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Revisiting Zeitgeist, the Movie

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
March 15, 2008

Revisiting Zeitgeist, the Movie (March 18, 2008)

Subject: Zeitgeist movie
From: Diane
Date: Sat, March 15, 2008
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

I thought you might like to comment on this movie as some of your readers may have seen it.

I was familar with the 911 clips and of course, we all know about the banks but I hadn\'t seen this take on religion before.



Hi Diane,

Actually, I had already expressed some thoughts on this movie in July 2007 when it first appeared on the internet. I've re posted those comments below. I went into even greater detail about the hidden propaganda mission of Zeitgeist in this rather lengthy debate with a man named Jed who had swallowed the Acharya S fiction that Christ never existed and wanted to chastise me for arriving at harsh conclusions about Zeitgeist. Since he laid out such a nice red carpet for me, I decided to get into it with him and the results can be read here:.

More on 'Zeitgeist' and the Denial of Christ's Existence from Ken Adachi (Aug. 1, 2007)

I also posted Henry Makow's excellent essay and analysis in September of 2007 that adroitly uncovered the hidden propaganda agenda of this film. You should read what he has to say (

Zeitgeist, as you might surmise by now, is yet another cleverly disguised Illuminati propaganda psyops masquerading as an informative, eye-opener "expose" or documentary.

This is how disinformation peddlers suck you in: They either cleverly layer in the propaganda subtlety within the body of a larger presentation which is perceived as mostly true and accurate, or they lay up the disinformation or propaganda in the beginning of the film, and then spend the balance of the movie getting you to silently nod in agreement with things that are already known to be true. Thus, the net effect is to get you to accept the whole movie as valid and true.

After digging a little on a search engine, I found an excellent essay from an Australian writer named "Amenti" posted at the Above Top Secret forum on February 8, 2008. This person's comments just blew me away with its cogency and laser-like precision. I've re posted the essay below in its entirety.

Lastly, I couldn't resist adding one more very astute commentary from a poster identified as " bigtimeweb" ( at the David Icke discussion forum. in reply to another poster on the forum who had bought into the Zeitgeist propaganda mission, despite its lies.

These guys, along with Henry Makow, have done a top rate job of explaining the deception of this film. I don't have to add any further analysis, as they've already done the job for me.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi.

Ken Adachi's comments excerpted from:
Dr. Steven Greer, Take Six & Comments on 'Zeitgeist' (July 27, 2007)

July 27, 2007


I saw another clever propaganda film over the internet this evening called "Zeitgeist." ( I was getting e-mails urging me to watch it, so I did. The first third of the film was devoted to convincing you that Jesus Christ never existed. The remaining two thirds of the film did a good job of recapping what other documentaries on 911 had already achieved: that 911 was an inside job and there is plenty of convincing and indisputable evidence to prove it, despite the fact that the traitors in government did their level best to conceal the evidence of sabotage.

The last two thirds of the film reinforces things that you already knew were true, therefore that "believability factor" will spill over into the first third of the film where they present what SOUNDS like and what APPEARS to be convincing "evidence" that Christ never existed and was just an invented mythological character, but of course, the film "proved" no such things, as many of the narrator's statements were simply untrue (e.g. "there is not even ONE historian at the time of Christ who makes any mention of Him").

There is a big propaganda push going on these days to kill off the Catholic church altogether (apparently every priest, bishop, or cardinal is now to be considered a pedophile) and even deny that Christ  ever existed. This is part of the Illuminati's agenda to destroy a belief in Christ, in spirituality in general, and to eviscerate the brotherly message of Christ, which is love, tolerance, and forgiveness. It's a pity to see a guy like Greg Syzmanski being played like a fiddle by Catholic haters to the point that he links every aspect of the New World Order takeover with the Vatican. I mean it's simply astonishing what I'm reading at his web site: "The Vatican is in  charge of the NWO." or "The Vatican is in charge of Bush" . or "The Vatican is in charge of All Things Evil" etc. He's doing exactly what the Nazis did in the 1930's when it came to the subject of Jews; and he doesn't even realize it. He's scapgoating the Vatican, and by extension, the Catholic church and its members, as being the dominant, driving force behind the NWO, Satanism, etc, etc. And what is the logical conclusion that one must draw from such gross simplification and blame assignment? Simple. Let's get rid of the Vatican, the Pope, and all of those evil cardinals, and voila, the NWO falls like a house of cards! Isn't that what the Nazis did to the Jews? Blame them for all of Germany's woes?

