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Zeitgeist The Movie helps the New World Order - A Forum Posting

[Editor's Note: Update, May 5, 2010.Today, I found a well produced, 12 part presentation on YouTube titled "Zeitgeist Refuted" that does an excellent job of dismantling the many layers of lies and distortions assembled by Peter Joseph, producer of Zeitgeist the Movie, and his trusty partner in historical fabrication, Acharya S (aka D.M. Murdock). I'm so grateful that Elliot Nesch took the time to produce this careful and critical the specious and un-supported allegations and historical inaccuracies proffered by two of the most outrageous and disingenuous New Age propaganda peddlers I've ever encountered. View all 12 parts here: ..Ken]

By Amenti
February 21, 2008

Zeitgeist The Movie helps the New World Order - A Forum Posting (Feb. 21, 2008)

To most people this title will sound like an oxymoron, how could Zeitgeist The Movie benefit the New World Order? After all, they are exposing the 911 conspiracy, and the Federal Reserve system. That wouldnt be beneficial at all to them right? That depends on what you think their ultimate goal is. I will submit for your consideration that a world government and reduction of the population is only the beginning of their plans for us. I suggest that, by them being the suppliers of the best conspiracy information available, they gain the trust and attention of the only people that are smart enough, awake enough, left to stop them. They then focus our desire to rebel against another target, usually a target they themselves want destroyed. This system of disinformation is becoming more frequent now that certain truths (like the 911 and Federal reserve stuff) are already well past their ability to control. So they use them for their own purpose, maby they always intended too. Im not sure.

Let me first point out that Zeitgeist part one (the religion part) has well over 50 factual errors. Some of them are pointed out at this website ( which offers cash rewards to anyone that can offer historical evidence concerning many of the claims zeitgeist makes. Here are a few more links of people clearly showing that zeitgeist has lied several times in their movie in order to give credibility to their views.

I know that it is easy to believe the things claimed in the movie, especially if you have been a conspiracy nut (like me) for any length of time, because we have heard Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, and Michael Tsarion, (all closely, and oddly connected btw) have all told us these things are true for so long that I never really saw any reason to look it up for myself. Once I did however I started noticing some serious problems in our “truth movement” not the least of which is that a majority of us are being sold the “New Age” and or freemasonic doctrine hook line and sinker just shortly after we awaken to the “real world.”

We have been told over and over that Christianity is our enemy in this new world, and that all the wars and problems of our past are because of this oppressive force. This is basically reverse psychology, to decode it, simply understand that the Vatican and the catholic church are in direct opposition to Christianity in word and in deed. The illuminati types may well have created or infiltrated this organization as a mask, from under which they have done all their dirty work for hundreds of years. In this way they were able to use our natural resistance to oppression and injustice against us, against our perceptions of Christianity. But they didn’t create Christianity at all, they took it over after 350 years of trying to eliminate it. With the catholic church they basically created a monster intended to be the object of our natural resistance to them. It isn’t now, nor has it ever been representative of the true Christianity, of which they have a well documented history of trying to eliminate completely.

So how does Zeitgeist the movie help the New World Order?

You can probably can see that a world government would go over a lot smoother if there were a new world religion. But that is impossible right? How would they pull that off?

World religions cannot come about without some kind of serious major event, like for instance aliens showing up and telling us they are our gods or something like that. Hence, the reality of aliens equals world religion and world government, and thanks to the Rockefeller propaganda machine (War of the worlds etc.), it will also mean the persecution of Christians openly and proudly. Its really a win win situation for them. Know that the Rockefeller’s are behind so many of the projects intended to shape our perception of our alien “space brothers” ask yourself why.

While Zeitgeist does not bring the alien factor in to play, it is nonetheless prepping us for this by neutralizing those of us that are aware of this shadow government by creating yet another alternate false reality, to keep those that have the potential to stop them and their ultimate goal, by getting them to fight the wrong enemy. They use someone like George Bush who is obviously not a Christian (google skull and bones bohemian grove etc) to be dangled in front of those people as a representative of Christianity, he has been given a blank check by his controllers to cause as many problems as possible because the net result of it is more distaste toward Christianity, (this is two fold because they need everything to crash, and for us to go into ww3 in order to bring in their system) so like many things they do, it is multi faceted. We need to and to think logically about this, I mean If the N W O are trying to get us to be Christians so bad so they can control us why are the school systems they push so anti Christian? And why if what Zeitgeist says is true do they need to make so many factual “mistakes”. Why do certain types of conspiracy teachers tell the same easily debunked lie?

Many people disregard what I have said here because I am a Christian. To that I say, take the zeitgeist challenge ( and see that you are being lied to, that is a start, because if you can see that this very common conspiracy rhetoric is completely false, you will begin (like I did) to question those people telling you the lies.

