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Latest Wall St. Journal/NBC Poll in Oct. 2011 Frames Cain/Romney as 'Winers' and Ron Paul as 'Also Ran'

By Ken Adachi, Editor
October 13, 2011

Latest Wall St. Journal/NBC Poll in Oct. 2011 Frames Cain/Romney as 'Winers' and Ron Paul as 'Also Ran' (Oct. 13, 2011)

This morning, I heard Bill Handel (KFI 640 AM, Clear Channel radio host), in referring to the latest Wall Street Journal (WSJ) / NBC poll (conducted Oct 6-10, 2011), put down Ron Paul-- once again-- as a 'going nowhere', nut case who, at 11 % for 1st choice as U.S. President, ranked far behind that of Herman Cain's first place ranking of 27% and Mitt Romney's second place 23 % position.

I read all 29 pages of the WSJ/NBC poll, conducted from Oct 6-10, 2011 and while I found many areas interesting, I also found that the way the poll was conducted and tabulated (using percentages instead of the actual number of people who voiced their opinion), was both ambiguous and confusing (1).

Bill Handel, a stalwart, pro-Israeli Islamaphobe attorney who has consistently carried the Bush era anti-"terrorist' party line to the hilt, has always characterized Ron Paul as someone akin to Pee Wee Herman or Curly of the Three Stooges. This is typical of the routine that most AM talk show hosts will follow whenever the name Ron Paul comes up.

I have yet to hear even one, mainstream AM radio talk show host speak positively about Ron Paul. They either ignore him completely or if they talk about him at all, they will denigrate and characterize his position as "fringe" or "way out there" or use similar derogatory epithets. They did the same thing in 2008 when he ran in the primaries.

This consistent effort to ridicule and marginalize Ron Paul as a sort of Loony Tunes personality, unworthy of serious consideration, is OBVIOUSLY a concerted and organized effort. Who cannot see it? It's about as blatant as it can possibly get.

You see, you are expected to take these opinion polls, conducted by Illuminati-controlled organizations (WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdoch and NBC by General Electric today, but was formerly owned by RCA. General Electric was founded by Rothchild agent J. P Morgan, while RCA was Rockefeller territory from Day One, therefore we understand why NBC is headquarter at Rockefeller Center Plaza in New York City), seriously.

The MSM connivance to freeze out Ron Paul and make him look bad was expressed in this blog comment posted in June 2011 after Ron Paul came out front in a poll conducted at the RLC:

"This kind of thing needs spread via all the social networking possible. It will never be reported on Mainstream Media. Ron Paul has been winning every poll out there, but the MSM continues to show him at the bottom, so that people will start to count him out and poll for someone else. I think CNN should be sued for what they did, and I think FOX should be ashamed of itself for pretending to be conservative and then ignoring Paul.

I was a victim of MSM this last election. I didn't think he had a chance, so I didn't vote for him. Now I realize that is the whole game! They won't ever admit that he is a frontrunner and over time the real polls begin to match the false polls.

Share Ron Paul with your friends and family and coworkers, and tell them not to trust the MSM, and tell them about CNN blatantly lying. Maybe it will make a difference."

Herman Cain, a former board member of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, is a convenient feather-weight who is needed by the Illuminated Ones at this time to deflect attention away from Ron Paul, while simultaneoulsy setting the stage for Mitt Romney's triumphal ascendency to "win out" over the stage prop Herman Cain and become the Republican Party's presidential candidate 'choice' in 2012, a decision already made by the Illuminati probably two or more years ago (The idea that we will have to endure yet another Armani suit (or is it Brooks Brothers?), of the George W. Bush Class, for another 8 years is more than I can handle right now. Let's hope a miracle will prevail)

My little brief commentary here isn't going to reach the minds and hearts of the millions of people who listen to AM talk radio propagandists each and every day and are influenced by what they hear. However, I can still hope that the innate intelligence and discernment of the American public will win out over mainstream media's propaganda campaign to make Ron Paul look irrelevant.

Perhaps it will work out as this blogger muses on the same link shown above:

" Romney will get clobbered in the general election. You couldn't stand McCain, but support someone to the left of him?
It's possible Cain will self destruct. We'll have to wait and see. I personally hope he wins as he would be able to beat the community organizer in Chief. Romney will not. The fact that he is the MSM's favorite candidate is all the evidence I need. Add that to Romneycare and it's dead candidate walking."

