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 Personal Anecdotes About Colloidal Silver

By Ken Adachi <E-mail>

Pharmaceutical corporate stooges, masquerading as government officials working for the FDA or FCC, love to go after people who publish testimonials about non-drug therapies that produce results. They love hauling people into court on trumped up charges of promoting an unapproved medical device or making unsubstantial ted medical claims, etc. During the second half of the twentieth century especially, many fine people have been ruined, imprisoned, or killed because government corporate jackals did not want them telling the public about harmless, inexpensive, Nature-based therapies that worked and therefore presented a threat to the mega-profits of the pharmaceutical giants. In the 21st century, government suppression of alternative therapies in the USA has only grown more intense. We won't oblige government jackboots by publishing testimonials at this web site . We'll simply refer to personal experiences using colloidal silver as anecdotes. As long as we still have the First Amendment to the US Constitution, we should be OK.

This is the place to obtain helpful information about colloidal silver and to share your experiences with others. I can't begin to tell you how many wonderful and impressive healing stories that I've  heard from people by pure happenstance. I would be talking with someone on the phone about an order or something and just casually ask them if they have had any luck using CS. More often than not, they would then launch into healing anecdotes about CS that would just knock my socks off!  I would say to them: "You've got to write that down. I'd like to post that at my web site. That's a great story!" But most people would forget to do it and I would never get the e-mail. It's too bad, because a personal anecdote is valuable information that needs to be shared with others. So here's your chance. Whatever you got on colloidal silver, whether it's good, bad, or neutral---tell me about it!

Send me an E-mail ( and give me as much detail as you can. For instance, tell me how you obtained the CS you used. Did you make it yourself or buy it in the store? Did you use my generator to make it or did you use someone else's generator?  Details are important. It makes it easier for me to figure out what's going on, especially if you're not getting positive results. Be as thorough as possible. I'll include your name and E-Mail address with your statement unless you specifically ask me not to identify you. I would like other people to be able to contact each other and share their insights, but it's up to you whether you want to publish your e-mail address or not.

Personal Anecdotes
I received quite a few impressive letters from colloidal silver users when I launched my first web site and included info about CS. I need to dig them up from my old hard drive and get them up here, but in the meantime, we can start fleshing out this section by providing new anecdotes from new users. It's always a delight to read the words of someone who has just discovered- on their own- just how well colloidal silver works!

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