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The World Conquerors
Chapter Four, Millionaire Bankers Back Bolsheviks

By Louis Marschalko (1903 - 1968)
Published 1958

The World Conquerors: Chapter Four, Millionaire Bankers Back Bolsheviks (1958)

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Chapter Four (pages 49-63):

Millionaire Bankers Back Bolsheviks

Before the First World War a certain picture postcard was freely sold in the Jewish shops of Russia, Lithuania and Poland. On this postcard a rabbi was shown holding Torah in one hand and in the other Nicholas II, the Czar of Russia, cartooned as a white pullet with the Romanoff crown on its head.

Under the picture the following text appeared in Hebrew: "Sa chaliphati sa temurati, sa kaporati."

This means: " This sacrificial animal shall be my absolution, it will be my substitute and expiatory offering."

The Hebrew text is actually part of the prayer called " Kaporah ".

The rituals relating to this sacrifice are contained in Leviticus (chap. xvi 15).:

" Then shall be kill the goat of the sin offering, that is for the people, and bring his blood within the veil, and do with tbat blood as be did with tbe blood of tbe bullock, and sprinkle it upon the mercy seat, and before the mercy seat."

Some rabbis opposed this doctrine. But wherever Cabbalists [Kabbalists] were living among Eastern Jewry, on the day of atonement a white cockerel and a white pullet were usually sacrificed in lieu of the goat.

This postcard was thus an open invitation by Jewry to murder the Czar. Hatred against Czarism was already latent in consequence of the pogroms, but it was kept at boiling point by the Mosaic commandment: ". . thou mayest not set a stranger over thee (as king) which is not thy hrother."

When Bolshevism broke out the Czar and his family were murdered in Ekaterinburg. The Czar's murderers were Jacob Swerdlow, who became later the President of the Soviet Union, Jacob Jurovszkij, Chajim Golocsikin and Peter Jernakow, all Jews.

But all those who schemed for fifty years to bring about the disintegration and subjugation of Russia were Jews also. Fifty per cent (49)

of the members of the first Social Democratic Party of Russia, from which the Bolshevik Party was later formed, were Jews. The Polish Social Democratic Party was at first organised as the Jewish Democratic Party, and the situation was similar in Lithuania. Kerenski himself, who became the Prime Minister of the First Republic, was a Jew by birth.

The greatest Russian novelist, Dostioevsky, whose treatise about the Jews is, even to-day, kept carefully bidden away by the so-called Western " frcc " publishing houses, saw as early as 1887 that the scourge of Judah was poised over the head of the Russian people and tbat tbe red shadow of Bolshevism would descend over Holy Russia .

" Their kingdom and their tyranny is coming," he wrote. "The unlimited despotism of their ideology is now only beginning. Under this tyranny human kindness and neighbourliness as well as the longing for justice will fade away; all Christian and patriotic ideals will perish for ever!"

Bolshevism won. And in the moment of its victory, the Jewish intellectuals, the young revolutionaries as well as tbose poverty-stricken Jews at the bottom of the capitalistic ladder, turned their faces towards Russia. Whether Bolsheviks or not, they were, nevertheless, as Jews becoming aware that those succeeding the Czarist regime were almost all Jews too.

A member of Hungarian middle-class Jewry, Laszlo Lakatos-Kellner, had greeted Lenin in a poem by writing:


The official gazette of Hungarian Jewry The Egyenloseg (Equality) read mostly by well·to·do citizens, published the following in an article praising Trotsky (Bronstein):

" Jewish intellect and knowledge, Jewish courage and love of peace saved Russia and perhaps the whole world. Never has world historical mission of Jewry shone so brightly as in Russia. Trotsky's words prove that the Biblical and prophetic Jewish spirit of Isaiah and Micah, the great peace·makers, with that of the Talmudic Elders, is inspiring the leaders of Russia to-day."

The American banker, Jacob Schiff, the Kuhn Loeb banking house and American financiers supported the Bolsheviks from the very (50)

beginning with huge loans and innumerable large donations. These bankers knew the leaders of Russia just as well as they knew the prophecy of Amschel Mayer, the founder of the House of Rothschild. Over the Rothschild house in Frankfurt a red flag was displayed on a shield. Jean Drault, the French writer, remembered old Amschel Mayer saying to customers in his shop:

" One day this flag will rule the world!"

