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Yukonadious Greys, Ferget Melangus (Praying Mantis) and Other Extraterrestrial Groups, Alien Insights Parts 5-10

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From Willy and Andy
September 23, 2005

Yukonadious Greys, Ferget Melangus (Praying Mantis) and Other Extraterrestrial Groups, Alien Insights Parts 5-10 (Sep. 23, 2005)

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Extraterrestrial Groups Discussed in Parts 5-10

Ferget Melangus  | Yukonadious Greys  |  Aeorians  | Xexonitilus |  Beltanicus  | Herudians |  Zeltan Dunikus.| 

Part 5 - September 23, 2005

In our last letter, we revealed in a nut shell the big Extraterrestrial conspiracy behind the veils. We have experienced many of their attacks to prevent us from divulging this kind of information to the public. Those attacks only served to confirm that the information we were getting was real; so instead of stopping us, it just made us more determined and confident.

We learned that the Zeta Reticuli are being controlled by the insect-like ETs named the Ferget Melangus. As we said before, their physical appearance is very similar to our native insect, the Praying Mantis. The Ferget Melangus are very difficult to detect as they produce specific signals that serve as a camouflage for everything they do.

Ferget Melangus

They hierarchy is very similar to the one used by every organized insect colony. Basically, there are 4 types of different insect- like ETs. First, we found the Queens, which basically place the eggs and control the entire colony. Second, are the Mentalist that are the ones controlling the Zeta Reticuli. These Ets have bigger heads, antennas on their heads, and long arms ad legs. Third, there are the Workers that are smaller, but stronger and heavier built. This group has no antennas and are usually found working in mine fields and other heavy labors. Fourth, we find the Servants. The servants are a mutation between the Ferget Melangus and the Zeta Reticuli. This mutation is done only at the brain level, so they still keep the same physical appearance.

This Ets are not like our insects for sure, because they are supremely intelligent and posses a higher mental development than us. Also, they have the innate ability to control other beings, not only with their minds, but also using natural chemicals that they produce in their own bodies. Even though their minds are highly develop, they don’t have rational thought, but instinct impulses that are activated by numerous chemicals in their bodies, everything carefully supervised by a higher mind (Demons) that transmits through the queens. It is very difficult for the human mind to comprehend, but this nature of their mind has helped them to be a superior race over many others in different parts of the universe.

The Ferget Melangus do not seek political or social control over other beings. They don’t have desires of conquest as we human beings have had in our history. They feel by instinct that their true essence and existence in not their bodies or their minds, but their own natural chemicals.

Their experience is that if their chemicals survive in another host, even is if is from a different species, their own existence will continue. For this reason they need the Zeta Reticuli, because through them, they are trying to find a balance or mutation in humanity, so they can insert their chemical DNA in our bodies, without killing the host. So, they don’t want to take over the planet like we conventionally think or like the Zetas or Yukonadios want, but they want to take over our species from inside. This ET Specie only will be satisfiied if they can propagate their chemical DNA among humans and make sure that their chemical information passes from generation to generation in our genes. In time, this chemical will affect the host at a cellular level and will eventually create a mutation, even if it take hundreds or thousands of generations, and creating in this way, a new species of insects that is parallel or equal to theirs. The Ferget Melangus that are on the planet now, are not pure blood, but a mutation that occurred in another species that was transformed to what we described before.

The original species had a more humanoid look. Originally, they were created millions of years ago by the Demons, using very complex scientific methods during the last periods of what was call the Orion War. (That war is briefly described in the Bible as the Fall of the angels, but it is just a tiny description of what truly happened). The Demons wanted to create a very strong army based on pure instincts, to allow them to have victory on the physical plane. This is the reason why this species of Ets, and their mutations, have an innate susceptibility to be controlled by Demons.

Ultimately, behind any kind of evil, if you follow the chain, you are going to find the Demons. They began the conflict of good and evil from the beginning and even though the War ended many millions of years ago, they continue to plot and the desire supremacy over all of God’s creation for their own.-

Part 6 - September 27, 2005

The Yukonadious

This is another Extraterrestrial species of the Gray kind. - There is not much that we know about them as they are very secretive about their plans and try to conceal all that they do. Nonetheless, they are as active as the Zetas on our planet, and maybe even more dangerous and a bigger threat to humanity.

