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The World Conquerors
Chapter Six, The Real War Criminals

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By Louis Marschalko (1903 - 1968)
Published 1958

The World Conquerors: Chapter Six, The Real War Criminals (1958)

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Chapter Six (pages 75 - 90)

The Real War Criminals
["were never brought to trial at Nuremberg"]

Hitlerism was not the only thing that world Jewry hated. They dreaded even more those movements paving the way for a new understanding amongst the nations of Europe. Jewry's main aim was to discredit these new trends as well as to make them disliked by the rest of the world. While campaigning on one side for full cooperation, they tried to strangle on the other side all those who were collaborating with their enemies ~ the Germans.

"They unhesitatingly opposed even the slightest thought of making peace!" writes Maurice Bardèche.

But today we have definite proof that the Germans tried most earnestly to establish cooperation and partnership among the European elite. They were not looking for "Quislings" but for those who were considered good patriots in their own country, people dedicated to the cause of their own native land. An almost exaggerated idealism pervaded the elite of the National Socialist Revolution. In their own country they stated what they believed to be the truth. They recognised that the individual has social rights. They demonstrated that this is the only satisfactory solution on a national basis, if Bolshevism is to be avoided.

They believed with revolutionary fervour that if they could succeed in liberating the European masses from Capitalist exploitation then peace might be secured for a long time. They had seen how Jewish "Nazism" interposed itself to disrupt the unity of the German people by means of its money power and its control of the press in order to secure exclusive domination over the entire nation. Having successfully done away with all this by their National Socialist revolution they had high hopes of securing peace and also the cooperation of neighbouring peoples, once the influence of that supranational Old Testament "Nazism" was eliminated in these countries too.

This was "New Europe" in the making, And this was the very thing world Jewry had to prevent at any cost, even if it entailed (75) reducing the Christian culture of Europe to the dust. Because, should this plan succeed, more and more states would be released from the grip ofJewish domination.

Therefore the mere thought of European unity, or of any possible cooperation had to be discredited. And because more than the sixty percent of the press of the Western world is in Jewish hands, and according to American statistics, eighty-five percent of the American press and 100 percent of American films, this campaign was conducted on a larger scale than any other propaganda operation in the history of the world.

By misinterpreting the racial concept the Jews pretended that the Germans were claiming sole supremacy for the German nation over all other nations. Thus they succeeded in estranging the other nations from Germany. They distorted the racial theory by insinuating that Germany wanted to conquer the world and on the basis of this theory was claiming world supremacy. The Nineteenth Century magazine in its issue of September, 1943, during the height of the war, admitted on the contrary that: "The general belief that Germany started this war to achieve world power is, in our view, a mistake. Germany wanted to become a first-rate power, but to be a first-rate power and to achieve world domination are two different things. Great Britain is also a world power but she does not rule the world."

The Jews also falsely interpreted the theory of "Blut and Boden" (blood and soil), i.e. the theory that a man belongs to his native soil; the concept of a unity between a country and its inhabitants was so twisted as to suggest that the Germans claimed all those territories in which any inhabitants of German origin happened to be living. By this means they aroused the jealousy of all independent European nations where German minorities were to be found. Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Bohemia, Rumania, and other neighbouring states began to regard with distrust the German Reich.

They tried to explain away Germany's steadily growing export trade as a preparation for war and attempted to make the world forget that Hermann Goering's slogan of "guns or butter" had a precedent in the boycott by American Jewry. They ridiculed the sincerely pro-British parts of Mein Kampf, at the same time working on the fears of both (76) East and West by quoting certain passages of this book out of their context.

This poisoning of the mind was thus stimulated on a gigantic scale throughout the world. When the German administration tried to stop this trouble-mongering at home it was promptly accused of dictatorial tyranny. As a background to all these forms of anti-German propaganda there was, of course, the undeniable fact that the abolition of the reign of gold together with the establishment of peaceful cooperation between capital and labour was a real shock for Jewry. World opinion was induced to believe that the German worker's living standard was rising only because of rearmament. But, in fact, they knew very well that large workers' settlements were everywhere under construction, and that the existence of the workers and satisfied families was a living refutation of those things taught by Jewry for over a century.

