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 Mystery Contrails Suggested
 As A Mass Vaccination Effort

From Holly Deyo (

Feb 20, 1999
       Dear Building Community Family,
       "Contrails" have so filled Stan's and my mailboxes, we thought this issue should be addressed again. A few messages ago, Stan first put  forth the idea of mass inoculation for the US public who have witnessed the jets flying overhead in repeated crisscross-cross patterns expelling "something". For those of us outside the US, please read on, as this same activity will probably be coming to a
country near and dear to you - yours.
       Let's backtrack a bit. Two years ago, there was the outcry from Larry Harris on threats of anthrax. Many people fluffed it off. Also, two years ago, Stan spoke with Mr. Harris so we had a pretty good understanding of his case, but at the time, we spoke little of it. Anthrax threats became a hot topic for a while on the Internet and the radio talk shows, then the dust settled.
       Shortly after Harris' initial newsbreak, there were numerous reports of Iraqi women found in the mid-West U.S. with vials of the anthrax virus hidden in their vaginal tracts. Next came quiet reports of intermittent contrail activity, still two years ago. Now, over the past month, the contrail spraying is in full force over the US and other countries like Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom will probably see this as well.
       OK, what is being sprayed? Flat out, we don't know, but let's look at this logically. Communities are being sprayed and people are becoming quite ill. One friend from this group wrote saying she's rarely sick, but now she's got this flu which she describes as being hit with "four different illnesses one right after the other." First it hit her respiratory system and she literally couldn't breathe, then she was delirious, then dizziness and vomiting, with aches, pains and swollen glands. Not exactly a picnic is it...
       Many folks have expressed the opinion that it is something our government is doing to us and not for any good purpose. The question we must ask is WHY would our governments intentionally    kill off great masses of its population and its livestock? This makes no sense. Now before you stop reading right here and feel compelled to send us an email, read the rest of the commentary.
       This is OUR OPINION, not gospel, OK? The contrails and other things are depositing organics across America. BUT, these things are being done to protect Americans from an almost unavoidable biowarfare attack which will come from the Middle East.
       To inoculate the entire population officially, and out in the open,  would not be a good idea for several reasons:
       1) There isn't enough time to inject every living thing including livestock (which can and do carry anthrax).
       2) There isn't enough time to manufacture enough antibiotic DNA material to save everyone so some folks must be sacrificed.
       3) The public would panic if they knew the risks. Thus they would start to break into anarchy and the American business and industrial complexes would tumble before the biowarfare even started.
       4) Panic-buying of food, water purification, weapons and survival gear would overload the manufacturing capability of America and would create social unrest that would lead to the anarchy.
       5) Society breakdown would precipitate fighting as soon as the anarchy stage started to become evident. More than likely you would see tribal groups rebuild along religious, racial and economic lines.
       There are more reasons, but these are the main ones. The only way to effectively TRY to beat a biowarfare attack on America, or any country, would be to inoculate through the water or air or food chain or all of the preceding. To reach the animals, it would have to be by air. This would put the antibiotic DNA strands into the food chain from the lowest levels.
       In anticipation of the public outcry over the planes flying overhead with heavy white contrails, I would invent a cover story which accused my government of using a sub-standard JP4 fuel or       something like that. This would give the people an enemy they could deal with: Big Brother. They could demand the flights convert to a safer fuel to avoid making folks sick. This would allow the people to be immunized without knowing it and it would allow them to complain and apparently win the argument... then return home to  TV and normal life....
       Yes, some folks will suffer negative reactions to the immunization processes. This is unavoidable. In war you will have casualties; this is a constant. The flu-like symptoms are a by-product of the mass airborne immunization program. America cannot afford to kill off its own people; it needs her people to stay intact! Just because America has an untrustworthy president doesn't mean the entire civil service and military are all going to follow him blindly.
       Please don't let this become a divisive issue among everyone. We truly must remain united each within our own country. This contrail issue will probably be a matter we ALL have to deal with.
       The last time we addressed this scenario, one person suggested we were "wimping out" on our normally hard stance on issues. When have you ever known us to not call a spade a spade? Even though many of us have reacted poorly to the spraying and the CHOICE  TO PARTICIPATE was never an option, it may be the action that saves our lives. Since we don't know the spraying agent used nor the reason for it, we emphasize the aforementioned message is opinion-based, but it's the only one that makes sense to us.
       If you want to pursue this topic, here a couple of sites you might  find interesting:
       Subject: Part 1 of 2 Plague/Anthrax Threat

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