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Tibetan Extraterrestrials, Alien Insights Part 11

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From Willy and Andy
February 16, 2006

Tibetan Extraterrestrials, Alien Insights Part 11 (Feb. 16, 2006)

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Part 11

Tibetan Extraterrestrial Beings

We were not able to get the name of these Extraterrestrial beings, but we call them the "Tibetan Ets" as that is the location where their base is on our planet. They have an enormous Space ship, made from the purest crystal, which is the size of a major city, and located under ground, below the highest mountains of Tibet

The Tibetan Ets have a human appearance, but have no hair and their skulls are more elongated. These Ets are 5th Dimensional beings who always dress in white tunics, to show the commitment to purity.  The only purpose for them to be here on the planet, is to assist us to ascend towards the 5th dimension and get the planet ready to enter the Photon Belt, when the ascension process will be accelerated.  They know the importance of Earth’s Ascension as when it happens, the whole solar System will ascend too, and of course, they perceive that this event will affect the whole galaxy- indeed and even the Universe.

Their gigantic spaceship is connected to all the Planetary Chakras. Yes, the planet has chakras as we human do, as is a living being. These chakras can be found in the physical world as great accumulations of crystal, deep under the planet, where the Ets have constructed great quartz pyramids around these areas to create magnetic energy fields that assist to transmit, receive and channel the Ascension vibrations for our planet.

Each quartz pyramid is compose of many other pyramids interlaces, some with the apex upwards and other downwards, fitting perfectly with each other until the big pyramid is formed.  They show us this clearly, maybe they want someone to build them in any size, as they can become a focal point for powerful energies the Ets bring from the 5th dimension.-

These beings are Masters of working with quartz crystal and the have no equal in the universe in this field. They can transform quartz crystal into liquid, without losing its properties, making them into a brilliant and vibrant elixir that they drink for many purposes.

When they drink this liquid the vibrations are raise and using the crystal made ships they can travel great distances in seconds. When they get into the ship, they mentally project the image where they want to go and due to the high vibration the ship is transported to its destination. Remember this happens in the 5th dimension, and is a supramental process that allows this displacement. This elixir has many applications such as: When the ETs form a circle and drink this nectar, they can fusion their bodies with each other until there is only one individual remaining, composed of hundreds or thousands of them- The first individual that serve as vessel keeps his mental awareness while the others start to receive his mental impressions in their minds through vibration and energy.

They use this technique for many purposes and one of them is to manifest in the third dimension. When so many masses are in one place, the density is lowerd, and the remaining individual's body vibration can be lowered to the point that it can manifest in the 3rd Dimension.

In this way, they can interact with the 3rd dimension and they can assess in a more objective way, how their energies are affecting the physical world. If for any chance they are seen by a human being, they just release their bodies from the unity, returning to the 5th dimension and to each one individuality.

They come from a mega solar system, bigger than any of you can imagine.  Their sun is bigger than our entire solar system, and around that Titan sun, many other suns rotate, still bigger than our own sun. In the farthest sun from the main central sun, there is a crystal planet, and that is their home. Their planet looks like a crystal sphere, and reflects the light of all the other suns making it even more brilliant than the suns by themselves. Again, this is a 5th dimensional phenomena, where they are not limited by the same laws of our physical universe.

There comes a time when all the suns are aligned with the planet and in that moment a great discharge of energy occurs which produces a great beam of light that goes through the sun and penetrates the planet, that like a crystal, divides this beam into many colors and vibrations that are directed, in turn, to our planet where they are received and processed by the great space ship and the pyramids, to assist our planet in the Ascension process.

Also in this moment of high vibration, they use their planet in the same way as a mystic magician would use a crystal ball. All the Ets go around the planet and look into the sphere where they can see all the universe and beings, and it is in this way that they find out where they are needed next to assist other civilization to transcend into the 5th dimension.

The more enlightened Buddhist Tibetan monks have had contact with these beings and work together with them. The Monks balance all the negative energies that are attracted to this focal point of light, while the Ets expand the light through the planet. -  That pact was done millenniums ago by humanity, that when the planet was to be ready to ascend, the Ets would come, but we were to balance the negative part.- (This makes you understand why the evil forces, promoted the invasion of Tibet to control and eventually displace many of the monks. Of course, the Dalai Lama relocated to a very strategic place in India to continue their work for sure, nonetheless it is not the same as before.- Free Tibet!)

In the times of Lemuria, our Planet was on the 5th dimension and when Atlantis appeared, the Planet descended to the 4th dimension. In the last days of Atlantis, 100.000 years ago, these Ets tried to assist that civilization from descending into the 3rd dimension, not to be lost in total ignorance, and at least be in an etheric plane.  So, they created the Pyramids of Egypt that originally where built in pure crystal and existed in the 4th dimension, but human karma was too heavy and although the pyramids created high vibrations, it was not powerful enough. The pyramid couldn’t hold the fall to the 3rd dimension, and the final descent occurred. The pyramids descended with the planet too, as they were connected to the planetary grids and axiatonal lines.  When that happened the pyramids materialized in the rocks and stones that we see now. In recent times archeologist and scientist have discovered an unusual concentration of quartz crystal in the stones of the great pyramids. This was the main purpose of the pyramids as shown by these Ets.

All of their technology is designed to spiritually assist the Earth and they have almost no spiritual technologies for personal application.-  The one spiritual technology that they seem to use the most is they make a bowl from the most pure quartz, and touching the bowl will create tones ever so higher in sound and vibration, thus increasing their own vibrations. The entire Universe is about vibration.

We can see the same concept in the Tibetan Bowls that are made of bronze and other metals and are used for their meditations or chanting. In the New Age market you can find some of these bowls made of pulverized quartz, an idea closer of what the Ets use. The Tibetan Ets show us that if one of these bowls is made from very pure quartz, we mean cut or sculpted from a solid quarts stone, would make that when the bowl is played (as the Tibetan monks do), that the molecules started to come closer and closer, discharging a high vibration that would play beyond our ear’s range, and the sound would disappear, being replaced by a vibration so powerful that will stimulate the brain, opening anyone’s consciousness to see higher planes of reality; almost like a psychedelic technology. - (We don’t know if we have the technology to cut/sculpt a bowl from quartz or even if there is quartz big enough to do that).-

To be continued.. 

Willy and Andy

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