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The World Conquerors
Chapter Eight, The Real Victors of the Second World War

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By Louis Marschalko (1903 - 1968)
Published 1958

The World Conquerors:: Chapter Eight, The Real Victors of the Second World War (1958)

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Chapter Eight (pages 99 - 114)

The Real Victors of the Second World War

WHEN America entered the Second World War many people believed that the greatest democracy in the world was going to fight for the principles of the Atlantic Charter.* Lying propaganda deceived the eighty-three percent majority of Americans against the war into believing that Bolshevism was the same as Democracy, that Soviet terrorism was freedom, and therefore that it was absolutely necessary to cross the ocean and save "humanity".

* A document containing eight points drawn up by Mr. Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt on a warship in the Atlantic in August, 1941. Although a very important document since it declared the intentions of Britain and U.S.A., it remained informal and was not in fact signed (to obviate necessity for approval by the U.S. Senate.). The eight points were briefly as follows: 1. No aggrandizement, 2. No territorial changes without wishes of the inhabitants, 3. Restoration of self-government to those deprived of it, 4. Access to trade and raw materials by all peoples, 5. Improvement of labour standards and social security, 6. Freedom from fear and want, 7. Right to traverse the high seas without hindrance, 8. Disarmament of aggressor nations pending permanent system of general security.

A certain part of belligerent Europe was also taken in by this propaganda. Those who organised the resistance movements and those reluctant to enter the war on the side of the axis-powers were all hoping that Roosevelt would not let loose the pest of Bolshevism on Europe. Every superficial sign seemed to indicate that after all American Capitalism and Soviet Bolshevism could never be brought together into a lasting alliance. It seemed beyond all belief that American democracy was waging ideological war against the "German form" of dictatorship, in alliance with the most cruel dictatorship of all.

But this appearance was misleading. For supranational Jewish "Nazism" was the real cohesive force of the alliance, that force which, as we already know, played such an important part in the Roosevelt administration as well as in the Soviet system of Stalin (99) and Kaganovich. For those behind the scenes there was one war-aim only ~ the establishment of their absolute world-domination. If this cannot be achieved, then according to the ancient principles of "Divide et Impera!" the globe must be divided; the Eastern Hemisphere to be ruled by the tommy-gun and the Western Hemisphere by gold, but tommy-gun and gold are to be the same hands. One World!

Is it not written in the holy book of the Jewish Fuhrer: "And thou shalt consume all the people which the Lord thy God shall deliver to them…" (Deuteronomy vii. 16.)

Let us not forget that all-out warfare was not invented by modern strategists and that Torah, the Mein Kampf of the Jews, points the way of those fighting for the "One World" principle: "But thus shall ye deal with them; ye shall destroy their altars, and break down their images, and cut down their groves, and burn their graven images with fire." (Deuteronomy vii. 5.)

"… ye shall destroy their altars!" The Atlantic Charter is to be perceived here with its shop-window propaganda, the text of which was written by Samuel Rosenman according to Time Magazine, August 18th, 1941. Let American boys believe they are fighting for higher ideals. But, say the Protocols, the real plans will be known by us to the exclusion of everybody else! "Violence and Hypocrisy." Though the Atlantic Charter is what we promised, it is not freedom we are preparing for the world, but absolute and total servitude. We will tell the Germans that we want to eliminate the "Nazis" only, but our plans are ready and we are going to put them into effect.

And so in 1941, even before America entered the war, certain plans by Maurice Gomberg were published relating to "A New World Moral Order for permanent peace and freedom" (Maurice Gomberg, Philadelphia, February, 1942). See page 104 of E. J. Reichenberger's book Europa in Trümmern (Europe in Ruins). This is shown on a map printed in Philadelphia. It is the most incriminating evidence against those who dreamed of exterminating whole nations and races before America was even at war.

The work is presented in such a way as to appear to be a draft of a world map after the Second World War, when the United States (meaning, by then, the Jewish world government) would take control of the whole world and would establish the New World Moral order (100) to ensure lasting peace, freedom, justice and security and to carry out reconstruction.

