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The Alan Yurko Case
Florida Father Convicted of Shaking Baby Death-
Evidence Points to Vaccines & Medical Neglect

By Don Harkins, The Idaho Observer
August 23, 2004

Alan Yurko Evidentiary Hearing: Day 1 ORLANDO, Fla., 23 August 2004

Alan Yurko's long-awaited evidentiary hearing got off to a disappointing start here today for 40 Yurko supporters, but by lunch the tide had noticeably turned in Yurko's favor and, by 5 p.m., it was obvious that the prosecution was losing ground.

New evidence has surfaced indicating that the contraindicated administration of vaccines and medical malpractice, not shaking, caused the death of baby Alan.

The hearing began with District 9 Medical Examiner's Office Administrative Staff Supervisor, Sheri Blanton with a stack of records to be admitted into evidence.

Yurko attorney Mary Fitzgibbons alluded to the mixup in baby Alan's records and autopsy with another infant who was an older, black baby.

On redirect, Prosecutor Lerner attempted to rationalize the mixup due to the numbers of babies that must have died during the same time period. To Lerner's obvious dismay, Blanton explained that no babies died at that hospital one week before or one week after baby Alan died.

The records were admitted without objection from the state.

The opening salvo was a direct hit on the prosecution's case against Yurko. The second witness proved to be a point for the other side when Dr. Archie Kalokerinos was disqualified by the court as an expert witness. Dr. Kalokerinos's work in the Australian outback in the 60s and 70s proved that vaccines were killing and injuring large numbers of Aborigine children. He discovered that, by injecting the children with vitamin C, adverse reactions were dramatically reduced. Because his findings were met with hostility rather than being "generally accepted by the medical community" his testimony and 50 years' experience with vaccines and vaccine injuries were not to be considered by the court. Such is the course of "justice."

[Editor's note: The court may not have heard the brilliant and dedicated Dr. Kalokerinos, who flew all the way from Australia to be so disrespectfully treated, but anyone in the Orlando area Friday night 27 August will have the privilege--at a talk he will give on SIDS and SBS. A notice on this was sent previously. A reminder containing all the info and a letter from Roy B Kuspinel, MD will be sent out soon.]

Witness three was the custodian of records from the office of baby Alan's Pediatrician Dr. Richard Sagg. The records were accepted without objection.

Following was telephone testimony from Dr. Sagg of Orlando. It was not clear why he was not required to appear in person. The telephone exchanges were cumbersome---but revealing.

Dr. Sagg admitted that baby Alan was born with pneumonia, his breathing had been assisted by a ventilator and he was jaundiced. When his parents explained that their little boy was constipated and often had diarrhea, Dr. Sagg prescribed a teaspoon of Karo Syrup with a bottle of formula. He then explained that baby Alan was a healthy baby and it was safe to administer DTaP, OPV and HIB vaccines to him on the last of four visits Nov. 11, 1997.

Board Certified Internist Jerry Bush, MD was the fifth witness, and he did an excellent job of explaining how "The confluence" of baby Alan's medical problems and "medical neglect," not the alleged shaking by his father, led to his death.

Recognizing that Dr. Bush's logical and credible expert testimony was damaging his case, he attempted unsuccessfully to discredit the witness on redirect after returning from the lunch break.

His lengthy attempted assault on Dr. Bush' s credibility allowed this thorough man to place much more medically logical information onto the record than would have been entered otherwise. During one volley of redirect, Fitzgibbons asked him, "Would you say he [baby Alan] died of natural causes?" "Yes, if medical negligence is a 'natural cause,'" quoth Dr. Bush!

The sixth witness was a hospital employee who was identified as a custodian of hospital records. The records for which she was custodian were admitted without objection.

Mark Strong, RN, of TransLife, the organ-harvesting company that harvested baby Alan's heart, intestines and liver, stated that the heart, which was given to a child in Alabama, was not autopsied, contrary to the original autopsy report by discredited Medical Examiner, Shashi B. Gore--- the report which was used to convict Yurko of shaking his baby to death. He also said that organs are harvested on demand---"sometimes from healthy people, sometimes from ill people." Conspicuously absent from the witness list is Dr. Gore, who retired in disgrace earlier this summer.

The eighth and final witness of the day was Ophthalmologist Horace B. Gardner, Horace B. Gardner, MD, JD, who, in a very illustrative and entertaining manner, testified as to the nature of retinal bleeds observed by Dr. Gore. He also cast doubt on the entire SBS theory by stating, "Every doctor has seen the same amount of shaken babies who developed SBS--zero." The day's testimony concluded with Dr. Gardner stating that the retinal bleeding could have been caused by the hospital which administered excessive doses of the blood thinner heparin just prior to baby Alan's death and that it was "impossible" for Dr. Gore to pinpoint the time baby Alan's retinal bleeding started, as he attempted to do in the discredited autopsy report.

Tuesday's proceedings will begin with a the prosecution's cross examination of Dr. Gardner.

Post Script: The entire event was recorded by a production crew employed by Gary Null and a FOX news affiliate. The FOX news team out of Orlando broadcast a segment reporting the Yurko case on local TV. Several of us who witnessed the events of the day had just had dinner together when the news came on. Yurko supporters can be assured that the editorial slant overwhelmingly favored Yurko.

The witnesses independently and in accordance with the expertise they have amassed in their respective medical disciplines, wove a logical sequence of events that make a powerful case for Yurko. I will say that something big is coming, but cannot say anything more at this time.

We are prayerfully optimistic that Yurko will prevail in this evidentiary hearing and will be granted a new trial. An update will be forthcoming after the conclusion of tomorrow's activities.

Don Harkins, reporting from Orlando, Florida

Thank you, Don, for that informative, entertaining and inspiring update!

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