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Colloidal Silver Information

From Ken Adachi, Editor

You were given this url because you requested information from me about colloidal silver. The information provided here is strictly for educational purposes and is not intended to be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. See the healer of your choice for medical advice and treatment.

Abundant literature and studies have shown colloidal silver (CS) to be effective against a wide variety of micro organisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold. We have a number of articles about CS that you can access from links pasted at the  bottom of this page. They will give you more info about the germicidal properties of silver. A good source of info about the mechanisms that CS employs to disable pathogens is discussed in our book, "Silver The Forgotten Antibiotic". The book is a compilation of some of the best articles written about CS

Many articles about colloidal silver, its usage, application, and properties, can be accessed from the links given near the bottom of the page.
Colloidal Silver Generators
If you read the description of my CS generator, you will understand more about the 'runaway current' phenomena which affects particle size (measured in microns). Most makers of CS generators employ a standard generator design, but a standard generator is subject to current runaway. More info here:

Much Ado is made of particle size, but all particles come off the silver wire at exactly 1.26 angstroms. It's what happens to the particles after they become suspended in the CS solution that's important. Here, the circuit design of the generator AND the specific protocol for making high quality CS (small particle) come into play. I include 5 pages of step by step instructions with my generator that explains a proven protocol for making a very high grade of colloidal silver, verified by hundreds of satisfied users.

Two Types of Colloidal Silver
There are two forms of CS : The conventional low voltage DC form found in all health food stores and on most web sites. It's usually just identified as "colloidal silver" with no mention of the  letters "DC", but it's made with a low voltage DC electrolysis process,  so I label it DC CS to distinguish it from the second type of CS  called AC colloidal silver (also called "HVAC" for High Voltage Alternating Current)). This form has the smallest particle of all, right down to the size of a single atom of silver; some refer to it as mono atomic colloidal silver. Both forms of CS are effective, but the AC form seems to work better for certain conditions that require deeper tissue penetration. I bottle CS as "Silver Water" . I call the HVAC form "AC Silver Water" You'll find these products on the CS Products page at this url:

The DC generator comes in two models, and both are described here:

Large volume Production

The above link is devoted to an explanation of the equipment needed for large volume production of CS. Each CS generator is shipped with a set of 6", 14 gauge silver electrodes which are intended to fit a glass anywhere in size from 8 oz up to 16 oz. The time it takes to make a glass of CS of average concentration (about 5-15 ppm) can take anywhere from 20-45 minutes depending on your location, the position and phase of the moon and even the time of the day (there are many variables that affect the production of CS that are not recognized by conventional science, but these variability exist nevertheless). If you are just considering making enough CS for personal use, a 16 oz glass will last you a week or two, depending on how many in the family take it. But if you want to make much more for friends or relatives, etc., it takes too much time to make a single 16 oz glass at a time.

The way to go is to use a much larger production vessel and make a concentrated solution of CS and afterwards reduce that concentrated batch down to the regular concentration of 5-15 ppm (parts per million). The Large Volume Production url explains the use of the 2 liter Erlenmeyer flask, larger and longer silver electrodes, and an optional 12" lab thermometer to monitor the temp of your solution during production. If you wish to get the Large Volume set up, I recommend getting the longest and thickest silver electrodes that you can afford (12", 6 gauge is the best).  You use the same generator described above for large volume production. A 2 liter flask of concentrated CS can be diluted down to 20 , 30, or even 40 LITERS of regular CS concentration, depending on the final ppm desired. It takes about 3 or 4 hours to make a highly concentrated batch using our protocol and equipment. Large volume production is a tremendous time saver if you want to produce a lot of CS.