According to the map, Canada, Greenland, the Azores and the Canary Islands, as well as innumerable smaller islands between Japan and Australia, belong to the U.S.A. as protectorates. Sumatra, Java and Borneo are annexed to the British Empire. The frontiers of the Soviet Union extend from Vladivostok to Cologne and the Rhine is the western frontier of Bolshevism. "Our frontiers are on the Rhine!" did not Roosevelt say? Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Rumania are shown as member states of the U.S.S.R.

This map is another shocking proof that the aim of world Jewry is to rob small nations of their independence and drive the whole world under the yoke of its reign of terror. Austria and Germany, coloured on this map in red, are put into "quarantine". China appears to remain an independent state, but Iran is shown on the map as part of the Soviet Union, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal appear on the map as members of the new United States of Europe. But the accompanying explanatory notes are even more interesting than the map itself, as we learn from them that a new "world moral order" must be built up. In this new moral order Talmudic morals will have the upper hand. This is the despotism of the Jewish world state. "It is from us that the all-engulfing terror proceeds," say the Protocols, and the organisers of the new world order are here evidently listing everything they have dreamed of and wish to put into effect. It will be quite sufficient to expose here the most important points of these plans.

The Soviet Union, collaborating with the U.S.A. to preserve freedom (!) and peace, will obtain exclusive control over Austria and Germany, in order to "re-educate" these states and afterwards to annex them as equal members of the U.S.S.R.

After the war the Holy Land, known at present as Palestine, is to be united to Trans-Jordania and adjoining territories by "historical right", as well as on the ground of the necessity of having a demilitarized independent Jewish Republic to facilitate the solution of the refugee problem. This Jewish territory is marked on the map as "Hebrewland".

As to war criminals, there was as yet no Moscow declaration in (101) existence, since, apart from the Bromberg Massacres, there was no knowledge of any war crimes. Nevertheless, American world Jewry was already proclaiming Nuremberg in advance. Clause number 30 on the map states: "The criminal perpetrators and their partners in guilt of this hideous war shall be brought to justice and unforgettable punishment administered."

The plans for the murder and deportation of whole nations were also ready and were put into effect at Potsdam where the schemes worked out by world Jewry as early as 1940 were obediently signed by the Allied nations.

We learn from the notes on the map that Japanese subjects as well as persons of Japanese origin and therefore of doubtful allegiance, are to be expelled from the Western Hemisphere forever. They are similarly to be expelled from islands under U.S. protection. Their assets are to be confiscated and put towards the cost of postwar reconstruction. All Germans and Italian subjects, as well as persons closely associated to them, who spread Nazi and Fascist ideology, are to be treated likewise. (It is revealing that the Government of the U.S. is unable even today to refund the seized German assets of 300 million dollars.) German, Italian and Japanese immigration to the Western Hemisphere as well as to all islands under the protectorate of the U.S.A. is to be stopped indefinitely.

Here world Jewry again reverts to the ancient commandments of Torah, which aim at securing undivided Jewish rule over the Western Hemisphere. "… thou shalt smite them, andutterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them." (Deuteronomy. vii. 2.)

For the purpose of cleansing the axis aggressors of military chauvinism, of smashing their military power, or recovering booty and of reeducating them to return to the family circle of nations, states Clause 36 of the world plan, German, Japanese and Italian territories are to be put in quarantine for an indefinite duration of time and are to be administered by governors under the supervision of the United Nations.

Well, here we find foreshadowed well before the outbreak of war, events which actually took place after 1945! And have we not seen the payment of Reparations made by Western Germany to Israel, (102) together with the occupation of much of Europe by the re-educators, C.I.C. agents and the dismantlers of the attempted but frustrated, Morgenthau Plan, and finally the governing on behalf of Jewry of European territories byRussian and American "stooges"?

The magnitude of Jewry's world conquest is demonstrated bythe fact that of all the war aims and promises, including the Atlantic Charter, the only plans achieved were those above mentioned together with some small adjustments.

All raw materials and industrial production of territories under quarantine, continues Clause 37 of the world order, will be used for post-war reconstruction.