Technologically speaking, the Yukonadious are even more advanced than the Zeta reticuland. These kind of Gray ETs are very intimidating as they have a bellicose and explosive nature; to the point that even the Zeta Reticuli want to avoid them, using camouflage all the time to avoid being perceived by them and take great care not to invade their air space.

The Yukonadious are physical beings that look much like a hybrid between the Zetas and Humans (but they are not), and have a more threatening appearance. From our standards of beauty, they are ugly as you can imagine. If you add to their looks (they look much like the ET that appeared in the last part of the movie Aliens: the Resurrection, as the hybrid between humans and the Aliens) that they are a little over 11 feet tall, with extremely long arms that reach all the way under their knees, you can start to get the feeling that they are one ET that you don’t want to encounter- not even by chance.

Their have the same big plans as the previous described ETs: to control and conquer the Universe. They are also controlled by the same demonic forces trying to take over the planet, and without a doubt, they are the biggest threat to our planet. The Yukonadious are too proud to admit that their ideas about chaos and destruction are not theirs alone, but are controlled somehow by the demonic forces. They believe that the have their own agenda and nobody influences them, as the form of their skulls is very peculiar and specially designed not to allow any mental waves to penetrate the brain. In this way, they cannot be controlled by any other species, but their hearts can be influenced by evil forces.

Their space ships are very luminous (in contrast to the plain metal look of the Zetas) due to their advanced scientific technologies in the area of Electro-magnetism. At first sight, someone may think that the ships are made of light, but there are not- as they are made of physical materials. Most of their ships have a triangular shape (similar to the stealth bomber), but more futuristic.

The Yukonadious also are making massive mental waves broadcasts with the purpose of controlling human kind. Due to their own morbid and violent nature, their transmissions contain specific impulses that stimulate violence in human beings. Like any beings who consider themselves superior, they think others have to be like them and adapt to their views about the way they view life and the universe.

They have underground bases under many mountains, like in the Andes all the way South to Patagonia and in many other locations around the world from where they do their transmissions. Most of the violent countries around the world are subliminally under their mind waves control. They are especially active in South America in countries like Colombia and Peru, in Central America, in Mexico, in Africa. and the Middle East. - Their impact is very clear and real on many countries, but totally invisible to human eyes. Many countries suffer terribly due to their presence.

We have talked a lot about transmissions from Ets to humanity. The transmission of each species is different and they don’t interfere, one with the other. For example, if we look at this transmissions from the energetic psychic point of view, we might describe that the Yukonadious mental wave transmissions look like an Orange-red radiation of high frequency. The purpose is to promote violence in the planet and morbid behavior in humans and society at large.

As you can see, all ETs that are on the planet, transmit mental waves to humanity.

A) For example, the Zetas transmit a Low, dark Green color radiation to close down human hearts and promote rational cold thoughts.

B) There is even a powerful demonic transmission from the hells (from which the planet is well protected) that only evil individuals or black magicians can receive.

C) In contrast, the angels transmit a beautiful golden-yellow,

D) the Earth Elementals a Beautiful light green,

E) Ascended master from Orion transmit in a bright Violet Blue,

F) the Earth (Gaia) in a deep ocean blue color, etc.

So as you can see, there is a war going on in the heavens (as said in the Bible), but it is a war of vibrations.

The Yukonadious have a great facility to adapt to cold weather. So they have constructed a big base at the South Pole that serves as the central source to accumulate natural resources. They have great machines that process hydrogen that is used for their cooling systems. One of the many purposes that these ETs have is to exploit all of the natural resources from this planet that they need and are trying to adapt this planet to make it more hospitable for their own species. They are unconsciously here for a spiritual reason, but they ignore that, and believe that they are here for the sole purpose of conquering the planet. As we were saying, they are working from their base at the South Pole to change our climate and environment to reach their goal, but there are other good extraterrestrials who are balancing out the mischief that they create.

The Yukonadious also practice the abduction of humans, but not for the purpose of doing scientific experiments. they want to brainwash their victims and make them perform certain functions to serve their ends (they also practice some sexual acts with the abductees) These Extraterrestrial are savage and attack without mercy. They are fierce enemies in combat and are feared by many other species in the universe. Their bellicose nature is due in part to their long history of fighting, survival and suffering. They were extremely abused by an ancient civilization, already extinct at this time. Pain is at the root of their hearts and the time is coming for them to balance all the karma that was created, even though they can't comprehend it and don’t believe it to be so. They are so blinded by their goal of dominion, that the Intergalactic Federation of United Solar Systems is considering the expulsion of these Ets from our planet. Until then, we have to learn to defend against them and their big threat to our survival as a species. Especially our South American countries suffer daily under their relentless attacks that promote violence and instability.

