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Contrails - Eyewitness To
One Plane Laying Crossing
Pattern Over Indianapolis

From Cindy Ettinger (
May 3, 1999
       Note - Not a day goes by when I don't receive one or two reports of  spraying. We particularly concerned about the eyewitness reports wherein the person directly observes one (or more) aircraft flying back and forth laying down crosshatch or parallel contrails. Please be on the lookout for this...
       I believe that our family witnessed spraying over the Indianapolis area yesterday around 5-6PM. There was one plane working a pattern over the city that looked like crosshatches you use to make a tally, a four vertical lines with a horizontal line through them. The horizontal line ran from north to south, the crosshatches from east to west.
       We were driving west on I-70 from Dayton OH and observed this as we approched the city. The one plane we could watch was laying the east-west lines from north to south. There was a dense area that looked like a square cloud just to the south of the middle of the city, with the pattern extending on both sides. There could have been another plane to the south, but we couldn't see through the haze as the wind seemed to be dispersing the trails to the south.
       The plane was not close enough to see, except when spraying, laying a line from east to west, turning and making the next from west to east. We also noticed as we approached Indy there was an extroadinary number of cars overheated at the side of the road, including one that had caught fire on the west side of the city. Has anyone else ever observed this in an area being sprayed heavily? There were so many that even the kids noticed all the vehicles pulled over with steam rolling out from under the hood. It wasn't even 80 degrees outside at the time either.
       I will be anxious to see if anyone else noticed this also.
       Cindy Ettinger Poland, IN

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