Other clauses explain that all persons born in East Prussia or the Rhineland will be expelled from the occupied territories and their estates confiscated for reparations. For potential military reasons, a plan must be elaborated to control the birth rate of the territories in quarantine and thus reduce the numerical strength of the aggressor nations.

This is the very first instance in the history of mankind that a nationalist minority has openly renounced a law of nature and proclaimed its intention of destroying other nations. "And thou shalt consume all the people which the LORD thy God shall deliver thee…" declares Torah.

This is the opportunity, therefore, to expatriate the people of East Prussia, the Rhineland and other eastern countries. Twenty-five million displaced Christians must be expelled from their native lands, birth-rate control must be introduced and the Morgenthau Plan, which could bring about the starvation of forty percent of the German population, must be put into operation.

Never can world Jewry efface these terrible murder charges. The more so, since it not only prepared the plans, but as we will see later, executed them too.

The Gomberg Massacre Plan, backed by most powerful American-Jewish organisations, and its methods are not new. Several thousands of years ago Moses had prescribed for this tribal "Nazism" how a war must be conducted, as well as how to make peace: "And when the Lord thy God hath delivered it [the city] into thy hands, thou shalt smite every male thereof with the edge of the sword.  (103) But the women, and the little ones, and the cattle, and all that is in the city, even all the spoil thereof, shalt thou take unto thyself…" (Deuteronomy xx. 13-14.)  The Atlantic Charter is still on display in the shop window of promises.

Samuel Fried, the well-known Zionist and pacifist, during the early part of the 1930's, while still in the flush of the First World War victory, does not hide the mass murderer psychosis which is to be found in the drafts of the later peace treaties. "People dreading the revival of German power will never again see the restoration of Germany's military might. We will nip in the bud every effort to restore it and finally, should the danger persist, we will destroy this nation hated by everybody, both by partition and also by dismembering the country, as well as by ruthless mass murders."

In 1934, Samuel Roth characterised the intense hatred later manifested in the propaganda and peace plans of the Second World War. In his book Jews Must Live, edited by the Golden Press Inc., he writes as follows: "We are still the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We mix with the nations under the pretext that we are fleeing from persecution, we, the most ruthless persecutors whose cruelty is unmatched in the annals of the history of mankind."

Before 1945 there was a widespread belief that the so-called "Bolshevik Jew", being filled with resentment and bitterness, had no chance to become cultured and thus turned into a sadist directly he got a tommy-gun in his hand. "But the cultured western Jews are different," went the popular dictum. They were humanitarians and philanthropists who contributed generously to the Red Cross and towards the funds of free meal relief. Only the bloody terror of Mandel-Rothschild, the French Home Secretary, foreshadowed in 1940 the fate Europe could expect once these humanitarians returned to the Continent as victors.

This Mandel-Rothschild executed several hundreds of French people in the name of national unity, demanding resistance from every Frenchman against the German peril. Later, when the French front collapsed, Mandel-Rothschild was the first to flee from France. (104) But by this time his hands were covered with the blood of hundreds of French people. His political conduct was the first revelation of the intense passion and animosity hidden under the Western Jew's cloak of culture and humanity.

When at the beginning of the Second World War the voice of the Western press and radio became savagely distorted and slogans of a "humanitarian" world were broadcast (such as: "Make the Germans eat arsenic!" by a U.S. columnist), evidence multiplied to show that this was no longer a warlike spirit, still less one of the Geneva Convention, but one of sheer murder. It is extraordinary to hear men of high intellectual capacity, such as writers, university professors and publicists, all suddenly speaking in the middle of the twentieth century the language of Old Testament prophets inciting to murder. It is a shock to realise that in the security of freemasonic lodges, "democratic editorial offices" and Zionist associations, books, articles, essays and political speeches are conceived and written, all proclaiming murder. These are not the unavoidable casualties of war but murders and cruelties planned for the ensuing peace.

Theodore Nathan Kaufman, in his book [link for download] Germany Must Perish(edited at Newark. see p. 104), wrote as early as 1941 that after the war Germany must be completely dismembered. Kaufman demanded that the German population, both male and female surviving the aerial bombings, be sterilised in order to secure the total extinction of the German race.

