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The World Conquerors
Chapter Nine, "Revenge Is Ours"

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By Louis Marschalko (1903 - 1968)
Published 1958

The World Conquerors: Chapter Nine, "Revenge Is Ours" (1958)

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 Chapter Nine (pages 115 - 128)

"Revenge Is Ours"

ON May 9th, 1945, the revenge of Jehovah was turned loose over Europe. The planes of the British and American Air Forces were still called "liberators ", but Eisenhower announced: "We are not coming here as liberators but as conquerors."

But were the Americans, in fact, the real victors? In the wake of the advancing American forces a sinister fifth column followed, the members of which in ninety-nine percent of cases were not Americans. This revengeful army was made up of emigrants from Eastern European countries, of black-market operators from Brooklyn ghettos, of Czech, Polish and Hungarian Jews who took refuge in London and of criminal inmates from the liberated concentration camps. They filled all major and minor posts in the C.I.C. organised according to the Morgenthau Plan; they swarmed in the O.S.S., in the various commissions searching for war criminals, as well as in the American security organisations. They became mayors of German towns and commandants of P.O.W. camps. They administered La Guardia's U.N.R.R.A. They occupied key positions in the American forces and thus exercised control over them.

There were only 2,524 German war criminals on the original list of the U.N., but soon the C.I.C. and the American conquerors were conducting a search for one million German "war criminals". At first the Soviets wanted to shoot 50,000 Germans summarily, then they proposed to bring 200,000 "war criminals" to trial at Nuremberg.

Simultaneously, the conquering flood began to move eastwards. A mass of several hundred thousand released from the concentration camps surged towards Poland, Hungary, Rumania and Yugoslavia, to become officers in the Communist police forces and other terror organisations and to assume judicial powers in the people's tribunals and so be able to pass sentence upon innocent people in an orgy of revenge. They were welcomed with open arms by the Soviet M.V.D. (115) who were in control of the Eastern European countries. The pattern was everywhere the same. In the forefront there was either an American, a Soviet or a French general but in each case a Jewish deputy dogged his heels.

Actually, Europe did not fall under the Russians, British or Americans, but under Jewish occupation. Everything that had rightly or wrongly belonged to Europe for 2,000 years now disintegrated. The avengers continued doing (but more cruelly) the very things they had set down as crimes against Hitler. This was no occupation by the forces of American democracy or Bolshevism but by those of a victorious Jewish nationalism glowing with hatred. Ensconced in key positions among the occupying powers, they were able to punish everyone, whether innocent or guilty. In their eyes there was but one crime ~ to have opposed, or to be in a position to oppose ~ Jewish nationalism.

To be a Jew in Europe became a greater privilege than any enjoyed by even reigning princes of the Middle Ages. The railway stations were guarded by special Jewish police and an identity check of Jews could be carried out by Jewish police only. They received their food ration cards without queueing. For a while, immediately after the war, only Jews received travelling passes, thus securing for themselves free movement and the unrestricted monopoly of the black market. In the refugee camps they were the chief caterers for U.N.R.R.A. as well as the privileged beneficiaries of this relief. Thus, they snatched the best rations from Poles, Ukrainians and Czechs, their former fellow-prisoners in the concentration camps. At the same time, on the roads, military policemen overturned cans and spilled milk to deprive German children and hospital patients
of their diet. In German cities, working-class families were turned out of their homes by the tens of thousands, thus rendering vacant the nicest workers' settlements. The victims had to leave behind everything ~ furniture, kitchen equipment and cooking utensils, clothing and even linen, thus forcing the German people to recompense three times over in the form of Wiedergutmachung (reparations) the actual value of the goods confiscated from the Jews. Uniformed Zionist guards were posted at camp gates and, at first, for a while, even the Military Police of the victorious American Army could not enter Jewish camps. Victorious Jewish nationalism was granted (116) similar rights in the East, in Slovakia, in some parts of Rumania, in Hungary and Bohemia. They took possession of the flats and furniture of the Gentiles, occupied key positions in government offices and in editorial posts of the national press. Concurrently, former Jewish journalists returned to Germany and took complete charge of the newspapers of the occupied zones, and began to incite revenge upon the German nation on its own soil.

"It is from us that the all-engulfing terror proceeds…" wrote the Protocols fifty years ago. And now, backed by Soviet and American arms, the most dreadful terror descended on Europe, often without the Americans and English being aware of it. Hitlerism and the war was finished with, but neither peace nor law and order or justice or democracy were restored.

