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Zapping for Mitral Valve Heart Problems

[Editor's Note: The best book in print for healing yourself of just about every health condition under the sun is Dr. Hulda Clark's book, The Cure for All Disease. About 8 years ago, I laid down $30 bucks to buy a newly published paperback book titled "Say Goodbye to Disease". I had met someone at the Bob Beck Tuesday morning breakfast meeting who was gushing on and on how wonderful this author's discovery was. So I bought the book from him. I thought that the author was going to tell me some real information that I could apply myself. The book was written by a former nurse who became a chiropractic and was practicing in Buena Park, California. After spending many hours to wade through the book, I find out that the 'secret' of the author's discovery couldn't be revealed to the reader (thanks very much!). So I paid $30 for a book that told me nothing, was mostly filled with testimonials and the balance devoted to an infomercial for this lady's great discovery and the enormous benefits her discovery would bring to humanity. Of course, to learn the 'secret', I had to attend this lady's expensive weekend seminar (about $1,000 at the time) to learn what she had discovered about reversing allergies. Mind you, you had to be 'health professional' in order to be even eligible to lay down your thousand bucks for a weekend of enlightenment. I can't tell you how angry I was after reading that book. To add salt to the wound, someone from this author's staff contacted me by e-mail about two years ago and was anxious to have me write about the author and her Great Discovery. I'm sure they thought they were bringing me the Good News. I never responded to their inquiry, although I was sorely tempted to give them an earful about their exclusionary seminar requirements ('professional' medical priesthood only need apply) and their rip-off book and its deceptive title. .

I tell you this little story, because Dr. Hulda Clark tells you, and gives you, ...everything in her books. She's a saint as far as I'm concerned and deserves the Nobel Prize a dozen times over for her incredible discoveries. Dr. Clark holds nothing back. Every 'secret', every discovery is given to the reader freely, without hesitation or reservation. Low cost and easily obtained solutions are the hallmarks of all of her books. Her remedies are never expensive and never require the costly ministrations of the lofty 'health professional'. The Synchrometer is the most useful and benefical low cost diagnostic tool in medical history, at least since Ruth Drown's invention of Radio-Vision in the 1930's. While many lay claim to the zapper, it was Hulda Clark's book which popularized its use in the 1990's. The invention of the Synchrometer, however, is Dr. Clark's baby alone -and she gives it to you freely in her book. Buy the book and read it CAREFULLY. You have to RE-READ her information a few times before it really can sink in. It's worth the effort. I'll soon be offering the Synchrometer through this web site...Ken Adachi]

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March 14, 2004

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I dirped my grandfather who has a valve problem, and heart disease. He showed "bronchitis" and rheumatoid arthritis. I went and scanned more specific for the Dirofilaria, and Loa loa, and found them both around MV 6 or MV 10 [MV= mitral valve of the heart]. I also found some ascaris, probably associated with the bronchitis. He is an indoor cat and dog owner, and has been most of his life. He lives in a rural area. We zapped some ascaris (Clark zapper), and did some Rife sets [frequency generator application] for the arthritis (didn't have time to seek about the Epstein Barr or other viral presence possibily associated with the arthritis). I also zapped Fscan hits and frequencies on the DIRP targeting and identifying the Dirofilaria, and Loa Loa. Since the MV's were so low, and I am yet not totally familar with all of this, I will wait to see if he has any hex [heximer -detoxification] reaction or improves in a few days... Here's Clark's excerpt from "A Cure For All Diseases" about what I found a little of in my grandfather with the heart valve problem, and heart disease...


From: The Cure for All Disease by Dr. Hulda Clark

Heart Disease
When the heart is enlarged, the valves don't quite close where they should, making the work harder for it and weakening it. It may be called "congestive heart failure." Why is it enlarged? Possibly because it is so weak! Yes, it becomes a vicious cycle, getting worse and worse. But you can break into this cycle and get it all reversed again. The real culprit is parasite invaders and toxic pollutants.

The most common parasite heart invaders are Dirofilaria, heartworm "of dogs" and Loa loa, another small filaria worm. At one stage these worms are so tiny that they can slide through the smallest blood vessels. They are very contagious. Even persons who don't live with a house dog can pick up heartworm. Loa loa is thought to be a tropical parasite but it is alive and thriving in the USA! The source of Loa loa seems to be tapeworm stages; this is not a certainty.