Karl Marx, grandson of the rabbi of Trier, must have known this flag very well too. He, as well as anybody, was well aware that Jewish capitalism and Jewish Marxism are but two different forms of the same Judaism, of that same world-conquering nationalism. Rothschild's red fiag is just as cheerful and bracing a sight for Morgenthau as it is for Kaganovich.

While it is interesting to leam that Bolshevism adopted its red flag from a Jewish banker, it is also noteworthy that the Bolshevik revolutionary greeting, i.e. the raised clenched fist, is a symbol of Jewish origin too. The paper entitled The Key to the Mystery, on page 21 of the number dated August 7th, 1939, describes how, on the feast of Purim, held in commemoration of the slaying of 75,000 Gentiles, the Jews still greet each other - with a raised clenched fist.

But the Christian world still asks how could collusion be possible between two " deadly " enemies like Capitalism and Bolshevism?

This question was definitively answered in 1918 by the report of the United Secret Service (2nd Army Bureau) naming tbe persons who financed the Bolshevik revolution in 1916. Under Jewishl pressure this report was destroyed hy the State Department, but it was too late then. The Rev. Denis Fahey, Professor of Theology, in his book The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World, and Mgr. Jouin, in his work I.e Peril Judeo Maconnique, both quote the complete report. We here briefly refer to it but the full text is available. According to the American counter·intelligence and news service, the following big American bankers gave money to Lenin and his comrades for the Bolshevik revolution:

Jacob Schiff,

[Daniel] Guggenheim,

Max Breitung,

the banking house of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., the directors of which were at that time Jacob Schiff, Felix Warburg, Otto Kahn, Mortimer Schiff, and S. H. Hanauer. As the report remarks: " All Jews."

The report quotes articles in the Daily Forward, the Bolshevik (51)

Jewish paper of New York, describing in detail how large sums of money in dollars were transferred to the Bolsheviks from the assets of the Westphalian-Rhineland Syndicate, a large Jewish business concern. How the Parisian Jewish banking house of Lazare Brothers, the Gunsbourg Bank of St. Petersburg with affiliations in Tokio and Paris, tbe London banking house of Speyer & Co., and tbe Nya Banken of Stockholm all sent money to the Bolsheviks.

The statement of the American military counter-espionage and intelligence service established the fact that Jacob Schiff gave twelve million dollars towards the financing of the Bolshevik revolution. As for the Parisian banking house of Lazare, they not only played a considerable role in the unleashing of the Second World War, but their former director Mr. [Frank] Altschul is to-day [1958] on the Board of Executives of Free Europe Inc., and is at present occupied with the reorganisation of Europe.

This peculiar ganging up, this conspiracy of Bolsheviks and bankers can only be plausibly explained by Jewish nationalism. Though the prostration of Russia, the land of pogroms, as well as the extermination of. the Czar's family, were all criminal Bolshevik perpetrations; nevertheless in the eyes of Jewish nationalism these appeared to be the acts of Jews, tbe triumph of Jewry, the glorious liberation struggle of religious irredentism. Absolute political power in Russia had fallen openly into tbe hands of Jewry.

At first, perhaps, Lenin's teachings were not fully understood by the Jewish masses. Nevertbeless they saw that nearly all the leaders and rulers of the new Russian states system were descendants of Abraham. Lenin himself was Ulyanov formally only. His father was a member of the Russian lesser nobility. But his mother was the daughter of' a German-Jew doctor called Berg. Lenin inherited his mania for destruction and his desperate lust for power from his mother; both characteristics being equally Judaistic. Victor Marsden, the English journalist who was engaged as a correspondent during the First World War in Russia, describes Lenin as follows:

" Lenin, a Calmyc Jew, married to a Jewess, whose children spoke Yiddish. "

Herbert Fitsch, a Scotland Yard detective, who, in the guise of a valet penetrated the entourage of Lenin and reported him to be a " typical Jew ".(52)

The Morning Post at the same time published a list of the names, pseudonyms and racial origin of the founders of the Secret Government, together with its fifty most important key-functionaries. They were about ninety-eight per cent Jewish.

The London Jewish Chronicle of April 4th, 1919 boldly states :" The conceptions of Bolshevism are in harmony in most points with the ideas of Judaism."

