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Child Protective Services (CPS)
Corrupt, Unaccountable, $$$-Motivated Oppressors of Children and Their Parents

CPS Imposes Tremendous Stress Upon Children and Parents by Acting on Anonymous, Falsified Reports

From Harold Wilson <>
October 20, 2013

CPS Imposes Tremendous Stress Upon Children and Parents by Acting on Anonymous, Falsified Reports (Oct. 20, 2013)

Why filing falsified CPS reports is "legal" (not really, it's just never investigated)

CPS will tell you they must protect the "integrity" of anonymous reporting, even if the report is falsified. They claim that in many cases, they don't even know who made the report (untrue, because every telephone number is recorded in the file).

If I call to report witnessing a murder and I refuse to give my name or refuse to testify, there is no evidence of who committed the crime. An arrest cannot be made unless I testify as to who I saw commit the crime. With CPS, an investigation is done with no witnesses and no evidence to support an investigation, but the investigation is done anyway.

If there is no evidence found of abuse, neglect or molestation, the case is closed. However, the parent & child have been put through Hell, while the anonymous individual who was responsible for initiating the investigation walks away without suffering any consequence or punishment for filing a false report.

The Runaround Game
CPS will tell you that they cannot release the name of the 'reporter' without a court order. The court will tell you they need a police report to issue a court order. The police will tell you that you need to either know the name of the reporter or have a court order. CPS will not tell the police the name of the reporter without a court order. See the pattern? Each agency says another agency must start the investigation. It's a cycle that will never be resolved.

Under current law, I can file a report against Joe Smith from Capital City, even though I don't know and had never met Joe Smith. CPS is obligated to investigate. If a court hearing is held, I will never be asked or required to testify. I don't even have to tell CPS how I became aware of the abuse or neglect; just that I believe it exists. All I need to file a report of 'abuse' or ' neglect' is:

- the name (not even a last name), address, phone number, place of employment or the child's school. Name, address & phone numbers are in the phone book.

CPS will interview the child & parent even if the child & parent invoke their 4th and 14th Amendment rights. CPS will try to "ask" you to sign release of information forms, in violation of your 5th Amendment right. CPS also will tell you that any information gathered will be turned over to law enforcement & the prosecutor for criminal charges without reading you Miranda rights. CPS, law enforcement & the courts claim that since CPS is not a law enforcement agency, so this is legal. People gathering information on behalf of the police & courts should be required to read parents their Miranda rights. CPS claims that anyone who invokes their constitutional rights is demonstrating an "admission of guilt," because only "guilty people" stand behind the Constitution. This in turn gives CPS "probable cause" to remove a child, if the child or parent refuse to respond to their questions without a court order or an attorney present.

CPS is allowed to send an adult CPS investigator into a room alone with a child (who are easily intimidated and frightened of course) and that is perfectly 'legal.' This under federal law, this is a form of harassment, but CPS claims that it's acceptable under state law.

The laws of reporting allegations of abuse or neglect to CPS and the resulting investigation have to be changed. Why do CPS, law enforcement & the courts give more rights & due process to child molesters, rapists & murderers than are given to parents? CPS claims they cannot investigate an adult abusing a child unless it is the parent or guardian of the child. While my daughter was in "protection" of the state, she was abused, neglected & almost died at the hands of CPS & the foster care system. They (foster parents) claimed they were her "legal" guardians, but no investigation was conducted into them. Why can CPS, law enforcement & the courts trample on children's and parent's rights without evidence to remove a child? Then, turn around, and place your child in foster care where abuse and neglect almost caused your child to die, but that is ok?

Read the following statement carefully.

Maura Corrigan Michigan DHS dirctorMaura Corrigan was more worried that the deaths of children in the foster system were not being recorded, rather than being concerned that children had died & why they had died! Now she is Michigan DHS director?

"The phenomenon of children dying in state care is one that deserves special scrutiny. We know that there are many more deaths than made the newspapers. The total number of children who die annually while under state care is unknown. While multiple agencies track their numbers, no central tracking agency exists and tracking methods differ between agencies. That's one of the issues should be addressed." [former] Justice Maura Corrigan

Harold Wilson

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