The Yukonadious have a great weakness that we discovered that we can use to expel them from our planet. – Like we wrote before, the Yukonadious are great telepaths, probably more than the Zetas, to the point that they can know what you are going to think before you become aware of your own thoughts. .Thus, they can produce incredibly powerful mental waves to manipulate humanity behind the veils.

Being so mentally powerful, however, has a disadvantage in their case:

They can receive the transmissions of human mental thoughts and they can't avoid or block human transmissions from being received.

That’s why there are so secretive about their existence. Because humanity does not know of their existence and ignores them, there are almost no thoughts being directed towards them at this point (but that will change thanks to Ken's generosity of making this letters available to millions),

Now that their existence is being revealed for the first time, more and more humans are going to start to thinking about them and their existence and our thoughts are going to begin to overflow their minds, to the point that hopefully they won't be able to tolerate the thoughts generated by thousand or millions of humans and they will have to leave our countries and eventually our planet.

It's time for them to lose their main advantage over us and reveal their presence to anyone who is willing to learn about their existence. That’s all that is needed for our thoughts to get to them. Imagine your mind full of thousands of thoughts- not of your own. Enough to drive you away we think! They have attacked my brother and I without mercy to prevent us from revealing their presence, but thank God, for other good ETs, we where able to preserve and overcome the odds to provide this important information

Part 7 - September 29, 2005

The Aeronians

Now that we finished with the grim description of the Extraterrestrial beings trying to manipulate, control and conquer humanity, it's now time to mention one of the many good Extraterrestrial beings that are assisting us to prevent the evil Ets from fulfilling their missions. The Aeorians are one of these friendly Extraterrestrials supporting humanity in these times of transition. The most incredible feature of this Extraterrestrial is that they're human, exactly like us. (But they are not originally from Earth-and that makes you wonder if we are).

One of the things that surpriseed us was to find out that their way of life and technologies are very similar to the ones portrayed in the famous TV show Star Trek. Their great ships are all around our planet, made invisible by energy fields that bend the light. The Aeorians are at the same level of spiritual evolution as we are, but their technology is light years ahead of our times. They are the most active Extraterrestrials on the planet as their human appearance allows them to integrate into our society and be in any position they desire (so here you just can imagine how many organizations and governments they may be involved with). They are not here for the purpose of conquest or dominion, but merely for spiritual reasons.

They help us every time they can, but they do it using their human judgment, and you know that human judgment is not always perfect. Most of the plots created by the Zetas and Yukonadious are disassembled by the Aeorians. If the Yuko’s try a massive change in the atmosphere by using chemicals they neutralize their substances. If the Zetas try to invade the space of a big city or abduct people who are flying on commercial planes (that’s the way they change their clones for humans) they intercept their attempts… and so on.

Their original planet was named Aeron, but now they live in small human colonies on different planets. Their Ascended Masters and Enlightened masters guided them to come to our planet so they can eventually live here. But, before that happens, they have to wait for the Earth’s Ascension. They are here to understand and live through the Ascension process and pick up the vibrations and experience in order to later reunite with their own brothers and sisters scattered over 10 different solar systems. Their total number does not exceed 10 million as they are the only survivors of their original planet.

The Aeorians are the most independent Extraterrestrials on our planet now and also posses the highest and most sophisticated technology of all the third Dimensional Ets. Of course, they have the greatest and most powerful military arsenal of all. That’s why the Zetas and Yukos respect them. Plus the humans have a more refined camouflage technology and they posses an energetic shield that prevents mental waves from penetrating their ships. If there were to be a military encounter between them and the Zetas or Yukos, the humans would come out on top easily. Of course, the Aeorian can't act freely and run them out of the planet, as they are guided by superior Ets Beings from higher dimensions and also they are regulated by the Intergalactic Federation of United Solar System of which they are a part of.

