to the S.S. men cited as war criminals. Those world conquerors who returned from the United States and who were mostly fanatical Communists compiled and brought these lists with them when they arrived in the capacity of Press and theatrical entertainment officers of the U.S. Army. Though they wore American uniforms they did not represent Jefferson's America, since they portrayed only the intolerant and revengeful spirit of Jewish chauvinism. This mob consisting of Jewish intellectual fanatics, was a baneful present from the land of liberty, and it repudiated all Jewry's earlier doctrines concerning humanity, philanthropy and progressiveness, i.e. all those principles put forward as a mask while Jewry previously donned the cloak of democracy. These people had one goal only: to destroy all competition from the intellectual social classes and professions, and to remove the intolerable superiority of the Christian outlook.

It was said that on the battlefields as well as on propaganda levels, a fight was being waged for the freedom of mankind and of the human spirit. Yet now, blacklists, censorships, the barring from professions, the muzzling of truth and threats of terror, were brought from the America of Roosevelt to the Continent of Europe, wherein lay the centre of human culture.

This spiritual terror, carried on under the shield of the American flag, dishonoured America and forever discredited the slogans of American freedom, since up to the present day America has made no official amends for permitting this persecution.

On the blacklist were the names of Sauerbruch, Europe's greatest medical genius of the present century and Wilhelm Furtwängler, the greatest conductor in the Western world. These blacklists of Jewry further contained names such as Richard Strauss, Luise Ulrich, Emil Jannigs, Herbert von Karajan, Clemens Krauss, Julius Patzak, Walter Gieseking, the world-famous violinist, Vasa Prihoda, Paul Linke, (171) Werner Krauss and hundreds more. Fredl Weiss, the noted comedian, who often made jokes at Hitler's expense, was also brought before the court: This Jewish terror did not hesitate to stamp such an intellectual genius as Gerhart Hauptmann "suspicious", because he dared to write a few sad lines about the ruins of Dresden. Leo Slezak was branded a "Nazi", and Max Schmerling was described as a concentration camp leader. Even some of the dead were included in these lists, such as Heinrich George, who died in a Soviet forced labour camp, and Paul Linke, the great composer, who was dead long before the "Hollywood liberation" took place.

Gerhart Eisler was the leader of this spiritual extermination band. He was a typical figure of Jewish chauvinism, really a Communist whom Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt smuggled into America, and from whence he later returned to enter illegally the Eastern Zone of Germany. With him also returned a great number of Press and theatrical officers in American uniform. The emigrants quoted in Aufbau, the New York Jewish paper, together with a pen-pushing mob of character assassins, settled down in Western Germany. They were not satisfied with the extermination of the elite of German National Socialism. They wanted to hold the entire spiritual life of Germany collectively responsible. Simultaneously, Communism began to spread. The prescription is as old as the hills: an American democratic uniform for show, with Bolshevism rampant behind the scenes. It is the Eastern Jew in a Western mask. According to the files of the McCarthy committee of investigation, Cedric Henning Belfrage, agent of the New York Intelligence Service, was chief Press executive. He was, of course, a crypto-Communist. James Aaronson, another Communist, prescribed to the German journalists what they must do in order to build up German democracy. This man worked out a Press programme for General Eisenhower, who, with the political experience of a soldier, signed everything the excellent Aaronson or, later, Kagan, put before him without asking any questions.

But it was not only in the strangling of European spiritual life that this spiritual world conquest became manifest. On the positive side, what was called re-education followed. Jewish Press officers filled the libraries of the "American Houses" in Germany with Communist works, written, of course, by Jews for the re-education  (172) of the German Nazi people. In the name of liberty and democracy the publishing of papers was restricted by licence. But at first only racially persecuted immigrants and German Communists were granted licences to publish daily papers. The Western Jew who had established so many contacts with the Eastern Bolshevik Jew (as we showed earlier), now tried by wrapping himself in the Stars and Stripes, to "re-educate" the German people, i.e. to make them Communists. The world conquerors felt that American democracy was not enough security for them. The Soviet sub-machine gun with its open terror would be more satisfactory in covering up the crimes they had committed against humanity. Jewry tried to establish an exceptional state of affairs in which a Jew could do anything he pleased. This process began in fact with the Nuremberg Trials, where it was not "war crimes" that were punished but where acts committed against Jews were revenged. World Jewry here declared almost openly that the Jews regarded themselves as the sole victors of the last war. This outlook became manifest in the codes, jurisdiction and proceedings of the so-called people's courts in the various States subjected to Bolshevik rule. The Code and the Criminal Procedure Act in Hungary was drawn up by a Jewish lawyer, István Ries, Minister of Justice, and by his under-secretary, Zoltan Pfeiffer, who was married to a Jewess, and according to these laws even the smallest and pettiest things against Jews constituted crimes against the State and the people. The People's Code and Criminal Procedure Act states that all members of any unit in the armed forces are responsible if one of their members does anything against the Jews. In this way, hundreds and thousands of innocent persons were hanged or imprisoned. One individual was committed for trial on the "serious charge" that he allegedly smiled when a Jew was deported. He was sentenced to prison for two years. According to the Code, "if a person did not prevent" preparations to assault Jews, or actively committed assault against them, the penalty was death in both cases.