I'm willing to look at the evidence of those persons within the Vatican (including the Pope) or within the church hierarchy who are are involved in evil conduct, whether it's satanic rituals or assassinations or whatever, but I'm not going to wholesale assign blame to the entire organization and its members because Eric Jon Phelps says it so. I need more corroboration than the allegations of a single individual who obviously has a Catholic-bashing agenda and who proudly bills himself on his web site as " Eric Jon Phelps, White American Freeman Dispensational, Fifth Monarchy, Seventh-Day Baptist-Calvinist" (

What does that type of chest pounding tell you about Eric Jon Phelps? Are we to consider this guy an unbiased historian-or someone who's on a 'mission' with an axe to grind? "


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Zeitgeist The Movie helps the New World Order - A Forum Posting
Zeitgeist The Movie helps the New World Order (

Author: "Amenti"

To most people this title will sound like an oxymoron, how could Zeitgeist The Movie benefit the New World Order? After all, they are exposing the 911 conspiracy, and the Federal Reserve system. That wouldnt be beneficial at all to them right? That depends on what you think their ultimate goal is. I will submit for your consideration that a world government and reduction of the population is only the beginning of their plans for us. I suggest that, by them being the suppliers of the best conspiracy information available, they gain the trust and attention of the only people that are smart enough, awake enough, left to stop them. They then focus our desire to rebel against another target, usually a target they themselves want destroyed. This system of disinformation is becoming more frequent now that certain truths (like the 911 and Federal reserve stuff) are already well past their ability to control. So they use them for their own purpose, maby they always intended too. Im not sure.

Let me first point out that Zeitgeist part one (the religion part) has well over 50 factual errors. Some of them are pointed out at this website ( which offers cash rewards to anyone that can offer historical evidence concerning many of the claims zeitgeist makes. Here are a few more links of people clearly showing that zeitgeist has lied several times in their movie in order to give credibility to their views.

I know that it is easy to believe the things claimed in the movie, especially if you have been a conspiracy nut (like me) for any length of time, because we have heard Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, and Michael Tsarion, (all closely, and oddly connected btw) have all told us these things are true for so long that I never really saw any reason to look it up for myself. Once I did however I started noticing some serious problems in our “truth movement” not the least of which is that a majority of us are being sold the “New Age” and or freemasonic doctrine hook line and sinker just shortly after we awaken to the “real world.”

We have been told over and over that Christianity is our enemy in this new world, and that all the wars and problems of our past are because of this oppressive force. This is basically reverse psychology, to decode it, simply understand that the Vatican and the catholic church are in direct opposition to Christianity in word and in deed. The illuminati types may well have created or infiltrated this organization as a mask, from under which they have done all their dirty work for hundreds of years. In this way they were able to use our natural resistance to oppression and injustice against us, against our perceptions of Christianity. But they didn’t create Christianity at all, they took it over after 350 years of trying to eliminate it. With the catholic church they basically created a monster intended to be the object of our natural resistance to them. It isn’t now, nor has it ever been representative of the true Christianity, of which they have a well documented history of trying to eliminate completely.

So how does Zeitgeist the movie help the New World Order?

You can probably can see that a world government would go over a lot smoother if there were a new world religion. But that is impossible right? How would they pull that off?

World religions cannot come about without some kind of serious major event, like for instance aliens showing up and telling us they are our gods or something like that. Hence, the reality of aliens equals world religion and world government, and thanks to the Rockefeller propaganda machine (War of the worlds etc.), it will also mean the persecution of Christians openly and proudly. Its really a win win situation for them. Know that the Rockefeller’s are behind so many of the projects intended to shape our perception of our alien “space brothers” ask yourself why.

While Zeitgeist does not bring the alien factor in to play, it is nonetheless prepping us for this by neutralizing those of us that are aware of this shadow government by creating yet another alternate false reality, to keep those that have the potential to stop them and their ultimate goal, by getting them to fight the wrong enemy. They use someone like George Bush who is obviously not a Christian (google skull and bones bohemian grove etc) to be dangled in front of those people as a representative of Christianity, he has been given a blank check by his controllers to cause as many problems as possible because the net result of it is more distaste toward Christianity, (this is two fold because they need everything to crash, and for us to go into ww3 in order to bring in their system) so like many things they do, it is multi faceted. We need to and to think logically about this, I mean If the N W O are trying to get us to be Christians so bad so they can control us why are the school systems they push so anti Christian? And why if what Zeitgeist says is true do they need to make so many factual “mistakes”. Why do certain types of conspiracy teachers tell the same easily debunked lie?