"What can have happened?" they asked one another in fear. "Have these hated Nazis really wrecked the splendid theory of the Marxist class-struggle which was serving our ends so well?" as Bettelheim expressed it. Can great cities such as Berlin, Vienna and Budapest get along without Jews? Can a nation really live without exploitation, without a Jewish nationalist press, without the films, theatre and Jewish "mercenary spirit"? After all, we have kept the whole world under our influence for centuries by suggesting that without our cultural activities, our business sense and supercilious intellect all nations would perish and all "progress" would cease. And now Germany prospers without us ~ with a prosperity which is the living negation of our arrogant nationalism. Anybody looking at these steadily growing garden cities, at the satisfied and happy people and at the prospering intellectual and economic activities can see that our great nationalist writer, Bettelheim, was wrong when he predicted that world civilisation would perish without the Jews. So far, these Christians are becoming more and more satisfied, while we Jews are losing more and more ground. If the rest of the world learns about this on an international level, and if the foreign tourists and the world's proletariat see that all this is possible without us, indeed, even against us, they will realise that we have lied to them. Our politicians, journalists, trade union leaders, capitalists and labour leaders will all become liars! Therefore we must destroy the proofs! (77) 

Therefore, these nice homes with their gardens, together with the new factories, day nurseries, youth camps and hospitals must he wiped off the face of the earth. For we have at our disposal our secret nationalist weapon ~ the same one used with such effect at the siege of Jericho. Let us, therefore, sound the trumpets for our world propaganda.

World Jewry must be regarded as the sole war criminal of the Second World War because, in the first place, it prevented reconciliation between the nations and the possibility of cooperation, destroying even the prerequisites to these aims. With the help of untruthful propaganda and falsehood, and by use of radio and press, it projected a totally false world picture before the eyes of mankind. It created a general world atmosphere in which the mere utterance of the truth in connection with the German question might entail danger to life or loss of livelihood, or suspicion of high treason. All peace offers made by the German statesmen were labelled sheer lies. It derided all sober and honest plans. It made all social achievements in Germany appear as reactionary red tape, all the progress as an anti-progressive obstacle, every manifestation of the elite concept as barbarism and all forms of anti-Bolshevism as anti-democratic. Colonel Charles Lindbergh, the national hero of America, became suspected of high treason when he dared to state his honest opinion about National Socialism, based on his own personal experience.

Meanwhile, in 1938, Roosevelt, who can only be regarded as a puppet of the Jewish brains trust, sent the following gaily worded wire to Churchill for the promotion of war preparations: "You and I can rule the world!"

World Jewry declared war on Europe and on Christianity at the very moment Hitler came to power, or perhaps even before. The anti-German boycott movement flared up in America as early as 1932. Jewish organisations published full-page advertisements in the New York Times reading: "Let us boycott anti-Semitic Germany." Seeing that this did not have much result, they began to prepare the New York-Moscow axis.

Forest Davis in his book What Really Happened in Teheran, the contents of which were reviewed and published in the Saturday Evening Post of May 13th and May 20th, 1944, reveals that as early as 1933 Morgenthau was preparing for the resumption of American-Soviet (78) diplomatic relations. And the first Soviet Ambassador in Washington's land was nobody else but the bloodthirsty Soviet Commissar, Litvinov Finkelstein.

Before President Roosevelt, the direct descendant of the Rosenvelt family, came to power, all this would have been unthinkable. The common denominator that actually brought together American democracy and Soviet tyranny was ~ Jewry.

James Whiteside in an article, Mr. Roosevelt and Communism, describes with appalling vividness in the columns of the St. Louis Despatch how as soon as Litvinov appeared on the American scene, a fearful procession of Communists (i.e. of Jews) began its march towards the White House. Roosevelt gave special permission) for the installation of a very powerful Soviet broadcasting station in the Pentagon (the American War Office) thus infecting the high command of the American forces with the most pernicious propaganda.

As early as 1933, the editor of the New York Morning Freiheit, a Yiddish paper with a circulation reaching several hundred thousand copies, called upon American and world Jewry to unite all Jews in the war against Nazism. The American Jewish Congress, led by Rabbi Stephen Wise, joined the movement with avidity. In 1933, also, Rabbi S. Wise, on Hitler's advent to power, announced a "Holy War" on the part of Jewry as follows: "I am for war!" This memorable announcement was made on May 8th, 1933 (Edmonson, I Testify, p. 195). It is evident that at this time not even the outlines of the German General Staff's plans for 1940 were drawn up, for which Rabbi Wise and Co. hanged the German military leaders.

