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Colloidal Silver (CS) - More Information

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By Ken Adachi, Editor

Coloidal Silver (CS) - More Information by Ken Adachi

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Colloidal Silver Basics
Silver Water (Colloidal Silver), An Amazing and Forgotten Natural Antibiotic

FAQ on Colloidal Silver

Reverse Polarity CS Generator (Best method for making CS ~ Full Votage applied (no current limiting circuits with voltage reduction) with Zero 1) current runaway, 2) particle clumping or 3) silver puddling)
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A Brief Overview

Prior to the use of penicillin and sulfa drugs during World War II, Medicine's most commonly utilized infection fighter was Colloidal Silver (a solution of extremely fine particles of pure silver suspended in water). A powerful germicidal, silver is an exceptional metal in that it is non-toxic to the human body, but lethal to over 650 types of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and molds. Conventional pharmaceutical antibiotics are typically effective against only 6 or 7 types of bacteria and are useless against viruses.

Silver filters are found in the water fountains of every airliner and space craft to guarantee germ-free water. Silver is used by the Soviets to sterilize recycled water aboard the Mir Space Station. Silver is being used to replace chlorine in swimming pools, because it does not sting the eyes and offers greater germicidal action. Laboratory tests have shown that Colloidal Silver will kill most bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses within 2-6 minutes of contact. Many chronic infections, from pyorrhea to vaginal yeast infections, conditions which are often resistant to drug therapy, will quickly clear up with Colloidal Silver.

It had always been a great mystery during the Middle Ages that while untold thousands of peasants died from the Bubonic Plague, most of the aristocracy remained untouched. Why? The aristocracy remained infection-free because their water and wine was stored in silver vessels which allowed silver atoms to migrate into the liquid and afford germicidal action. They also ate off silver plates, used silver utensils, and drank from silver goblets.

During the last century, American Pioneers always put a silver dollar into a bucket of fresh milk in order to slow down its clabbering and souring.

Despite years of research to find a superior pharmaceutical product, silver is still considered the most effective germ fighter and promoter of rapid healing in cases of severe burns. UCLA medical labs found it effectively disabled every virus they had in the lab!
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As stated above, Colloidal Silver is lethal to over 650 types of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and molds. However, it is completely non-toxic to the human body. For several decades, silver has proven itself in the treatment of burns, and eye, ear, nose, throat, vaginal, rectal, and urinary tract infections. Silver has been prescribed as an adjunct treatment for reproductive disorders in women and the circulatory system, as well as a treatment for AIDS infective complications. It has been used as a remedy for allergies, boils, ulcers, leisons, thyroid conditions, infantile diseases, parasites, wounds of the cornea, enlarged prostate, warts, bladder inflammation, infections of the eustachian tubes, sleepwalking and anorexia nervosa. Colloidal silver also acts as a tissue regenerator by stimulating the production of de-differentiating cells, which promotes the replacement of specialized cells.

The following is only a partial list of the more than 650 disease conditions for which colloidal silver has demonstrated proven clinical amelioration:

Anthrax Bacilli 
Athlete's Foot 
Blood Poisoning 

Chronic Fatigue 

Herpes Virus 
Lyme Disease 
Pruritis Ani 
Scarlet Fever 
Skin Cancer 
Staph Infection 
Stomach Flu 
Whooping Cough 

The only known toxic reaction to silver occured during World War II when silver plates were used to replace missing skull bone in severely injured GI's. Normally, the blood-brain barrier prevents silver from entry into this domain. This mechanical barrier effectively blocks silver from entry into the brain or spinal cord area, the only part of the body where it would be toxic to nerve cells. 

Blue/Grey Skin

Proponents of pharmaceuticals have attempted to debunk the use of Colloidal Silver based on a fraudulent claim that Colloidal Silver can cause Argyria, a rare condition that results in a bluish/grey tinting of the skin. What these debunkers fail to mention is that all known cases of Argyria are due to long-term exposure and systemic absorbtion of silver compounds, usually in the form of protein compounds. Colloidal silver is silver in its elemental form. The body does not store excess elemental silver, but rather eliminates it, as with other heavy metals, via the metallothioneins. These ubiquitous proteins bind heavy metals into metal-thiolate-cluster complexes and remove them from the body.

The Color

When making colloidal silver, no other issue inspires more debate than the matter of what constitutes the 'correct' color. Most writers support yellow or a golden yellow as the ideal color, but some writers suggests that a clear solution is preferred. Others argue that a white/cloudy solution is better. Here's the lowdown as we see it:

White/Cloudy Color

The white/cloudy color is produced when you make colloidal silver using a mineralized water (tap, well water, mountain spring bottled water, etc.) or you add an ionizing agent like sodium chloride (table salt) to the water. The silver ions combine with the free anions in the water and produce silver salts such as Silver Chloride. In his hundreds on lectures given on colloidal silver, Dr. Bob Beck had been recommending up to 1997  to use tap water and the addition of  a small amount of table salt to ionize the solution. Fellow health researcher , Merlin D. Wolf, however, recommended to Bob to use distilled water heated to near boiling and avoid adding the salt entirely. The heated water allows electrolysis to take place while at the same time avoiding the problem of producing silver salts. This is the preferred technique that Dr Beck

One of the more cogent explanations for the often touted yellow color was offered by Peter A. Lindemann in his article about colloidal silver entitled: Colloidal Silver, A Closer Look. To quote Peter's article directly:

There has been a fair amount of controversy in the public literature concerning the appearance of the "yellow" color. A lot of well meaning people have told me that "yellow is bad", "silver isn't yellow", "yellow is sulfur contamination", "yellow is iron contamination", and lots of other things. I finally found what I believe to be the answer to this question in a book titled Practical Colloid Chemistry, published in London in 1926. In the section on the "Colours of Colloidal Metals", sub-section on the "Polychromism of silver solutions" on page 69, I found the following statements: "The continuous change in colour from yellow to blue corresponds to a change in the absorption maximum of the shorter to longer wave-lengths with a decreasing degree of dispersion. This is a general phenomenon in colloid chemistry illustrating the relation between colour and degree of dispersion." This section goes on to describe the colors that show up in a wide variety of colloidal metal solutions. Interestingly, they ALL have a yellow phase.