The Western and Eastern Jew set out hand-in-hand to liquidate the Christian upper classes who had succeeded in escaping to the West from Bolshevism. These were considered unreliable people. Vlassov's Cossacks, for instance, wanted to fight against Bolshevism. But whoever resists Bolshevism is actually fighting one section of the Jewish world-kingdom. These Cossacks knew very well who were the commissars of the collective farms (kolkhoz) before whom the Russian peasant had to go down on his knees. In 1940, they had seen the "Russian" M.V.D. entering Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania and thus knew the Jews almost exclusively organised the deportation of tens of thousands of unfortunate people from these small Baltic states. These people were dangerous because they had witnessed certain things. These witnesses must be slain!

How can one account for the fate of Vlassov's Cossacks otherwise than by Jewish nationalism operating behind the visible power. How else could such inhumanity be accounted for when British democracy allowed armed military police to deploy against thousands of unarmed Cossacks?

"I was calling on Vlassov," writes Laszlo Gaal, a Hungarian journalist, "when a lieutenant wearing a German uniform and whose forehead was bathed in blood, burst into the small country cottage and reported direct to the general standing amongst his three staff officers: "'Sir,everything is lost! We are to be handed over to the Bolsheviks!'" (117)

You who are reading this book did not see the P.O.W. camp with its fourteen feet high wire fencing and its wooden barracks. You never heard that cry of despair when the white-belted and white-helmeted military police came to hand the Cossacks over. Tear gas bombs had to be thrown into every room. The Cossacks hurriedly knotted their shirts into ropes to hang themselves before the military police could force its way in. They barricaded the doors, then broke in the windows and fought for every piece of broken glass in order to cut open their veins. Old friends tried to cut each other's throats. Those unable to die this way tore off their shirts, offering their bared breast, shouting; "Shoot here, for I am not going back to Soviet Russia." (Pittsburgi Magyarsag, July 2nd, 1954.) (Also Magyarok Utja, edited in Argentina.)

The clamour of the same executioners was heard throughout Europe from the English Channel to the Black Sea. It was not Nazism that had to be liquidated now, but the leaders of the Christian nations irrespective of political creed or party.

Those who rounded up "war criminals" by the ten thousand and tortured both guilty and innocent in their jails were, almost exclusively, Jews. The commandants, captains and secret agents in the jails for "war criminals" at Salzburg and other places, as well as in the notorious Marcus Camp were, almost without exception, Jews dressed in American uniform. According toa Jugoslav refugee who had been in the camp at Klagenfurt, its British Commandant, who handed over "war criminals" and compelled them by force to return to Communist dictatorship, proudly put a notice on his desk sporting the inscription "I AM A JEW!"

The Jews handed patriots over to the gallows and to the common grave. They handed over 100,000 gallant soldiers of the Croatian Army to the partisans of Tito and to Moša Pijade, who summarily executed them all.

The caves and abandoned trenches of Slovenia were utilised as common graves. Vlassov is a symbolic figure in this great tragedy, in the slaughter of millions. He was the last person capable of rallying an army of several million men under his flag against the Stalinist dictatorship. So, naturally, this symbolic personality was handed over by the Western democracies to the Bolshevik terror regime. To the Jew, Lavrentiy Beria, was given the pleasing task of organising (118) Vlassov's public execution in Moscow. And because all this happened with the approval of America, an incurable wound was inflicted on the soul of Europe.

Everything that took place in Eastern Europe can, perhaps, be explained away by the cruelty of the Bolsheviks, although we know very well that the agents of Jewish nationalism were its real instigators. At the end of the war the casualties of the German Reich amounted to 8,300,000 dead; 3,300,000 German soldiers were killed in action; more than 2,500,000 of these in the fight against Bolshevism. 1,200,000 civilians, amongst them many women and children, were killed in air raids. More than 1,400,000 men perished or were murdered in captivity by the Eastern and Western allies, mostly in Soviet P.O.W. camps. 2,400,000 Eastern Germans were butchered by the Soviet occupation forces invading East Prussia, or killed by an aerial warfare blindly extended to include the civilian population. To all these things hypocrites can retort: "Well, after all, this is what is called total and all-out war!" But nobody could explain away by referring to "total war" what happened in Czechoslovakia on the day of the armistice. When the last Wehrmacht units left Prague, Jewish Communists, led by Slansky-Salzman, returned from Moscow to the Czech capital where they proceeded to gather together the revengeful ex-prisoners of Hitler's concentration camps ~ the "liberating" partisans.

"The Czech Communists made very clever use of those unfortunate Jews," wrote Vilag on March 15th, 1953, "who came out of the extermination camps half dead. They put these Jews in charge of the expatriation of Sudeten-Germans and Hungarians. The idea was not at all new as Lavrentiy Beria did the same when he used Polish and Ukrainian Jews to hunt down the Ukrainian and Polish 'anti-Semites', i.e. those who could be supposed to have collaborated with the Nazis."

And because they believed that this supposition could be extended to include nearly everybody, they began a campaign of revenge unprecedented in the history of mankind.

When Edvard Beneš, the great humanitarian, the "bel espirit" and master of freemasonry entered Prague on Sunday, May 13th, 1945, German citizens were burned alive in his honour in St. Wenceslas Square. (Document No. 15 concerning the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans.) Many Germans were hung up by their feet from the big (119) advertising posters in St. Wenceslas Square, then when the great humanitarian approached their petrol-soaked bodies were set on fire to form living torches.

Six hundred thousand Sudeten Germans were killed during the massacres in the earthly hell of the death camps of Czechoslovakia. The Sudeten German White Paper records these horrors with full details on more than 1,000 pages, horrors for which there is no precedent in the history of mankind. Armed Czech women and Jewesses continued hitting the womb of expectant mothers with truncheons until a miscarriage followed, and in one single camp ten German women died daily in this way. (Document No. 6.) In another camp, the inmates were forced to lick up the bespattered brains of their fellow-prisoners who had been beaten to death. German prisoners were forced to lick up infectious feces from the underwear of their fellow-prisoners suffering from dysentery. (Document No. 17.) The Czech and Jewish doctors refused all medical aid to German women raped by the Russians. Hundreds of thousands died by these means or sought salvation in suicide, as, for instance, in Brno (Brun), where on a single day 275 women committed suicide.

Naturally, the Western" humanitarian" press, the American radio network and the B.B.C. commentators took good care never to mention these facts, although they themselves were in the first place responsible for this campaign of revenge to which they instigated the members of their own nations. They were thus guilty of poisoning the soul of Christendom by the hatred they induced.

But Czechoslovakia was not the first state where horrors of this type occurred. Ana Rabinovich Pauker returned to Rumania as early as August, 1944, and under the orders of the Eastern Jews who arrived with her, massacres began there too.

According to authentic Bulgarian emigrant sources, 30,000 members of the professional classes were murdered in the trail of the invading Soviet armies by Bulgarian "proletarians", led by those "ladines" whose forefathers had been expelled from Spain by Catholic Ferdinand. Similarly, in Belgrade and Southern Hungary the name of Moša Pijade is connected with bloody "purges" the victims of which were Serbian intelligentsia, prosperous German settlers and the most intelligent Hungarian peasantry. When, in October, 1944, the German and Hungarian armies left the territories of Yugoslavia (120) and Southern Hungary an unprecedented wave of mass-murders broke over the unprotected population. Thirty thousand Hungarians, mostly peasants and smallholders, died in this bloodshed, under the savage terror regime of Moša Pijade's partisans. The Katyn Wood murders are a modest, amateurish effort in comparison with it. According to documentary proof in our hands, Hungarians, Germans and Croatians alike, died slow and horrible deaths wracked with agony. Besides the 30,000 Hungarians, nearly 200,000 Germans died in the death camps of the "liberators", where powdered glass was mixed with the children's food and where with the finesse of Chinese executioners those to perish in the biological class-warfare were dispatched, in order that their places as civic leaders and police officers could be taken by the revengeful representatives of Jehovah.

In this classic age of race murder, the case of Hungary is quite extraordinary. This unfortunate nation, even in its dismembered state after the 1920 Parish treaties, had provided 560,000 Jews with peaceful and safe homes. The Hungarian nation did not take vengeance on Jewry even after the first Communist dictatorship of Bela Kun in 1919-1920, despite the fact that Jews, almost exclusively, were the commissars and leaders of this Communist régime.

During the era between the two World Wars, 1,100,000 acres were owned by Jews out of a total of 9,000,000 acres of arable land. A Jewish minority of six percent possessed fifty-one percent of house property in Budapest, thirty percent of the total national income and twenty-five percent of the total national assets. When, after the German occupation, the state authorities listed the property and assets of Jewry amassed in less than a hundred years, it was estimated that it possessed the equivalent of nineteen wagon loads of gold, silver and jewels, whilst the total gold reserve of the Hungarian National Bank could have been loaded into twelve wagons easily. Later, the American authorities returned all this amassed wealth to Jewry.

As late as 1943, Hungary was the last refuge of the Jews in Europe. Despite this, when the war was over and the country overrun by Stalin's hordes, the revengeful spirit of The Old Testament inflicted horrors on the innocent Hungarian people without precedent in the history of mankind. Under the protection of Soviet bayonets the Muscovite emigrants returned, all of them Jews without exception. (121) Closely behind them followed many thousands of young Maccabees, released unharmed from the labour divisions of the "Fascist" regime. They soon became terrorist colonels and police officers of the M.V.D., as well as party secretaries and police chiefs of the provincial cities. From the ghettos of Budapest 200,000 Jews were released almost without loss ~ Jews whom the Hungarian Nazis had been unwilling to hand over to the Germans.

One million Hungarian women were raped by the Russian Bolshevik troops, usually led by Jewish commandants. Six hundred thousand prisoners of war, as well as 230,000 civilians, were dragged off to extermination camps in the Soviet Union. At the most modest estimate, 500,000 people were murdered by the Jews in the cells of 60, Andrássy út, Budapest, in internment camps or in the open streets. All the characteristic features of biological class-warfare can be distinguished in this campaign of revenge. The Hungarian middle classes, the intellectuals and the national leaders had to be slain so that their places could be taken by another middle-class by the Jews! And, moreover, those who presided as judges in the revolutionary tribunals were almost all Jews.

In Western Europe, a Hungarian-born "American", Colonel Martin Himmler, directed the campaign of vengeance against 300,000 Hungarians who escaped from the Bolsheviks. Was this man a Communist? Or was he an American democrat? At all events, in its issue of April 30th, 1954, the Uj Kelet (New Orient), a Zionist Tel-Aviv paper, let the cat out of the bag ~ he was neither; he was a Jew!

In the commentary reviewing Martin Himmler's work and career he is highly praised as one who came forward to "revenge the shedding of innocent Jewish blood".

One wonders whether Cardinal Mindszenty was also "a Hungarian Nazi murderer" who during the war rescued and protected persecuted Jews, and who after the war tried to protect and rescue persecuted Christians. Cardinal József Mindszenty was not a victim of the Communist terror but of racial revenge, because be had demanded an amnesty for tens of thousands of tortured Hungarians during the great massacres and gruesome pogroms directed against Christians.

Jozsef Mindszenty in his earlier capacity as Bishop of Veszprem, vehemently opposed the Hungarian Nazi Government of the day. (122) He rescued Jews whom the Germans wanted to deport by giving them Papal safe conduct passes. After the Szalasi Government came to power he protested against continuing the fighting. In the end the Hungarian Nazi Government was compelled to intern him at Sopronkohida as an enemy of the Germans and the greatest protector of Jewry.

Shortly after that the tables were turned. The armies of the Soviet barbarians occupied Hungary. Jozsef Mindszenty was released from captivity at Sopronkohida and as Archbishop of Hungary, rapidly became one of the leading constitutional figures.

Whatever his private political views may have been, he felt that, asa Catholic and leading exponent of Christianity, it was his duty to protect Hungarians against Jewish persecution, just as he had protected Jews against German persecution. In his letter written to Ferenc Nagy, Prime Minister after 1945, he pointed out clearly that "anti-Semitism" could only be successfully eradicated were "war criminals" to be granted a general amnesty and were the campaign of revenge against the Hungarian nation to be called off forthwith.

From this moment Jozsef Mindszenty, Cardinal of Hungary, who wished to check the campaign of revenge against the Hungarian people, became an "anti-Semite". Peter Fuerst, a Zionist writer, made murderous accusations against him. According to Fuerst, it was generally known in Budapest that Cardinal Mindszenty was an "anti-Semite". The printed "anti-Semitic" leaflet edited by him was in the possession of the Jewish Centre at Budapest. During the Mindszenty Trials several Jewish organisations asked if it were a fact that Mindszenty was known in the West as "pro-Semitic". Bertha Gaster, correspondent of the London News Chronicle, met Cardinal Mindszenty. During one of her interviews, Gaster was surprised to hear the Cardinal using strong terms concerning the conduct of Hungarian Jewry. At the end of the interview Miss Gaster rose, thanked him for the statements he had made, but, at the same time, let him know that she was a Jewess herself and an active member of the London Jewish Community. The Jewish Clarion of February 1949, asserted that Jozsef Mindszenty was, in fact, a notorious "anti-Semite" because he demanded an amnesty for "war criminals". (123)

At the same time the Jewish Chronicle wrote in its issue of February 4th, 1949: "Hungarian Jewish organisations have learned with great surprise that Western Jewish organisations took the side of Mindszenty, whom these statements show up as the arch-enemy of Hungarian and East European Jewry."

