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 Large Volume Production of Colloidal Silver
, Part 2

By Ken Adachi <E-mail>

Larger diameter electrodes

Larger diameter electrodes (smaller gauge number) are used for higher capacity production of colloidal silver. For a given space of production time, these large diameter electrodes will produce a  more concentrated solution of colloidal silver because of their larger surface area. By making a highly concentrated solution, you can dilute the final solution by a factor of 10 or more.  For example, a 2 liter flask of 150 ppm CS can be diluted with distilled water to produce 20 liters of 15 ppm CS. The larger electrodes are supplied with a bonded 6' lead and insulated alligator clips.

Consider the advantages:
If you are only producing CS for your own use, then a 16 oz glass of average concentration (10-15ppm) made with 14 gauge silver electrodes will take about 20-45 minutes to produce and might last you a couple of weeks before you have to make more. But what if you want to produce a lot of CS? Are you going to be making it everyday?

No, it takes too much time. It's much simpler to spend 3-4 hours and make a concentrated solution of CS and then dilute it with distilled water to make 10-15 ppm concentration. The fastest way to make the most concentrated solution of CS in a given space of time is to use large electrodes; the larger, the better (due to greater surface area).

I've found that a 2 liter Erlenmeyer flask (wide at the bottom, narrow at the top) is the ideal vessel for large volume CS production. Larger flasks are available, but they're too cumbersome and heavy. The larger electrodes are fitted to a #10 rubber stopper which goes into the neck of the flask. A 12 inch (yellow backed) lab thermometer can also be fitted into a hole in the stopper in order to  monitor the temperature (optional, but recommended).See below for these items.

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