Even though they are humans like us and about at the same level of spirituality, their moral and ethical values are much, much more refined than ours, and that alone has allowed them to survive as a race for so long after the destruction of their planet in the famous Orion War. Maybe by now, knowing about their presence, earth human minds can open up in order to establish a more direct communication with them. ( which is the worst fear for many organized religions).

Part 8 - October 4 & 5, 2005)

The Xexonitilus

These beautiful and very harmonious extraterrestrials are assisting our planet in a very direct and specific way. The evolution of their planet is deeply linked to our planet and our own planetary ascension process that without a doubt will occur simultaneously with their own planetary ascension.

This extraterrestrials are physical beings, with multicolor skin in many hues and interlace in the following way: Their hands are gray, which going up to the arms turn purple and then change to a nice pink tone; at the neck, the color becomes blue to finish on the face as a beautiful blue/golden color. Their heads are elongated and have no hair and their ears are long and pointy. The Xexonitilus have a big oriental type shape to their eyes and the iris is multicolored in concentric hues. From the outside to the pupil of the eye, the iris colors are light red, then yellow, orange, green, blue, violet and black- This race not only exists in the third dimension, but also simultaneously in other dimensions. Their clothes reminded us of our old tunics from ancient Greece. These tunics have many small crystals inlaid and the appearance of the material is a metallic fabric. They walk bare foot and their singular feet only have 3 toes.

The Xexonitilus breathe pure oxygen and curiously exhale pure oxygen too. It seems that breathing for them is a rue pranic function or to move vital energies through their bodies. A combined atmosphere like ours could be lethal for them. They grow their own plants that in turn are converted into vibrant green nectar, almost luminous and very high in nutrients that keep their physical bodies in perfect health. The life span of these Ets is around 2000 of our years. We have a glimpse that they reproduce placing their hands together initiating a type of mitosis process, creating in that way another being. Totally different of our ways of reproduction for sure.

The Xexonitilus are the ones that create the world famous Crop Circles. These marvelous geometric symbols have appeared in many countries around the world and nobody really knows until now their purpose and function. The Ets revealed to as that those are sacred symbols for the purpose to initiate and active the whole planet to assist in the Ascension process. The symbols activate natural universal energies that serve as a link to other energies they bring to our planet. Using their ships the form this symbols that are in fact a Cosmic Activation that not only occur in the physical level but at etheric, astral ,mental and higher planetary levels. Our planet is a living being and also has many subtle bodies like us. Some symbols serve as seals of protection, while others are communications to humanity about changes to come. The Xexonitilus said that there will be a massive planetary activation for the year 2012. As you can see their work is at a planetary level and no just concerned just with humans as individual. All they do is for all of us as we are part of the planet as a cell is part of your body.

The Xexonitilus comes from a planet that exists in the Galaxy X9. Their planet provides an exquisite view from space as all the surface of the planet is full of symbols. They build an immense hall that divides the planet in two, in which they carve all the symbols from all the extraterrestrial civilizations you can imagine. All the symbols that their species have been able to cognize through their intellect have to do with planetary activations and DNA structures.- The Xexonitilus spend most of their life getting detail instructions about the understanding and perfect use of each symbol and the correct ways to use it.

Their ships are propelled by a blue bright energy plasma, that serve as fuel for their interstellar trips- These ships look like an art gallery inside with thousands of symbols symbols and multiversal logos.

These Ets are highly spiritual advanced and all their symbology is sacred for pure purposes. Their spiritual practice is based on deep meditation on the most basic divine vibrations or sound pulses that are beyond all the dimensions of creation. Those vibrations have been perceived also by some of the most enlightened Yogis and mystics on our planet and have been named as Bija-Mantras and most of them are written down in the holy Hindu (Barath) books named the Vedas. Each of these divine pulses gave origin to one aspect of the whole creation and the Xexonitilus in their meditations connect with these pulses to transcend all the mental levels and enter into the Absolute Field of Pure Consciousness.

