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The World Conquerors
Chapter Five, A Movement Maligned

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By Louis Marschalko (1903 - 1968)
Published 1958

The World Conquerors: Chapter Five, A Movement Maligned (1958)

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Chapter Five (pages 64-75)

A Movement Maligned

As a result of the suppression of spiritual freedom all over the world, we live in a kind of thieves' kitchen, concocting a flash hypocritical series of slogans in the place of free speoch. There are certain taboo-like problems to which one is not supposed to refer. There are certain persons one should not name. There are also certain matters not to be mentioned in the language of Western civilised man. Speaking the truth means facing either the gallows of Nuremberg or the loss of onc's daily bread.

Nevertheless we must say a few words about National Socialism.

Christian Resistance should have followed at the moment when Bolshevism broke out in Russia and when the work of Jewry became visible through the Versailles Treaty. The message Christendom should have been the restoration of unity in disorganised Europe, the instruction of the nations and the elevating of the Christian conception of hierarcby, thus guarding tbe individual against being reduced to herd-level. Bolshevism as well as soulless liberal capitalism should bave been effectively mastered by their only real adversary -- by Christian resistance all tbe time pointing the way upwards toward Heaven. Perhaps Christ Himself might have come with His scourge to drive tbe money-changcrs out of the House of God, thus restoring justice, goodwill and social peace and once more He might have addressed His Christian people with Peter's fortbright words "...Save yourselves from this untoward generation "

But Christianity was reluctant to adopt revolutionary metbods in order to wrench world power out of the hands of those whom Christ, the founder of Cbristianity. attacked on Maundy Thursday. The spirit of Christianity should have impressed itself upon public life, upon governmenu and upon the press and trade unions but it failed miserably to fulfil its mission. Germany became a stage for the rootless "fellow-traveller" of the Weimar-Democracy. The leaders


of Hungarian and Polish Catholicism tried to preach Christianity to the poverty-stricken masses from the shelter of their large estates. The Italian and Spanish clergy remained in the enjoyment of their worldly wealth. Protestantism, as seen by Axel Munthe, was unable to give faith, or to follow in Luther's footsteps, who, taking his stand with the people, exclaimed; " Here I stand and I cannot do anything else! "

But history will not tolerate unfulfilled duties and unsolved problems. In the East Bolshevism was established, while in the West reigned the atheistic speculative power of gold. The Socialism of Christ was unable to find its wings. Therefore National Socialism had to come.

Opinions may differ as to whether National Socialism was a " neo-pagan" movcment from the beginning or whether certain mistakes crept in later. But it is indisputable that National Socialism, after coming to power undertook to fulfil, under various slogans, the tasks that ought to have been performed by Christianity. No doubt it would have been much better had the Christian Churches in the turbulent hours of the upheaval of 1919 declared war on Bolshevistic atheism, on the immorality infesting European societies and on corruption, defeatism, capitalist exploitations and Marxist class-liberation. But the Christian Churches had developed a glass-house Christianity. Unlike Christ, who, though unarmed and " sitting upon an ass, and a colt the foal of an ass " immediately made his presence felt by both word and deed, wben he rode into Jerusalem, an anaemic incapacitated Christianity restricted to empty prayers, proved itself to be only a passive witness of historic events. The fatal mistake of the Churches was in not supporting the social aspirations of the masses but rather in backing on every occasion tbe actual holder of state power. During the period between the two World Wars prayers were said from both Catholic and Protestant pulpits not so much for the living members of tbe Church community, i.e. for the masses, as for tbe welfare of the ruling power. Thus, in England, they prayed for the King, in France for tbe Republic, in Hungary for tbe Regent, in Italy for Mussolini, later, in Austria for Hitler, just as " pacifist priests " are ready to say prayers, to-day even for Kruschev.