The establishment or special rights and privileges for the Jews is especially apparent in Austria and Germany. In this respect the gravest measures were instituted against the Germans. Out of at least sixty million victims of the Second World War, the Jews alone enjoy personal reparations. The Jewish assets, though already redeemed and bought off in cash by the Hitler regime, had to be paid (173) off again by the Germans after the Second World War. Not one of those twelve million people expatriated and expelled by the Potsdam Convention received reparations; neither did any member of the nations which were ravaged, raped and plundered by Russian Bolsheviks, not to mention intellectuals who became Stateless. Millions were robbed of their assets, land and houses. Millions were expelled from their homelands only taking with them one hundred pounds of luggage. But nobody, neither U.N.O. [United Nations Organization] nor the League of Human Rights, ever suggested that these victims should be compensated. The Arabs, who were expelled from their homes in Israel, never received any reparations either. Those prisoners of war, who, against all conventions, were kept in captivity or as ordinary slave labour for eight, ten or more years after the end of the war, received no reparations either. In contrast to this, the I. G. Farben Industries was closed down and the heir to Krupps was punished for having on their payrolls, on normal rates of pay, so-called displaced workers, amongst them a few Jews, whom they had to employ in their factory under the order of the German Government.

But Jewry received compensation in plenty, not only by the multiple repayment of losses actually suffered, but by the systematic plunder of the defeated people. The legend of the six million dead Jews gave Shylock the rights to his piece of flesh, but this was to be cut out of the body and national finances of the defeated nations again and again. Those Jews freed from the concentration camps had occupied the houses of the German people as early as 1945. They plundered and wasted the contents of these model apartments in the beautiful German Workers' Settlements. Then, on the basis of the Reparations Act, they extorted a multiple of the costs of their own flats from the poverty-stricken German people. They picked up the cash grants from I.R.O., from U.N.R.R.A., from the defeated nations and from the victorious nations, which were paid out tothe persecuted. The greater part of the costs of the Israelite war against the Arabs was met through selling the stocks of U.N.R.R.A. and I.R.O. on the black market. Thus they defrauded those non-Jewish Ukrainian, Russian and Polish refugees who, like themselves, were displaced persons too.

But with all this they have not reached the end of blackmailing the world. The Israeli Government obliged the West German (174) Government to undertake to pay as reparations three and a half billion marks to Israel, a State non-existent during the Second World War. The Israeli Reparations Committee adamantly demanded the redemption of Jewish assets confiscated before and during the war. Possibly the Germans themselves do not know how many times these Jewish assets were redeemed and paid for.

Fritz Schäffer, ex-Minister of Finance of theWest German Federal Government, said recently at a public meeting during the early part of 1958, that the Jews had lodged a new claim of twenty-seven billion German marks for reparations against the West German State. If Germany paid this enormous sum, he went on, it would assuredly ruin her monetary system, and consequently bankruptcy would follow. In this case, Western Germany would fall into the Soviet trap.

But perhaps this is the true aim of the world conquerors!

But Schäffer said something else which lead to an exposure. He said that as apparently forty to fifty percent of the reparations being paid out only covered legal fees, nearly half the reparations went to lawyers. This whole question came to a head in connection with the 41,000 D.M. reparation awarded to Sarah Katz. One of her lawyers, a Mr. Greve, received out of this sum 9,069 D.M. for his fees. The trouble started owing to the fact that this Mr. Greve was not only one of the lawyers in the case but also the president of the "Reparation Committee" in the Bonn Parliament. He belonged to the Social Democratic Party (S.D.P.). Jakob Diel, a Christian Democrat M.P., began inquiries into the activities of Mr. Greve, and thus it came to light that this brave Marxist patriot had so far collected 30,000 D.M. in fees, in connection with Jewish reparation cases handled through his office. Allover the world and especially in America, certain lawyers ganged up by forming their own "kolkhozes", with the aim of squeezing more money from the West German State. These lawyers and solicitors all enjoyed the support of Jewish world organisations and were thus in a position to inspire terror and exercise pressure on the German authorities.