Their government is nothing like ours, as they have a main Council with 12 members (all of them Enlightened Beings) which make the most important decisions for their civilization- But there are many other smaller types of councils dedicated to only one function. For example, if one planet needs specific activations, the Council of Planetary Activations is consulted, but if the activations are geared towards the beings of one planet, they have to go to another council. If the symbols have a message coded they have to go to another council. There is a council of ET psychics that are dedicated to writing symbols, that predict events to come or warnings to specific ET races to prevent them from making serious mistakes in their evolution. In short, there are councils for Archetypal Activations at Cosmic Level, Planetary Ascensions, for the Inhabitants, Technologies, Sciences, Spiritual Technologies, and even a Council for War prevention. Even though they are a peaceful race, they have an army of enemies (like the Zetas and Yukos and many others) who may be a threat to them at any time. Their race suffered great loses in the famous Orion War (the biggest war ever in the Universe). The remaining councils are the coordinators for secret dispensations and Intergalactic Initiations. Their main council makes their decisions guided by their own Ascended Masters.

They advise that the best way for humanity to cooperate with their work is to keep them in our mind and conscious awareness, and to understand that our planet is being assisted by them and to know of their presence. That’s all that's needed.

Part 9

The Beltanicus (Oct. 12 & 18, 2005)

Of the many beings that have been created from the heart and imagination of God, the Beltanicus race is an inspiration to all who admire the qualities of innocence, purity and humility. When the Creator wanted to admire his creation through the eyes of a child, his inspiration was the impulse to create these noble beings. We humans were like them (ages ago), but now we can only perceive the creation in duality and with opinions and judgment.

The Beltanicus was the last ET race that we contacted that exists in the physical plane. Their eyes have a nice pale gray hue, and their bodies are thin, with a long head, small nose, big ears, eastern-like big eyes, and as tall as humans. Their appearance is very sweet, and very inviting to open the heart to share with them as children (A unique type of Gray ET). The bodies have the ability to breath different atmospheres, including ours and they also eat, but no physical foods. They feed on a form of energy transfer that is ingested through their mouth and goes directly to their cells. They have a long life spam, but not as long as other ET races. However, they can live up to 350 terrestrial years. Their species are heterosexuals, but are not limited to only one sex and they can change from male to female and vice versa. any time they want. Even though they are physical beings, they have a great ability to control and keep their bodies pure, as we mentioned before, they feed from energy found in nature or even produce it by technological means, instead of processing food into energy as we do.

The Beltanicus have no sexual intercourse as they are too innocent to feel those instinctual impulses. If they want to procreate they just choose a partner from the opposite sex and place their hearts together, creating an energetic momentum where the masculine energy is transfered to the feminine initiating then the conception of a new being.

They don’t use space ships to travel (although they do have them), but utilize a system of portals to transport themselves. They are very shy by nature and the epitome of innocence. As a race they are universal explorers and they collect living samples, rocks, crystals, plants from all the cosmos. When they do this they do it with such a delicacy and softness that they wouldn't dare to hurt an ant in the process. Everything that is picked up is taken to their planet where they recreate the environment for all the species on the road to extinction, so they can preserve and nurture them in a natural habitat. Many extinct species from many planets of the universe can be found there. (We didn’t see it, but probably our dinosaurs are part of their cosmic zoo).

The Beltanicus are the ones that warranty the survival of many beings as species. When the civilization of any planet is on the road to auto destruction or going through a very difficult period of evolution which will endanger their survival as a whole, the Beltanicus arrive to collect the specimens they need (That makes you think that if they are here on Earth, it is a clear warning that we are on a path to self destruction either by war, or conspiracies or natural disasters).

The Beltanicus never abduct or take an intelligent being against their free will. For these incredibly innocent Ets, Nature is divine, and that is their drive - to preserve all the different manifestations of Nature through the universe.

Another type of tool that they have to explore the universe that surrounds them in a more intimate way is by using their ability to transfer all their essence to a being's body, with the purpose of observing and learning, but they never take control in any way over the host. The Beltanicus are highly spiritually developed, but they are so innocent that they don’t even know this fact. Their innocence is so great as to be able to analyze anything related to spirituality or to create a belief system about God and the Universe. Their hearts are extremely developed, even for their thin bodies. We don’t mean the physical heart, but the spiritual heart that is totally open and in communion with the Universe and Nature. All of their actions are 100% intuitive and innocent, creating deep connections with each other, beyond ideas and perceptions.

The Beltanicus have no thoughts and don’t have conceptual thinking, but vibrational thinking without any context of intellectuality. (We humans can’t conceive of this yet). Their mission in the universe has not been imposed by anyone or a higher being, because they act based on pure intuition and the Universe guides them to act the way they do. They are like a “back up” so that none of the wonderful species that the universe has created should be lost forever.