Victor Marsden, the Morning Post reporter in Russia; states that among the 545 leading Bolshevik officials there were 477 Jews at the birth of Bolshevism.

But the point of view of Jewish nationalism was appreciably different. The Jews paid scant attention to the exterminated bishops, to the slain priests and to the starved or massacred Russian masses in their hundreds of thousands. They appreciated the Jewish success only.

The gruesome events in Russia surpass all imagination. Statistics compiled from the early days of Bolshevism and quoted also in the American Congressional Records confirm that during the first years

28 Bishops and Archbishops

150,000 Police Officers

6,776 Priests

48,000 Gendarmes

6,765 Teachers

355,000 Intellectuals

8,500 Doctors

198,000 Workers

54,000 Army Officers

915,000 Peasants

260,000 Soldiers were murdered together with the Emperor and his family.

After considering these gruesome statistics one might expect that Jewry, which has been advertised in the Jewish-dominated press all over the world as a humanitarian people, would expel these Bolshevik Jews from its ranks with loathing and contempt. But World Jewry and its great organisations at the best remain silent. And in the meanwhile there is probably not a single country in the whole world where the Communist Party is not under the exclusive direction of Jews.

In Argentina as early as 1918, Solomon Haselman and his wife Julia Fitz began to organise Communism. The Argentine revolution broke out in January, 1919, and its victims in Buenos Aires alone included 800 dead and 4,000 injured. The leader of the revolt was Pedro Wald, alias Naleskovskij, and its Minisler of War was Macaro (53)

Ziazin, both Eastern Jews. After the Suppression of the revolt, other movements were organised by Jews. There were many Jews and Communists amongst the teachers and university professors. Siskin Aisenberg initiated Bolshevik education of the Argentine youth. Among Yiddish newspapers, Roiter Stern, Roiter Hilfe, Der Poer and Chivolt were all engaged in spreading dangerous Bolshevik propaganda.

The Chilean Bolshevik uprising of 1931 and the Uruguayan Bolshevik retlellion of 1932 were engineered and led by the descendants of the seed of Abraham almost exclusively.

When the short-lived Brazilian revolution was suppressed in 1935, it came to light that tbe actual leaders were all Jews with the exception of a nominal leader called l.ouis Carlos Perestes. The Braccor, an Eastern Jewish association, organised the dock workers, and the leader of this revolt known as Ewert was, in fact, called Harry Bergner. This uprising was directed from the Soviet Embassy of Montevideo by a Jewish leather merchant called Minikin. Amongst the leaders of this Brazilian uprising there were many members of the Organizacao Revolutionaria Israelila Brazor, and amongst others we mention the following names: Baruch Zell, Zatis Janovisai, Rubens Goldberg, Moyses Kava, Waldemar Roterburg, Abrahao Rosemberg, Nicolao Martinoff, Yayme Gandelsman, Moisi Lipes, Carlos Garfunkel, Waldemar Gutinik, Henrique Jvilaski, Jose Weiss, Armando Gusiman, Joseph Friedman, and so on.

Of the South American revolutions the Mexican one is particularly interesting for here again a Jewish millionaire leads the Bolsheviks. The Dictator of the Mexican Bolshevik revolution, Plutarco Elias Calles, is the son of a Syrian Jew and an Indian woman. Calles is a freemason of the 33rd degree and his personal fortune amounts to eighty million pesos. His friend, Aron Saez, who played an important role as his lieutenant, and who had a fortune of forty million pesos, is a Jew as well. Their persecution of the Church resulted in 20,000 Catholic martyrs. Amongst these were 300 Roman Catbolic priests and 200 devoted Catholic youth.

But the American Bolshevik movement was the most typical and characteristic of all. In the U.S.A. the Communist Party was set up on September 1st, 1919, William Z. Foster being its first general secretary. The Daily Worker, the Communist New York daily, began (54)

its first publication about tbe same time. The bulk of the followers of the American Communist Party consisted almost entirely of those Jews who had emigrated to tbe United States from Russia, Poland and those countries lying to-day behind the Iron Curtain. The U.S.A. gave them everything a great and free democracy can give - security from pogroms, prosperity, often wealth and new homes as well as decent wages. Nevertheless, at the earliest opportunity they began to plot for tbe overthrow of American freedom and for tbe total subjugation of Washington's household.

