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Colloidal Silver

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By Ken Adachi
Last Updated Feb. 1, 2021

Colloidal Silver, An Introduction by Ken Adachi

Colloidal Silver Basics
Silver Water (Colloidal Silver), An Amazing and Forgotten Natural Antibiotic by Ken Adachi

FAQ on Colloidal Silver from Ken Adachi

Colloidal Silver (CS) - More Information from Ken Adachi

You can learn much more about the benefits, applications and usage of colloidal silver by reading my spiral-bound compilation titled:
Silver, The Forgotten Antibiotic Vols. 1 & 2 (Vol 1 = $23 + shipping; Vol. 2 = $18 + shipping {Media mail or Priority shipping, your choice})

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Updated Introduction

The incredible germicidal effects of colloidal silver (which is simply tiny particles {microscopic clusters} of silver evenly dispersed in water) first came to my attention in 1994 when I heard Dr. Bob Beck talking on FM radio station KPFK here in southern California. I had no idea that silver, of all the metals found in Nature, could actually interfere with and prevent the reproduction of pathogenic organisms. And even more remarkable, Bob said that silver's germicidal action applied to all species of pathogenic organisms including bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites, and molds.

Holy Cow, that was the most amazing thing I ever heard in my life!

I subsequently found out where Bob Beck was holding a regular Tuesday morning breakfast meeting at a local restaurant in Costa Mesa, California and began to routinely attend. I met a lot of interesting people at those breakfast meetings and came to realize just how much valuable Nature-based healing information is intentionally hidden from the public by the media, academia, organized medicine, and their pharmaceutical overlords.

The FDA and FTC began a witch hunt in 2001 against web sites that were posting testimonials about the health benefits of colloidal silver and offering colloidal silver itself. To avoid butting heads with the government, I stopped offering liquid colloidal silver, but urged readers to obtain their own colloidal silver generators (described below). I also told people to contact me privately by email if they wanted more information about colloidal silver.

You can buy colloidal silver at a health food store, but they charge $7-10 for ONE ounce of the stuff (typically $15 - 20 for a 2 ounce bottle, and $35 - 40 for a 4 ounce bottle). Those prices are ridiculous because colloidal silver is dirt cheap to make yourself at home. You can obtain all the colloidal silver you want for the cost of distilled water if you have your own generator. For those who aren't ready to try making CS themselves at home, you can always send me an email and find out how to obtain colloidal silver at a substantial savings from what is available in health food stores.

Colloidal silver produced in 1997 still yellow and viable after 16 years storageThe wisest decision considering the current economic state of affairs in the world? Get your own generator. The best CS generator design in existence is my Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator which operates on the principle of Reverse Polarity, an original and unique production concept gleaned from my conversations with Merlin Wolf in 1996 and premiered exclusively at this web site in 1996. Colloidal silver made with my generator and unique production protocol (explained in the 5 pages of instructions included with every CS generator) has remained yellow, viable, and germicidal for over 23 years without stabilizers or additives of any type (see photo on right).

January 17, 2001
Back in 2001, the FDA launched a propaganda campaign against colloidal silver and attempted for a time to establish regulations in order to control the sale and availability of colloidal silver, which they attempted to claim was under their jurisdiction as a "drug." Silver ions in water can no more be called a "drug" than can any other metal on the Periodic Table. Nevertheless, they were on the war path and attempting to intimidate a lot of web sites, including mine, with "warning letters" about offering ready made colloidal silver to the public, something that they now considered to be a "drug." Having no desire to become a sacrificial lamb to FDA witch hunting, we have removed Colloidal Silver products from our Products page, but our Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generators are available, so you can make your own - and SAVE a lot of money squandered on CS purchased in stores or online. .

The present deal with the FDA is this: If you publish articles about all the wonderful things that colloidal silver can do for you, you can't make the colloidal silver itself available because-according to the FDA-you would be making "unsubstantiated medical claims".  If you don't post any information about the health benefits of CS, you therefore aren't making ''medical claims", and they won't bother you. I've decided to leave the CS articles in place and encourage you to obtain your own generator.

