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The World Conquerors
Chapter Seven, Why Hitler Had to Go

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By Louis Marschalko (1903 - 1968)
Published 1958

The World Conquerors: Chapter Seven, Why Hitler Had to Go (1958)

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Chapter Seven: (pages 91-98)

Why Hitler Had to Go

COULD not all this be merely a nightmare of "anti-Semites"? Is it possible after all for a five- or six-percent racial minority to drive an immense country like the U.S.A. into war? Is it possible for the Soviet to fight side by side with the hated capitalists? Let us review the strength of this racial minority in the two giant countries. Let us begin with the Soviet Union since we know by now that her founders and leaders came mostly from the ranks of the world conquerors.

During the great purges, the world conquerors sacrificed a few individuals from their ranks. But the places thus vacated were filled by others even more loyal to Stalin's dictatorship. Stalin's wife, Rosa Kaganovich, is the daughter of Lazarus Kaganovich, ex-Commissar of Soviet heavy industry. At the outbreak of war, power in the Soviet Union was in the hands of the six members of the Kaganovich family and in those of the head of the secret police; Beria was also of Jewish descent. According to American reports, general conversation in Stalin's home was conducted in Yiddish, even up to quite recent times.

Many of the commissars have Jewish ideas. Molotov's wife is a Jewess, whilst Litvinov Finkelstein, ex-deputy commissar of foreign affairs, so capitalistic in appearance, was the visible link between the eastern and western halves of this tribal nationalism.

In 1935, Yeats-Brown brought out his book European Jungle, and on page 181 we read that "in the Central Committee of the Communist Party, consisting of fifty-nine members, ninety-five percent were Jews, i.e. 56 members while the other three members were married to Jewesses; Stalin, Labov and Ossinsky."

Sometimes Jews risk bragging about the power they exercise, for example, in the American Jewish Chronicle of January 6th, 1933 (page 19), we find the following: "In Soviet Russia every third Jew is employed in an administrative capacity!" (91)

This actually means that out of the three-and-a-half million Jews in Soviet Russia more than one million hold administrative offices in various key positions of the Bolshevik dictatorship. They are the most loyal, intelligent and fanatical supporters of the Bolshevik system. They become commissars, party leaders, loyal Soviets, provincial governors and senior officers, as well as commissars of the Army and of the N.V.D.

After the great purge ordered by Stalin at the end of 1936, the top rank officials of the forty Soviet Republics, i.e. the party secretaries who were holders of actual executive power, consisted of four Russians, two Armenians, one Georgian, one Buryat and forty-one Jews. (World Service, 1936, I 1.)

When in 1941 the European armies crossed the Soviet frontiers, they were shocked to find Soviet rule more Jewish in character than had been proclaimed even by Streicher's propaganda. Beginning at the Polish frontier, in all the provinces up to Stalingrad, Jews exclusively were the leaders of the towns, the commissars in charge of the collective farms and the chiefs of police. All Soviet commissars, all secret police officers and leading officials captured by the Germans belonged, without exception, to the same world-conquering race.

The High Command of the Soviet Army also contained many Jews, and in this connection we find the following quotation in a book entitled The Hebrew Impact on Western Civilisation, published in New York in 1951, by Dagobert David Runes: "In the war fought against Hitler there were 313 Jews amongst the Soviet generals."

J. Zaltzman was in charge of the production of tanks, and Abraham Wikbosky controlled the arsenals and gun foundries of the Soviet Union. Mikoyan directed all war production and war contracts.

It is quite understandable, therefore, why these co-racialists tried to escape from the European troops when they had a chance to do so. But the Russian and Ukrainian populations could relate many appalling crimes committed by these people. The proofs are not far to seek. Any soldier serving on the Russian front can corroborate these facts by his own experience.