The rest of this scandal consists of the fact that Jews could claim reparations by simply signing an affidavit under oath, and so thanks to many forged affidavits the West German State is being robbed of many billions of marks.

When a journalist asked one of the leading officials of the (175) Reparations Commission what kind of injury, illness or bereavement had to be suffered to enable a person to receive, say, 10,000 D.M. in reparations, the official answered: "Including blood-circulatory disorders, we pay up for every possible illness even when the sick persons have not been persecuted at all,"

Jakob Diel, the Christian Democrat M.P., found out in the course of his inquiries that reparations were even being paid out to those Communists and professional criminals who had been sent to prison for ordinary crimes.

It will be difficult to hush up this scandal now, for Jakob Diel also emphasised that the Social Democratic Party of Germany wishes to drain away the money allotted to cover the training and equipment of the divisions West Germany undertook to contribute to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Thus the plan of world Jewry becomes clear and understandable: to blackmail the West German State with false affidavits and, by means of very high legal fees, to rob the Germans of the funds which should serve for the rearmament of the new divisions. Thus the German worker will become an eternal payer of taxes to world Jewry, the unification of Eastern and Western Germany will be prevented, and the way paved for inflation and Bolshevism.

Naturally, world Jewry lost no time in stamping Jakob Diel as an "anti-Semite" for unmasking the greatest blackmail of all time.

The "reparations" blackmail is not the only type of extortion practised; there are many others.

The German newspaper Der Weg, edited in Argentina, in issue No. 6 of 1954, furnishes shocking statistical details concerning the horrible robberies committed to the detriment of Germany. Up to May, 1945, the allies destroyed goods and property to the value of 320 billion D.M., and the German population suffered a loss of 15billion D.M. from looting. Under the pretext of denazification, various assets were confiscated to the tune of 108.5 billion D.M., whilst by means of the many forms of indirect confiscation, as well as through the activities of an American export organisation known as J.E.I.A., and further by seizure of the German commercial fleet, further damage was inflicted in the region of 1,381 billion D.M. Moreover, through the currency reform the German population (176) suffered a loss of 198 billion D.M. The "occupation bank notes" issued by the allied powers represented a further loss of 46 billion D.M. which the German taxpayers had to shoulder. On the disannexed territories the losses of German citizens reached the sum of 457 billion D.M., the dismantling of the German factories represented a loss of 10 billion D.M., whilst the ruthless deforestation of German forests by the French resulted in a loss of 14 billion D.M. The artificial price fixed for coal has resulted in a loss for the Germans of another 84 billion D.M. But the most characteristic damage inflicted was the robbing of patents. German inventions fell almost exclusively into the hands of the Jews, and American Jewish firms made a haul of 78.5 billion D.M. by exploiting German patent specifications, the files of which filled 2,000 waggons. The amount of wages owed to prisoners of war are estimated to be as high as 11.5 billion D.M., whilst the Germans shouldered transportation expenses of 72 billion D.M. During the period of the occupation there were 305,000 half-caste babies born whose keep has so far cost the German taxpayer 135 billion D.M. The confiscated German assets abroad represent a loss of 18 billion D.M., and although the Germans had to repay any Jewish assets confiscated by them several times over, the U.S., on direct intervention by Jewry, refused recently to return seized German assets. In acting thus, the U.S. repudiated its professed principles relating to the "inviolability" of private property. The Germans had to pay also more than 15 billion D.M. on old debts originating from the Versailles treaties and they were charged 8.6 billion D.M. on the Marshall Plan. The West German State has so far paid the Jews 9.5 billion D.M. "reparations".

The big American Jewish Capitalists yearly pocket a profit of 2 to 3 billion dollars out of the proceeds of German patents alone. More than 100,000 (at one time half a million) Jews received 300 D.M. monthly for sitting in concentration camps during Hitlerite times. As proceedings against Aurbach proved, this compensation was paid out in many thousands of marks to Jews who in fact did not exist at all.

This blackmailing and looting of the nations under a semblance of legality, will be carried on as long as the parasite State of Israel (177) needs money, and so long as Gentile nations refuse to restore international law as it was practised in 1945 and before.