The same hatred flares up in Maurice Leon Dodd's book How Many World Wars (New York, 1942), in which the author proclaims that no Germany and no German race must be left after this war. Charles G. Haertman in his book There Must Be No Germany After War (New York. 1942), also demands the physical extermination of the German people. Einzig Palil, a Canadian Jewish writer, in his book Can We Win the Peace? (London. 1942), takes a similar stand demanding the dismembering of Germany and the total demolition of German industry. Ivor Duncan, another Jewish writer, in his article Die Quelle des Pan-Germanismus which appeared in the March, 1942, issue of Zentral Europa Observer, demanded the sterilisation of forty million Germans. He estimated the total cost of his scheme to be five million pounds sterling. (105)

Douglas Miller, writing in the New York Times in 1942, states that seventy million Germans are too many. Exports and imports must therefore be so regulated that more than forty million Germans will starve.
In the library of the American House in Munich, on page 456 of an American book entitled Joy Street, by Frances Parkinson Keyes, written for the greater glory of overseas propaganda, we read: "As Major David Salamon said: 'Could I have had the chance to choose my job in this war, I should have picked the same task I was actually assigned. Right through France, right into Germany to destroy everything. Never in history has there been such a war. I am glad that I can tell my grandchildren that I was there and took part in the revenge. I thank God for this. When finally we reached Germany we began to destroy and devastate everything. Then I realised that this was what I was waiting for, this was what I was living for. My only regret is that I was unable to destroy and kill more as we had not much time left for it. When we reached Wiesbaden our tempo became slower for there was nothing left we could attack, bomb or kill. We made such a perfect job that we had to stop for a while.'''

These are the "Atlantic Charters" of the ambitious men who are seeking to bolshevise the world and to destroy the nations, and they have been, to a great extent, realised. Thus the great vision of the Protocols lives through the war. At times it may appear to be sheer propaganda. But barbarism is contagious and eventually responsible officials are infected with it.

Behind Morgenthau, Harry Dexter White and other champions of culture drew up plans for the total destruction of Germany. The Atlantic Charter may promise freedom but the proposals of the world federalists are ready too. These are the dreams of the same unique supranational "Nazism". To abolish all national frontiers together with the freedom and independence of the nations and to establish world government ~ precisely as prescribed by the Protocols: "In place of the rulers of today we shall set up a bogey which will be called the Super Government Administration. Its hands will reach out in all directions like nippers and its organisation (106) will be of such colossal dimensions that it cannot fail to subdue all the nations of the world." (Protocol V.)

There is little doubt that the commands of the Protocols were obeyed by the United World Federalists during the war when they submitted proposals for a world government. These proposals were the exact opposite of those principles laid down in the Atlantic Charter.

"The nations must surrender their sovereignty to a world government because the age of independent nations is over," emphasised Robert Hutchins, Chancellor of the University of Chicago. "All armies, fleets, air forces and atomic bombs must be under the world government. The Panama Canal, Gibraltar, Okinawa, the Dardanelles, Aden, Singapore and the Kiel Canal must all be under the administration of the world government. The laws of immigration and citizenship must be abolished. A world court and a world bank must be established. The world government must be formed. The most important thing is to destroy that dangerous perversion called patriotism."

One world! One world government consisting of the fifty-two Jewish advisers of Roosevelt's brains trust. In the place of patriotic independent countries, there will remain but one country, a country belonging to the world conquerors. There will be one patriotism only: that of Jewish world nationalism.

Not only Jews take part in this feverish planning. Behind them are Fabian socialists, the freemasonic lodges, and even certain sects of the Protestant Church.

Only some time later did we learn from the investigations of the McCarthy Committee as well as from John T. Flynn's book The Road Ahead, how powerful a certain sect of American Protestantism had grown during the Second World War, which saw in the Bolshevik system the fulfilment of certain of Christ's ideals. This was the same sort of aberration, which bemused the Christian world about seven hundred years ago, when told of Genghis Khan's conquests. But the rumour spread that in the East a great Christian empire had arisen, not the empire of the Mongols but that of "Prester John". He, it was said, ruled Christ's earthly kingdom, which would be soon established in Europe thus fulfilling the ideals ofChristendom.

This was one of the superstitions of the Middle Ages, whereas the (107) rumour connected with the Soviet was nothing else but carefully planned propaganda originating from freemasonic lodges and Jewish circles. Marxists infiltrated into the ranks of the Council of Churches in America and started to spread the remarkable theory of "God's Kingdom". According to Dr. Jones, America represents "best quality" in individualism, whilst Russia stands for"best quality" in collectivism.

But this "Kingdom of God" is not the Kingdom of Christ, which is "not of this world". It is the Kingdom of Jehovah, the Empire of Old Testament "Nazism ". This is the Kingdom of David foretold by the Protocols and represents absolute and unchallenged rule over the whole globe.

But many, many battles, much bloodshed, scheming and aerial bombing are required to achieve this. For though bloodstained and bombed, Europe still stands between Western and Eastern "cooperative" man, between the Western and Eastern Jew. "... Ye shall destroy their altars, and break down their images, and cut down their groves, and burn their graven images with fire." (Deuteronomy vii. 5.)

The target of the bombing was by this time no longer German National Socialism but the Munich Pinakothek, the houses of the workers and the Monastery of Monte Cassino where the Christian culture of Europe was born. The two thousand years of Christianity were the target now, together with its symbol ~ Christ's Crucifix ~ which was spat upon by the Polish grandfathers of Morgenthau while passing over the plains of Poland. (Jan & Jerome Tharraud: In The Shadow of The Crucifix.)

It can be proved that Jewry thwarted all efforts during the Second World War to reach an armistice and establish peace and understanding. Roosevelt's brains trust was behind the demand for unconditional surrender, and by his own personal appearance at Casablanca. Morgenthau forced Roosevelt to be uncompromising in demanding it. By this move Jewry succeeded in prolonging the war for two more years.

Even were there no proofs of Jewry's aspirations, the notorious Morgenthau Plan would still remain as an eternally incriminating document. It could not be proved, even in Nuremberg, that it was the intention of the Hitler regime to annihilate Jewry. Nevertheless (108) Jewry, in its blind thirst for revenge, wished to destroy forty percent of the ninety million Germans.

The Morgenthau Planis a grandiose, undeniable historical proof of this. Jewry wished in cold-blooded premeditation to murder an entire nation. It is characteristic that the full details of this plan were never published in America. Perhaps this would have been too much even for American public opinion. But the plans of Mr. Morgenthau, Secretary of the Treasury in Roosevelt's administration, aimed at depriving Germany of her industry and of all means of livelihood; even the growing of sugar beet was forbidden! "We will turn Germany into a pastoral country!" stated Morgenthau's broadcasting service.

The Quebec Agreement is another undeniable proof of this in writing: "The purpose of this programme is to transform Germany into a mainly agricultural and nomadic state." (William L. Newman, Making the Peace. 1941-1945, page 73.)

Who is Morgenthau? McFadden, an American Congressman, had this to say of him in Congress on January 24th, 1934: "Through marriage he is connected with Herbert Lehman, Jewish Governor of New York State, and through marriage or in some other way he is in relationship with Seligman, owner of the great international banking firm of J. & W. Seligman, who during a Senate investigation was proved to have attempted to bribe a foreign government. Morgenthau is related to Lewinsohn, the international Jewish banker, and also to the Warburgs who together control Kuhn, Loeb & Co., the International Acceptance Bank and the Bank of Manhattan, and have, besides, many other financial concerns and interests both at home and abroad. These bankers caused a shortage of three thousand million dollars in the U.S. Treasury and they still owe this sum to the Treasury Department and to the U.S. taxpayers. Morgenthau is also connected with the Strauss family and is either related to or connected with various other members of the Jewish banking world in New York, London, Amsterdam and other large financial centres."

During the great financial crisis, Morgenthau was Under-Secretary to the Treasury. When Roosevelt ordered him to raise the price of (109) gold to $35 per fine ounce, he obeyed with alacrity. And in the evening he made the following entry in his diary: "Had the public understood how we fixed the price of gold they would have received a considerable shock."

Morgenthau suggested that Roosevelt should buy up 100 million ounces of silver above the current price, in order to capture the goodwill of senators representing the "silver states" of the U.S. and thus score Roosevelt's victory at the next Presidential elections. Whilst such a use of the taxpayers' money meant splendid business for the family group of the Morgenthau banking houses and also promoted the Presidential re-election of Roosevelt, it brought 450 million Chinese and 350 million Indians into a desperate economic plight. In China, as well as in India, silver is the only metal from which coins are minted, and the price of silver due to the above purchases rose higher and higher. After Roosevelt's silver buying transaction, China could export only by selling her products one-third cheaper than previously, and consequently her population suffered more from starvation than before. At that time, whole provinces joined the camp of Mao Tse-Tung, the Communist leader.

Morgenthau is, therefore, only second to Bernard Baruch as the most powerful leader of Jewry. He is supported by the press, the banking world and nationalist masses of the world conquerors, who are unanimous in their fervour and admiration for him. What Morgenthau does is done with the full approval of the whole of Western Jewry and he is supported by Eastern Jewry as well. Some time later, in the Press Club of Hamburg, Christopher Ennel, the well-known American radio commentator, made some very interesting disclosures about the origin of the Morgenthau Plan. During the treason trials of Alger Hiss, it was shown that the Morgenthau Plan was worked out by the Communists with the help of the Soviet Union. Only after the McCarthy investigations was it possible to clarify the real facts.

Behind Mr. Morgenthau, the Western Jewish banker, there was another dark figure, Harry Dexter White, Assistant Under-Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department. The latter was born in America, but his parents came from Russia, the land of pogroms, and so brought with them all the fanaticism and hatred of Eastern Jews. Later, as one of the directors of the International Monetary Fund (110) appointed by President Truman to represent the U.S.A., he became one of the chief members of the spy ring working for the Soviet under the direction of Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, a government official in an executive capacity, appointed by Roosevelt. He was the author of the notorious Morgenthau Plan. Morgenthau, who was then Secretary of the Treasury, took it with him to the famous Quebec Conference.

The memoirs of Cordell Hull (American Secretary of State, 1933-44) testify what this double-faced tribal nationalism intended to do. According to Cordell Hull "the Morgenthau Plan aimed at the massacre, enslavement and liquidation of the German people."

"Shorty after the return of the President," writes Cordell Hull, "I told him angrily that the Morgenthau Plan contradicts common sense and could never be adopted by the U.S. Government. I told him that the plan would wipe out Germany from the face of the earth for ever, whilst forty percent of her population would starve to death as the land can feed only sixty percent of her population."

The war propaganda was first concentrated on the necessity of defeating the "Nazis". But when the Jews thought they had won the war, they wished to exterminate the whole nation. At that time, no Jew pointed out that the principle of collective punishment might, like the proverbial boomerang, return to strike the thrower.

When the Morgenthau Plan was completed, Jewry was able to repeat: "The emblem of our people, the symbolic serpent, has closed its coils again! We are the nation wielding the power of a victorious 'Nazism'. Winston Churchill, the Premier of the victorious British Empire, is still at Quebec. Possibly, he still represents the real England and, at any rate, it was he who, in 1920, wrote a spirited 'anti-Semitic' article, and whose better conscience is still in arms to prevent the peace that follows the war being turned into vengeance. This Churchill has no idea what everlasting hatred feels like. He still fondly believes that England has won the war, therefore we will show him that there is no real power or real victor any more in the Christian world which has been ruined in this fratricidal war, except ourselves, the people of Morgenthau! And should he be (111) reluctant to believe it, then he too must be made acquainted with the might of Judah."

During the Quebec Conference, Morgenthau pointed the Knife of Shylock at Churchill's breast.

He could either accept the Morgenthau Plan or let Britain go bankrupt. He must either support Jewry's revenge, in which case Britain would receive a 6,500 million dollar loan, or else he must announce national bankruptcy- and that even before the war was over.