In the epitome of their innocence, they don’t even know that they are called by the name "Beltanicus", because their great hearts allow them to directly see the meaning of things and not the name or form of them. If someday you have the fortune to encounter one of these beings, do not talk to them, only radiate your pure intentions to them, without hiding anything. If you hold back they will sense deception and will immediately hide. Remember, they are like children, but with a great perception about the feeling in all beings.

As we wrote before, the Beltanicus don’t need spaceships to travel to here as they have several portals that transport them directly to our planet.- Only they can use these portals, because these are well protected and are designed to recognize the Beltanicus DNA. In this way, the portal cannot be activated by any other species. One of the security systems of these portals is they are invisible and not even the Beltanicus can see them. To use them, they allow themselves to be guided by their great intuition to find them and they never fail to find them. With this system of portals, they can transport from their planet to the middle of one of our forest, or mountains, or anywhere else. It's like a hole that opens in the fabric of time and space allows them to see their destination. It's as easy as stepping through a door that can take them millions of light years in distance. So, if one of them appears out of nothing, don’t be afraid you know what to do.

As we have learned, their hearts are highly developed, but their minds are too. Their species never learn anything as all their actions are natural as if guided by the Universal mind that knows it all. They never seek the answer to complex questions about existence as their innocent minds don’t work that way. It's not lack of love or connection with the universe at all. They just “know and act” totally different than we that “think, rationalize, and then act, following the mind and not the heart. As they can’t conceptualize, they don’t believe in higher planes “although they sense them as part of themselves”. In their innocence, they don’t know what happens after death and they don’t even care about it.

We feel that these ETs are very highly enlightened beings, but are so innocent, that they have no need to express their Realization. We can say that they can feel God in each of their innocent actions. Their innate innocence is only matched by their great healing abilities that has no equal to any other being in the universe. Their fingers light up (like in the movie, ET ) when they are going to heal another being. The Beltanicus were genetically created from their most fundamental blocks to heal. They shared a lot with us in the times of Lemuria, when the Earth was the main center for healing in the Universe, where warriors came to heal and rest from the Orion War.

Millions were healed back then finding harmony and balance in their lives. When our planet is ready once more, the Beltanicus will share their great gift of healing again.-

The Zeta Reticulum and the Yukonadios try to find and hunt them down, but the Beltanicus are very well protected from the universe itself, due to their unique function in creation. Millions of years ago, the Yukonadius and the Beltanicus were one race, but the Yukonadius took the dark path leaving harmony and innocence behind. Today, they are 2 totally different species.

The Beltanicus see humanity as children that have lost their innocence and they would love to play and share with us, but there have been incidents in which humans, in ignorance, have attacked them. Hopefully, this information will serve as a first step, to someday be able to understand and relate to them in a direct way. After the release of this information and the energetic earth changes, the Beltanicus are going to be seen more often by humans in the coming years. Imagine the benefit for humanity to be able to interact with these great healers! For now, we have to start filling our hearts with innocence if someday we expect to fully share with our extraterrestrial brothers.

Part 10 = November 8, 2005

The Herudians

These Extraterrestrial beings exist in the 4th Dimension. Their species are around 11 feet tall and their bodies look the same as ours, save their heads. The following statement is going to sound strange (remember they are not physical beings), but the form of their heads are almost exactly the same as one of our earth animals- the horse. There is no relation between our horses and them, it's just a coincidence that their heads look like that, creating a mythological atmosphere around them from our human perspective.

Our old cultures had contact with them and the Herudian confirmed to us that they did contact the North American Indians in the past, long ago. The form of their heads allows their brains to have an unusual form and it also allows them to have the most powerful mental powers of all ETs. The Herudians seek to free themselves from their mental limitations (even though we humans can’t fathom the heights of their mental development) and connect more to the heart. Their great mental powers have helped them to play the role of planetary police here on Earth, specifically supervising the activities of the Zeta Reticulum. The Herudians can control and dominate the Zeta Reticulum when necessary and if the circumstances require it, they can enter into the third dimension, lowering their vibration with their minds.

