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From Ken Adachi

Update, August 23, 2020 : My primary email address is k-a@tutanota(dot)com (replace (dot) with a "." & no spaces) I prefer to use encrypted email whenever possible for greater privacy & freedom from unconstitutional surveillance & monitoring. I also have two backup email addresses which are given further below. I prefer to use Twitter and Gab for posting short messages and links to articles or videos. Please Follow me on  Twitter keep my Gab ( address in case Twitter goes south. I have many more Followers at Twitter, so I post there more often.

I now also have a Bitchute account for posting videos and audios  = simply called "K-A" (for now) based on my email address.

Backup Email and Telephone Voice Messages 
I have two backup email addresses on different servers: 1) KenAdachi@protonmail(dot)com (encrypted server) and 2) pitari@peoplepc(dot)com (not encrypted). You can also leave a Voice message at 949-544-1375 buplease include your email address -- and briefly tell me what you want to talk about.  When you give me your email address, please pronounce each letter distinctly and clearly (and not too fast) so I get every letter correctly. If you're willing to use corresponding words to confirm each letter such as "C" as in Charlie, "O" as in Oscar, etc. that's even better and much appreciated. I will make every effort to email you back on the same day you left the message (if I see it on the day that it came in).

New ~ The Advantage of Encrypted Email
August 2020.
A US Senate committee has recently approved a bill which will outlaw the use of encrypted email under the preposterous pretext of 'protecting' us. Considering the level of treason and subversion we routinely witness with both the Senate and the House, it would be wise to obtain a few encrypted email accounts now while you can. You can always use a VPN server to mask your country location and identity from unconstitutional government  (and Israeli) data mining computers which record every word you've ever written online or in emails or in voice communications either  online or using your cell or Smart phone. . is an encrypted email server located in Germany which offers free email accounts up to 1 GB in storage. is an encrypted server located in Switzerland which offer Free accounts up to 500MB in storage

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If you want to sponsor a link or an article or an ad at, please ask about becoming a Sponsoring Donor, but don't ask for free advertising. Traffic wise, this website averages 9.5 - 10.5 million hits per month from 182 countries.

Medical Disclaimer
It is against the law to give medical advice or a diagnosis in the United States unless you are a licensed medical doctor. The FDA and FCC have entrapped (and indicted) a lot of people by sending in ringers posing as sick people & claiming to be in search of  medical advice and/or a diagnosis. Whatever info I may provide at your request is only for educational purposes. I'm happy to share information with you, but your health decisions are ultimately your sole responsibility.

Final thought:
I often receive email from desperate people with big troubles and big problems. I don't have the ability or resources to fix every injustice under the sun, but I'm willing to read or listen to your story and offer whatever advice I can. If you can write reasonably well, I'm willing to publish your story if I feel it's legit and you're on the level. Health related matters are OK to seek information about.

Mailing Address:
K. Adachi
P.O. Box 3046
Costa Mesa, CA 92628

Contact person: Ken Adachi
Skype phone number = 949-544-1375

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Thanks, Ken Adachi

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Voice Mail: (949) 544-1375 (Leave a message, phone number & your email address so I can get back to you. This is a computer based phone number and not a home phone number)

I use Skype for phone communication, but I normally don't leave it on because it takes up too much memory. If Skype happened to be turned on and I'm sitting at the computer, then I could answer your phone call when it came in, but that's rarely the case. So leaving a message with your email address is the fastest way for me to get back to you. I typically hear the message late at night, so I can't call you back if it's late, but I can email you at 2 AM, and get the ball rolling much sooner.  

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My Skype phone number will now appear in your Called ID box as 949-544-1375


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