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Contrail Spraying Of Cities Is Real
- Part Two

By Ken Welch (

April 22, 1999

       In Part One of this story I related how Jeanette and I observed a massive aerial spraying on April 9th, clearly and specifically directed at concentrations of population in Houston, and two communities to the north. As promised, I have put up a web page with that article, a map, and photos of what spraying operations look like. There is also a link to a fantastic satellite photo of a massive spraying operation over the east coast that is beyond belief.
       The URL is
       The photos on the web show exactly what a biological aerosol spraying attack looks like, although cameras make the spray patterns look higher than they are in real life. These pictures are perfectly suited for letting you know what to watch out for. You should check the sky every morning, and several times during the day. Spraying is pretty obvious unless you are already engulfed in haze, and you will  know right away when you need to take shelter.
       In this part, I will discuss the health issues, as we know them so far and the antidote for the new "flu". My e-mail indicates that for many readers this is the top priority, and thousands of people have died already. Britain is also being sprayed and they have reported over 8,000 deaths from the "mystery flu" in just one sixty day period. (See Immunity Boosting for more info  E-Y)

       You can imagine what the numbers would be for the U.S. if all were reported. So, although I would like to jump ahead and deal with who is doing this and why, let's do the more important stuff first. In fact, the number of lives that are saved may well depend on how many people you send this article to. At the end of the article you will find the TEXAS REVENGE instant  cure for what some are now calling New World Order Flu.

       From Part One you will recall we were driving to the Dallas area that morning, on our way to Preparedness Expo. Tops on the list of speakers I wanted to hear was Dr. Len Horowitz, and it was in his session that we passed on our information about the spraying. Two other parties had seen the same thing that morning, and a number of  local residents told me that Dallas, like most other large American cities, was being sprayed on a regular basis. Dr. Horowitz has extensively documented the creation of new viruses, including AIDS, and done landmark work in identifying the deliberate       adulteration of vaccines. If there was anything he had to say about  the exceptionally hot micro-organism being used on our population,  then I wanted to hear every word.
       Dr. Horowitz reports that at least one of the mystery organisms linked to the upper respiratory infections (flu-like symptoms) has been isolated. I believe this is the organism that builds the strange  gelatinous mass in the lungs that has been reported. It is a total  unknown of course, and appears to be half of one kind of organism and half of another. This means it is lab-created for a specific      purpose and deliberately spread to do whatever it is doing. He described the symptoms that so many have experienced, and indicated that the germ seems to behave most like a fungus. One       manifestation of this, he said, was that many victims presented a lowered body temperature rather than a fever.
       Dr. Horowitz also indicated that he is putting together a program designed to maximize your immune system to this type of threat, so  we will all be watching his website: for availability. During the free lecture he generously shared some key points that I pass along now, cautioning you to remember that you are getting them second hand.
       1. You should investigate and use some kind of "cleanse" to clean out your intestinal tract. Long accumulation in this area of undesirable organisms, incompletely digested foods, and substances      your body wanted to get rid of but couldn't, tends to create a burden for your immune system. Horowitz's favorite is an old time recipe that involves lemon or lime juice and cayenne pepper. He indicated that good health food stores should know this method. He also favors the cayenne pepper because it tends to raise the body temperature. Fungal organisms don't like this.
       2. Any form of oxygen therapy is good. Increased levels of oxygen in the body are uncomfortable for many microorganisms, especially fungi. Once upon a time people drank small amounts of peroxide to do this, but now there are drops. Look for the term "stabilized" oxygen. Naturally, putting ozone or oxygen into your environment would help, too. (Another reason not to smoke.)
       3. Raising the alkalinity of the blood (making it less acid) is strongly linked to good immune function and, again, it is something that is  hostile to fungi. There's been some terrific work in this area, and a number of sources are offering alkaline drops to add to drinking  water. They work.
       4. Horowitz suggests that we locate and use any available form of  the new electronic / magnetic devices, and he specifically mentioned  the machines based on the work of R. R. Rife. Most of the Rife machines are expensive, but it is quite possible that you can locate someone who will be happy to share. There are also other, less costly devices that work on electronic or magnetic principles.
(See Immunity Boosting E-Y)
       I will put up links for all of these that I can find. I do not hold important reports until web pages are built, so you may need to check several times. I started these therapies the day after we got        back from the Expo, and feel significantly healthier and stronger. I would suggest them even if you have not yet been infected. Forgive my bluntness: since it is obvious that we are under biological attack, you would be a fool not to build up your immune system any way you can.
       I don't know the details for the lemon juice clean-out. I squeezed fresh lemons and limes and mixed in a lot of water and sweetener (not the blue one). I fasted for 24 hours, drinking enough that I didn't get seriously hungry. In cayenne recipes, a half-teaspoon of cayenne is mixed in juice and gulped down, but I chickened out and  used cayenne capsules. I continued the capsules for the following week until a sore bottom told me I'd had too much. If someone will e-mail me the details for this one I will post them, otherwise there are lots of cleanses on the market. The temperature raising ability of cayenne should not be ignored, although saunas and hot tubs come to mind.
       Dr. Horowitz seemed to feel that the new organism is short-lived, indicating that most people were over the infection in about eight weeks. I disagree strongly. Taking an impromptu poll among my neighbors, I found that many reported they'd never gotten rid of it. In my own case, I could tell it was still there after almost four months.
       Logically, it would make no sense to spend millions of dollars and thousands of innocent lives simply to infect the population with a  germ that only lasts eight weeks or less. Just as we know that the purpose of the Serbian campaign cannot possibly be to save lives if the refugee disaster was predicted ahead of time, we know there has to be more to the story.
       Unfortunately, the too often fatal "flu-like symptoms" are not the only results. Asthma, Pneumonia, Meningitis, Lupus, Fybromyalgia, liver damage, and other more bizarre conditions are showing up in startlingly large numbers after known incidents of spraying. Let's take a look at the other organisms and elements already known to be in this soup we are being sprayed with:
       First, the predominant element by volume is the massive quantity of  kerosene based jet fuel. Millions of gallons are being sprayed. Needless to say breathing this does no one any good. The effect of  kerosene on the lungs is given in the hazardous materials data bases as "pulmonary edema" and too much can be fatal. Hard to imagine what the effects might be on weather or ecology. Certainly makes those funny nozzles at the gas pumps a joke, doesn't it?
       Next, in 1991 the Federal government began requiring that the pesticide Ethylene Dibromide be included in jet fuel. The name of the formulation was then changed to JP8. Ethylene Dibromide had
been banned eight years earlier because of its' extreme toxicity to humans, as well as a tendency to cause cancer. With a government as abysmally corrupt as ours, one would normally assume that the
manufacturer had simply made the appropriate bribe in an attempt to recoup his losses. This is too simple an explanation in this case. Ethylene Dibromide turns out to be the perfect agent to include in a biological aerosol weapon because it attacks the lungs, making it easier for inhaled microorganisms to get a foothold.
       It is now clear that the methods for conducting wide-area biological attacks with sprayed fuel have been repeatedly tested on American cities since the change in fuel formulation in 1991. The largest tests were in 1994 and again in 1997. In both cases, Ethylene Dibromide was found to be a primary factor, just as it is today. