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The World Conquerors
Chapter Fourteen
, The Jews Have the Atom Bomb

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By Louis Marschalko (1903 - 1968)
Published 1958

The World Conquerors: Chapter Fourteen, The Jews Have the Atom Bomb (1958)

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Chapter Fourteen (pages 194 - 204)

The Jews Have the Atom Bomb

On August 6th, 1945, Harry Truman, President of the United States, surprised the world with the following announcement: "Twenty-four hours ago a U.S.A.F. bomber dropped a single bomb on Hiroshima. The effect of this bomb was greater than that of 20,000 tons of trinitrotoluol (T.N.T.). This was an atomic bomb."

Two years later, the thirty-one-year-old Rabbi Korff, one of the leaders of the Stern terrorist organisation, lead a march of 600 fanatical rabbis to Washington, where as their spokesman he demanded that on account of events in Palestine, the United States should drop another atomic bomb ~ on London. Rabbi Korff openly threatened Washington's successor with the power of world Jewry. (The Jews Have Got The Atom Bomb, page 3, edited by Gerald K. Smith.)

Two years later President Truman made another announcement. On September 23rd he said: "We have proofs in our possession that during the last few weeks an atomic blast was carried out in the Soviet Union."

Not long after this announcement, a report came from Britain that the authorities had detained Klaus Emil Julius Fuchs, a Jewish atom physicist and Einstein's intimate friend. The Jews had passed on the secret of the atom bomb to the Soviet Union!

The formula of the atomic bomb fell into the hands of the Jews in its early stages, soon after research began. At the time of his arrival in America, Einstein was in possession of complete information concerning both Professor Otto Hahn's atomic fission theory and the results achieved up to date by the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. He advised President Roosevelt to carry on with these experiments with the ultimate aim of producing the atomic bomb for the U.S. From this time on Jews never ceased to swarm around the secret of the atom. Amongst them, Lise Meitner, a female Jewish scientist, is to be specially mentioned, as she it was who passed on the results (194) of Professor Otto Hahn's experiments to America through a Danish atom physicist, also a Jew. Leo Szilárd, another Jew from Budapest, also appeared on the scene, and since then the greatest secret of our present age has been surrounded by a strange and mysterious team of Einstein's protégés. Suddenly the German Jew, Robert Oppenheimer, a graduate of the University of Göttingen, joined this team of Jews. He was a Communist with Communist connections, because he saw a truer, more ruthless and fanatical fulfilment of Jewish interests in Communism than in the democratic system. Robert Oppenheimer was above everything else a Jew. He is one of the most characteristic and venerable representatives of Jewish world-conquering chauvinism. While Professor Otto Hahn wavered as to whether he should make or sabotage the atomic bomb for Hitler, or else present it to his own clan and nation, Robert Oppenheimer threw all his knowledge, creative imagination and inspired intelligence into the race to invent the atomic bomb first. He worked day and night without rest or reprieve. He grew lean and haggard; his weight went down to seven stone. He achieved almost fantastic scientific results for the sole purpose of destroying the Germans ~ the enemies of the Jews.

Naturally, he was immediately surrounded by the chairmen and presidents of the various Jewish world banks and finance houses, who saw in the production of the atomic bomb not only a splendid profit but also a national mission. L. Strauss, one of the directors of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. had previously been David Lilienthal's financial advisor. Thus J. Robert Oppenheimer was put in charge of atomic research and of experiments backed with huge financial funds. Einstein let Klaus Fuchs into the experimental and production secrets of the atomic bomb. The works and offices engaged on production soon became choked with Jews from various countries. Unreliable refugees, shady immigrants, German, Ukrainian, Polish and Hungarian Jews took over not only key positions but the small jobs as well. Julius Rosenberg, David Greenglass and their ilk filled all the positions in Los Alamos.