But it is not only in respect of the laws relating to private property that Jewry has created dangerous precedent. It wishes to establish on all levels a supranational and privileged status for the Jews. This became manifest in the so-called "welfare" activities after the last war. U.N.R.R.A. supported Jews and Communists almost exclusively, and anyone who dared to utter a word against this discrimination was silenced or gagged as a "Nazi". U.N.R.R.A. did not concern itself about the welfare of Gentiles who had been in the same camp as the Jews. I.R.O. usually made the emigration of Stateless persons dependent on what they thought about the Jews. The regulations of I.R.O. were made to serve such questions as: "Had he helped persecute Jews?" "Had he sabotaged the work of his own Government?" "Had he ever made any 'anti-Semitic' statement?" or "Had he ever written any 'anti-Semitic' statement?" or "Had he ever written any 'anti-Semitic' article?" The screening of the emigrants was mostly carried out by Jewish consuls and the consular office staff. They did their utmost to keep the number of Gentile immigrants to the United States as low as possible. The work of I.R.O. was the manifestation of perfect collaboration between Eastern and Western Jews. It was found out later that several officers acting in an executive capacity in I.R.O. centres were actually secret Soviet agents of the M.V.D. I.R.O. in the name of "humanity" handed over to Soviet hands several refugees against whom there were no charges whatever, but whose only "crime" was that they belonged to an intellectual elite which had to be exterminated.

Jewry has established a most dangerous state of affairs regarding civic rights and the laws of naturalization, especially since Israel came into being as a separate State. In the defeated States of Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, and Rumania, etc., Jews were promptly granted full citizenship, without satisfying any legal conditions at all. Many had never belonged to theses States and had absolutely no legal right to apply for citizenship. In the States behind the Iron Curtain only Jews received exit permits to enable them to emigrate to Israel. These same States were forced to take back these emigrant Jews if decided to return, either to avoid military service, or because they were not satisfied with conditions in the new Jewish State. There is a definite attempt in the American Immigration Acts, as well as (178) in the laws and regulations of several other nations, to establish supranational world citizenship for Jews.

Dangerous precedents were also created by the Nuremberg court. Maurice Bardeche points out that the concept of having a native country was discarded. Everybody, or more correctly, every Jew, is world citizen. The Jewish migrant from Zhitomir is as much a citizen of your country as you are. He has equal rights to your land. You agricultural workers must respect the rights of Negroes on the land, and you must make room for him at your table. He will march in and take office in your city or rural council, so as to make you familiar with outside "world conscience ". His sons will, perhaps, become masters over you and they may sit in judgment over your sons. They will rule in your own city and they will re-sell you your own land, for "world conscience" entitles them to do so.

This is no joke! Dr. Levy, a Jewish doctor, wished to take up residence in the German city of Offenbach, although he had never been a German citizen. When the civic authorities refused to appoint him to the post of Public Health Officer, the so-called "democratic" newspapers threatened the City Council with intervention on the part of the occupation authorities. In America, fictitious information lodged by a single Jew is sufficient to prevent a person's immigration. If the Jew says that the intending immigrant is an "anti-Semite", then the Attorney General of the U.S. can declare that this immigrant is an undesirable person who "would endanger national security". And this means that America depends on the opinion of Jewry as to who will be accepted as citizens of the United States.

But the countries of the Western world, though perhaps often unaware of it, have actually adopted the Soviet system by the establishment of Jewish privileges as part of their constitutions. As we pointed out before, no Soviet citizen may be referred to by the adjective "Jewish". This would be punished by death or by deportation. Immanuel Birnbaum mentioned this matter with great satisfaction in Aufbau on March 17th, 1950, and his article emphasised that this law is in force at present. In the Soviet, where allegedly no one has any privileges, the Communist laws secure that Jews may exercise their powers and protect themselves from being pointed out as Jews. "Secrecy is the character of our power," say the Protocols  (179) of the Learned Elders of Zion. So the origin of Malenkov can be discussed but not that of Kaganovich!

With the help of U.N.O. a new international law was made to preserve Jewry's supranational status. This new law immortalises Nuremberg. It is called the "Genocide Convention", i.e. the law relating to the systematic extermination of racial and national group. The time appears to be very opportune to bring in this Act when millions of people, even whole nations, are vanishing in the forced labour camps of the Soviet. But the genocide law is not made to punish those particular crimes.