The Communist movement originated from the union formed by the employees of the clothing industry. Even to-day this union is almost entirely in Jewish hands and tbeir first question to a prospective new member is: "Do you speak Yiddish?" It is interesting to note that, as in Russia and Poland .where the Marxist parties were organised by Jews, in America too the Jewish organisations became the champions of Communist principles. The Jewish Workers Club, the Jewish Workers Union, the ICOR (a company for settlers), the ARTEY (Arbeiter Theater Yerband) and the John Reed Club for Jewish writers, were all Jewish and Communistic organisations. The number of Jewish radical and Communist papers as well as Jewish periodicals edited in the U.S.A. reached 600 by 1936, and as early as 1933 the total membership of the Communist Party was estimated by Earl Browder to ·be about 1,200,000. In the preparatory work of organising American Bolshevism, the National Textile Workers Union and the Workers International Relief played important roles. The leaders of both these great associations were Jews, Charles Steinmetz, Upton Sinclair, Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, Bishop William M. Brown. The International Labour Defence was ·a very powerful organisation led by millionaires or by very wealthy lawyers, despite tbe fact that it was typically Communist. All these groups. unions and associations hoped to capture America for Bolshevism during the great economic crisis. Wben, in 1930, the Communists of New York tried to ·besiege the City Hall, the Communist papers reported with open enthusiasm: " The Jewish women were fighting like tigresses." (Weltbolshevism, page 265.) All the above-mentioned associations belonged to the non-secret or exoteric Bolshevistic formations of America. None of these open (55)

types of Bolshevistic associations presented any real peril. Surely the American worker -- be he either a descendant of an early settler from the Maypower or of an eastern refugee -- would never tum into a Communist. Consequently, soon after their party was established the American Bolsheviks tried to persuade American youth to join them and serve as the hard core of the world conquerors' stonntroops. They knew only too well that it would be extremely difficult to repeat in America the tricks employed in Russia. They were well aware that the American worker is neither Bolshevist nor Marxist.Therefore their aim was concentrated on American youth; they strove to gain the support of a deluded second generation. Therefore, well before Roosevelt came to power, they organised the Young Communist League, the National Student League (formed from the universities) and the Young Pioneers for children between eight and nine years of age. The undermining of America, of course, was not only brought about by the Communists.

There also existed more peaceful cover-associations and workers' unions which under the pretext of Marxism or socialism, really served the supranational aims of Jewish tribal nationalism. But the key positions even in those organisations which were not directly Jewish were captured by Jews. The C.I.O., the largest labour organisation was under the leadership of Sidney Hillman, while the American Federation of Labour was founded by Samuel Gompers, an immigrant Jew from England.

After all these facts the reader will not be surprised that when Eugen Dennis was arrested on May 16th, 1950, the famous Jewish writer Albert Kahan commented as follows in Jewish Life, the monthly supplement of the New York Zionist paper Freiheit:

" When, on May 15th, Eugen Oennis, the leader of the Communist Party, was sent to prison, a shadow fell on the life of every American Jewish man and woman."

Let us now have a look at Europe (omitting Russia), tbe old continent where chorales and psalms were composed and written, and where during the Christian Middle Ages, Jewry was confined to the ghetto.

In England, the Communist Party, though of negligible strength, is directed by Jews, as are also those organisations called anti-Fascist Leagues or Anti-War Movements, where we can find such names as :(56)

Lord Marley, Ivor Montagu, Hannen Swaffer, Gerald Barry, Bernhard Baron, Nathan Birch, Morris Isaacs and Harold Laski. The noble Lords, Baronets and Knights of Jewish descent have all suddenly taken sides with Bolshevism, which in Russia, allegedly, intends to destroy capitalism.

In France the control of Marxism is and was almost entirely in Jewish hands. Zay, Leon Blum, Denains, Zyrowszky, Mandel-Bloch and the rest, are leading the same revolutionary nationalism which ruined Holy Russia.

In England the Communist Party was represented in Parliament at one time by a Jew called [Phil] Piratin.