There are doubtless many good reasons for this. There were always good mathematicians among the Jews. Besides, atomic research would appear to rather suit the Jewish mentality. Atomic fission is a typically Jewish science. So far it could destroy only, and as yet create nothing. (195)

Everything else that followed was only the natural consequence of Jewish chauvinism. If one Jew succeeds in occupying any key position he will immediately try to employ as many Jews as possible. This is actually what happens during the judaisation of any institution, section of society or profession. Those Jews who succeed in establishing themselves will help and assist more Jews to settle in, too, since in their eyes only their own kind can be trusted in the furtherance of Jewish national aspirations. And so around the person of J. Robert Oppenheimer was formed a fanatical chauvinistic group of Jews. According to American sources, only the labourers in the laboratories of Los Alamos and Honmouth were non-Jews. The names of Julius Rosenberg, Morton Sobell, Harry Gold and David Greenglass became known later during the trials of the most notorious atom spies. Professor Pontecorvo, the Hungarian Professor Janosi, inventor of the hydrogen bomb, and Edward Teller, all belonged to this atomic sect.

The coil of the symbolic serpent closed tightly round the production of the atomic bomb. The great secret of America, guarded, produced and administered by the Jews, was regarded by Jewry as its own national property. Thus Jewry regarded it as quite natural to share this secret with the Soviet Union. The relations between the Eastern and Western Jew were renewed in this field as well. Although the members, or the fathers and grandfathers of members of the atomic sect had emigrated long ago to escape Russian pogroms, they regarded Bolshevik Russia as much more reliable than America. The Bolsheviks fought against Hitler fanatically. But in America there were people like Lindbergh, Taft and the isolationists. The atomic bomb, therefore, had to be handed over to the Soviet Union which they believed to be more ruthless and resolute than America.

It was of secondary importance only that there were a number of Communists amongst American atomic scientists. They had their eyes filled all the time on the more savage, ruthless, fanatical and revengeful Soviet Jews, and they trusted nobody else but them. The Eastern Jews were well aware of this. David Zaszlavszkij and Ilya Ehrenburg referred constantly in Pravda to Albert Einstein as one of the six best friends of the Soviet Union in the U.S.A., and as being a personal friend of Stalin. And to make themselves more worthy of the trust of American Jewry they appointed Solomon Abrahamovich Rebach, (196) one of the leading organisers of the Bolshevik secret police, to the post of High Commissar of Soviet atomic research, and comrade Abrahamovich still holds this post today [1958]. On the other side of the Atlantic, the representatives of Kuhn, Loeb, the International bankers, played a most important role in the production of the atomic bomb. The same big Western Capitalists who financed the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, and who had such splendid connections with Trotsky (Bronstein), this time never bothered to conceal their feelings concerning Eastern Jewry. Albert Einstein himself never denied that, as a staunch democrat, he was enthusiastic about the Soviet. John Rankin, U.S. congressman, publicly accused Einstein of having connections with the Bolsheviks. Thus we need not be surprised by the testimony of Major George Racey Jordan of the U.S.A.F., in which he said that as early as 1943, mysterious hands began and maintained a constant delivery to the Soviet of raw materials, equipment and secrets necessary to the production of the War. During the investigations into the case of radar espionage, atomic bomb, i.e. in the most critical hours of the Second World War which was closely related tothe atom spying, it came to light that twenty-six of the vanished fifty-seven most secret files of the U.S. Signal Corps of Monmouth were recovered in Eastern Germany. All those "scientists" suspended as a result of these investigations belonged without exception to the race of the world conquerors.

Eventually, it became evident during the trials in the New York court that atom espionage was not so much the work of Communists as of Jews. Those accused admitted that they handed over atomic secrets to the Soviet as early as 1943. They passed on this vital information gratis, i.e. without ever expecting any reward forit, simply driven by the zeal of their Jewish chauvinism. The most remarkable feature in the case of the atom spies was that none of the accused demanded any money from the Soviet Union in return for their services. Julius Rosenberg in one instance only received $500 for defrayal of expenses. Completely obsessed by the most fanatical Jewish chauvinism, they were perfectly convinced that to betray America and thus help the Soviet Union, was the most sacred duty of Jewry.

