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 LA Mystery Contrails

From Marvin Rush

Feb 15, 1999
       Attached are some contrail photos that I took today Saturday  2/13/99. The time was 10:00 AM and the location was La Canada,  CA. These contrails were very curious to me so I captured them for analysis.

       Pictures 1 through 4 are in sequence across the sky from South East to North West. Pictures 5 & 6 show a contrail that has just formed to the south of my position. I believe this new contrail was directly over the downtown area of Los Angeles. There was about a half an hour between the two crossed contrails and the new one in the distance.

       There were several other contrails in the far distance and while there was no exact pattern to their behavior they exhibited a curious starting and stopping in the air. In other words they just start at a point in the sky and they just stop. In my past experience contrails usually extend from horizon to horizon.
       During the time I was observing I saw no aircraft producing the contrails. The most peculiar aspect to these contrails is how they fanned out to cover a large area. I have seen this before but not to this extent. I am hopeful that others will send in other photos and reports so that we can determine the exact pattern if any to this "mystery spraying".
       From Richard Malinowski
       Subject: Contrails
       Hi Jeff...
       Just read Ron's e-mail that you posted on your site regarding contrails over Western Mass and North Western Conn. I live in the Albany/rensselaer county area of New York State, just across there border from where this last batch of contrails were noted. I can confirm that what Ron has said is absolutiely true. In my area, on the same day and time, there were anywhere form 20-30 parallel and cross-hatched contrail-like patterns the sky.
       They began in the morning and throughout the day just lingered, getting wider (spreading) and fuller (thicker) as the day progresed. Far to the south of the Capital District I could also see a giant   number 8 in the sky. That is no ordinary contrail! I looked for an  found TRUE contrails throughout the day to use for comparison purposes, and I can say without a doubt that these two different       phenomena have NOTHING in common with each other.
       People in my area have also been sick with severe respiratory problems since the end of last summer. The fall of '98 was particularly bad. This illness never seems to go away. It just fades in        and out. I have been suffering from it myself since the fall and there has been no real change in my condition. Antibiotics have had no effect - the condition persists. Now with this latest spraying - who
       Take Care,

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