The fearful power exercised by more than half a million Jews thus kept the so-called Soviet system in being. The statement of certain propagandists that the Bolshevik system does not suit the Jews because (92) they cling to private enterprise is simply ridiculous. Wherever Bolshevism was established Jewry promptly changed its commercial and industrial key positions for those of public office. Thus the grocer became the police officer and the shopkeeper a state official. The partisan of the first stage (of the Protocols) was thus transformed into the professional soldier of the second stage.

All this was known by a few Americans. Hamilton Fish, a congressman of New York, as early as 1933 referred to the Jewish character of the Soviet, and certain data and figures were published in the Congressional Records of February 29th, 1933. According to these the Soviet Government, including the governments of the provinces, consisted of 503 members of whom 406 were Jews. Out of the twenty-three members of the local Soviet in Moscow, nineteen belonged to the race of the world conquerors. Among the forty-two editors and publishers of the official press were forty-one Jews, led by David Zaslavsky, editor, and Ilya Ehrenburg, publisher of Pravda. Douglas Reed, the eminent English journalist, reported in 1938 that press censorship in Russia was firmly in Jewish hands, and that a certain Epstein controlled film production.

Whenever any connection between Jews and Bolsheviks is exposed, western propaganda readily points out that now and again anti-Semitic tendencies are to be observed in Russia. But the truth is that until the end of the Second World War, Soviet Russia was the only State in the world in which "anti-Semitism" was declared a crime by law and in which the "criminal" often suffered the death penalty. All this logically follows from the teaching of Lenin that: "'Anti-Semitism' is the means of counter-revolution." This tenet in a reversed sense is an open admission that Bolshevism is, in fact, a form of Jewish domination.

Louis Levine, President of the Jewish Council of Russian Relief, visited the Soviet Union after the Second World War, and wrote a series of articles under the title Soviet Russia Today, in which be testifies to the greatness and unchangeability of this domination. He writes, among other things: "Special concern for the Jewish people has characterised the Soviet Union since its birth in 1917. A week after Tsarism was overthrown, the infant Socialist Government, headed by Lenin, abolished national (93) oppression, making it the first country in the world to declare 'anti-Semitism' a crime." He also mentions with pride that many famous surgeons, generals and top officials of the Soviet are Jews.

This same Levine in the course of a speech in Chicago on October 30th, 1946, while giving a full account of his visit to Soviet Russia, said, "Many of the high-ranking Government officials in Russia are Jewish. Many other Jewish officials did not look Jewish but they spoke to me privately in Hebrew or Yiddish. The Jewish people are unanimous in their love for Stalin. They regard him as the greatest friend of the Jewish people. They attribute to his understanding of national minorities and to his leadership the new exalted status of Soviet Jews."

Jewish rule is the sacred legacy of Bolshevism. Referring to those Jews holding key positions in the Bolshevik system, Lenin himself said: "The role of Jewry will be most important in laying the foundations of the new world order. Jewry possesses adaptable characteristics together with outstanding intelligence and extreme cruelty. A Russian could never treat Russian counter-revolutionaries as cruelly as a Jew can." (Lenin, God Of the Godless, by F. Ossendowski.)

In the modern dictatorship everything is under the control of a hidden power! More precisely, under the control of the person or group wielding the tommy-gun. The foregoing statement and the frank testimony of a leading Jewish personality shows clearly that in the Soviet Union this absolute power, which is based on the activities of one million Jews in key positions, is actually the power exerted by Jewry over Soviet Russia.

A Jew is a Jew more than anything else, even when actively engaged in promoting the cause of Bolshevism. First and foremost he is a Jew and only afterwards is he a Bolshevik, just as he is a Jew primarily before becoming a champion of Democracy. He regards the establishment of Jewish power and security as a matter of supreme importance; only upon its achievement will he impart a Jewish character to Bolshevism or to Democracy, as the case may be. Therefore, it can be truthfully stated that in fact Soviet Russia is not under Bolshevik dictatorship but under Jewish dictatorship.  (94)

Bolshevism like liberal democracy serves only as an excuse and a cloak. From Jewry's point of view, Bolshevism represents a higher phase of the development of Jewish power than Democracy does. In a Democratic government the danger always exists that at some time clear-sighted statesmen or skilled demagogues might succeed in exposing the illegal hidden power and in unmasking its holders. Though Jewry may control nearly everything in Democracy, there remains, perhaps, a two percent chance of losing everything. But in the Soviet Union there is not even a half percent chance of this. For here the power in the hands of the Jews is absolute. The Russian people are reduced to the status of bondsmen, cannon fodder and slave-labourers to the Jewish power.