All the accused in the atom espionage trials, without exception were Jews. And we will see that behind them stood the whole  (197) of world Jewry. During the trials, the U.S. had to avoid the slightest appearance of "anti-Semitic" tendencies, unless she wanted to be declared bankrupt or have an economic crisis. Thus the case against Julius and Ethel Rosenberg had to be assigned to a Jewish judge ~ Justice Irving Kaufman ~ whom the whole of world Jewry regarded as a destructive, opportunist traitor to the Jewish race. Sypol, the New York district attorney, was a Jew, too. Finally, besides the accused, a Jew called Bloch was the defending counsel.

Behind the secret of the atom sits enthroned one of the most mysterious and powerful personalities of world Jewry in the person of Bernard Baruch, "the philanthropist" banker who, in the most obscure circumstances amassed a personal fortune during the two world wars. In the imagination of the American people, perhaps not without reason, Bernard Baruch appears as the "unofficial President of the U.S." and even Churchill has to visit Baruch first, before he calls at Washington to see the official President of the US. When Roosevelt became President, Baruch's power and influence was multiplied. Whilst the soldiers of the U.S. were losing their lives at the front during the Second World War, Bernard Baruch, in control of 351 of the most important branches of industry in the United States and of two-thirds of the raw materials of the whole world, used every effort to remove authority over the atomic bomb from the President and the Army of the United States. In this case Jewry almost completely took off the mask. If not by word, then by deed and propaganda it declared emphatically that it regarded the atomic bomb as its own national property and the means by which it hoped to establish its supranational power. As several American writers and publicists admit, Congress committed high treason when, under the lash of Baruch, it passed the Act which took control over the atomic bomb and its secret of production away from the President and the Army, and established the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. President Truman, unaware of the consequences, signed this Act.

This commission is more powerful than the President of the U.S. It can act independently of any government on earth, even of the Government of the U.S. According to statements of American official circles, this commission possessed more power than Hitler, Roosevelt and Stalin combined.  (198)

When everything had been carefully planned and prepared, the members of the Atomic Energy Commission were appointed. Out of the first five members, three, or perhaps even four, were Jews. They were: David E. Lilienthal (Jew), Lewis L. Strauss (Jew), Robert F. Bacher (Jew), William Wymack (?), and Sumner T. Pike (?). It is noteworthy that although certain changes did take place in America, where the investigations of the McCarthy committee drew the attention of American public opinion to a good many things, the structure of the Atomic Energy Commission could not be changed. As a result of the Oppenheimer case, David E. Lilienthal was removed from the chairmanship of the A.E.C., but Lewis L. Strauss took his place. During this time, Professor Pontecorvo, the Italian Jew, became head of atomic research in the Soviet Union. Under him work the kidnapped German atom scientists, while over all of them Solomon Abrahamovich Rebach, chief atom commissar of the Communist secret police, exercises supreme control.

The atomic bomb fell entirely into the hands of the Jews. The greatest tragedy of history thus took place, and the most threatening menace looms over mankind. The atomic bomb even in the hands of duly elected democratic statesmen is a most dangerous weapon. But the march to Washington of Rabbi Korff and his 600 fellow-rabbis gave the world a reminder of what danger the atomic bomb could become in the hands of a fanatical tribal nationalist group. By the use of the atomic bomb, not only might civilisation be destroyed, but the freedom of mankind may be lost forever. The atomic bomb in the hands of world Jewry is a permanent menace to democracy, to the independence of all nations and to every spiritual or political movement unfavourable to the world conquerors. Those nations disobedient to world Jewry, or who may consider the rate of interest fixed by Kuhn, Loeb is too high, can be easily wiped off the face of the earth. In the hands of Jewry, the atomic bomb represents terror and a horrible threat even if it is never dropped. The atomic psychosis, the fear of being destroyed by atomic blast or radiation, can be exploited to the detriment of whole nations. "Surrender your freedom and independence, abandon your Christian faith, for we are holding the atomic bomb over your heads like the sword of Damocles! At the time of the explosion of the first hydrogen bomb, the Jews succeeded in creating the impression that if (199) America began a war against the eastern half of their world-kingdom, the whole of the universe would probably be blown up as well.