The fourth dimension is very different from 3rd dimension and the process of densification occurs in a quantum leap process. One moment they are in 4th dimension and all of a sudden, they are in the 3rd dimension. It's not like they are in the fourth dimension on top of the planet and then are slowly condensing into the third dimension. It's an instant change and is not based on technology, but due to their mind’s power. When their spaceships materialize in the 3rd dimension, they have great oval shapes, full of lights like a Christmas tree. When the ship flies in the sky, to the human eye, it looks like they jump from one point to another, instantly.

As a spiritual practice, they retire themselves to Nature or their impression of nature in the 4th dimension, to find peace and serenity. They recommend that humans do the same and find time to share with Nature and commune in the outdoors with Nature to find internal peace.

The Herudians train their minds to levels that are totally unknown to us and can connect to supra-mental levels at will, obtaining a deep knowledge of how everything works. They can materialize and de-materialize at will, as they are masters of their forms. Even in 3rd dimension, they can make us believe that they disappear as they are also masters of creating illusions in the mind. They can make us think they are in a place that they are not, or to see something that is not there. They communicate by telepathy from any distance in the universe.

They help humanity by dissipating the mental waves that the evil Ets create and also assist those that have been affected by mental wave attacks to return to their normal self (If you find yourself under a mental wave attack, direct your attention towards them, as a simple direction of your mind to them will be perceived by the Herudians and if allowed, they will give you assistance).

Simple Tool to Help Mitigate Mind Control Technologies
The Herudians said that there are many ways to create physical tools to help dissipate these mental waves (scalar and microwave mind control transmissions) that the Zeta Reticulum and others produce. They allowed us see only one of the simplest ones and it was by filling jars with seawater or water with sea salt and placing them around the house. Also quartz crystals around the house works, but the crystals have to be cleaned daily and the salt water also has to be changed frequently.

In conclusion, the Herudians believe that a “strong personal will” is the best antidote and that a person should practice any exercise that increases their will power, like trying to sit while having the knees touching each other for a long time.

The Herudians came to protect our planet for a long period of time. The Zeta Reticulum are their long time enemies. The Zeta Reticulum come from a different galaxy than the Herudian and as we said before, the Zetas are 3rd dimensional beings like us, but even so they have tried to penetrate the holy ground of the Herudian civilization in the 4th dimension. Using their technology the Zetas can manipulate ultra high frequencies of electromagnetic pulses, creating energies capable to open a portal in the fabric of time and space allowing them to access the 4th dimension. Although the Herudians are much more mentally advanced, they are not violent by nature and in a way that is a weakness that has prevented them from finishing the conflict against the Zeta Reticulum and other ETs. The Herudians do not posses high technology or weapons as the Zetas do. Mind over matter in their weapon, but a big bomb sent through the portal and not detected on time can cause a great deal of destruction. The superiority of the Herudians is solely based on their mental capacity to block and control the Zetas, not with the intentions to control them, as the Zetas would do, but in self defense and protection of out planet.

The Herudians are being help by other Ets named the Zeltan Dunikus. They are an enlightened civilization in absolute harmony with Nature. (The most spiritually advance Ets honor Nature, but we humans destroy it. That says it all). We called them the Druid civilization and they live in one of the farthest galaxies in the Universe. Their civilization is more advance than the Herudians and in this moment they are living a Golden Age in the 3rd dimension. Because they are so far away, they transfer their consciousness to the bodies of the Herudians and in that way they can help anytime they are needed. The Zeltan Dunikus had a colony here on Earth in the times of Lemuria, but they are not totally humans. They look much like us, but possess big green eyes and their hair color have many violet hues. The Zeltan Dunikus help the Herudians, because they helped long ago, in a big evacuation some time before Atlantis began to disappear ( Atlantis fell 100.000 year ago, not 12.000 as many think). Since then, a deep, unbroken bond grew between these races and the Zeltan help the Herudian all the time.

To continue, after 15, 000 years of conflict between the Herudians and the Zeta Reticulum, these last ones came to our planet for the reasons already mentioned in the first letters about the Zeta Reticulum. So the Herudians decided to follow them, first with their minds, and them with their ships that now orbit around the planet.

The Herudians are also here to receive the great light dispensation that our planet is receiving. The light penetrates the 4th dimension and then the 3rd, bathing the aura of our planet. The Herudians can’t comprehend the other dimensions from the point of view of the heart, so many times they live a difficult and extreme dilemma between the mind and the heart. They can know all the dimensions with their mind, but without the pure feeling of light and love from the Heart, the experiences in this dimensions become cold, dry and insipid. But their hearts are not in atrophy as the Zeta Reticulum, and they have faith that someday their hearts will reach the same height as their minds.