But let us have a closer look at that liberal democracy which, when it entered the war, became the ally of Russia, thanks to the efforts of Roosevelt and his brains trust. Are the United States still the America of Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson? Whilst the capture of power in Russia was achieved with the help of the tommy-gun, the same feat can be repeated in the case of liberal democracy also, only by different means. Here Jewish leadership can be materialised through the monopoly of the Press, of gold and of currency-control and by secretly influencing public life.

As we mentioned earlier, when America entered the Second World War, out of Roosevelt's seventy-two advisers, fifty-two were Jews. According to The Hidden Empire, eighty percent of the national income of the United States is controlled by Jews. Behind Roosevelt there were all the great world bankers with a financial network covering the whole of the globe. When Roosevelt came to power the State Department and the key positions of the Government immediately began to be penetrated. Parallel with this penetration a great purge began in the ranks of the officers of the armed forces, as a result of which officers with "Nazi" tendencies were sacked, i.e. those who probably would not be too enthusiastic to fight Roosevelt's war.

Robert Edward Edmondson in his book I Testify (page 46) paints an original picture of the Roosevelt administration, depicting it in the shape of the Magen-David (six-pointed star). In the middle of the star Roosevelt can be seen with his administration surrounded on four sides by L. D. Brandeis, Felix Frankfurter, Bernard M. Baruch (95) and Henry Morgenthau, Jr.

On the six points of the star the following names are to be found, showing those who have actual power, those who, in fact, are running the Government of the United States:

1.  Rabbi Wise, Sidney Hillman, Samuel Dickstein, Herbert H. Lehman, James P. Warburg, Samuel I. Roseman.

2.  Dave Stern, Henry Horner, Louis Kirstein, David J. Saposs, E. A. Goldenweiser, Rabbi Samuel Margohes.

3.  A. Cohen, Gerald Swope, Adolf J. Sabbath, Isidor Lubin, Jr., Mordehai Ezekiel, Moissaye J. Olgin.

4.  Samuel Untermayer, Benjamin J. Cardoso, F. H. La Guardia, Dave Dubinsky, Jerome Frank, Robert Moses.

5.  A. Goldman, W. C. Bullitt, A. J. Altenmeyer. L. A. Steinhardt. Albert Einstein, Rose Scheiderman.

6.  H. Feis Ben Cohen, Nathan Margold, Walter Lippman, David E. Lilienthal, William M. Leiserson.

This is a terrible power, when we remember that it was supported by the entire Press, all the editors of which were Jews, led by Arthur Hays Sulzberger and by the whole radio network under David Sarnoff and also by the Hollywood cinema propaganda industry with its ninety-five percent Jewish majority, led by Adolph Zukor. Neither must we omit the various political labour factions and unions directed by Sidney Hillman, Dubinsky and similar people, nor the various courts of justice in which by this time Jews pass judgment over the descendants of the early pioneers. Closely associated with this power we find La Guardia, the Mayor of the greatest city in the U.S.A., and around him legions of Jewish Communists, as well as Herbert H. Lehman, the Jewish Governor of New York State. Then there are Einstein, Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard and Lilienthal, the high priests of the new Atomic Sect reinforced by revengeful masses of refugees from Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Rumania, Czechoslovakia and Poland coming to occupy key positions in American war production. They contributed propaganda for the War Office, ninety-five percent of which was imbued with a hatred akin to that found in the texts of The Old Testament.