The Act terms it racial murder to bring about the partial or total extermination of a nation, or of an ethnical, racial or religious group, or even to have the intention to do so. But this convention also rules that physical or spiritual violation of, or insult to, members of any of the aforesaid groups falls under the heading of racial murder. Of course, it was only natural that U.N.O. should have forgotten to apply this new law in connection with the Hungarian uprising and fight for freedom on October 23rd, 1956.

With this genocide convention all liberty was suppressed, including freedom of speech and the right to hold public meetings. If anybody objects to the terrorism of the Jewish Communist leader or does not hold a good opinion of Jewry's world government or of the public activities of Mendès France, Frankfurter or Morgenthau, he can be promptly convicted under the genocide convention for spiritual violation of, or insult to, the respective ethnical or racial group. This is termed racial murder and is punishable with five years of prison in any part of the world. This, of course, supposes that it is the protection of the Jews which is in question, for naturally Chinese, English or Arabs, etc., can be violated or insulted "spiritually" with impunity. This law offers unlimited possibilities for terrorism. The city of Cincinnati (Ohio, U.S.) adopted Munich as her sister city. American Jewry protested immediately against this, stating that Munich was a hotbed of Hitlerism. Thus the beneficial action Cincinnati welfare organisations would amount to a "violation of Jewry". Therefore, according to the genocide convention, Cincinnati must be wiped off the face of the earth like Sodom and Gomorrah, or perhaps like Dresden and Hiroshima.

On the basis of the genocide convention Ahasuerus and Shylock (180) can be banned from literature and Dickens' story of Oliver Twist in both its book and film forms must be prohibited, for it incites to murder against "usurers", and "spiritually" insults the sensibility of Jewish nationalists. Auerbach, the Jewish commissar, with whom the German people were saddled and who, when unmasked, took refuge in suicide to escape from the crimes he committed, had banned the Ahasuerus story from German schoolbooks, for its "anti- Semitism". The reason given was: "After Auschwitz, this untenable Biblical Jewish legend cannot be tolerated." Gentile children may only be taught what the Jewish censorship passes as appropriate.

The genocide convention, though supported by Felix Frankfurter and Robert M. Kempner, the Jewish public prosecutor at Nuremberg, nevertheless encountered grave criticism. Certain clear-sighted people in American public life drew attention in public meetings to the fact that the genocide convention was not only tyrannous and treacherous but also constituted a sort of permanent war against the American people. Merwin K. Hart pointed out that, genocide convention or not, Palestine Zionists murdered all the men and women in the Arab village of Dair Yassin and got off scot-free without any charges being raised because they were Jews. He emphasised that once the genocide convention were enacted, "the slightest reference to a single member of a certain racial or religious minority would constitute a criminal act." James Finucane, a delegate of the National Council for the Prevention of War, said that: "Quebec, Yalta and Potsdam were racial murders under the American flag."

The fact that the genocide convention was the work of the Morgenthau Group serves as the best proof that this Racial Murder Law was intended to be nothing else but an exclusive privilege for Jewry, as well as a means, approved by U.N.O., of exercising world terror. "A permanent war against the American people!" Agnes Wather described it. A permanent fight against spiritual freedom. A privilege, in the shadow of which Arabs, Frenchmen, Germans and Rumanians, etc., can be murdered with impunity.

The genocide convention ~ not applied, of course, against leaders of countries behind the Iron Curtain which are run by the Jews ~ must be viewed against a sinister background of events showing how Jewry attempts to silence all dissenting opinion. It is generally known today that blacklists compiled by Jewry are lodged even (181) with so-called Gentile publishing houses. Thus no work can be published by an author "whose name is not good" from the point of view of Jewish nationalism. Anyone appearing in a film or play disliked by Jewry will never be able to appear again in any role, however talented an artist he or she may be.

Veit Harlan the director of "Jud Süss", was acquitted by all the courts. Nevertheless, Jewish organisations still prevent his showing social films, which could damage them. Many Jewish organisations protested against the showing of the English film "Oliver Twist". At the same time the Jews accused certain American religious organisations of "anti-Semitism", because they wished to ban the showing of Ingrid Bergman and Rossellini's blasphemous film about Christ. Jewish organisations again protested because an American publishing company edited Dostoyevsky's political essays. Amongst these are a few masterpieces dealing with the Jewish problem. Walter Gieseking was expelled from the "land of liberty" because he gave concerts during the Hitlerite era. Ernst von Dohnányi, the composer, could not appear for years in the Carnegie Hall just because Jewish war veterans proclaimed him a "Fascist". Friedrich Gulda, the world-famous pianist, was sent to Ellis Island for having been a member of the Hitler-Jugend when he was ten years old!