This is not just a political possibility, but the materialisation of the vision in the Revelation of St. John, concerning the power of the beast "over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations." (Revelations xiii. 7) and foretelling the extermination of two-thirds of mankind. Not even the Learned Elders of Zion, the authors of the Protocols, dared to contemplate such a vision fifty to sixty years ago: "It is from us that the all-engulfing terror proceeds."

The atomic bomb is the horrible agent of this terror engulfing everything, and at the same time it is the most horrifying proof that aspirations for world domination and world conquest actually exist. From 1934 until 1948 Jewish propaganda constantly proclaimed that American democracy together with the freedom of mankind could co-exist in good neighbourly understanding with Soviet tyranny. Since the end of the Second World War, their global programme comprised divided world power between the Western and Eastern Jew. It is actually the sharing of the globe between them! It is rule by gold in the West and by tommy-gun in the East. The supreme aim is the prevention of war and of a showdown with Bolshevism. As we pointed out be/ore, this is the reason why Morgenthau organised the "Society for the Prevention of World War III".

Marcel de Briançon, the French author, sees this point clearly when he writes: "These two apparently opposing, antagonistic and irreconcilable power concepts, which in fact complement each other, say to themselves: 'If the Soviet defeats the U.S.A., world power will be established in the form of a Communist world State by the organisation of a world Soviet. If the opposite happens and the U.S.A. defeats the Soviet Union, a new plutodemocratic world State will inevitably be established following the American victory. After all it matters little whether we Jews hold political world power by our sole possession of concentrated private capital, or whether we exercise the same political world power from key position in State Capitalism. To us it does not matter which of these two concepts emerge victorious, for in either case the sole victory at the end will be ours. Under these circumstances is there any need for a showdown?'" (200)

But later on, when world Jewry saw that a clash was possible after all, and when American public opinion had slowly begun to realise that the co-existence side by side of Bolshevism and freedom was not possible, Klaus Fuchs was suddenly arrested for handing over every detail of the atomic secret to the Soviet Union. Two names suddenly emerged from obscurity: those of J. Robert Oppenheimer and Julius Rosenberg. Both of them, as we will see later, can be regarded as symbolic figures of Jewish world-conquering nationalism.

As long as German National Socialism had to be destroyed, J. Robert Oppenheimer worked with the self-sacrifice of an ascetic and the inspiration of a genius to produce the atomic bomb. He was a Western Jew in the full sense of the word, but even so, he put his trust only in the ruthlessness, bloodthirstiness and fanaticism of his Eastern brethren, and in nothing else! According to the accusations brought against him, between 1940 and 1942 he supported subversive anti-American Bolshevik activities in the U.S. with large sums of money. He married a Communist. His brother and sister-in-law were also Communists. His Communist wife's first husband was also a hard-boiled Bolshevik and was killed during the Spanish Civil War. Oppenheimer had employed Communists in Los Alamos during the Second World War.

At that time he threw all his knowledge and talent into the problem of solving the production of the atomic bomb. He had no remorse, neither was he in the least conscience-stricken, for he knew that only Nazis would be destroyed by the atomic bomb. But when the defeat of Nazism was an accomplished fact, and when the H-bomb should have been invented and produced to check the real tyranny of the Soviet system, the great Western brother suddenly became diffident and unwilling to do anything against the Eastern world conquerors. He, of all people, knew very well that these Bolshevik despots and suppressors, though they might be a thousand times worse than Hitler, were nevertheless his brethren. With him they could recite in unison: "We are all the same nation! The same tribe! The same race! We are not Russian, Portuguese or American Jews, but just Jews and nothing else but Jews!"

K. D. Nicholson, general manager of the Atomic Energy Commission, wrote: (201)"Oppenheimer in his official capacity as chairman of the General Advisory Committee to the Atomic Energy Commission, in 1949, strongly opposed the development of the H-bomb and made every effort to persuade the others as well to go slow with this project, even after President Truman gave definite instructions to proceed with the experiments." (American Hungarian Voice, April 19th, 1954, page 7.)

The H-bomb should at this time have been dropped on the eastern half of the Jewish world kingdom. And the Western Jew did not want the destruction of the eastern half of his dominion. He, the mathematical mastermind, the wizard of physics with the satanic brain, perceived dearly that the most favourable conditions for world conquest consisted in the bisection of the globe into two hemispheres, both possessing the atomic bomb, and both in a position to threaten one another constantly.

