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 Contrail Spraying Of
Cities Is Real - Part One
By Ken Welch  (

April 15, 1999

Last Friday (4/9/99) Jeanette and I drove north from Houston on our way to the Preparedness Expo in Dallas. Leaving about three hours later than entended, we were passing through north Houston at about 10:30 AM when I recieved one of the biggest shocks of my life. Jeanette was driving and I was looking out to the right. I always keep an eye on the weather when we are traveling and was looking at a huge mass of grey cloud that appeared to be moving in behind us from the southeast. Weather coming up from the gulf often carries rain but there were no dark clouds, just grey as far as I could see behind us and to the right. I was looking at the leading edge of this cloud mass, which was above and slightly ahead of us, and thinking that we would soon outrun it on our way north.
Suddenly, dead center in the area I was staring at, a large aircraft began spewing out twin white trails of billowy white vapor. Unlike the pencil-thin contrails that jets often produce at high altitude, this stream of white "smoke" is dense and thick, and obviously expanding as it leaves the aircraft. It took only a moment to realize I was looking at the same scene shown in photos depicting arial spraying of biological agents on America's cities. People have been talking about this for months. When you suddenly realize that you and your community are the target, seeing it with your own eyes, it is a terrible shock. I pointed it out to Jeanette as the plane crossed in front of us, and found that I could barely speak.
I quickly saw a second plane and, by watching how the vapor trails spread out and what they look like, I realized that I could see almost a dozen other trails above and behind us. All in all I belive that three aircraft were present in the area I could see. From the size of the operation I would estimate there were at least another three beyond our view. Wind was from the south south east (about 20 mph), and over the next twenty minutes I watched the planes working the northern or leading edge of the great cloud bank they were building. We were now racing northward, risking radar and traffic fines, in an attempt to get out from under the spraying before it reached ground level.
These are not little planes. The closest one, with the twin spray plumes appeared similar to a medium sized airliner. They are low; perhaps only 8,000 feet up, and the size and shape of this one was obvious if you watched carefully. The bottom, which is all I could see, was painted white. As they run along the leading edge of the cloud and haze, the white blends into the haze. This produces a spooky flickering effect as the aircraft seems to appear and disappear as it flies overhead. Planes farther away are simply invisible against the white cloud, giving evidence of their presence when they began pumping, and vanishing when they turn the pumps off again. This also creates the illusion that they are higher than they really are.
The plane that crossed over us from left to right and back again as we drove was the only one that I could see with two trails behind it, so I could track his movements easily. Laying down a strip of spray that I believe was about ten miles long, he would turn off the pumps at the end of the strip, and appear to vanish. It would take him about a minute to complete a slow turn and begin laying down another strip, a little ahead of the last one. It is all very methodical and business-like. I could not help but think of our many thousands of neighbors who would be breathing this stuff within a few hours.
It took fifteen to twenty minutes for us to reach the leading edge of the spray pattern which now stretched northward to the community of Spring. Then traffic slowed to a crawl. Construction of some kind reminded us how foolish it is to think of anyone trying to get out of Houston at "the last minute" in a crisis. As we crawled along, all we could think of was the spray being laid down over our heads. Other drivers, potential witnesses, were oblivious to the whole thing. I pondered whether or not to try to get some of them to look up, but realized that it was unlikely they would understand what they were seeing.
After a ten minute delay we were speeding north again. Jeanette broke a long silence, saying "I can't believe they're doing it in broad daylight!" I felt the same way. Surely this is the sort of thing usually accomplished in the dead of night.
We had planned to stop in Spring for a quickie high-cholesterol brunch, but that was out of the question now. It took no discussion to decide we would go on to Conroe, about twenty miles further north, where there would be time to stop without risk of breathing whatever agent was being broadcast over our city. We have some land outside of Conroe, and an older RV there, and it always seemed to us like our safe haven for earth changes, Y2K, or whatever might come along.
The spray pattern over Conroe was circular, a large ugly grey disk just the size of the city, looking thick and ugly against an otherwise pretty blue sky. This was another shock, to say the least. The large solid disk shaped cloud, perhaps eight or ten miles across, had "spokes" coming out of it. For a smaller round target it appears that the spray pattern involves crossing back and forth over the center of the community from different directions. This would create a denser concentration in the center, where most of the people are. There appeared to be two planes here. We didn't stop and I began thinking about moving the RV a lot farther out.
The city of Huntsville is another twenty minutes north of Conroe. It's a college and agricultural town, and the home of a large state prison complex. The spray pattern over Huntsville was shaped like a giant teardrop wi th the fat end toward the north and the point toward Conroe. Planes had come from the south, gone slightly right or left, and made a big sweeping turn at the northern edge of town with their pumps still operating. This northern edge was so dense it was quite dark, and you could still see the striations that showed it had been produced by many passes. This cloud looked totally unnatural and anyone looking up must have thought how odd it looked, particularly since it was all alone in blue sky. It stopped short of the northern edge of the community but the wind would push it over this area later in the day. The outlying southern areas around Conroe migh t have escaped contamination for the same reason, but indications are the great cloudbank over Houston drifted that far north over the following 24 hours.
Because of our late start we arrived equally late at Preparedness Expo in Dallas (actually east of Dallas near Garland). Happily enough there was still time to hear the speaker who was at the top of my list, Dr. Len Horo witz, an expert in the biological war we seem to be conducting against our population. I passed a note to Dr. Horowitz detailing what we had seen and he passed the information on to the audience, commenting that I was th e third person who had come up from Houston that morning to tell him of the spraying. It helped to think that we were not alone in observing the operation, but the feeling of horror and outrage has stayed with us.