Many people disregard what I have said here because I am a Christian. To that I say, take the zeitgeist challenge ( and see that you are being lied to, that is a start, because if you can see that this very common conspiracy rhetoric is completely false, you will begin (like I did) to question those people telling you the lies.

I feel we don’t have much time please help spread this message if you feel strongly about it. repost the video or this article and help us put the truth back the truth movement.

‹ Zeitgeist : To enable multiple people to analyze the content from the zeitgeist movie in a non-linear fashionupZeitgeist The Movie Part 1 - Here is a logical refutation of Zeitgiest Part 1 ›

Reply from "bigtimeweb" to "thirdwave" posted at the David Icke discussion forum on Feb. 22, 2008

Thirdwave, it bugs the heck out of me that you always say the same thing in your posts about this. So okay theres some lies, but it FITS for you so you'll take it. How many lies exactly do you absorb a day in order to continue? Its insanity...and its plain to see that you still havent taken the time to research it yourself, but still preach it.

You claim the only ones researching to push it back is Christians….well they have to, because it directly affects them. Perhaps you choose not to because you abandoned the notion years ago and it does not affect you. Who would you expect to be researching it? Gnostics? Atheists? Why would they care to when it fits snuggly into their existing mindbox “as is”?

When receiving information you must ALWAYS consider the source. If falsehoods are found then you have to question intention.
Maxwell, Icke, and Tsarion are all connected via astrotheology, btw. A lot of the "new age" philosophy and astrotheology is drawn from people who channelled spirits to find the truth....but AGAIN I say you must always scrutinize the source. How does one know the intention of that channeled spirit?

There is no doubt that the NWO is behind this, and no doubt that the first part of this movie is a direct attack on Christianity, and the story of Jesus..they arnt attacking anyone else's story are they? Every stop to think WHY?

Other than the slew of videos already posted, there are plenty of historical theologians that point out many discrepencies in this religious section as well, and more importantly, the chronology is all wrong. Almost all of the sources of information about the pagan religions influence on early Christianity are dated very late. The pagan texts do NOT come into play until some years after the life of Jesus.

There is little mentioned of Mithra up until 136AD onward, long after the time of Jesus. Edwin Yamauchi, a historian and author of the 578 page Persia and the Bible says, ‘We don’t know anything about the death of Mithras’.
Not one clear case of any alleged resurrection teaching appears in any pagan text before the late second century A.D., almost one hundred years after the New Testament was written.

Beside the twenty seven New Testament documents that verify He lived, there are thirty nine sources outside of the Bible, written within 150 years of Jesus life that mention Him. These sources include the Jewish Talmud, the Roman historian Tacitus, the Didache, Flavius Josephus, Pliny the Younger, Suetonius, the Gnostic gospels (e.g., the gospel of Thomas), etc. These extrabiblical sources reveal to us more than 100 facts about His life, teaching, death and even resurrection.

If "Sun Gods" is true then why incorporate even one bit of misleading information?

If its so truthful why dont the authors identify themselves? Why did they register their domain name via Domains by Proxy?
The supporting evidence information draws from Freemason / Theosophical / Druidic / Shamanistic / Freethinker writings...and they all tag onto eachother using eachother as source of truth. Still no ancient writings that are backing up the assertions and those that are fail the chronology test.

I have spent a long time researching this and the INTENTION behind all of it.

It can be found here, if you care to watch it:

More Commentary

Friday, March 28, 2008
Zietgeist Gimmick

Now that the Zietgeist gimmick is malfunctioning like a poorly designed 'Papoola' lie propagating machine in a Phillip E Dick novel, or a wind up toy made by Satan's little helpers that makes a repetitive whining sound while wontanly flailing around before dissappointingly falling over!
I might just kick one more time with a big Christian boot...

Zietgeist the movie or 'Finding Nemo 2' claims that Horus the Egyptian diety was crucified, buried for three days and then resurrected, but NOWHERE in the pantheon of pre-Christian Gods does a series of events like this take place! In fact the true Egyptian account is that Osiris is murdered by Typhon and Horus is the reincarnation of Osiris, reborn to take revenge for his own murder! The only place you will find a different account is in some well thumbed Theosophy manual, a David Icke book or a couple of utube vids!

Posted by trueaim at 10:04 PM


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