A speech had previously been delivered by Morgenthau on February 11th, 1933, declaring war on Hitler: "The U.S. has entered the phase of a second war!" announced this prominent leader of Jewish Nazism. (Portland Journal, February 12th, 1933.)

In the meanwhile, various Jewish and Communist boycott organisations were springing up like mushrooms in the United States, scheming to ruin Hitler's economy. A Joint Anti-Nazi Boycott Committee was already fully active in 1936, while Hitler, even in his wildest dreams, could not guess the exact time when the clock would strike and he (79) would have to try to free himself from the mortal embrace of the Hydra whose coils entwined the world.

It can now be proved historically that the youthful National Socialism was right in fearing that Jewish nationalism would make a fatal ring round the Third Reich from which it would be impossible to break out, even with the help of arms. But was this fear really justified? Who held power in the United States, Great Britain, France and Soviet Russia?

Concerning the question of war guilt and warmongering, the same motive remains for our consideration which constituted the principle problem of Roman law as well as of any legal system throughout the ages: cui prodest? Who will profit from the war? Whose interests are promoted by it? The only interest of German National Socialism was the maintenance of peace.

The last attempt to prevent the outbreak of the Second World War was when Ribbentrop visited Moscow to conclude the non-aggression pact with Stalin. On August 23rd, 1939, Hitler summoned to Godesberg 2,000 officers of the General Staff. This "secret" consultation was a bluff intended for Britain. So was the impressive march of endless columns on the roads, and the endless flights of Air Force formations near the Fuhrer's eyrie. Even the most stupid agent of the Intelligence saw clearly that this was a bluff.

Regarding Britain, it was evident that although war had been decided on, it was still possible to make peace, Hitler in a speech lasting four hours declared: "Do not think, gentlemen, that I am an idiot and will let myself be forced into war because of the question of the Polish Corridor!"

But at this moment an invisible hand reached out to take an active part in directing the flow of events ~ the same intriguing hand which consistently embroiled matters in the background. After the Godesberg meeting of the General Staff, Soviet Russia signed the non-aggression pact with Germany. This was closely followed by the Bromberg massacre engineered by another invisible hand.

This real war crime, recorded in detail, together with the relevant proofs, in the German White Paper published in the autumn of 1939, was later hushed up in Nuremberg. Although the artificially constructed horror scenes of the "Todesmuhle" (Mill of Death), for the shooting of which wax figures were used in the various scenes, (80) were shown in the cinemas, the film of these horrors which had really happened, as published in the White Paper, were never shown in any cinema. Women with truncated breasts, mangled male corpses with the sexual organs cut off, bodies of German babies and four- to five-year-old children impaled on butchers' skewers. Thousands and thousands of slaughtered innocent people about whom the "humanitarian" world remains silent. These were German victims in Poland, whose population was saturated with three million Jews, and where the Jewish-dominated press had by then whipped up hatred and the desire for war. By this time the German and Polish divisions were standing face to face on the frontiers. It was no longer a question of the Corridor, but a flaming brand had been thrown right into the gunpowder barrel. Whose hand and money was in this massacre? Was it brought about by the extreme patriotism of the Polish people or was it coldly calculated and satanic planning? Was it a Soviet or an English hand? Such a thing is hard to conceive. Nevertheless this is the decisive question in determining war guilt.

To see hecatombs of massacred victims well before war had even started was a thing National Socialist Germany could not tolerate. This situation was forced upon her in order that Britain and France could begin a preventive war against Germany.

And so, on September 1st, the next day, the German divisions were really marching. "Since dawn today we are shooting back!" said Hitler in the Reichstag.*

* Late at night on Thursday, August 31st, 1939, the Editor was listening in to Gleiwitz, a radio station on the German-Polish frontier but just inside Germany. Suddenly, after midnight, the musical programme stopped and excited German voices announced that the town of Gleiwitz had been invaded by Polish irregular formations marching towards the emitting station. Then the station "went dead". When received again at about 2 a.m. (Friday) Polish was being spoken. Cologne radio gave out that German police were repelling the attackers of Gleiwitz. At 6 a.m. (Friday, September 1st) the German Army invaded Poland.

