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Anatomy of a HAARP Attack

From Mostly Cloudy to Clear in 20 Minutes!

By Ken Adachi <>
March 14, 2004

I make it a point to take my digital camera with me every time I go out the door. I've been taking pictures of chemtrails and 'real' clouds for a few years now and I've noticed several distinct changes in the atmosphere whenever chemtrails are sprayed overhead and/or when the covert control freaks turn up the juice on those microwave 'cell phone' towers to play God with the weather. I'll point out some of those atmospheric differences in a separate article, but this photo-essay will concern itself mostly with a chance capturing-on digital 'film'- of an all out HAARP assault on the cloudscape over Irvine, California on March 12, 2004 which I serendipitously observed between 2:27 and 2:55 P.M.. For readers who are newbies to this subject, HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project. HAARP is supposed to be a joint US Air Force/Navy research development project for 'defense' purposes. In reality, it's another enslavement tool of the NWO gang.

Some Background
We've been conditioned to believe that the HAARP facilities in Alaska and a few other locations around the world are the extent of the HAARP transmitters, but Don Croft, Tom Bearden, and others have observed that there is a country-wide network of neighborhood microwave towers tied in with the big HAARP facilities to modify cloud cover or alter weather conditions in any state, city or neighborhood in North America. Anyone who's been observing chemtrails is familiar with the pink appearance of chemtrails at sunset and the unnatural looking herringbone (2) , cottage cheese, tire tread, or "grid" effect seen with upper level cloud layers under the influence of scalar/microwave radiation. Tom Bearden first noticed these odd cloud shapes in 1976 and wrote about the Tesla based technology that can produce them in his book, Fer de Lance. Tom's article titled: Why Scalar Weather Engineering Leaves a Cloud Signature will give you his technological insights on how it works.

In addition to the cover story of cell phone transmissions, the hidden purpose behind the explosive construction of microwave towers in the U.S. (and all over the world) can be broadly divided into two categories: people control and weather control.

The mind control, mind influencing, emotion influencing, immunity suppression, disease induction, and physical incapacitation capabilities of these microwave towers have been discussed at my web site and in the books and radio interviews of Dr. Nick Begich, Tim Rifat, Dr. Byron Weeks, Al Bielek, Tom Bearden, and other researchers/writers. You can find many articles and radio interviews about the mind control aspect of microwave towers at and at links found on my Mind Control page.

The sequence of photos shown below start with three pictures I snapped at 2:27 P.M. from a mall parking lot in Irvine before heading into a health food store to pick up a few things. I took the pictures after getting out of the car because I could see that the formerly abundant and healthy cumulus cloud formations (meaning white, puffy, and sharped edged clouds) were beginning to disintegrate rapidly as the edges were becoming 'soft' and amorphous, a telltale sign of the imposition of a DOR polarity orgone energy field upon an OR orgone environment, the type of environment that real clouds need in order to grow and remain intact. That DOR energy field is created by HAARP microwave towers when our covert friends turn up the power. While you could see blue sky between the cumulus clouds, the cloud formations nevertheless covered the entire sky over my head and ran from horizon to horizon in all directions at the time I walked into the store.

I came out of the store twenty minutes later and I was stunned to see that the sky went completely clear! Except for the faintest wisp of white here and there, that sky went completely clear in less than twenty minutes. That simply doesn't happen in Nature! At this time of the year and at that time of the day, those clouds should have been building in strength until at least 3:30 or 4 P.M.and gradually dissipate as the sun went down. As I had parked far from the store, it took me about four minutes to get back to the car, put my bags inside, take out the camera, and start shooting. I took the first shot of the cleared sky at 2:55 P.M. Here's the sequence laid out in chronological order :

1. 2:27 PM  (first shot looking west)                                                            2. 2:28 PM (looking north, Santa Ana mountains in the background))

3. 2:28 PM (overhead)                                                                                 4. 2:55 PM (clear! compare this to #1 above)

5. 2:55 PM   (panning towards the north)                                                     6. 2:55 PM (north view, compare to # 2 above)

7. 2:55 PM (overhead view; strange ray - lens flare??)                                  8. 2:56 PM  (north view again showing smog layer over mountains)


9. 2:56 PM (northwest view) I couldn't believe it!..Ken Adachi


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