The other symbolic figures of this world-conquering nationalism were the Rosenberg couple. They are typically small, unimportant people who perhaps did not help the Soviet Union as much as many observers believed. They handed over the atomic secret out of sheer racial conviction, i.e. doing it as part of their duty towards their own people. They handed over everything to the Soviet Union and, most characteristically, said in their defence that America was her ally.

But the sulphuric flames of supranational "Nazism" blazed with a most intense and violent heat when the Rosenberg couple was about to go to the electric chair. According to the law, the Rosenbergs were spies; they were traitors to America. Nevertheless, ninety-nine percent of world Jewry stood up for them in solidarity. The millions of world Jewry, the capitalists and the proletarians, the residents of luxury villas of the Sea Gate and of the slums in the Bronx, the Jews of the West End of London as well as of every capital cityin the world, united solidly in demonstrations to force the "Nazi-Fascist-Hitlerite" Eisenhower to exercise his presidential prerogative of mercy. In the eyes of decent patriotic American citizens, this whole campaign, with its picketing, appeared like a Communist demonstration. "If Ilse Koch, the murderess of Jews, could be pardoned" ~ said placards carried by the demonstrators ~ "why must the Rosenbergs die?" "Professors Urey and Einstein demand a (202) pardon!" and: "Distinguished leaders in Israel are asking for a reprieve!" was to be seen written on other placards.

In five continents Capitalists and Communists, highly cultured intellectuals and simple Talmudists all joined forces to save two Communist spies. The whole nation of totalitarian world conquerors lined up to support the traitors. In London, the Rosenbergs' co-racialists knelt down and lay flat in the streets and shouted for pardon in a demonstration, which held up the traffic for miles. In Moscow, Budapest and Bucharest, and in other capital cities all over the world, touching stories were written in the national Press about the career of these traitors. On Union Square in New York, the Irish policemen were hardly able to cope with the situation brought about by fainting fanatical Jewesses collapsing when they heard that their adopted country, the United States, had executed the traitors according to the sentence of the Court.

"It was interesting to listen to the New York Radio after the executions took place," wrote the American Hungarian Voice. "There were announcers who almost sobbed when giving the news. Other stations, after announcing the news, began to play funeral music. On Union Square, Jewish women threw themselves on the pavement, wailing and lamenting hysterically, and even some of the men started to weep, shouting: 'They killed them… killed them!'" (American Hungarian Voice, June 29th, 1953, page 8.)

And finally, on Church Avenue, Brooklyn, world-conquering "Nazism" held a rally remarkable for its fanaticism. Tens of thousands of people confessed and demonstrated their solidarity with the criminals in the name of their tribal "Nazism" since, like the Eastern Jews, they also regarded the executed spies as martyrs to their cause.

At the memorial service, Emanuel Hirsch Bloch, the defending counsel of the executed Rosenberg couple, said: "I place the guilt of murdering the Rosenbergs on the doorsteps of President Eisenhower, Attorney General Browell and J. Edgar Hoover, director of the F.B.I. They gave the orders for the button of the electric chair to be pressed. These two dear, sensitive, tender and cultured persons were the victims of cold-blooded willful murder. They fought against despotism. America is groaning today under (203) the despotism of a military dictatorship, clad in civilian clothes." (American Hungarian Voice, June 19th, 1953.)

From now on, President Eisenhower, the latest successor of Washington and one of the executors of the Morgenthau Plan, could count on the fact that his name, too, would be on the blacklist of "war criminals" and "enemies of the people". The gallows of Nuremberg were now facing towards the White House and casting their shadows on it. Supranational "Nazism" has declared war upon America and upon its faithful servant President Eisenhower. Possibly not only the voice of Emanuel Bloch was to be beard over the coffins of the Rosenbergs, but the echo also of Julius Streicher's words from Nuremberg: "... you will be hanged by the Bolsheviks!" (204)

Chapter Fifteen The Betrayal of America

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