A few days after the outbreak of war, the Editor saw a small paragraph in the English press to the effect that the Germans claimed, among other things, that the Poles had started the war by invading Gleiwitz early on Friday morning. (81)

"We will, of course, be told tomorrow morning," writes Maurice Bardeche, a French Professor, "that Hitler has attacked Poland. Certain people have been waiting and longing for this moment. They were expecting this attack, having been hankering and praying for it. These men are called Mandel, Churchill, Hore-Belisha and Paul Reynaud. The great league of Jewish reaction was determined to have its own war. This was its holy war. They knew very well that only such an attack could give them a chance to capture public opinion. It will not be very difficult to find the necessary proofs in the German archives that certain gentlemen in cold blood prepared the conditions which made this attack inevitable. Woe betide them should the true history of the war ever be written."

Though the first part of the great world plan succeeded, and on September 3rd, 1939, Great Britain and France declared war on Hitler, nevertheless the two most important partners, America and the Soviet Union, were still missing.

The greatest secret of the Second World War is still due to come to light and shock the world. Perhaps it will be laid only after the fall of Bolshevism, when the archives of the Kremlin will be available. What promises were made by the western world conquerors to the eastern? The Soviet Union showed another face towards the German Empire. This face was cool, sedate and sometimes a little mystically Asiatic or patriotic but had no Jewish features. The most horrible blunder made by the leaders of National Socialism was when they believed this change to be genuine. Ribbentrop during his conversation with Sven Hedin said that Bolshevism had changed for the better and that Stalin was a great man. (Sven Hedin, Without Commission in Berlin.)

Stalin, the cunning Georgian, however, did not believe the same of National Socialism. Before signing the pact with Ribbentrop, he suddenly demanded another Baltic port. Hitler agreed to this, sending his approval by telegram. On learning this news, Stalin remarked shrewdly to Molotov: "Germany has just declared war on us! My only reason for asking for this port was to test the Germans. I knew all along that if they let us have this port they intend taking it back from us later." (Plevier, Moscow.)

Despite this, both parties were scrupulously observing the full text of the pact, including the division of Poland and the question of oil deliveries. Hitler, Ribbentrop, Goering and even Goebbels were all taking meticulous care not to hurt the sensitive Russian Bear. Stalin bids farewell to Krebbs, the German military attaché, with a kiss. All the signs seem to show that this alliance of fire and water is genuine.

Then one day Molotov, Soviet Commissar, husband of the beautiful  (82) Bolshevik Jewess, Karpovszkaja, and brother-in-law of Mr. Carp (Karp), one of the greatest war industrialists in America, appears in Berlin. The date shown by the calendar is November 10th, 1940. France is lying prostrate, while over the British Isles the great air battle is raging. The German Army is taking a rest. Then Molotov places on the table the Soviet demands. They contain claims to the Dardanelles, the occupation of Finland and hte conquest of the Far East. Everything they contain is unacceptable to Germany. These demands can hardly have originated anywhere else but from the Anglo-American opponents of Germany.

The leaders of Berlin were now confronted with the consequences of their greatest error.

Bolshevism, after all, had not changed; it was only wearing a different mask. The power in the Kremlin remained Jewish, only its real character remained invisible until it succeeded in involving Germany in the Second World War. By this time, the Kremlin must have had guarantees in hand that the "arsenal of democracy" would help the Soviet with money and arms against Germany.

As we all know, Felix Frankfurter, one of the most influential men of the U.S., had by now prepared the Lend-Lease Act and it was approved by Congress as well. But will this war prove to have been in the interests of America? No, it will not! The war will not be in the interest of the American people but in the interest of American Jewry exclusively, i.e. in the interest of persons like Manuilsky, Beria, Morgenthau and Bernard Baruch, as well as of the emigrants from Germany and of the refugees from France. Asis shown by statistics of the Gallup Poll (also in Jewish hands) on June 3rd, 1941, 83 percent of the American population was against entering the war.

What real interest had America in re-crossing the ocean once more? The German admirals, Raeder and Dönitz, had clearly stated that invasion of America was as impossible as an invasion of the moon. Senator Barkley pointed out on March 31st, 1941, that had Germany wanted to attack America the deliveries of arms to Great Britain would already have provided a good reason for this.