Both heartworm and Loa loa are very easy to kill with a zapper and both are very easy to pick up again. Treat your elderly person twice a week if there is any heart problem. It makes no difference that the house dog is getting monthly preventive treatments for heartworm. They pick it up daily and have thirty days to develop it and give it to others between treatments. Killing the dog's parasites twice a week with a zapper would be very helpful to you. These heart parasites may not cause any pains, yet disturb the rhythm or the pulse of the heart and cause it to enlarge.

Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterium hiding out in far away places like pockets left under teeth when they were extracted or along root canals. Make sure extractions heal and don't leave permanent cavitations where bacteria can live. Ask a dentist familiar with cavitations to do a mouth search. Once the mouth source is cleaned up, the bacteria do not come back to the heart (after one last zapping). If they do, go back to the dentist!

Killing these three invaders (heartworm, Loa loa, Staphylococcus aureus) should cure an irregular heart beat immediately (within a day).

If the elderly person is on a heart-slowing drug, check the pulse twice a day after zapping to make sure it doesn't drop too low. They may need to be off their heart medicine. Nobody will notice the relief of going off this medicine as much as you. The sunshine breaks out! Your loved one can smile again at little things! Even interest in sex returns so watch out! Life is normalized when drugs, especially beta blockers are gone. (Other heart medicines, such as Digitoxin, don't have this depressive effect. They are used to make the heart beat stronger, not to affect the rhythm of beating.)

The pulse should be around 70 beats per minute and perfectly regular.

If it isn't, there is still something wrong. Get rid of toxic body products and house pollutants. Test your air for gas leaks frequently. Gas heat, gas stoves and gas water heaters are notoriously leaky. Weather changes, namely temperature changes make pipes expand or shrink -- leaving cracks! The gas is toxic and a small amount can't be smelled. What a predicament! Delivering poisonous house gas to our homes in pipes that are not fail-safe is an archaic practice. Especially when the blood test shows a high "total CO2" level, near the upper limit, search for an air pollutant like house gas or auto fumes. And read the sections in this book on pulse (page 289) and brain problems (page 278) very closely for more things to check.

With the heart regular again, it wilt be much stronger, too, since it doesn't have to work against itself This strength is necessary to push the blood into the farthest "corners" of the body, especially the hands and feet, and warm them up! If your loved one constantly has cold hands or feet, try to improve circulation. Dissolve phosphate crystals with the kidney herb recipe. Give niacin (page 279). Give cayenne capsules (one with each meal). Blood thinning drugs to improve circulation are dangerous -- use only if the doctor insists. Monitor blood clotting time if your loved one is on a thinner.

Heart-Kidney Relationship
A strong heart is necessary, too, to push the blood through the kidneys. Often a kidney problem is linked to the heart disorder. Kidneys are made of tubes that get finer and finer. It takes pressure, namely strength, to push the blood through them so wastes and extra water can be let down the kidney tube. Think of the kidneys as a colander full of tiny holes of various sizes that let certain things through them but not bigger things. These holes are constantly being adjusted by the adrenals which sit right on top of the kidneys and "supervise".

If the elderly person is not producing four cups of urine in a day (24 hours), it is not enough. The body cannot get enough cleansing action from less than four cups. More liquid must be consumed. If most of the urine is passed in the night this reflects on unhealthy kidneys. Use the kidney herb recipe -- but only half a dose (so it will take six weeks instead of three to see good effects). As the tiny "colander" holes open up there is freer flow and many more trips to the bathroom result. The urine loses its awful odor (no ammonia, acetone and bacterial) and gets a clear look that shows no sediment. Now that water and wastes (urea and uric acid and other acids) can leave the body quickly through more holes, it takes less pressure from the heart to get blood pushed through the kidneys. This brings relief to the heart because its work is easier. The heart and kidneys work together. Like horse and wagon the heart provides the power and the kidneys follow.

This is why heart medicine and diuretics are commonly given together. Diuresis (urine flow) helps the heart and a stronger heart helps the kidneys. Similarly, they fail together. In the old days this was called dropsy. Urine that should have left the body is backed up in the tissues. Sometimes it shows up in pockets that hang like giant oranges from the skin.



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