Those principally concerned in organising the French Communist Party were Henri Barbusse, Andre Gide, Romain Roland and Andre Malraux. In France. the Jews enjoy the benefits of the French petty Bourgeoisie, were dazzled by the powerful position of Jewry in Soviet Russia and hurried to join French Communist organisations. These carried on their activities under various cover names such as the " International League against Anti-Semitism " or the " Cultural Association of Jewish Proletarians ", etc. The Jewish-Communist organisation known as Gezerd can also be mentioned in this context.

The Writers' International Congress held at Paris in 1935 was entirely Communistic. Here it became clear from the first that the authors who were the greatest exponents of the Jewish " humanitarian" spirit also fervently supported the masters of Russian Bolshevism. The signboard of this Congress displayed the word " International ", but it was in reality a great tribal gathering of nationalists dazzled by successes in Russia, the participants of which came from various lands and spoke different languages but belonged to the same race.

In Belgium, a Jew called Charles Balthasar is the organiser of the Bolshevik Party. the mainstay of which is the association called the Gezerd.

In Sweden similar forces are working for Bolshevism. The Swedish Communist Party was supported by one of the greatest capitalists--Ivar Krueger, the match·king, reports the paper Der Weltbolshevism, from information received from Swedish sources. The various publishing houses and lending libraries in the hands of Jews have also greatly helped to promote Bolshevism.(57)

Neither is the situation much different in Norway where Major Quisling, in the light of experience gained in Soviet Russia, started to organise an anti-Bolshevik national party, for he realised that the same people who destroyed Russia were preparing to annihilate Norway.

In Denmark, at this time, Jewish students as well as the Jewish professors Georg Brandes and Davidsohn of the University of Copenhagen directed Communist activities. Their main organisation is the Jewish culture association, the I.K.O.R. Axel Larsen, the Jewish administrative leader, confidently announced at a mass-meeting that:

" The Danish Communist Party will not rest until it has succeeded in hanging all priests and gendarmes."

In 1932 the Bolsheviks in Switzerland called themselves left-wing Socialists. Leon Nicole was their leader and his assistant, a Russian Jew called Dicker, instigated the uprising of November 9th, 1932, which resulted in thirteen dead and 100 injured.

In Austria, Austro-Marxism is at work and it would be difficult to distinguish between its democratic and communistic shades of thought, although both are inspired by Jews. Friedrich Adler was, from the outset, the chief organiser. He was the first Secretary of the Second Internationale and also the murderer of Sturgh, the Austrian ex-Premier.

In Rumania, Anna Pauker-Rabinovich and other Jews were the champions of Bolshevism. It was they who forced the workers into a bloody railway strike. Their influence was quite terrifying in a corrupt and liberal government like that of Rumania. The paper Weltbolshevism concludes an article as follows:

" It is noteworthy how strong the participation of Jewry is in the Communist movement. The most dangerous activities are observed in those areas where the great masses of Jews live." (Page 435.)

Czechoslovakia, the aircraft-carrier of the Soviet Union, was completely undermined by Communist organisations from the very beginning of her national independence. One of the Communist leaders was Slansky-Salzman. The Communist literature and control of all the organising activities are in the hands of Jews.

In Bulgaria, the Communist movements were headed by Jews also. When two hundred officers and civilians fell victims to the plot against (58)

Sveta Nedelja, it carne to light that the plot, organised by Dimitrov, was carried out by the Jews Jack and Prima Friedman.

In Grceee, the papers Avanti and El Tsoweno are the official organs of the Communist Party, the latter being tbe organ of the Communist-Jewish association in Salonica as well.

And if one looks at the Far East, it is clear that here. too, the same bands are setting ablaze the fires of Bolshevism. The leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, Barodin and Crusenherg, were also of the seed of Abraham.

We bave deliberately left Spain to the end, as Jewish organisations can be distinctly recognised in the Spanish Civil War, When tbe fight broke out, tbe leaders; Zamorra, Azara, Rosenberg and the notorious La Passionaria, whose real name was Dolores Ibauri, were all Jews too. And those who flooded into Spain from all sides to render more unbearable the bloody plight of the Spanish people, were all emissaries of the same racial nationalism already victorious over Russia. Ilja Ehrenburg, Bela Kun, Gero Erno, Zalka Mate, the leaders and members of the notorious Rakosi-Roth brigade, all belonged, almost without exception, to the emissaries of this deranged racial " nazism ".