"What else do they want from me? Do they expect me to sit up and beg like a dog?" asks the old British stalwart indignantly. But at his side sits the atom physicist, Lord Cherwell, his good friend, whose original name was Lindemann who is of the same blood as Morgenthau. And he explains to Churchill that he has no choice but to accept the terms, so great by now is the victory of Morgenthau's nation ~ world Jewry.

Are all these things nightmarish dreams of Sadducees or are they plans of twentieth-century writers, publicists and statesmen? Are these people in consultation politicians or sadists? How the "peace" was prepared is laid by the pro-Red Richard B. Scandrette, one of the members of the American Reparations Commission. His account was recorded in Congressional Records (June 7th, 1945): "Germany will not exist any longer, only German provinces under Russian, American or British colonial governments. In these the living standards will be lowered to the level of the concentration camps and exile territories of Siberia. All classes of Germans will be ruthlessly forced down to the same level. As a final solution these territories will be governed by a Reparations Committee of the United Nations, and this Committee will decide how many Germans are needed in each of the provinces to secure the standard of minimum agricultural production. All German males not needed for this scheme are to be conscripted into compulsory labour battalions and sent to America or Soviet Russia, especially to those regions of Russia destroyed during the war.

"No regard is to be paid in the enslavement to the education, family connections, or dependent wives or children of the German deportees. No exemptions to be made of the clergy either. (112) Full understanding was reached between America and the U.S.S.R. regarding the question of religion in Eastern Europe. The Russian Orthodox Church, after regaining the favour of the Kremlin, will be the "official' religion in the Baltic republics, Poland, Eastern Germany, Rumania, Bulgaria and Hungary. The Roman Catholics will be cut off from Rome."

"The Society for the Prevention of World War III", the most fanatically Old Testament organisation of Morgenthau, especially demanded that the revengeful clause relating to the dismembering of Germany be carried out. All Germans should be expelled from neutral countries. American businessmen should be given no visa to visit Germany. For the next twenty-five years no German person may receive any visa to visit America. Marriage with German women is to be forbidden and German women may not enter the U.S.A. Postal communication with Germany is not to be restored.

All these stipulations were signed not by dictators, but by such brave champions of freedom as F. W. Foerster, Julius Goldstein, Isidor Lischütz, Emil Ludwig, Erich Mann, Cedrik-Forster, E. Amsel Mowre, Guy Emery, Shipler, W. E. Shirer, and Louis Nizer ~ But they were not Bolsheviks. They were all civilised men of the Western World. That Jewry planned all this is proved, not only by the quotations above, but also by the German people themselves who saw this too and fought so fanatically against it.

"It is through me that kings reign," proclaims Protocol V. And in Quebec the subdued Churchill bows before Eastern and Western world power, before the earthly god, the power of gold.

"The new world state can now come. Now the glorious day of the 'Kingdom of God' is at hand.

"Behold! From the East our victorious Bolshevik armies are attacking a rapidly shrinking Europe. There they are: Vienna, Budapest, Berlin and Breslau in flames. In a single night more than 300,000 East civilian refugees perish amid the downpour of bombs from our 'Liberators'. In our 'humanity' we scatter graphite powder in the air. The air is burning. Mothers and their children are stifled. We fulfil Jehovah's commandment: The graven images of their gods shall ye burn with fire… ye shall cut down their groves... and shall destroy them with a mighty destruction, until they be destroyed.' (113)

"Under a burning, firmament our soldiers are attacking. They are the almond-eyed Mongolians and the semi-savage people of Turkestan and Central Asia with American tommy-guns in their hands and American rubber boots on their feet. Behind them come the American Sherman tanks. They are coming to liberate our future rulers from the concentration camps, to release our brothers!"

And Jews breaking out from the barbed wire enclosures of concentration camps embrace Soviet soldiers, quite understandably and with delirious joy: "These are our liberators!"

And Europe, reduced in part to ashes and smouldering ruins, looks out from the debris and from the cellars to see Soviet Commissars, and the arrival of the Morgenthau Boys in the wake of the American Army.

Europe scarcely dares to heave a sigh as she watches the real victors of the Second World War. (114)

Chapter Nine "Revenge is Ours" .

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