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 Colloidal Silver

By Ken Adachi <E-mail>
February 2001

Update: Feb. 21, 2001
You are reading this page because you contacted me and asked me to send you more info about colloidal silver. This page and the articles linked to it are to be considered confidential information and are not intended for public access and consumption until further notice. You can forward this page to interested friends and relatives, but you cannot forward it to any government agency or any individual working in any capacity for any Federal, State, or Municipal, or County government. This page is not to be posted on another internet web site, bulletin board, chat group, etc..
This colloidal silver (CS) index was pulled off the home page after the FDA contacted all web sites selling colloidal silver, warning them that no health claims could be made concerning the use of CS. You can access all the articles about CS from this page. We also had to pull colloidal silver products from the public Products page. I've created a separate CS Products page that you can access only from this page. We will no longer offer CS on our public Products page.

If you do not yet possess a DC colloidal generator, I strongly urge you to obtain one.The design that is promoted on this web site will make a superior and high quality DC colloidal silver, but any generator is better than none at all. The newer mono-atomic form of high voltage AC Silver Water (colloidal silver) has the smallest silver particle size possible coupled with the highest electron charge density surrounding that particle. That equates to deeper tissue penetration and greater bio-activity. We have listed a very broad range of available sizes on the CS Products Page. You should have in your possession either the conventional DC form of colloidal silver (Silver Water)  or a DC generator for making it AND you should also have on hand the high voltage AC form that we call AC Silver Water. We will be offering the generator used in making the AC form of colloidal silver for personal research purposes only to members of Educate-Yourself. Send an E mail to Ken Adachi, Editor if interested.

The current campaign to suppress the sale and availability of CS is just a beginning. More stringent controls will be exerted in the future, undoubtedly targeting CS generators, as well as other alternative health devices as  "dangerous and illegal". Obtain these supplies now while you have the opportunity.  We warned last year that the suppression of CS sales over the internet was coming and now it's here. We plan to make the generators for producing the high voltage AC form of colloidal silver available soon, but only through private communications  with subscribers and members, not the general public. Read our pages on Chemtrails, Population Control, and the New World Order to appreciate why I am urging you to acquire the means to produce your own colloidal silver.


Colloidal Silver (CS), sometimes called Silver Water or Silver mineral water, is a solution of extremely fine microscopic particles of pure silver suspended in water. For thousands of years, silver was the hidden ingredient utilized by knowledgeable healers such as Pliny the Elder and Paraselsus to fight infection. Hundreds of documented laboratory studies have confirmed that colloidal silver can resolve or mitigate more than 650 types of infections, often with greater effectiveness than drugs, and without the side effects or the exorbitant of drugs.


For those with limited time to read, this list of Frequently Asked Questions will address the most common questions concerning colloidal silver.

More Information on Colloidal Silver

A much wider arena of data and viewpoints on colloidal silver is presented here. If you have the time, go prospecting here. You will discover many  nuggets of information that will help you gain greater insight into the restorative, regenerative, healing, and germicidal properties of colloidal silver.

The Deluxe Collodial Silver Generator
Many individuals advertising CS generators for sale are making claims of superior or unique generator design, but in reality most of them are assembling a standard, series battery design. Standard CS generators will indeed produce colloidal silver, however, the standard generator design has a flaw. It produces an undesirable phenomena called current runaway.  When using a standard generator design, the CS solution will sometimes appear black or gray  in color and can produce puddles of silver which float to the top of the solution even when distilled water is used and the pinch of salt is avoided. Why? Because of current runaway. The specially designed circuit employed in The Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator prevents current runaway and can produce a higher quality of colloidal silver than is available from health food stores for the price of distilled water.


There is a great deal of information being promulgated about colloidal silver both in print and on the Internet. In some instances, there is exaggerated hyperbole published by entrepreneurs who are only interested in selling and have no true understanding of what they are talking about. Other writers are sincere individuals, but have limited education on the subject and sometimes make confusing or inaccurate statements. Still other authors are both knowledgeable and honest and try to present the most accurate data available. It is the latter authors that I have tried to isolate for your perusal.

Debunking Colloidal silver

Some articles and  web sites are devoted to the debunking of all alternative, non-pharmaceutical therapies, including colloidal silver. This intentional disinformation is being promoted by pro-pharmaceutical shills who want to frighten people away from using colloidal silver. Why? Because colloidal silver works too well, and the drug companies know it! If the general public knew how wide-spectrum and incredibly effective colloidal silver is, people might begin to realize that they don't need to take all those expensive pharmaceutical antibiotics, with their wonderful side effects. When you consider both human and animal consumption of antibiotics, the loss would represent billions each month!

The principle scare story used is always about Argyria, a rare blue/grey skin condition. For the past couple of years, the drug company debunkers have been dragging around a poor woman by the name of Rosemary Jacobs. Rosemary has Argyria and her skin has a slate-grey cast to it. The debunkers trot her out at press conferences and at medical conventions to demonstrate what will happen to people who take collodial silver for a prolonged period of time. For many years, Rosemary used nose drops, prescribed by her doctor, that contained colloidal silver protein. Articles written by debunkers about Rosemary's condition will discuss her use of colloidal silver and type the initials "csp" in parentheses behind the words colloidal silver only once, at the very beginning of the article. For the balance of the article, they will use the term colloidal silver repeatedly and denounce it as the cause of Rosemary's condition. However, Rosemary's condtion was brought about by the use of a prescription drug, a protein compound that contained colloidal silver; and not colloidal silver itself.  They are two entirely different things. Hydrochloric acid, for example, is something entirely different than water and table salt, yet hydrochloric acid is composed of  the elements found in water and table salt. Pure colloidal silver is simply a superfine suspension of submicroscopic silver particles in water. There is No protein, No Argyria, and No problem. The debunkers would prefer to mislead the public to believe otherwise, however. And more often than not, they succeed, because fear will win out every time over positive, affirmative stories- at least for the naive, the easily manipulated, and the uninformed.

Your Experiences
If you have positive results using colloidal silver, whether with people or animals, you need to share that information with others. You don't know how valuable it is for someone with a certain problem to read your testimonial about the same problem and how you cleared it up. Click this link to read about the experiences of others as well as post your own testimonial.

Products Available as Premium Gifts

We make colloidal silver available in both the standard DC form (Silver Water) and a new AC form (AC Silver Water) that's  made with a high voltage process. Our bottles of Silver Water come in  various-sized containers up to 500% below the typical retail price seen in health food stores. Silver electrodes are also available in a variety of sizes for personal use or large scale production needs. Our book Silver, The Forgotten Antibiotic (Vols. 1 & 2) contains some of the best articles and research reports about colloidal silver to be found anywhere. After reading these books, you will really understand why and how colloidal silver works as well as it does. Of course, don't forget that you can also make your own high grade DC form of Silver Water  perfectly the first time around by using the Merlin Wolf designed Deluxe Generator utilizing our 5 pages of detailed instructions for a donation as low as $133 Plus $8 Priority shipping with delivery confirmation = $141, while the CS Deluxe Generator with AC wall adapter is $163 + $8 Priority shipping = $171 (within the USA). There is no CS generator available anywhere, at any price, that will produce finer colloidal silver than the Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator.

Large volume Prouction of CS saves time and money

Producing a concentrated solution of CS in a larger volume will save you much time and energy if you are considering making a large amount of CS. Read the details here. 

You can request premium gift products by E-Mail, telephone (949-544-1375 voice mail)

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