For true "electro-colloidal" silver, the particle size range that can appear yellow is .01 to .001microns (10 to 100 angstroms) because that is the size of silver particle that best absorbs the indigo light, leaving only its inverse color, yellow, to be observed. The final transparent-yellow appearance only shows up after the particles have become evenly dispersed.

Clear Color

A few individuals who sell colloidal silver or colloidal silver generators claim that a clear solution is more desireable. It's not that simple. The clear color could be accounted for by different reasons:

1. I none case, the CS many simply be of too low a concentration (in ppm) to look yellow, even pale yellow.
2. It's possible that there's no collodial silver in the solution at all and you're just dealing with plain water (it has happened).
3. The colloidal silver could be of a special form known as High Voltage AC silver (HVAC). This form of colloidal silver does look clear at all times, even in very high concentrations. This form of colloidal silver has interesting properties and sometimes can be more effective than the conventional DC form of colloidal silver, for certain conditions. However, it is much more acidic than the DC form and might prove to be somewhat caustic in certain situations. The equipment for making this form of CS uses very high voltage and must be handled with know-how and respect. However, for health researchers and healers, it might be something you might want to look into. For those interested, contact me for more info on the HVAC form of CS and the equipment for making it.

The most common reason for a nearly clear color is simply low concentration. Many people who had heard or read about colloidal silver production from Dr Bob Beck's lectures, or read a reprint of his original ideas, continue to mistakenly make CS using room temperature tap water with a pinch of salt. When you stick the electrodes into a glass of water and turn the generator on, you see a lot of white cloudiness forming within a few seconds. Everyone thinks that the white cloudiness is the colloidal silver. It is not.

It's silver chloride salt being formed. So after running the process for 5 minutes or so, they think they got a glass full of colloidal silver (the salt settles out and the solution will look practically clear). Yes, they got a tiny little bit of CS, but they mostly have silver salts in the solution. The key is to run the process long enough to produce golden yellow CS using heated distilled water and without any salt added.

According to Dr Bob Beck, silver atoms sinter off the silver electrode in equal particle size (approximately .001 microns) when using a DC generator of approximately 30 volts. Therefore, with a DC generator, distilled water will usually begin to turn a medium yellow color when the concentration approaches 5-7 ppm. Higher concentrations reveal a deeper yellow color, while lower concentrations (usually 2-5 ppm) display more of a pale yellow Purity of the Silver Wire

Most commercial and home producers of colloidal silver that we have talked to use silver electrodes of 99.9% purity. As explained below, it seems to be the best choice when one weighs both economy and safety. Again quoting from Peter Lindemann's article, A Closer Look:

The quality of your finished product depends entirely on the purity of the water you start with and the purity of the silver you start with. Most of the current literature suggests that only 99.9999% pure silver can be used. Most home brew systems use 99.9% pure silver.

So, what is the difference? To find out, I contacted Academy Metals, a company in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that produces commercial silver. The total allowable impurities in 99.9% (.999 fine) silver is 1000 ppm or 1 part in 1000. These impurities and their maximums are 1) Copper, 800 ppm, 2) Lead, 250 ppm, 3) Iron, 200 ppm, and 4) Bismuth, 10 ppm. This product is readily available in wire form and costs about $3.00 above the market (spot) price of silver. When this product is used to make electro-colloidal silver at a concentration of 5 ppm, the total impurities from the silver drop to 4 ppb (parts per billion) copper, 1.25 ppb lead, 1 ppb iron, .05 ppb bismuth. With all allowable impurities at these low levels, there is a reasonable argument for not being concerned. Still, sometimes small things make a big difference. 99.99% silver (.9999 fine) has total allowable impurities of 100 ppm of the same metals in the same ratios, and costs (in wire form) between $50-$90 above the spot price of silver. 99.999% silver (.99999 fine) has total allowable impurities of 10 ppm, and in wire form costs about $250 above the spot price. 99.9999% silver, in wire form, costs more than gold and is very difficult to find commercially. In one sample of 10 ppm colloidal silver we sent out for total analysis (made with 99.9% silver electrodes), the primary impurities found were: 1) Sodium, 470 ppb, 2) Calcium, 260 ppb, 3) Manganese, 70 ppb, 4) Potassium, 50 ppb, and 5) Magnesium, 24 ppb. Since none of these impurities could have come from the silver, it suggests that the purity of the water should be of greater concern to the person making their own colloidal silver, than spending extra money on purer silver.

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Personal Anecdotes about Colloidal Silver
If you wish to talk about your observations using colloidal silver so that others might know what you have experienced, then send me an e-mail and I'll publish your comments at this link: Personal Experiences ( )
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Ken Adachi


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