Or perhaps we'll witness a miracle (but I'm not holding my breath)

Ken Adachi


1. You can read the WSJ/NBC Oct 2011 poll here:

On page 1, it says that the poll was conducted with 1000 adults, but it also says under the heading of "GOP Primary Voters" that "An oversample of 81 interviews was conducted to achieve a total of 336 GOP Primary Voters"

Will someone please tell me: What the hell does that mean in plain English?

How does "81 interviews" result in 336 GOP Voters?

Are the 336 GOP Voters "acheived" via 81 interviews a part of the 1000 adults polled or in addition to the 1000 adults polled?

If someone can figure out how to contact the two Whiz Kids who conducted this poll, Hart and McInturff, please do, and ask them to decipher their absurd mush concerning "GOP Voters". They identify this poll as "study #11493"

All of the WSJ/NBC polls for past years can be found here:

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Ignoring Ron Paul Has Reached Comic Proportions

Friday, 14 Oct 2011

By Doug Wead

Yesterday, Ron Paul won the Los Angeles County straw poll. He had more votes than Romney and Cain combined. It was a small gathering but a confirmation of Paul's much larger victory in the California State Straw Poll last month.

And like the California Poll, it was virtually ignored by the national media. They prefer to bask in denial and focus on Herman Cain's showing in the recent Florida straw poll whose delegates were actually chosen last summer.

The distorted media coverage or lack of coverage of presidential candidate Ron Paul can sometimes reach comic proportions.

Yesterday the New York Daily News solemnly told its readers that Herman Cain, having just raised $8 million, was third in fundraising in the Republican field, right behind Romney and Perry. Don't they wish.

The truth is that Ron Paul is third and he is the candidate that raised the $8 million, not Herman Cain.

That's all right, Ron Paul supporters say. Keep it up. Nothing angers the "Paulistas" more than the flagrant favoritism and the manipulation of the media. On Oct. 19 the Ron Paul campaign is calling its next fundraiser, "Black This Out" a sarcastic response to debate hosts who purposely exclude him and blatantly promote their own favorites, regardless of the polls.

While he was the only presidential candidate in the last GOP debate to effectively use his question and while that question provoked a misstatement from the current front-runner, Herman Cain, no one seemed to notice.

Ron Paul had asked Cain why, in the past, he had opposed an audit of the Federal Reserve and why he had belittled those who were calling for it. Cain flatly denied he had ever said such a thing.

But here is the exact quote:

Some people say that we ought to audit the Fed. Here's what I do know. The Federal Reserve already has so many internal audits it's ridiculous. I don't know why people think we're gonna learn this great amount of information by auditing the Federal Reserve.

I think a lot of people are calling for this audit of the Federal Reserve because they don't know enough about it. There's no hidden secrets going on in the Federal Reserve to my knowledge.

Ron Paul's subsequent call for an audit won congressional approval and the resultant expose has stunned those who have seen it. In 2008 alone, the Federal Reserve dished out $16 trillion including money to the banks of its own board members and corporations like General Electric, which owns NBC television and the McDonald's hamburger chain.

Consider that the entire nation debt, which took years to amass, is only $14 trillion and you get an idea of why the Federal Reserve has always operated in secret, passing out its money to elitists insiders and corporations all at the expense of the rest of us who pay for it through devalued money.

Television networks no longer follow their own debates with online surveys of a winner. They rely on "Focus Groups" (wink, wink,) where they control the questions and the reporting of the results of those questions that they decide are "newsworthy."

After one recent debate the focus group of 30 people clearly picked Herman Cain as the winner of the debate while the network ignored its own, open, online poll showing Ron Paul the winner.

Why have online surveys at all? Ron Paul will win again and there will be nasty online correspondents ridiculing them for not mentioning it.

This week, one lonely media outlet, The Bedford Patch, a New Hampshire online news service, was brave enough to allow an open poll after Tuesday's Dartmouth Debate. When I voted this morning it was showing Ron Paul winning at 73 percent.

It was Sen. John McCain who first angrily referred to Sen. Rand Paul, the son of the presidential candidate, as a hobbit. The Liberty Movement has taken to the idea.

As J.R.R. Tolkien once said, "The hobbits may be little folk but they are honest and hardy and easily underestimated." So let Lord Sauron, Tolkein's antagonist, and his corporate partners and their media outlets, arm for war against Romney-Perry-Cain.

Ron Paul and the rest of the invisible band will stay on target, moving silently through the marshes, looking to Oct. 19, the next moneybomb fundraiser and a chance to speak with their dollars. Go ahead, they say to the media elites and their robber barons, black this out!

Doug Wead is a New York Times best-selling author and a former adviser to two American presidents. He is senior adviser to Ron Paul.

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