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Zetas to Install Huge Antennae Under North Pole Ice to Link with Worldwide Microwave Mind Control Network

From Willy & Andy
December 15, 2006

December 15, 2006

The Zeta Reticulim are going to establish a base of communication in the North Pole, with the intention to create under the ice caps, a big transmission antenna that will be so powerful, that they will be able to control most of the thought mechanism of humanity in land masses as big as the continent of Australia.

Their intention is to be able to begin the transmission before the end of the year 2012, so they can create a huge ripple effect with the others antennas that they have placed all over the world and try to control the wave patterns of the brains of humanity, so when the fulcrum point of highest vibration that will displace the attachment of the human minds to the auto-contracting mechanism of experience and create an amazing change of consciousness arrives, they will be able to prevent the cohesive understanding of what is happening in the human mind and prevent the enfoldment of a new paradigm of perception on a mass scale. As far as we know, the current situation with the Zeta Reticulim is being watched very closely by the Herudians who are also taking the necessary measures to counteract the ripple effect and protect the psyche of humanity.

For us, this means that in order to prevent this type of manipulation against this evolutionary step, we must be able to recognize our own mental patterns and thoughts all the time. In that way, when the ripple effect begins, we might be able to connect to our true impulses and recognize the external force that is attacking our perception.

Spirituality, such as meditation and lucid dreaming, indeed is one of the most important tools: .For the best part, we doubt that we might be able to place the technological defenses against that transmission, as not everybody believes in this possibility. The greatest protection is the training of your own minds and also the displacement of different Orgone generators all over the place.


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