For those of you who do not yet feel the reality of this massive campaign to deliberately infect the entire population with a new disease, and are still trying to think of what else it might be that all these people are r eporting, let me review what's been happening so you can rule some things out.
First, the photos on the web are quite accurate. You will want to see these so that you know what you are looking at. The "contrails" spread out, instead of disappearing, and get wider and wider until they join with oth ers to create large cloud that is not fluffy and light looking like normal clouds. I last saw photos on and will try to get you some links to these or others.
Second, the planes are large, just as reported, similar to tanker planes the military uses for inflight refueling. They are not crop dusters, or helicopters spraying marajuana patches. There are a lot of them, at least thirty or forty, to be carrying out massive operations all over the country. They are not the same color as military aircraft.
Third, this is NOT a test - it's the real thing. For at least a year there have been internet rumblings about the government giving itself the right to test bio/chemical agents on the civilian population. This has cause d many of us to take the easy way out when we hear of a spraying operation, and assume it is a test. Forget it. This is a massive operation that has been going on for many months, seven days a week. Virtually all major cities have been sprayed repeatedly.
Fourth, it has nothing to do with weather control, fruit flies, or some other kind of pest or problem. The spray patterns we observed were specifically directed onto centers of civilian population. There is no conceivab le alternative to the fact that people are the target.
Houston was first sprayed before Christmas. I was one of those in the first wave to come down with a horrific rumbling chest "cold". Your body will go all out to expel this organism from you lungs, and you will be cough ing up a great deal of fluid. This was followed a few days later by severe chest pain, bad enough that I thought I was having a heart attack. I was within minutes of calling for an ambulance when I realized that the eff ort of pacing back and forth, holding my chest, should have increased the pain if it were heart related while in fact it was easing up.
The first set of symptoms are usually referred to as "flu-like" by medical people because there is no flu organism they can recognize. The fact that so may Texans were coming down with an unknown disease, and all at the same time, was mentioned in national media as a massive "flu outbreak". The chest pain, which does not effect everyone, has lead many hundreds to be treated for "pleurisy" while others have been told there is no treatmen t at all.
A friend of a friend saw the December spraying, and this was forwarded to me by e-mail but of course I didn't believe it. Others have reported additional spraying operations in Houston, more than one in March, but they t oo were voices in the wilderness. In reality, Houston has had wave after wave of illness. Few people look at the sky. Fewer still will recognize the spraying for what it is. I should be grateful that I finally got eno ugh info to be alert for the possibility and understand what I was seeing.
Considering that a square, ten miles on a side, is a hundred square miles, last Friday's operation covered somewhere between a thousand and fifteen hundred square miles as my best conservative estimate. Houston is a big place. All this leads us to a fifth inescapable conclusion: The objective of this operation is make sure that every man woman and child in the United States is infected with this new organism, and even small populations are being sprayed repeatedly to achieve this goal.
We returned from Dallas Saturday evening, about thirty hours after the spraying. Before we reached home I realized that I had been feeling a burning sensation on my face and around my eyes for at least twenty minutes and ignoring it. I have a sensitivity to petroleum products in the diesel to kerosene range - not an allergy exactly, but a strong reaction. I had not previously believed that the people who are doing all this would waste jet fuel, but it appears that the reports are correct on this also. A fine mist of kerosine-like JP8 still lingered over hundreds of square miles thirty hours later. I probably wouldn't have noticed it among all the res t of Houston's polution if it weren't for my particular sensitivity.
Apparently the fuel is the perfect carrier and dispersing agent to get the job done, and the planes can go back to their regular refueling duties without having to clean out there tanks. I would have assumed that the fue l would kill any organisms you mixed with it, but apparently it is not a problem. I would guess that at least 80,000 gallons of jet fuel were sprayed here on Friday, based on what I saw and the large area that was covere d. I don't think EPA will have anything to say about it, though.
Sunday, we were still in shock from what we had observed, and didn't go out. But on Monday Jeanette, the business executive, called on two businesses and reported the sad results. She spent the morning at the first busin ess where there are about thirty employees. They began their day with a 25% absentee rate, and by lunchtime two more employees had gone home sick. This export company employs many asian and Indian people who, according to the personel manager, must be virtually at death's door before they will miss work. Remaining employees spent much of the morning comparing notes on their sick children. Lots of little kids were seriously ill as early as Friday night. This is only a matter of hours after exposure, which indicates just how "hot" this organism is - and it definitely puts it in the lab-created bio-weapon class.
Children are an easy target, because it's hard to keep them inside in reasonable weather. Many more fell sick on Saturday and on Sunday morning. Late Monday afternoon Jeanette called on a retail store run by old friends of ours, located almost twenty five miles west of the downtown area. The owner, alerted by her phone call on Sunday, had been counting sick children. She reported at the end of the day that fully half of the children who were brought into the store on Monday were obviously sick.
Why are they doing this? What can you do to fight off the new germ? In the next part of this story I will tell you what I learned in Dallas and some additional information I've gathered in the last few days. I'll also try to get a web page up with at least a map of that part of the operation we observed for over an hour last Friday, and links your will need, including photos, to deal with this.
Best wishes from Houston,

Ken Welch

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