It was enough to brand the "pro-Semitic" Mindszenty, who saved the lives of many thousands of Jews, with "anti-Semitism" for the most sinister campaign of revenge to start against him immediately. The hatred of Eastern Jews was picked up by Western Jews so that soon, from both East and West alike a campaign was in progress against a Christian high priest whose only "crime" was to remain human and to raise his voice against the persecution of his own people.

It was Mátyás Rákosi-Roth, the Communist dictator, who entered the lists against him, whilst "ideologically" this campaign was led by Jozsef Revai, Minister of Education, whose real name was Moses Kahana. Amongst his own priests who betrayed him the first was Istvan Balogh ~ alias Izrael Bloch. Those who produced faked evidence were Ivan Boldizsar, alias Bettelheim, a press chief; Reissman, chief of the publicity department, and Gera, alias Grunsweig, deputy propaganda chief. Hanna and Laszlo Sulner who prepared "his" forged manuscripts were also Jews.

Colonel Kraftanov, the Soviet hangman, was brought specially from Moscow. Benjamin Perer-Auspitz, the chief interrogator, put him through the third degree; the Jew Karpati-Krausz, a wrestling champion, was his torturer; Imre Zipszer, the Jewish prison governor, sat next to him all the time, even during the court hearings; and finally, Balassa-Blaustein and Emil Weil administered stupefactive drugs to him.

The Primate of Hungary and the protector of Jewry thus became the victim of the Jews because he wished to prevent a campaign of revenge against his nation.

About this time, even such a well-known Communist as László Rajk, whose first wife was of Jewish origin, fell victim to the same tribal "Nazism". He used abusive language about the Jewish descent of Ernő Gerő Singer, Chief Communist Commissar in the 1936 Spanish Civil War and from this moment he was considered an "anti-Semite". It was in vain that he helped to murder the best (124) part of the Hungarian ideological elite when he was Minister of the Interior. During a party conference he frankly told Mátyás Rákosi-Roth that "Communism would not spread because there were too many Jews amongst its leaders". From that moment his doom was sealed. He ended his ignominious life on Rakosi's gallows.

The great Hungarian patriot László Endre, who finished his life on the gallows of tribal "Nazism", wrote the exact truth in his farewell letter of March 21st, 1946, the day of his martyrdom. "The contents of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are true. The means are in their hands by now to accomplish world-hegemony and they will destroy everything that might impede them in building this new world state. Therefore all that is now happening concerns in no way the administration of justice but only prevention and revenge. This entails the destruction of not only those who have done something, but also of those who might do or could have done something."

All these cases so far reported concerned defeated states. But let us see whether the position was any better in the states which won the war after sacrificing the lives and blood of their sons and risking their very existence.

Neither Germany nor her allies were the first victims of the revenge of Jehovah but rather victorious France, where, after the departure of the German troops, the fateful purge started. The blood bath of the Commune of Paris in 1871 was nothing in comparison to what took place in victorious France during the summer of 1944. Twenty thousand French lives were lost during the terror regime of the Great French Revolution; eighteen thousand French people died on the barricades of the Commune of Paris. But now one hundred and fifty thousand French citizens perished in more horrible circumstances than ever before. During the Great French Revolution there was at least some pretence of trial by courts or tribunals. But in 1944, French people were shot dead like rabbits. The victims of the Great French Revolution, the Dantons and the others, were at least able to mount the stairs to the guillotine with straight features and an unimpaired body. But in 1944, fifty percent of these French victims were half dead from torture before being killed. Their bodies were lacerated, their nails plucked out with pincers and their flesh burned by red-hot irons or cigarette butts. Behind General de Gaulle (125) a Polish Jew called Thomas, one of the leaders of the Spanish Red Brigade, was the chief perpetrator of these monstrosities. He organised common criminals from the jails together with ex-prisoners from the concentration camps into storm-troops to wreak vengeance.

"The whole massacre was brought about by the propaganda of Jews on the B.B.C.," wrote the German paper Der Weg, "who let loose the bloodthirsty devils of revenge." "Nazi collaborators" were not primarily the victims of these massacres, but peasants with large farms and the French intellectual elite.