In any case, one accusation has to be deleted from the charges,


rightly or wrongly brought against National Socialism. In spite of what occurred later, it was not in its early days a movement of the " masses ". It stirred the masses but not with any intent to gratify the needs of the masses. The elite of the German intellectuals who were not necessarily identical with the actual leaders of National Socialism came to recognise that the most dangerous point in the scheme of both Bolsheviks and Jews to obtain power consisted in their intention to reduce free and intelligent men to the berd-level, to transform them into a malleable formless mass, which could easily be kept under control by the tommy-gun. Against this, tbe early years of National Socialism saw the development of lofty aspirations, as well as tbe growth of the concept of the elite. It campaigned not for the class struggle but for higher national morality, for freedom, for social order and justice and for national culture whicb would not be offensive to others. National Socialism could never have arisen had it not heen for the fact, for instance, that learned Jewish professors in Germany set up experimental brothels for children with boys and girls of twelve to thirteen years of age. Could such a national disgrace ever have been perpetrated had the way not been prepared by a series of financial swindles with public funds and by Communist plots?

Hans Grimm, the greatest champion of the German spirit in Europe, the great German writer who later fell out with Hitler, even after 1945 described tbe conditions that gave rise to the National Socialist revolution as follows:

" An unyielding predilection for an ethnic community and a striving towards national integrity, coupled with a passionate eagerness for Anglo-German co-operation. There was general anxiety for reform in a changing world; tbis mass movement recognised new values -- both spiritual and physical, as was demonstrated by basing the currency upon production instead of upon gold. Furtbermore, tbe claim that quality must be protected against quantity was also upheld and the whole of this great experiment set out to prove that the spirit of Versailles must be abolished for everybody's benefit."

German National Socialism not only proclaimed certain principles but, in its initial stage, at any rate, endeavoured to put them into practice. The promotion of intellectual elite, tbe suppression of the class-struggle, tbe establishment of peace between capital and labour,


the building of homes, the raising of the working classes' living standards, the cultivation of family ties, the well-planned settlement of the proletarian masses and the securing of a peaceful old age through the creation of social insurance, were all constructive forces of indisputable value. Doubtless they still play a basic role in present-day German life and make possible the rebuilding of " democratic " Western Germany, although since the German economic and monetary system is now closely geared to the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank network, and so to the power of gold and usury, these constructive forces are to some extent being warped by an unsuitable framework. For it was a tremendous achievement on the .part of National Socialism to have established a currency system covered by the value of the nation's work and by the volume of the national production, which at the same time brought about the overthrow of the omnipotence of money as a commodity and also that of the domination of gold.

Although its leaders were not necessarily frequent churchgoers, the National Socialist statc accepted and carried out Christian principles hy establishing order and social justice. It is clear that for this to be accomplished destructive social forces had to be eliminated. It was inevitable, therefore, that National Socialism had to stand up against the relic of " 1918 defeatism " as well as against the subversive activities of the Jewish spirit. It had to make a stand against the Jewish Bolshevik and the Jewish Capitalist, being aware that the unrestricted autocracy of the Golden Calf only engenders discoutent, envy and class-warfare.

It makes little difference whether or not the Jewish question was "over-emphasised" by National Socialism. It is of no importance either that National Socialism actually adopted the racial theory of the Old Testament as one of its instrumental devices; for even had it forsworn these, it would still inevitably have clashed with world Jewry, which could not tolerate Ihe existence of any other nationalism on earth. The National Socialists might have treated Jewry as humanely as possible, but this would not have altered the fact that the secret power exercised by Jews over the German Reich was being taken out of their hand, which was absolutely intolerable for them. Besides, they could not afford to contemplate such creative energy, such striving towards national unity, such influence wielded (67)

by an elite, all of which were things bearing irreconcilable hoslility towards the power aspirations of world Jewry. They could not bear the fact that by the elimination of the power of gold, not only were state power and the means of influencing public affairs wrenched out of their bands, but tbe secret power as well. In any case, from tbe moment world Jewry realised that Germany was being ruled by a conscious elite, it would have promptly turned against National Socialism with just as much hatred as it actually did when " antiSemitism " gave an excuse for it.

In loosing Germany, Jewry lost a territory from wbich it bad exerted power. Therefore it was determined to re-conquer it_ For a century. world Jewry, Marxism and liberal capitalism had been adopting mass-production methods to transform tbe people into unthinking masses, the free individual into tbe proletarian. They had realised, of course, that only unthinking herds could accept and endure the yoke of Judah.