Sober American people could see no reason why they should be involved in the war. Charles Lindbergh said: "The entry of America into the war would lead to chaos lasting several generations." Mr. Ickes, the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, himself of Jewish descent, (83) replied to this by accusing Charles Lindberg of being the Quisling of America. Eighty-three percent of the American people, including Republicans and Isolationists, are Quislings too, just because they did not want to march behind Morgenthau!

Roosevelt himself, impelled as he was by the brain trust towards war, was obliged to admit that the Americans did not want to intervene. America cannot even be suspected of having any commercial interest in the war through the arms traffic, for this was an ideological war. Therefore, world Jewry began shouting the command of the Protocols as the Christian armies approached Moscow: "We will answer you with American and Chinese guns."

If mankind were capable of serious thought it would have asked itself: "What was the point in America's entering the war, and especially on the side of the Soviet?"

The responsible German leaders issued the following statement: "It is quite certain that the peace which will follow the German victories will not be of the Versailles type but will be a peace for the benefit of all nations. The people of those countries occupied today will regain their freedom but in the common interests of all nations they will have to compromise with certain legalities and conditions."

At the same time Roosevelt sent the following message to Congress:

"A peace treaty at this time which would give control over the occupied countries to Hitler, would amount to the recognition of Nazism and to the likelihood of a new war. We want to secure freedom, including religious freedom, for all nations and for each individual."

"Religious freedom!" says this neat slogan. But freedom of which religion? By this time the Christian armies invading Russia could see for themselves the closed churches by the ruins of Christianity which had been destroyed by Bolshevik Jews, as well as, perhaps, the statue of Judas erected by Bolshevism in commemoration of Christ's betrayer. But from the cataclysm of war, from the surge of blood and fire, from the smouldering ruins of destroyed cities, from the thunder of bombs dropped on innocent children, Roosevelt, the most fateful figure of the 20th century, now emerges!

"This war will be Roosevelt's war!" the right-wing Republicans (84) were saying. But people like Morgenthau, Baruch, Frankfurter, Einstein and Oppenheimer, knew better: "This war will be our war! World Jewry's war!"

For Roosevelt, this late descendant of the Spanish Sephardim, was the prototype of the 20th-century politician. In him was to be found the personification of the Protocols, although he was world deliverer and puppet at the same time. Standing behind were the real masters of America. Freemasonry and the Elders of Zion, Zionist leaders and bankers and the Galician-born trade union Bolsheviks. "He is our President!" they said, "and his war will be our war!"

We have substituted a caricature for the "real government", say the Protocols, with the President elected by our creatures and slaves ~ the mob.

It is obvious that by now nearly the whole of the American legislative and executive power was in the hands of Jewry. The "anti-Semites" could only see the little Jews crowded in Galician ghettos or the small grocer of Brooklyn. Jews stood also behind the chair of Roosevelt, beside the successor of Washington!

At this time when Roosevelt was trying to involve the United States in war against the expressed wish of 83 percent of the American population, Jewish power in the U.S. Government was to be seen by the following appointments:

Bernard M. Baruch, the unofficial President of the U.S.

Judge Samuel Roseman, the founder and head of the brains trust, Roosevelt's unofficial advisor.

Professor Raymond Moley, "Favourite Personal Advisor ".

Professor Felix Frankfurter, "Chief Legal Advisor" (Securities Act Author).

Henry Morgenthau, Senior, Unofficial Advisor (Jewish State Lawyer-Author).

Justice Benj. N. Cardozo, Unofficial Advisor.

Gerald Shwope, Unofficial Advisor.

E. A. Filene, Unofficial Advisor.

Charles W. Taussig, Brains Trust Advisor.

Nathan Margold, Interior Dept. Solicitor.

Charles E. Wyzanski Jr., Labour Dept. Solicitor.

Professor Leo Wolman, Labour Strike Board.

Rose Schneiderman, Labour Advisory Board (Radical Labour Unionist). (85)

Isador Lubin Jr., Labour Bureau Statistical Expert.

Sol. A. Rosenblatt, Amusement Administrator.

E. A Goldenweiser, Federal Research Director.

Jerome Frank, General Counsel.

Mordechai Ezekile, Economic Advisor Agricultural Dept. (Co-Author A.A.A. Laws).