In Belgium and the Netherlands, the same retribution continued, though with more regard to preserve some kind of semblance of legal formality. The charge of "collaboration" was brought against 480,519 people and out of these 1,208 were sentenced to death. All those who volunteered for work in Germany were convicted.

The basic motives of this campaign of revenge were not only induced by the terrible sight of the ruins but also by the guilty conscience of Jewry. The real war criminals had a foreboding that one day they might be called upon to render an account for what they had done in planning the war as well as for its barbarism. They had to produce an even greater criminal. To justify their revenge they had to find something apparently even more horrible than the 300,000 dead bodies of Dresden or the Katyn Wood murders or the massacres of Bromberg, which could be used as an eyewash to mislead public opinion. The massacres of 1945, on the other hand, could not be justified by anything else than by the magnification several hundred times over of cruelties committed by the Germans. Not only revenge as such had to be justified, but the post-war attitude of Jewry itself, which shocked a good many members of the Jewish community.

Sussmanovics, a Soviet Jew, Commandant of Budapest in 1945, summoned the author, Gizella Molinary, to his office and said to her: "Why bother me with your complaint that you are ignored and let down by your former Jewish friends? Look down on the street from my window here! The war is still raging; the Red Armies have not yet reached the outskirts of Vienna. In the German concentration camps belated efforts are being made to exterminate the Jews, yet ~ look out of this window and see what is going on down there in the street! The Jews here have little thought for their brothers pleading for their lives in distant countries. Have any of them any intention (126) of fighting to save them? On the ruins of gutted and burned shops, in the doorways of houses and even on graves, the small pair of scales and a big poster appear: 'Gold is bought and sold', says the poster. Here, the soldier throws away his rifle and the writer his pen for everyone is sitting on graves buying and selling gold. Why do you look at me like that? Because I am aware of these things? Of course I am! I am a Jew myself and I am filled with bitter rage and contrition." (From In the Shadow of the Mindszenty Trials by Aladar Kovach, page 131.)

A special technique of psychological terror had to be employed, therefore, to cover up all these things. Quite a number of Jewish witnesses gave evidence at Nuremberg that though they lived in the vicinity of crematoria they were not aware of their existence. Nevertheless, radio commentators and judges taunted the German people with: "You all knew of these! You are all murderers!" If anyone, even a bishop or a cardinal, tried to raise a word of protest and state the truth, he was silenced with the threat of "Nazi"! Perhaps he was also threatened with being handed over to the Russians. Thus not only the German people but the whole of cultured Europe was intimidated. Thus a stage was reached when nobody dared to tell the truth or state the basic facts forfear of appearing to defend murder and atrocities.

The foul propaganda campaign brought about a state of affairs in which the lie appeared as the truth, revenge as administration of justice and a truthful utterance as a condonation of war crimes. This propaganda tried to convince the ill-informed Gentile masses that the Jews were the only victims of this war and that no other nations suffered any losses whatever. It remained silent about the common graves dug for ten millions of Gentile victims and not a word was said about the massacred Hungarians, Rumanians, Bulgarians and Frenchmen. At the same time the story of Jewry's sufferings was exaggerated beyond all measure. In so doing, the privileges enjoyed by Jews in U.N.R.R.A. and I.R.O., as occupation authorities, in receiving the lion's share of the food rations and in holding the black market monopoly, were also justified. Thus they attempted to justify the outrage of handing over the elite of Central Europe to the Soviets ~ or those of them they had not murdered themselves.

A new age had now dawned in which Jewry could escape the (127) consequences of any deed, however dastardly, and the whole of Christian Europe became a happy hunting ground for Jewry's revenge. It was enough to speak Hungarian in the streets of Munich to be immediately picked up and handed over to the Communist hangman by the Military Police, whom the Jewish executioners called in promptly. Thus an atmosphere was created in which the allied military authorities not only became unable to check Jewry's revengeful excesses, but also in which their own existence was jeopardised if they showed any reluctance to offer themselves as instruments of Jewry's aims.

What, in fact, happened in Europe between 1945 and 1950 was nothing else but an uncanny materialisation of the prophecies of the "forged" Protocols.

In this way the victorious Western allies lost their independence. And in the shadow of the National Flags associated with Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence and the Code Napoleon, the Nuremberg Trials began. (128)

Chapter Ten New Purim and Nuremberg

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