In Germany, National Socialism at least arrested this process. In spite of his liberalism, tbe Spanish author Ortega y Gassett in his work The Uprising of the Masses, long ago drew attention to the danger inherent in people being reduced to herd-like masses. Lothrop Stoddard, professor of Harvard University, also insisted that an uprising of the masses must be prevented. By its accomplishments German National Socialism clashed most violently with Jewry's plans, since the role of the mob is clearly laid down in the Protocols which speak of:

" ... that same blind slave of ours-the majority of the mob. " (Protocol X.) And again: " From all this you will see that in securing the opinion of the mob we are only facilitating the working of our machinery .. .. " (Protocol XlII.)

To achieve world power auxiliary troops are needed, And these consist first and foremost of the masses themselves. To secure the independence of a nation, men of outstanding quality are required. While destruction is the basis of Jewry's world domination, constructive work is the foundation of real freedom.

Thus, to ask whetber or not tbe Hitlerian regime was really bent on war is beside the question. There is no point in assuming that Hitler and the German leaders were madmen. We might, with more justice, admit that National Sociali$m had war declared upon it from the very moment of its birth, It was condemned to war because it was (68)

a system which inevitably made enemies of Bolshevism and world capitalism, i.e, of those forces forever looming in the background! Without making a single " anti·Semitic " manifestation or the slightest unfriendly pronouncement, National Socialism would still have made enemies of Jewry on account of the successful completion of the "levelling up" process.

In this connection we will once more quote Hans Grimm, who states fairly and concisely in his book The Answer of a German:

" Between 1933 and 1939 more was done (or public health, for the mother and child, as well as for the promotion of social welfare than before and, perhaps we might admit, than ever before!"

At this time even Winston Churchill had a different opinion of National Socialism from that which he professed later, Churchill wrote of Hitler in Step by Step:

" If our country were defeated, I hope we should find a champion as indomitable to restore our courage and lead us back to our place among the nations,"

But National Socialism was condemned to war for this very reason, At the moment when Hitler took power with the determination of abolishing the system of Versailles and of raising his own people, then somewhere in the veiled secrecy of the lodges and in the mystic inner shrines of Jewish nationalism a declaration of war was immediately decided upon, One problem only remained, i.e. whose nerves would prove Ihe stronger. Who would be able to take up best an appearance of peaceful intentions, and who would be hanged later as war criminals?

" Can we be sure that America will also come to heel?" was the question the Jews must have been asking themselves at this time,"We can be sure that the Soviet Union will be on our side when the great war comes, We can also rely confidently upon the France of Leon Blum, of Reynaud-Mandel, of Lazarus' Bank of the Grand Orient and the Rothschilds. We can be certain that when the time comes the England of the Sassoons, of Rufus Isaacs, of Hore-Belisha, of the Gallachers, Stracheys and Laskis will fight to further our ends. But suppose the people of the American democracy draw upon the results of experiences gained in the First World War -- what then? What will happen if, at a critical moment isolationism, represented by the Mayflower Yankees, gets the upper band, saying that the (69)

United States have nothing to do with a war between German and Jewish nationalisms?

" Perhaps the Americans will have no interest in fighting for Danzig. But we Jews will! For Hitler is standing on the balcony of his Chancelry supported by eighty million people singing the Horst Wessel song, " Die Fahne hoch! " (Let's raise high the flag!)

The people are marching through the Brandenburg Arch in dense columns of eight after liberating themselves from our domination. The fist of the German worker, previously clenched in hatred and envy now unclenches in the friendly salute of the open palm. One of these two nationalisms must perish !

". . . we shall respond with the guns of America or China or Japan!" is written in Protocol VII. " Therefore, we must first conquer America to ensure the conquest of tbe world. We must bolshevise or socialise America from above without it being noticed."