Here we can recognise the spiritual world terror in its completeness. Consistent and persistent, it goes right back to Christ Himself. German writers whose works were neither "anti-Semitic" nor Nazi nevertheless received sentences in German courts. It was sufficient for them to be suspected of having "anti-Semitic" leanings, to be punished by being banned from their occupation or by the confiscation of their property, regardless of the fact that they were politically harmless persons, such as artists, writers or actors. Lajos Docvenyi Nagy, the author of the novel The Kaganoviches, was sentenced to be imprisoned in Hungary. Alfons Luzsénszkya, the translator of the Talmud, was imprisoned for five years. Lajos Méhely, one of the leading European biologists, was sent to prison for seven years at the age of ninety-three. Aloysius Dolány-Kovács, whose crime was the preparation of a few dry statistics showing the distribution of national wealth in Hungary, was also sent to prison. Similar sentences were passed in Rumania, in Czechoslovakia and in the other countries behind the Iron Curtain. (182)

The newly formed Stateof Israel greatly helped in the establishment of world terror in the Western hemisphere. Five years after the war the Israeli Parliament passed a resolution according Israel the right to punish "war criminals" and to demand their extradition from any other State. This is quite beyond the limit of any sort of legal justice. A State here claims the right to be judge of so-called "war crimes" which were said to have been committed before that State existed. Here we are faced not only with post facto law but with a State directly benefiting from it. Every form of criticism or purely theoretical literary activity can be prosecuted. Israel has the right to extradite and hang Swedish, Chinese or Argentine intellectuals.

The special feature of this law is the fact that while it tries to place all Gentiles under Jewish law, it intends to exempt all Jews from the laws of Gentile States.

In Henry Ford's book The International Jew we can gather much information concerning special Jewish courts in New York, and indeed at the present day we know of cases which could only be heard by special Jewish courts. In 1950, a certain Mayer Mittelman was charged in New York with beating to death a fellow-Jew called Benjamin Krieger, in one of the German concentration camps during the war. New York Jewry saw to it that this unpleasant case was not brought up before an American court. The American Jewish Congress convened a special court to try this murder case. The trial ended by acquitting the accused and finding that he did not commit any murder after all.

So here again we confront a double morality enforced by terror. The Argentine paper Der Weg published a very interesting article by Felix Schwartzenborn, under the title: "World tyranny from 1955 on?" which describes the plans relating to the establishment of the Jewish world kingdom. The U.N. is regarded as the supreme organiser of this world terror. The American weekly Common Sense also confirms the existence of such plans.

"The plans for the establishment of Jewish world domination are progressing well towards realisation," it writes. "It is probable that the future world government will be what is known at present as The United Nations Organisation." The world is now divided into two hemispheres by two opposing great power groups. One is ruled (183) by Muscovite Jews under the "seal of Solomon" (the five-pointed star), whilst the other is under the flag of the U.N. Bernard M. Baruch was commissioned to accomplish the unification of the economic forces of the U.S.A., which actually meant the handing over of American power and economic resources into the hands of the Wall Street Jews. The internationalisation of raw materials, the European Army, the European Parliament in Strasbourg, and the Schuman Plan (drawn up really by David Lilienthal), are all intended to drive the non-Communist world under the economic terror of the Jews. And now one thing only is lacking: the welding of the two giant blocks, ruled under the red star and the blue and white U.N.O. flag, into a "super State", i.e. a State over all States. Once this is accomplished, the American stars and stripes and the Muscovite red star will be replaced by King David's six-pointed star. According to the latest plans all atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, armies, fleets and air forces must be handed over to the U.N. for, as it is said, "It would be too dangerous to leave them in the hand of a single power or power group". Finally, U.N. armed forces and U.N. atom power, with its operational centre in Jerusalem, will be able to suppress with ease all "uprisings" of the Gentiles. The U.N., governed by the Jews, will be the supreme power of the world, and on the basis of the genocide convention, drawn up by the Polish Jew Raphael Lemkin, professor of Yale University, everything that can be called "anti-Semitic" will be punishable by death or imprisonment.

Mankind is now living under a menace the like of which has never been known before. World terror has indeed begun to march and the sinister shadow of world tyranny envelopes the globe.

The plans of the world conquerors are greatly facilitated by a process which is partly natural and partly artificial and which can be described as the reduction of the masses to the level of herds of cattle. (184)

Chapter Thirteen Biological Class-warfare Against All Nations

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