Even though the Herudians haven’t had a Golden Age in thousands of years, their connection to their Ascended masters and Saints haven’t been lost, and this spirituality is the one that will take them to a new golden age. That will happen at the same time that our planet ascends to a higher vibration. For now, we can only be grateful for their presence on our planet, as these noble beings protect us from the Zeta Reticuli and have prevented and stopped many of their evil plans. Like they once telepathically said to us in a form of a joke: “We are not here to run in a race track for sure”

Their planet is located in one of the farthest stars of our galaxy. Is a green planet with purple toned hues, and great oceans in many colors. When the waters hit the shore, rainbows of color splash over the rocks. (remember this is the 4th dimension). They have great fields of pure untouched Nature. Like our planet, theirs is full of many species of wild life that live in harmony with each other. The mating seasons of those species occur once every hundreds of years and their life span is thousand times longer than the species on our planet. In the fourth dimension, the natural laws are different than ours. They have gigantic mountains sculpted in the image of their greatest spiritual masters.  Inside many of the mountains they have beautiful temples of light.

The Herudian houses look like huge Igloos, built along the bases of their chains of mountains and towards the ocean.  In the afternoon, they enjoy watching the sky, where the most beautiful display of light and colors fills the atmosphere, something similar to our Aurora Borealis. It's important to mention that their planet is a little bit bigger than our moon and it has no natural satellites. Also the planet has two suns, about the same size, but each in a different solar system, but parallel to each other. ( The reader may ask why is important to write about their culture and 4th dimensional life, but the more you know about them, the easier it is to connect to them)

The planet is in the outmost orbit of one their sun's systems, but there is a point in the year where the planet is just in the middle distance between these two suns.  In this point of tension, the planet is equally pull by the gravitation of these two suns, and that is when the New Years celebrations begin.  The climax point is when the Herudians wait to see towards which solar system their planet is going to be pulled, to begin the new year. If the planet is pulled towards the red sun, they know it is going to be a year of work where they will have to balance a lot of their karma. But if the planet is pulled towards the blue sun, it means it will be a year to be dedicated to devotion and relaxation.

The Herudians are androgenous in nature, but with some male and female characteristic about them, that can change from year to year, depending on the necessities of their civilization and which sun they are being pulled towards. The have a Monarchy system and their blue blood expands for hundreds of generations, as they say, all the way to the original gods. For reasons unknown to us, the life span of the Kings and Queens are three times longer than the general population. Close to their command centers, they have built enormous fields made of what seems like millions or billions of crystals. These fields can be as big as the New York City, and that’s the place where the Herudians go to anchor the excess of mental information and to clarify  their minds. It is in these fields where they celebrate the New Year and other important dates.  The young ones are trained in a very special school where they learn to control and train their minds. The is also a healing society which trains how to heal with their mental powers, and another of intellectuals, that spend all their time writing and recording the events that transpire in their super high mental experiences. They write these events in crystals, through vibration, creating rings of light from the inferior, exterior part, towards the interior, superior part of the crystal.  They just need to touch one of these crystals and their mind instantly reads all of the information and sensations recorded in the crystal.

There is a very special event in their culture and society,  where a synchronous eclipse that takes place about every 399 years (their years). It's caused by the presence of an internal planet in one of their solar systems. At this time, Herudians from all parts of the universe return home to discuss events that are to come.  In every sacred mountain, there is a sacred cave where all the knowledge that has been recorded by the intellectuals, is reviewed by their mystics and all the flaws are polished.  Their mystics and saints have a great level of spirituality , even though the general population is mainly mental. Their mystics are connected to the heart, which clearly shows that they keep the connection intact, not to be lost like has happened to other species.  The main names of the four most highly enlightened Herudians are: Kimatori, Santamerti, Gotamiri and Dematori. They hold the light of spiritual Realization for all. Each of these Saints lives in one of the sacred caves mentioned before and are only consulted in spiritual matters. It is said that Sanat Kumara was incarnated on their planet to fulfill an avataric mission. They also have stories of great avatars, equivalent to our Rama and Krishna.

More to come...

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