Herbert Feis, "The Brains of the State Dept.".

Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury.

David E. Lilienthal, TVA Director.

Sidney Hillman, Labour Advisory Board.

L. N. Landau, PWA General Solicitor.

L. A. Steinhard, Minister to Sweden.

Professor Albert E. Taussig, NRA Advisor.

Alexander Sachs, NRA Code Authority.

Maurice Karp, NRA. Director of Personnel.

Robert Freshner, CCC Forest Army Head.

Robert Strauss, NRA Assistant Administrator.

Donald Richberg, NRA Advisor.

H. I. Strauss, Ambassador to France.

Ferdinand Pecora, Special Investigator.

Samuel Untermayer, Stock Exchange Bill Advisor.

Professor James M. Landis, Federal Trade Commissioner.

(The Hidden Empire. p. 12.)

A hidden power, able to keep under its control a country of 150 million people, governing from key positions through its brains trust and from behind the Presidential chair, is a terrible thing to contemplate. But Roosevelt required the help of this far-reaching and omnipotent power in order to involve America in the Second World War.

From American sources no secret had been made of the fact that, after trying in vain to drag America into the war against the expressed will of public opinion, Roosevelt carried on provoking the Japanese with various schemings and plottings [e.g. the Roosevelt administration prevented oil and rubber, vital resources for Japanese industry, from going into Japan which Cordell Hull, Secretary of State, knew would provoke Japan into declaring war against the US] until they were left with no other choice but to attack Pearl Harbour. During the German assault against the eastern half of the world kingdom, Japan, the other potential enemy of Bolshevism had to be neutralised, even if it meant the entry of the U.S. herself into the war.

But under no circumstances did Roosevelt want to enter the war (86) before securing his re-election as President for a third term of office. This is the reason why he said in 1940 at Philadelphia in his pre-election speech: "I say to you fathers and mothers again… again, and again, your sons shall not be sent to die on foreign soil unless attacked."

Rear Admiral Robert A. Theobald, ex-commandant of the American torpedo flotilla stationed at Pearl Harbour, in his book published under the title The Real Secret of Pearl Harbour, exposes how Roosevelt prepared and provoked this attack against the U.S. With a series of irrefutable proofs Rear-Admiral Theobald establishes that Roosevelt himself brought about the catastrophe of Pearl Harbour. On November 26th, 1941, he sent such an insulting note to Japan that she was left with no other choice but to attack. "With the help of the note of November 26th," states Admiral Theobald, "President Roosevelt purposely and irrevocably unleashed the war for the United States. Japan's attempt to avoid the stranglehold was without success. She had either to surrender or to fight, and there was no doubt about her choice."

Despite the fact that American Intelligence had acquired the secret code of the Japanese fleet several months earlier, so that the American High Command knew in advance of every movement of this fleet, the Commandant of Pearl Harbour received no message at all, informing him that, due to the outcome of diplomatic negotiations, a Japanese attack was imminent. As much as four weeks earlier the chiefs-of-staff knew very well that the Japanese intended to overrun Pearl Harbour. They even knew the exact hour the Japanese warships and carriers left their home ports to attack Pearl Harbour. They succeeded even in intercepting the secret Japanese telegram containing the text of the declaration of war and commanding at the same time that this declaration was to be handed over to the White House at the exact time the first bombs were falling on Pearl Harbour.

This catastrophe could have been averted easily, but President Roosevelt eagerly awaited the attack. He expressly forbade the American fleet to leave Pearl Harbour. Four thousand, five hundred and seventy-five unprotected American soldiers died, eighteen ships, amongst them four great American warships, were destroyed. But Roosevelt and those standing behind him attained their aim!

"I say to you fathers and mothers again… again, and again, (87) your sons shall not be sent to die on foreign soil unless attacked!" booms the promise of "our President" amid the thunder of the bombs falling on Pearl Harbour. And now he stands on the deck of the Potomac with the same hypocritical face, surrounded by other Pharisees heartily singing "Onward, Christian Soldiers", the well-known Anglican hymn. All the time he knows very well that he will scrap the recently signed Atlantic Charter in much the same way as he broke his promise to American fathers and mothers. To the Pope, Roosevelt writes that the Russian form of dictatorship is not as dangerous to Christianity as the German type of despotism.