When the hour strikes the mask falls! Christian churches and centuries-old art treasures go up in flames, drunken terrorists shoot at Christ's cross and the same " experts " again expertly crucify priests as they had done in Russia before. They scuttle prisonships with anti-revolutionaries locked up in the hold, they shoot tens of thousands of captured Christian hostages in the bullfight arena. The dead bodies of one and a half million victims and martyrs cover the battlefield of a stricken Spain. Behind all the mass misery and behind tbe miners of Asturias looms the same mystic power that induced the Russian sailors to revolt at Kronstadt. While the " Pink " intellectuals begin to regard this blood-bath in the light of a Passion Play spectacle, progressive bankers provide it with gold and arms. Old Testamental " nazism " thereby paid back Ferdinand's Catholic Spain for the expulsion of the Jews, and two decades later the American Jewish Congress had tbe impudence to declare that: " Up to the present day Jewry has not forgiven the Spanish nation for their expulsion."

It was fortunate that at that critical time there were heroic (59)

Spaniards on the spot and also European powers ready to send effective help. With the aid of the German Condor Legion and the Italian Blue Arrow Division, the Spanish people defeated these fanatics, thus proving emphatically that the Soviet revolution could likewise have been brought under control had Russia not been deserted in her hour of need by the European powers.

The massacres in Russia perpetrated by the Communists had a horrifying effect on the Christian world. But these crimes appeared as heroic, attractive feats in the eyes of Jewry. In their eyes one thing mattered only, i.e. tbat over a vast empire, over practically one-fifth of the globe, power was seized by their nationals. During the interventional war the English trade unions were brought into action by a " hidden " hand to hinder the campaign against Bolshevism. When Poland was overrun by Bolshevism Grand Orient Freemasonry had, with the help of Czechoslovak Freemasons, prevented ammunition deliveries to the Poles. Eventually Hungary's last ammunition reserves were sent to the Vistula front and with this help Marshal Pilsudski won the Battle of Warsaw.

What interest had Western capitalist Jewry in tbe survival and spreading of Bolshevism? After all, the Western Jew is a capitalist.· and Bolshevism proclaims the abolition of capitalism. The Western Jew consistently propagated all the various humanitarian slogans in the lodges, apparently ignoring that the whole system of Bolshevism was an outrage against humanity. Tbe Western Jew appeared to remain faithful to bis own religion while Bolshevism was proclaiming atheism. What, then, had Bolshevism in common with Western capitalism? How was it possible for Zionist organisations in New York to bail Bolshevism, and for Jacob H. Scbiff to give it money?

Since then history has supplied us with the answer.

What Bolshevism and Capitalism have in common is the ghastly fact that both of them are equally Jewish.

The Western capitalist Jew saw no enemy of Capitalism in the Soviet leaders; he saw only Jews. He was able to excuse the Bolsheviks barbarities for they were committed mostly by Jews. According to the strangest beliefs of Jewish nationalism, the Jew is a superman! Jewry is a supemation. The Jew is at liberty to act as he pleases against other races. This is the teaching of Torah and Talmud. The Jew's standing is " beyond good and evil ". In (60)

the beginning some Jews condemned Bolshevism for conventional reasons, but later they realised that tbe only thing to do was to remain silent about it since Bolshevism, too, was led by Jews.

High Finance in the West was agreed on the maintenance of Jewish leadership in the Soviet Union, whatever the cost. Henry Ford's book The International Jew was publisbed at this time, revealing in shocking disclosures how far the judaisation of American life had progressed. Though the Jewish boycott obliged Henry Ford to apologise for his book, he never denied the truth of its contents. After the First World War the Jewish question in America became more and more acute. Through the monopolisation of commerce and banking, the control of the turnover of public commodities, their despotic rule over the press and the poisoning of public education, the encroaching Jewish power began to threaten the American way of life.

The peril was foreseen earlier by great Americans such as Benjamin Franklin who, on one occasion, said:

" There is a great daoger for the United States of America, this great danger is the Jew.

" If they are not excluded from the United States by the Constitution, within less than 100 years they will stream into this country in such numbers they will rule and destroy us and change our form of Government for which we Americans shed our blood and sacrificed life, property and personal freedom. If the Jews are not excluded, within 200 years our children will be working in the fields to feed the Jews while they remain in the counting-house gleefully rubbing their hands."