For America's constitutional form is democracy. This is the best constitutional system when the true will of the people prevails, and the worst where secret hands falsify the national will. In America the people are proud of their freedom and of their democratic education. The American worker is as proud of the industrial revolution as the capitalist himself. In America everybody is equal before the law. Both the descendants of the early pioneers whose fathers came on the Mayflower as well as those of the little Jew from Galicia, can declare with equal pride: " Civis Americanus sum! " Democracy is the most ideal way of life, provided there is no individual group, party, race or sect successfully fulfilling in secret aspirations detrimental to the rest of the nation. As soon as such a parasitic force develops inside democracy, democracy itself is reduced to nothing. It is transformed into a minority-ruled herd. The right of the vote becomes a myth, since public opinion is being shaped by the press of this alien nationalism. The parliamentary system is debased to that of a theatrical act, for senators will be inftuenced by an artificially created and therefore false public opinion. The government will be run no longer on the lines originally contemplated, as laid down by the legislature, because the government itself will be manned by the members of this secret force, enforcing (70)

a minority will, dictating by tbeir " power of the purse " and directed by the advice of their brains trust.

" We Jews," as the spokesman of this clannish nationalism might put it, " are well aware that in America, England, France and the Soviet Union, as well as in every other part of the world, the rule is: Judah must come first! As long as the interests of America are identical with the interests of Old Testament ' nazism ', we will be good Americans, but as soon as our interests begin to conflict with the interests of America, we shall betray her too. Generally speaking, democracy suits us if and when it is led by as many Jews as possible. The so-called freedom of the press is good for us provided the descendants of the seed of Abraham above all can avail themselves of it. Yes, this freedom is a valuable thing but only when we Jews are at liberty to do anything we like!

" Oh, you faint-hearted ones, wbo listen terror-stricken to the marching S.A. and S.S. troops; be not afraid! By now we are experts in undermining and capturing democracies. We are familiar with the methods of imposing our particular interests on the masses. America, the richest state of tbe Goyim is being shaken by a mortal economic crisis. The time is ripe to start our all-out offensive which will also give political power into our hands. And ours will be a take-over of a more permanent character than that of Hitler. We are going to conquer America neither by arms nor by theories. We possess a more reliable prescription to call down Nemesis on America. The fate of America was prescribed by our own Fuhrer - Moses! Torah is our Mein Kampf!"

According to Leviticus, chapter 25 (the Third Book of Moses), all estates and properties in Israel were to be re-distributed every fifty years. All mortgaged lands and all slaves were to be redeemed. Every half-century there was to be a great social reform in Israel. Old debts were to be cancelled and the poor were to be given a share out of the assets of the rich, or, as we might say to-day, " prosperity " was to be restored, i.e. money, property and land was to be distributed again in equal shares. Every fifty years this was to be heralded by trumpets.

" This social reform." tbe spokesman for Jewry might continue, "was called the new distribution! In America it will be called the New Deal! These words translated literally into English mean our (71)

great social reform, the new distribution, But tbis time we will not be distributing the assets of the Israelites but of the Americans and, of course, in such a manner as to ensure tbat the Americans will be left with as little as possible, and our own people with as much as possible,

[American taxpayers have already been committed to pay 3.1 Billion yearly in military "aid" to Israel until 2018. How many homeless Americans receive any sort of subsidy or aid from its own government? K.A.]

" This will be the year for sounding the trumpets in America, where in Washington's time the total number of Jews was a mere four thousand, But now our bankers, our socialists and our journalists will be blowing trumpets, and our brains trust will execute the New Deal at the expense of the American pioneer-population, Thereafter the only remaining question will be; Whom are we going to put in the Presidential Chair at Washington?

" Those of you living in despair in your palatial residences in Wall Street or in 13th Street, as well as in the ghettoes of Brooklyn and Bronx, must not doubt that we shall find our man, the real match of Hitler who will, at the same time, place political power over America into our hands, You need only read our directions in the 'forged' Protocols:

" ' Liberalism produced constitutional status, which took the place of what was the only safeguard of the Goyim, namely despotism (autocracy-editor) , then it was that we replaced the ruler by a caricature of a government -- by a president, taken from the mob, from the midst of our puppet overture, our slaves. In the near future we shall establish the responsibility of presidents !' (Protocol X)

"...we shall arrange elections,' " this Protocol continues, " ' in favour of such presidents as have in their past some dark undiscovered strain, some " Panama " or other [blackmail scandals waiting in the wings for any national politician who dares buck the Zionist agenda]- then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans out of fear of revelations...'

