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'Black Beams' & Chemtrails over Los Angeles, Dec. 25, 2006

[Editor's Note: This is the second set of black beam/chemtrail photos from David <> taken over southern California. See his Oct. 28, 2006 photos taken between Palm Springs and San Diego along with comments here: .

These latest photos were taken on Christmas Day 2006 while driving on the 5 Freeway and 110 Freeway near downtown Los Angeles. I'll label his five photos #1-5 and indicate the time and location. The 'black beam' seen in these photos are not as clear as his Oct. 28 photos, but they stand out more when you enlarge the shot and run the photo through various filters and adjustments in Photoshop 7. If you have Photoshop 7 (or better) installed on your computer, you'll be able to bring out much more detail by playing with various filters and adjustments, some of which I'll describe below.

I'll first paste in David's e-mail and the photos in the order he sent them and then I'll add my Photoshop enhancements to one or two of his frames so you can get an idea how much detail can pop out using photo filters. I'm not an expert with Photoshop by any means. I learned what little I know by reading the Photoshop techniques described by  Barbara Crouse Brown of who really knows how to pull out photographic detail which most of us would miss completely. Those of you with the time and  greater knowledge in using Photoshop may discover more anomalies within these chemtrails photos than are discussed here. Don't hesitate to hunt around and see what you come up with.

Originally, I though the chemtrail spray planes themselves were projecting the 'black beams' as a sort of laser glide path for laying down the chemtrails, but both ZS Livingstone and David feel that the beams are being projected from the ground. And maybe using the work "beam" is not the best way to describe them since we think of a "beam" as a beam of light, but these black lines seem to represent an ionization path in the sky that seem to overlay the chemtrail or run very closely parallel to it.   .  

Be sure you read these two essays on Black Beams ("Disrupter- Ionization Beam") & Chemtrails from ZS Livingstone as well

Disrupter Beam Over Mount Ida British Columbia (April 22, 2006 (

More Evidence of Ionization Beam Activity in British Columbia (April 26, 2006)   (

...Ken Adachi]

From David <> LA25dec06.shtml
December 25, 2006, Christmas Day

Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2007
From: David <>
To: <Editor>
Subject: More Black Beam sightings in SoCal

Greetings Ken and Happy New Year!

I'm sure you remember my email from a few months back, where I luckily captured several photographs of a black beam on my way to Palm Springs from San Diego.

This past Christmas I was travelling to Los Angeles and saw not one, not two, but threeseparate black beams, all within a two hour period!

The first two I was able to capture with my camera- the 3rd I saw from the rooftop of my sister's apartment, but didn't have my camera with me at the time. By this point I was pretty sick and disgusted with them anyway.

Being a passenger this time instead of the driver in the car, allowed me to really focus on the beams as we travelled. I noticed a few consistancies with all 3 (as well as with the first one I saw back in Oct of 2006):

The first consistancy being that they are always aligned with a chemtrail; this was mentioned by someone in my last email that you posted.

Secondly, they are always coming from the ground, and become more dissapated the higher they get.

The third and most interesting thing that I noticed was that once they start to dissapate, they all seem to do the same thing; the bottom part (coming from the ground) vanishs quickly, and so does the "top" or skyward most point. The middle section seems to linger around for a while, then eventually breaks up into smaller sections and floats away, almost like smoke. Hopefully these observations will help in our learning of these mysterious black beams.

Here are the pics of the first beam, which was spotted by my girlfriend who was driving at the time. This is on the 5 (freeway) heading north, just south of the 10 (freeway). I checked the time on this, it was just about 10:30am. Unfortunetly, the beams didn't come out as clear in this set as they did in the last I sent you, so you may have to strain to see them, but you can tell that they are there. Look at the chemtrail directly in line with the light pole:

Heading north on the 5 Fwy (near Los Angeles), 10:30 AM, December 25, 2006 , Photo #1

5 Fwy 1030AM  near Los Angeles A  Dec 25 2006

Photo #2

5 Fwy photo 2 near Los Angeles Dec 25 2006

A few minutes later, we got on the 10 Fwy heading west. I was staring at the obvious pattern of chemtrails over downtown LA, when I saw the 2nd beam. It's in the left most "recent" chemtrail, the one cross secting the "V" over downtown.

10 Fwy  heading west near downtown Los Angeles, 10:35AM, December 25, 2006, Photo #3

110 Fwy near Los Angeles C 10:35am Dec 25 2006


Photo #4

10 Fwy near downtown Los Angeles 10:35am Dec. 25, 2006

And finally, the clearest shot I captured, of the 2nd beam.

Photo #5

10Fwy near downtown Los Angeles Dec 25 2006

Like I mentioned, the 3rd one I saw, I did not capture, but it seemed to be "rooted" right in Hollywood.(the Hollywood sign was in direct line of sight with the beam and myself, standing on a rooftop in Miracle Mile)

I will resend this email until you acknowlage receipt. Hope all is well.

Love and light,

David in San Diego

Photoshop Enhancements of Photo #5 by Ken Adachi

I cropped out the section of Photo #5 above where the black beam is most clearly seen and ran the cropped photo through different filters and adjustemst to draw out the detail. The first frame is the cropped portion of photo #5 itself, without any filtering or adjustments. The remaining frames show the effects obtained by various described filters and adjustments.

