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 Mystery Contrails: 'Chicken
      Little The Sky IS Falling'

By Joe 6pk Burton (
February 15, 1999
       Don't be too quick to laugh off this title. Though it's not my job to twist your arm, or force you to believe anything. It is my job for whatever reason, to sound the alarm or blow the trumpet as it were. God knows my heart and I wish that were your job and not mine. Oh well.
       I will once again share some first person insight into a week that appears to be right out of the Twilight Zone. And I'll give you references, proof and links as well as, first hand experience. Feel     free to dismiss, or be too lazy to read or educate yourself in this matter, using your own free will. For you see, then your blood won't be on my hands. OK?
       I'll ignore this pain in my left lung as I type, for you won't have to hear me breathe or wince from the pain. Don't feel sorry for me, many across the country are suffering as well, many worse. Excuse  me a minute, I must answer the phone.

       It was just a local fellow Contrail watcher and friend Mike calling to make sure I had been watching the planes today. He told me "cross dresser" (plane name) was spraying 9% solution at 24,000 ft. Yes, Mike I have filmed them yet again today, building their mass, I responded.
       I'm busy right now, writing an article, OK partner I'll let you go he said. (many of the planes are RPA's though a few are manned). I will insert here an actual event from last Tuesday I posted to some, via email, it happened to me and my wife :
       In a message dated 02/09/1999 8:16:01 PM Eastern Standard Time,
       SBurton3 (Joe 6pk ) writes:
       Today, Tues. Feb 9, 99 I filmed (8 mm, dated, timed) as the planes worked the sky building a
       rain system and I began running enviro air sampling equipment at 4: 30 PM est. Additionally
       I filmed the weather channel as they showed rain bands coming out of nowhere over Nashville,
       TN. area moving easterly over my area near Knoxville. Later it began a light rain and I filmed
       as wipers smeared it lightly across the windshield. I plan to run sampling equipment for
       a minimum of 24 hours on this sample. Sample will be dated/timed  and placed in sealed airtight
       bag & frozen pending arrangements for testing.
       We had very little rain produced. But just a few hours later, there was a strange looking
       MASSIVE fog my wife and I noticed when going out late to walk the dog. It had a heavy mist
     . It was high level, thick. I made my wife take the dog in immediately. I went and filmed it, as
       particles swirled in it, but had thoughts of maybe I was being paranoid re this fog. I awoke at
       7 am eastern Wednesday with blisters inside my mouth. Later that evening my wife came home
       from work and was sick with a raw throat as well. Coincidence? I don't think so!
       It made me angry and I stayed up all night studying many of the links I hope to attach in this. For
       example: US patent # US4402480: ATMOSPHERE MODIFICATION SATELLITE dated
       issued Sept 6, 1983, filed 1980.
       Abstract excerpt:
       The Atmosphere Modification Satellite is intended to be the beginning of a
       possible world wide network of satellites designed to improve Earth through application of
       techniques and monitoring resulting in atmosphere modification. End excerpt.
       Or patent #'s:
       US4042196: Method for triggering a substantial change in earth characteristics.
       WO970007A1: Method of acting on the lower layers of the atmosphere. (Russian inventor)
       WO9738570A1: Atmosphere inversion layer destabilizer.
       US4653690: Method of producing cumulus clouds.
       US4470544: Weather modification using ships.
       My personal favorite:
       US3608810 Methods of treating atmospheric conditions.
       This one deals with making fog along with 11 other patents. So it is obvious to me at least, they
       can and do make this fog.

       My mouth still, 6 days later has the blisters to prove it. And now my mouth is sensitive to hot coffee, peppers etc. I know others suffering  from this as well. On Wednesday also, I was asked at the last minute by Dot to do a  radio show out of Rockford Illinois. I was a guest of Suzanne Lees    (WNTA ). I was honored to be on with Francis Barwood, former commissioner from the Phoenix Arizona area. This was not a Patriot station, just part of sleeping America that got jolted awake that day. So many callers called in, correlating the contrails with massive illnesses in their area. It was electric to hear them awakening to this problem. Over the course of the two hours we were on, their local Contrail X's increased from 3 to 13. Callers wanted to know the why's and how's of this and Francis and I took turns presenting facts to them. A couple of callers did refer to us as Chicken Littles, hence the title of this piece.
       I remember one of them was named John, so I want to dedicate this piece to him. People who seek and want to know the truth will work with others and find it. Some choose to scoff and ridicule those that do. So to John I say, take a deep breath partner and hang on, your turns probably coming.  Francis detailed for the listeners also how this stuff is affecting  animals in her area as well as people. Our own dog (TJ, short for Thomas Jefferson, Cocker Spaniel 14mos old ) (who was briefly in the fog) now has labored breathing.
       I have had many emails from this broadcast and from articles I have done. Reports from all over America of massive illness, closed schools and nursing homes, hospitals flooded once again with sick people. Babies sick from respiratory problems, family members constantly sick. Many of the symptoms the same to include, but not limited to: respiratory problems, chronic fatigue, weight loss w/o dieting, burning throat, mouth and nose, dizziness, disorient- ation. Oh did I mention I'm suffering from all of these and more? I also received some pictures of CONtrails over Kuwait.
       Today again we started with a cloudless sky, now after hundreds of over- passes, our sky is occluded and reminds me of my days in the LA area. This was the spraying, as opposed to the weather making clouds I detailed from last Tuesday. Watch and discern the skies for a while, soon you'll see the difference.
       Anyone wanting to believe the Air Force spin piece about: Own The Weather by 2025, feel free. I can tell you they own it today, along  with their GLOBAL PARTNERS. Who needs God to make the weather, these scientific morons are doing it for us. Slimy rain, hundreds of tornados and hurricanes, viral, bacterial and chemical and plastic toxins, what the heck. What's a few hundred, a few thousand, or a few million deaths anyhow? We've always got FEMA and the good old government to come in and mop up far us. Maybe they'll sell the survivors some insurance, so uncle Sam can make a few more bucks off peoples misery.
       Well, I could write several pages on this, but I just don't feel up to it and this would be too long anyway. So I'll try to attach some links to show further proof of what I have said here. Again feel free to ignore them, their only for the truth seekers anyhow. I've got to go, the sky is falling and I don't feel so good. Hope they don't try to take over my country today, I don't know if I could muster the strength to fight.
       Joe Burton - AKA Joe 6pk AmeriCAN - Ezekiel 33 : 6
       PS. If a link doesn't work don't contact me, I'm going away to R&R for 3 or 4 days then going back to Andrews. Heck somebody's got to do it! See if you can connect the dots while I'm gone. PPS. 6pk is  not even related to a real journalist or reporter. I only write what I live. BTW, how are you feeling? Seen anything?
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