Colloidal Silver Generators

Send me an email if you wish further details about obtaining the Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator with Reverse Polarity, the most successful methodology to minimize current runaway and produce the highest caliber of CS possible by capitalizing on Alchemical principles applicable to silver (while some have attempted to lay claim to my origination of the reverse polarity technique, I, Ken Adachi,  take full and exclusive credit for originating the idea of employing reverse polarity in CS production since 1997).

Consider obtaining your own generator as a Premium Gift (for a donation) and save yourself all the hassle and expense of obtaining colloidal silver from others. Home made colloidal silver made with my generator, using my specific CS production protocol, will produce FAR superior colloidal silver than that found in health stores or from other vendors on the internet.

Deluxe CS Generator with accessories and instrucitons You can also leave a voice message at 949-544-1375 if you prefer and I'll call you back or send you an email response if you leave your email address.

Two Models are Available:

1. The DC Deluxe Model Colloidal Silver Generator  (battery power only) This unit is available as a premium gift for a donation of  $137 + $8 Priority flat rate shipping in the USA = $145

If three or more of these generators are ordered at the same time, the donation is only $125 per unit *. This generator operates on batteries only and allows you to take it with you where ever you go. This can be extremely important when traveling to foreign countries where sanitation and hygiene are not on a par with the United States or Europe.  The three square 9 volt batteries (available anywhere in the world) powering this generator are accessible by removing the battery access panel of the generator.

2. The DC Deluxe Model Generator with AC adapter offers all the features of the DC Deluxe model with the addition of an internal conversion power supply, an AC input jack, and an AC wall transformer which allows for operation from a wall outlet. This option saves on batteries as well as offers you the opportunity to make colloidal silver even when you run out of battery power. The AC wall adapter and internal conversion circuit will produce a much higher DC voltage (49 volts DC) than the three 9-volt batteries alone. The higher voltage allows more colloidal silver to go into solution in a given span of time, thus speeding production.

** A Free Mini Timer is now included with every Colloidal Silver Generator **

The digital Mini Timer is used to time the two minute intervals between polarity reversals. You set the timer for 2 minutes and hit the start button, When it arrives at 00:00, it beeps loudly and then resets automatically to two minutes. A strong neodymium magnet embedded in the back will adhere to any convenient metal surface such as a refrigerator or range hood..This timer will count up (or down) to 99 minutes and 59 seconds and is really convenient for all types of timer applications.

* Any combination of three or more generators is OK to take advantage of reduced donation offer.

Reader question: Why is Colloidal Silver Made with Your Generator More Yellow Than Store Bought CS? (May 17, 2009)

Replacement Silver Electrodes for Colloidal Silver Generators

Our replacement electrodes are made of 99.99% pure silver (please see our section on the Purity of Silver Wire). These electrodes are bonded to a 3 foot.coax cable and are terminated with a 3.5mm plug. They are compatible with either model generator. Some people wish to obtain silver electrodes for other makes of  CS generators which only uses bare silver wire electrodes and alligator clips. If you have this type of generator, please specify you want bare silver wire electrodes.Top View of CS generator with description of controls .

Larger Silver Electrodes

Large Volume Production of Colloidal Silver (Click link for more information)

Large volume production refers to making colloidal silver as a concentrate using a large 2 liter Erlenmeyer flask and then diluting the solution 10:1 or 20:1  to achieve the normal concentration range of 10-15 ppm. It takes a few hours to produce a concentrated batch of colloidal silver, but when diluted, you have a substantial amount of colloidal silver in the 10-15 ppm concentration. For example, 2 liters of CS concentrate (seen on right) = 20 liters of regular concentration (seen in glass above).


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Silver Water (Colloidal Silver), An Amazing and Forgotten Natural Antibiotic by Ken Adachi

Silver Water (Colloidal Silver) Frequently Asked Questions

Reader question: Why is Colloidal Silver Made with Your Generator More Yellow Than Store Bought CS? (May 17, 2009)

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