Using the Deluxe CS generator and the reverse polarity protocol (with focused intent), I have achieved a shelf life that has exceeded 13 years without any change in color or intensity of the CS solution. There is no need to add stabilizers.
Someone sent me a remark about our generator posted on a chat list that discusses colloidal silver. Here's what was posted:
From: Reid Harvey (view other messages by this author)
          Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 04:27:35


No, concentrated CS can easily be the electrolysis variety.  Actually I make it myself, purchased for saturating water filters, ingesting.  But up to the immanent point of making the 10ppm CS, after Terry Chamberlain's generator design, my family has been ingesting the ~170ppm CS, with excellent results (diluted of course).  I do not have a URL handy, but the concentrated CS generator I use was made by, and I believe it to be utterly reliable.  The process uses polarity reversal and heat, just under boiling.


Here's a second message from someone referring to my generator, but didn't remember my web site's name:

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From: Kevin Nolan
Sent: Thursday, November 22, 2001 2:17 PM
Subject: CS Polarity switching circuit

In Digest #1117, "Results of ppm calculator lab test", Herx wrote:

"I recently posted a link for a spreadsheet I wrote to calculate the ppm of homemade CS....
...A while back I came to the same conclusion re cathode area and plate-out. After having little improvement with going from large area stainless cathodes to 1/16" diameter stainless wire cathodes, toyed with borrowing an idea from the Microwater people - cocoon the cathode(s) in a membrane such as chamois, that allows current flow but restricts access of silver ions to the cathode surface. However I believe the best solution is to borrow another idea that a CS vendor (can't recall who) uses - reverse the polarity regularly. I think that vendor's machine switched polarity about once a minute. An adjustable timer is preferable, as optimum switching period probably will vary depending on the particular setup used. It neatly solves a number of issues. No need to clean the cathode surfaces of oxide buildup. No need to filter the brew. No need to worry about how much silver is lost via plate-out - should be negligible. The disadvantages are increased complexity and cost, and the need to ensure that all electrodes are silver. To me, benefits outweigh costs. Any electronics enthusiasts on the list willing to come up with a DIY circuit design?"  

In addition to colloidal silver, you should look into the incredible benfits of "zapping", a term coined by Dr. Hulda Clark to describe a therapeutic protocol that applies a frequency employing an all-positive voltage, pulsating DC squarewave to either hand electrodes, feet electrodes, or directly against the skin using penny-sized silver discs electrodes mounted to the zapper box. This therapy comes under many names, but it boils down to applying a positive offset square wave or pulsed voltage waveform to the skin. Hulda Clark recommends using a 30-33 kHz frequency range for the most effective distribution of zapping currents throughout the body. I offer a lightweight and compact 32 kHz zapper that fits the bill perfectly. You can zap using hand and/or foot electrodes exclusively using the 32 kHz Zapper, or you can zap directly against the skin with pure silver disc electrodes mounted directly to the zapper box. I call the zapper with silver disc electrodes the "Mini Silver Terminator (MST)." You can expand the capabilities of the plain MST by adding the options of the SP jack and/or the DC Power Pakwhich allows you to plug in a wall transformer and develop a higher voltage between the electrodes, thus delivering more current to knock out more pathogens in a given zapping session. The SP Jack allows you to use hand and foot electrodes, but it also allows you to Plate Zap and make Homeographic bottle copies, as explained in the books of Dr Hulda Clark.

The 32 Khz Zapper with SP jack only is available for $75 plus shipping. The 32 kHz Zapper with SP jack and the DC Power Pak is $115 + shipping. The plain MST is $125 + shipping; the MST with SP Jack is $155 + shipping; and the MST with SP Jack and DC Power Pak is $190 + shipping

More detailed information at this link: 

Blood Electrification

Dr Bob Beck helped to get out the story about "blood electrification" before it was almost totally squashed and suppressed by pharmaceutical interests and New World Order advocates. You can read more about Bob Beck's uncovering of the blood electrification story at this link:
The Beck blood electrifier can be home made  ( or you can obtain a factory built unit from me (you can obtain the other Beck devices, the magnetic pulser, ozone machine, and colloidal silver generator, from me as well). See this url for more details:

Contact me if interested : orderingstuff (at) educate-yourself. (dot) org (replace symbols and no spaces)

Here are more links about colloidal silver:

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Sincerely, Ken


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