It would make an interesting best-seller to describe how certain mysterious hands spirited, away his diary. It can be stated with certainty that at the time when the Bolshevik revolution broke out in Russia, American Jewry was already standing at tbe first stage of the great plan. During the operational attack to secure the first stage, the control over finance and the press was achieved and influence over public life firmly established. Jewish nationalism in the Western World clearly realised that, despite its ostensibly hostile ideology, Bolshevism must be kept alive, because the way to the second stage in America led by way of Bolshevism -- the great Eastern ally -- which would help to conquer America and to establish Jewish (61)

world power. It is understandable, therefore, that after the Russian revolution the leaders of the 217 American Zionist organisations decided to give every possible financial help to Bolshevism.

" Bolshevism.will be devoured by the vermin!" Trotsky-Bronstein exclaims in distress. But American Jewish Capitalism took every care to sustain, rear and industrialise this world menace. So " anticapitalistic " Bolshevism was soon supported by loans from Loeb, as well as by other long-term credits, by scientists, by contributions and by deliveries of arms. Those giving the money were no Bolsheviks. but they were Jews! They were the representatives of a supranational racial solidarity. They gave substantial help to Bolshevism because they bad the foresight to realise that if by any chance Bolshevism should collapse this would discredit the reliability of Jewisb planning and leadership. Besides, this mishap would bring to light the massacres perpetrated by Jewry in the name of Bolshevism. So to prevent losing the subjected territories of Russia, regarded by now as an actually established part of the planned future Jewish world empire, Jewry gave Bolshevism every possible help. For the Christian nations Bolshevism represented an ideology. But for Jewry it was a Jewish national problem of superlative importance.

But the firm estasblishment of Bolshevism in Russia was not in it itself enough. To ensure its survival and development as a power it was necessary to weaken the European Christian peoples so that they would not be able to smother the Bolshevik Hydra later on. For Jewish tribal nationalism, the period of the peace conferences following the First World War meant yet one more triumph for dreams of Jewish world domination.

Wilson himself stated on his return home from the Peace Conference at Versailles:

" There was a secret force at work in Europe wbicb was untraceable."

At the Versailles Peace Conference the German delegation contained two Jews. Its advisors included Max Warburg, Dr. von Strauss, Oscar Oppenheimer, Dr. Jaffe, Deutsch, Brentano, Struck, Wassermann and Mendelsohn Bartholdi.

During this period the Christian world failed to notice that the artificially deepened rifts dividing the nations, together with the injustices promoted by the peace treaties, only served to further (62)

Jewish aspirations to world power. In starving Germany, rebellious Spartacus groups together with Socialist and Bolshevik revolutionaries, were splitting up society. Across the Rhine. new nationalisms emerge to fly at each other's throats. In the place of the Hapsburg Monarchy and the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, many small opposing nationalisms prepare to payoff old scores. While the fires of the Bolshevik revolution still smoulder in Italy, the new flames of tbe Fascist revolution begin to flare up.

Meanwhile, more to the East, due to the support of Jewish Finance, Bolshevism grows stronger and stronger so that the Jews of the Kremlin as well as those of the Loeb directorate, may well chant the credo of their nationalism over distracted Europe.

" Our men are progressing rapidly in Paris, New York and Moscow. We are advancing towards the second stage of the battle. We have divided Christian Europe and from the soil of the injustice sown by us will spring the seeds of a new war. You will see that the seeds will bear fruit in the next twenty years,"

As the great Lenin said :

" The First World War gave us Russia, while the Second World War will hand Europe to us!"

Oh, Europe, heart-land of civilisation, do you not yet understand? Can you not perceive where Jewish national unity coupled with your own internal conflicts lead? Can you not see the abyss towards which you are being driven by forces imbued with the cruelty and purposefulness of a supranational people. Alas ! There are so few who see it even now.

An unknown friar, Sziliczei-Varady Gyula, once wrote prophecies tbat were soon forgotten in a book called From the Ghetto to the Throne, and herein is Nemesis:

" The Western Jew will equip an army of twenty million men in tbe East to destroy Christianity and human culture and to establisb the Jewish world kingdom!" (63)

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