Roosevelt, who was a well-informed politician, knew very well that this was not true. So did the advisors standing behind him. Nevertheless, they declared it to the Pope and to the nations of the world. Those advising him and compelling him to make hypocritical promises were well aware that through exploiting his vanity they could lead this "democratic" dictator into any venture.

"F.D.R. is our President!" Yes ~ the President of men like Litvinov, Frankfurter, Kaganovich and Baruch. Perhaps he is the Messiah himself, whose shadow hovers over the bombed-out ruins of Christian churches, over the smouldering debris of Budapest, Berlin, Vienna, Sofia and Belgrade. Today it is an acknowledged fact that, before his death, Roosevelt was envisaging himself as the first proclaimed President of the world republic through the medium of the revived U.N. and there were definite plans relating to this already drawn up.

"… and ye shall possess greater nations and mightier than yourselves" sounds the eternal promise. The fact that Roosevelt "progressed" from peace to war, from the New Deal to the firm of Dupont Nemours, from the Atlantic Charter to the Yalta Agreement, from the promise given to the Pope of establishing and maintaining a just peace to the principle of unconditional surrender, from freemasonic humanism to the Morgenthau Plan and from democracy to friendship with Bolshevism is the tragedy of mankind. All this is an appalling example of a statesman corrupted by Jewry. He is the "philanthropist" who causes the bombing of women and children, the "champion of peace" who prepares war, the "great democrat" who is a much greater dictator than Hitler himself, and the leading "American" who by his actions turns out to be ~ a Jew. (88)

The most calamitous figure of the 20th century is neither Hitler nor Stalin ~ it is Roosevelt.

And in those days when Christian armies were so near to the Soviet capital that they could see the spires and turrets of Moscow, and when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour, it was only appropriate that Churchill should go to the telephone and say to Roosevelt: "Now we are all in the same boat!"

Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill! Behind them the Eastern and Western Jews ~ Kaganovich and Baruch!

"The emblem of our nation, the symbolic serpent, has closed its ring" say the Protocols.

Not long after these events, a photograph appeared in Life. Harry Hopkins, one of Roosevelt's closest advisers and administrator of Lend-Lease, stands in the middle of a group. On his right, Litvinov Finkelstein presents a greasy grin to La Guardia, who is handing over in accordance with the Lend-Lease Act the first American cheque to the Soviet Union.

It is a sum of eleven thousand million dollars, contributed by the hard work of American fathers and mothers to aid Soviet barbarism and to help the Bolshevik dictator.

Well, had not a visionary written in his ignored prophecy: "The Western Jew will equip an army of twenty million men in the East to destroy Christianity and civilisation and to establish the Jewish world kingdom!"? The prophecy of Cassandra has come true and the evidence to prove the identity of the real war criminals has also been established.

Forrestal, who became American Secretary of War during Truman's Presidency, and who was probably killed by the sinister power that dominates the world, records his conversation with Joseph P. Kennedy in his well-known diary under the date of December 7th, 1945. Kennedy had been Roosevelt's Ambassador in Great Britain at the beginning of the last war. The entry in question reads: "I played golf with Joe Kennedy today. I asked him about his consultations he had in 1938 with Roosevelt and with Neville Chamberlain. He thinks Chamberlain was convinced that Britain had no means to enable her to fight against Hitler. Therefore Chamberlain was not entertaining the idea of going to war against the Hitler regime. Kennedy's own view at that time was that Hitler's (89) Germany will be fighting against Russia without being later involved in war with Britain. William C. Bullitt. (also of Jewish decent), Roosevelt's Ambassador to France in 1939, was pressing Roosevelt persistently to take the firmest possible stand against the Germans in the Polish question. Were it not for the ceaseless encouragements given from Washington, the English and French would never have made a casus belli out of the Polish question. Bullitt maintained emphatically, said Kennedy, that the Germans will not fight. Contrary to this view, Kennedy was of the opinion that the Germans will go to war promptly and that they might even overrun Europe. Chamberlain came to the conclusion ~ said Kennedy ~ that America and world Jewry had driven Britain into the war!"

Let us admit, therefore, that the real war criminals were never brought to trial at Nuremberg. (90)

Chapter Seven: Why Hitler Had to Go

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