Photo #5, Cropped only               Contrast adjusted                     Auto balance & "Equalize"          Auto balance again

Photo #5 cropped only, no adjustments    Photo #5 contrast adjusted   Auto bal and equalize  Auto bal 2nd time

                                                      "Embossed" frames will reveal much greater detail not picked up by the eye
"Desaturate"                               Angle = -79 degrees                   Angle = -122                             Angle = -128

desaturate    Emboss A Photo #5   Emboss angel -122   Emboss +128

 Angle = +17                                 Angle = +53                               Angle = zero                               Angle = +105

Emboss +17  Emboss +53   Emboss angle zero   Emboss angle +105

If you have Photoshop 7 (or later) opened, here's how you find the "Emboss" filter:

First, click on "Filter" from the menu bar and from there click on "Stylize". From there you click on "Emboss" . You have three variables you can change within the "Emboss" filter. They are 1. "Angle" (measured in degrees), 2. "Height" (measured in pixels), and 3. "Amount" (measured in %). For the above frames, I set the Amount  high, to around 356%. I set the "Height" at 7 pixels, and then I varied the "Angle" from -128 though + 360 degrees. Changing the "Angle" in small increments will cause very fine detail to be revealed from the photo.As you change the angle, you are getting double images in varying degree and angles, so you have to bear that in mind, but it does help you to see obscured or hidden detail.

Try it and you'll see what I mean.

Ken Adachi <Editor>

Reader Comment

Subject: Black Beam spotted in Socal
From: Daniel
Date: Fri, February 9, 2007
To:   Editor

Hey Ken,

I hope you are going great. My name is Daniel. I've been keeping myself up to date and in track of what's going on with your site for over a year now. Needless to say, words cannot express my gratitude at all the things you have pointed out and helped me develop my awareness. I keep in a consistent contact with Fred Gunn as I took advantage of reaching him and his remote viewing class when you posted it up awhile back. It is simply amazing and it is a honor to be in contact with heroes like you guys. Now back to the matter of what my concern is. Lately, there has been chemtrail bombardments in the socal [southern California] area near Pasadena and all around actually. Everyone literally witnessed the weather change from clear blue skies to hoarded chemtrails and within the period of the day, the whole area radius of 25 miles AT LEAST was completely covered in HEAVY fog.

It was super dense and I managed to grab a quick picture before it started really getting foggy. It was the black beam exactly shown on your current news awhile back. I had to make sure I wasn't seeing things so I took a picture and what did you know, it is there. It is evident that there is obvious work at hand to create DOR in the area.

What purpose exactly? I do not know. Just wanted to share with you. I have the picture saved and I wanted to send it to you. It is very clear and everyone who I have shown it to is just astonished that they have been so unaware of their surroundings! Alright, enough of my ramble, time to be part of the solution. Off I go!

Have a wonderful day Ken. May the light shine through us all.


[I'll post the picture when I get it...Ken]


Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2007
From: Lance
To: Editor
Subject: Black Beam Chemtrails

Dear Ken:

I have noted dozens of Black Beam chemtrails over the last few years, the most dramatic happening over Powell River, British Columbia. I was driving with my 'skeptic' friend who spent 13 years of his life in a Private Airforce boarding School in Britain. He scoffed at every chemtrail I pointed out then viola!

We were driving from South of Town into Powell River proper and he said: " 'WTF' is that black line in the sky?" We pulled the car over and lo! behold! A chemtrail spewing 'plane thing'...I didn't have a recognizable shape really...followed the line perfectly. My friend, who has his commercial airplane license though doesn't use it, apologized for his disbelief in my senses over the years in spotting these things.

Anyway...I've been up all night with a weird pulsing sound keeping me in a semi-dazed state...I guess we here in Gibson's B.C. are in for another big storm!



Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2007
From: Mike B.
To:   Editor
Subject: chemtrails and blackbeam over Los Angeles

Dear Ken;

Regarding "blackbeams" over Los Angeles I'd like so say that I have also seen them over Los Angeles, Antelope Valley and China Lakes at different times.

I have ascribed these blackbeams to shadows caused by the chemtrail. I did look at them carefully because I have discipined myself to observe what is there and these things tend to align with the chemtrail and the direction of the sun.

That said; these "blackbeams" are still a valuable obsversation. It speaks of the density of the chemtrail. "How much light (heat?) is blocked from hitting the earth? Does the density of the chemtrail have anything to do with HAARP? Scalar Weapons?

I'm not a scientist so I don't know if its even worth prusing but it seems blackbeams could be another part of the picture
Mike B.


Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2007
From: Mike
To: Editor
Subject: black beams

Dear Ken,

The black beam photos that were recently posted remind me of an incident that happened to me well over a year ago. In the warm weather, I like to go for walks around the track behind the building where I work. It was a nice day, but the spraying was very heavy. As I normally do, I was closely observing the spraying that was going on over my head. I noticed that there was one of these dark lines running all the way across the sky. This was a new phemonmenon to me. It was strange, but what made it all the stranger was the chemtrail plane laying a trail right along this line. I watched it trace the trajectory of this dark line flawlessly. It did not deviate one bit. I kept wondering how the pilot (assuming these things have pilots) could possibly be able to see this line which was apparently above the plane, let alone be able to trace it perfectly.

Perhaps this observation might shed some light on what these "beams" are used for". Also, judging by the way the beam was "projected" it folllowed the curvature of the sky, visibly, i could see it from horizon to horizon. It didn't appear to be "projected" from the ground, but I suppose it may have been. Also, I've noticed heavy spraying lately. Of course, the effects are severly mitigated compared to what they were, but I can't say they're not trying their damndest. At one point, it seemed like they had quit due to lack of efficacy. I guess I was wrong.



Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2007
From: Giovanni
To:   Editor
Subject: Black Beam / Chemtrail Plane

Hi Ken,

I just wanted to let you know that I and a friend of mine saw a black beam / chemtrail plane in April of 2006, in up state New York about 4 hours North of the city. We had just started out on a long road trip when I noticed the black beam as we pulled into a gas station. The black beam stretch out across the sky as a chemtrail plane followed it laying down a trail.

If you have any questions let me know,



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