I feel we don’t have much time please help spread this message if you feel strongly about it. repost the video or this article and help us put the truth back the truth movement.

To continue please go here:

Selected Comments

1. Reply posted on 21-2-2008 @ 09:59 PM by coastlinekid

I know I am not supposed to post short replies but,...



2. Reply posted on 21-2-2008 @ 10:04 PM by TheWalkingFox

reply to post by coastlinekid


What is this, another in a long, healthy line of "we're so abused" sniffling from the members of the world's largest, richest most powerful, and most heavily-armed religion?


3. Reply posted on 21-2-2008 @ 10:07 PM by depth om

The aim of the order is to eradicate as many humans as they can, preferably those who are not redeemed.


4. Reply posted on 21-2-2008 @ 10:08 PM by dingleberry77

There's no point arguing with a Christian. Christians are always right. It's like yelling at a stone and telling them that they are a turnip.


5. Reply posted on 21-2-2008 @ 10:22 PM by NewWorldOver

Hey great. Let's just ignore the OP's points and laugh at him for defending Christianity.

"Stupid Christian *snort*. Trying to make me think outside the box and stuff..."

Give it a rest. The OP makes an excellent point.

All these nitwits running around the world claiming that Religion is the one true enemy to mankind are doing the NWO a HUGE favor.

Instead of fighting against crooked monetary systems, corrupt government, abuse of civilian populace etc.... let's just shake our fists at Christians. It's all their fault, right?

Or maybe the Vatican high-jacked Christianity centuries ago and people are still clueless as to the real source of manipulation in this world? It is NOT just religion. It is NOT just the federal reserve etc. If Zeitgeist is intentionally misleading people, I would be very surprised.

It seems more to me that Zeitgeist was a movie to appeal to angry atheists who think they have 'figured it out'... instead of encouraging them to dig deeper into the groups manipulating society, it's easier to just pat them on the back. "Yes, it's all Religion. When Christianity and Islam is gone the world will be happy."

It's scary how fervently people gobble this up.


6. Reply posted on 21-2-2008 @ 10:27 PM by NewWorldOver

Originally posted by TheWalkingFox
What is this, another in a long, healthy line of "we're so abused" sniffling from the members of the world's largest, richest most powerful, and most heavily-armed religion?

Not really. It's actually a very thoughtful and provocative post about how easily people are mislead to go after Religion instead of the true manipulators of society.

I didn't expect anyone like yourself to give a Christian a fair-shake and actually consider the points they make... but hey, I thought I might as well correct you :

No, this is not a boo-hoo session for Christians - and we don't need any atheist-zealots derailing the thread so they can throw their tomatoes at the OP and religion in general.


7. Reply posted on 21-2-2008 @ 10:29 PM by AshleyD

I took one look at the title and thought, "Not again!" Then I read the thread and have to say now this is a good point. Starred and flagged. Upon looking at the author's name I see it is... Amenti. My dear acquaintance who is the reason I joined ATS.

Yes, Zeitgeist is the proverbial definition of disinformation. It mixes in just a smidgen of fact to make it seem reliable and a whole lot of false information that is hard to verify or debunk by someone who is ignorant of other religious beliefs.

I'll be keeping an eye on this one.


8. Reply posted on 21-2-2008 @ 10:54 PM by NewWorldOver

Originally posted by TheWalkingFox
There's nothing "outside the box" about his post.

Christians such as yourself and the OP are very, very busy attacking those of us who DO strive for change.

Nothing outside the box? Hmm...

I guess you were struggling to see the OP's point for some other reason. Silly me, I assumed it was because you are so used to thinking within your atheist-agenda-dominated anti-religious mindset... that is after all, a very popular box nowadays. Lots of people thinking in there.

But outside the box, in reality, neither Religion or Atheism has anything to do with the mechanics of the NewWorldOrder and all the things manipulating our society.... it's a non-issue.

Thinking outside the box would allow somebody to see the real issue rather than making it another war-on-religion.... and I think the OP was making an attempt to do just that.

By the way, calling me a Christian when I have not once declared myself to be one is a sign of prejudice. I have said this before, in countless threads, many of which you have been involved in : I am not a Christian, I am simply tired of the constant misdirection and prejudice encouraged by atheist-zealots.

Now you can claim to be all about 'change'... but being an atheist has nothing to do with that. If all you do is walk around scoffing at religion and blaming harmless individuals for the worlds ills because they follow a spiritual doctrine.... I would have to suggest that you are NOT for change, but are just a modern-day equivalent of the Christian-burning Roman or the Jew-hating Nazi citizen.... you believe religious people are the enemy because you've been indoctrinated into thinking that. You are no more enlightened than the Muslim suicide-bomber or the Spanish Crusader. You are fighting people because you've been told to. It's hard to blame you or anyone else, because you are after all, thinking inside the box.



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