" Who shall, therefore, be the new President, who will place America in our hands and who will execute our orders?

" His name is Franklin Delano Roosevelt!"

But who is tbis Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Robert Edward Edmondson, under the heading Famous Sons of Famous Fathers--- The Roosevelts, answers this question in his book, I Testify,

On March 7th, 1934, the Carnegie Institute compiled the family tree of the Roosevelts, from which it is evident that the President (72)

of the United States is of Jewish descent. His ancestors came to America about 1682: they were Claes Martenszen Van Rosenvelt, and on the distaff side Janette Samuel. They were originally of Spanish sephardim descent Jews who had escaped from Catholic Ferdinand's persecution in 1492 and who had gone to England. From the time of their arrival in America the Roosevelt family tree is studded with Jacobs, Isaacs and Samuels.

The New York Times of March 14th, 1935, quotes the President as saying:

" In the distant past my ancestors may have been Jews. All I know about the origin of the Roosevelt family is that they are apparently the descendants of Claes Martenszen van Roosevelt, who came from Holland."

But according to the Carnegie Institute, Mr. Claes Martenszen Rosenvelt was a Jew. Furthermore Roosevelt's well-known wife is herself a Jewess.

Europe. or to be more precise, Germany, lies between the two jaws of the pincers. Here, from the Jewish point of view, dreadful events were taking place. The collaboration of German capitalists and workers, as well as the solidarity of the middle-classes and farmers demonstrated that the class-struggle is far from inevitable. Marx's theory of destruction was being disproved, whilst the golden
calf had wellnigh lost its prestige when it was seen that production and not gold was to be the true basis of the new world. All that has been taught and eulogised for more than a century as world progress has now been destroyed -- oh, of course, not by a German corporal, but by the spirit of the modern age. Against the tide of world domination surging from the Eastern Hemisphere the symbolic flag of the swastika was arising. This could not be tolerated by world Jewry.

" Yet, fear not! " declares the spokesman. " Around the puppet, Roosevelt, our advisors are now gathering in conference --- Felix Frankfurter from Vienna, [Henry] Morgenthau from Mannheim, Bernard Baruch from Konigsberg, and Albert Einstein from Berlin. Samuel Roseman wbo writes Roosevelt's presidential speeches is there. So are our labour leaders; amongst them our compatriot Sidney Hillman who controls American labour in the administration of our puppet, F.D.R. There is Mr. David Dubinsky, also a fellow-immigrant from Russia, who will transform the Christian American workers into (73)

taxpayers for Zionism. The entourage of our President will consist exclusively of trustworthy men, such as La Guardia, Mayor of New York, a Jew from Fiume, and Alger Hiss, the protege of Frankfurter and of Senator Lehman, etc. Bernard Baruch will control the 351 most important branches of American industry and will equip the American boys who are going to fight against Hitler. On behalf of America, Alger Hiss will conduct the talks with Stalin. Einstein, Oppenheimer and David Lillenthal will produce the atomic bomb. At managers of UNRRA, La Guardia and Herbert H. ehman will help the future Jewish victims of the coming war. Henry Morgenthau. jr., the Secretary of the Treasury, will prepare a splendid plan for the extermination of the German people. Our Mortiz Gomberg will see to it that eighteen million people from the countries of our enemies will become stateless in Europe. Our men will be distributing cheques of eleven million dollars to provide the Soviet with arms.

" What a magnificent dream. Americans will sail across the ocean to punish our enemies. In the lodges of B'nai B'rith the Moscow· New York axis is ready to function." ' Do not worry! Roosevelt will provide the armaments for Russia!' "

Well, did not a little·heeded prophet write twenty years ago:

"The Western Jew will equip an army of twenty million on the East to destroy Christianity and human culture and to establish Jewish world kingdom!" (74)

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