From these positions they prepared a war of revenge from which mercy and decency were excluded, not to mention the chivalry of past ages. Thus they degraded the war to the level of a series of bestial massacres. By means of U.N.O. they prepared to exchange (96) American key positions for ministerial rank in the cabinet of the future world government. Ben-Gurion and Chaim Weizmann stood by in readiness to revive and to re-establish one of the main pillars of world rule ~ the State of Israel. They issued their orders to the soldiers of Washington, and replaced the White Cross insignia on the steel helmets of the American 6th Division with the Magen-David (six-pointed star). They ordered the bombing not only of Germany but of all the monuments of European culture. They delivered arms to the Soviet Union and gave her eleven thousand billion dollars out of the pocket of the American taxpayer.

This Jewish nationalism bears no ill will towards the Soviet Union. But if Hitler should win, or if the Christian nations should make peace among themselves, then that would mean the end of world domination. But if the warriors of the two different phases follow the plans of the Elders of Zion and join forces, they will surely establish their rule. Then the capitalist and Bolshevik leaders of the same nationalism will dominate the world. This is a gigantic coalition of the ill-informed American population and the 200 million mass of Soviet Russia's enslaved peoples.

The Stalin-Ribbentrop pact was itself a snare to entrap Germany. The scruples and misgivings of the German General Staff, trained on the doctrines of Clausewitz against a war on two fronts, had to be dispelled. It was thus easier to bring the Germans into the Second World War, which was actually declared on them by the Jewish Congress as early as 1933. When Hitler later found himself in the war up to his neck, suddenly Molotov, the husband of the beautiful Karpovskaja, appears in Berlin and places on the table the Soviet demands. Those Jews who had temporarily vanished through the trap door of the Kremlin in August, 1939, all reappear on the scene once more. Hitler now had a terrible war on his hands on many fronts.

Meanwhile the new immigrants poured into the United States demanding vengeance. Immigration had, by this time, become an exclusive Jewish right and privilege. The Jewish Synagogue in 1930 had an active membership of 4,081,242. But according to the World Almanac of 1949 this number must have increased quickly, since in 1947 membership was up to 4,770,647. Jews were now making up a considerable percentage of the yearly immigration figures. In 1936 (97) this percentage was 17.21%, in 1937 22.59%, in 1938 29.07%, in 1939 52.35%, in 1940 52.21%, in 1941 45.83%, in 1942 36.86%, and in 1943 13.83%. These Jewish newcomers, immigrants from Eastern European countries, did not settle at the bottom of American society, they did not live the wretched life of refugees. On the contrary they were fitted into jobs in the American Press, in offices, politics and the film world. They were no longer traders and businessmen. They were the carriers of that hatred, vengeance and Bolshevism which destroyed Holy Russia.

All that rottenness which in the first place had called National Socialism to life and caused the downfall of the Weimar Republic now became firmly resettled in America where according to the book The Iron Curtain Over America, the term "Fourth Reich" became the nickname for those districts overrun and occupied by immigrants who had fled from Hitler. Their voices were to be heard in the broadcasts on American radio networks; they spoke in ten or fifteen languages. Their articles were read by millions in the national papers. The humanitarian methods of American democracy were not satisfactory to these people. So they praised the Soviet in America and strained every effort to threaten the destruction of American democracy should it be reluctant to help the Soviet Union sufficiently. For them, the real friend and liberator was not America but the Soviet Union.

In the issue of the New York Herald Tribune of December 22nd, 1938, appeared a letter from Mrs. Sarah Finkelstein protesting against an earlier article, in which it was alleged that out of the 400,000 Jews of Chicago very few became members of the Communist Party. Sarah Finkelstein says in her letter that she had lived in Chicago for thirteen years and thus knew by experience that 98% of the 400,000 Jews of Chicago were all convinced Communists.

And now simultaneously, Nemesis on mankind proceeded from both New York and the Kremlin. It was the Jews' war and the peace would be theirs too. "Whoever wins this war - we will be the real victors!" (98)

Chapter Eight, The Real Victors of the Second World War

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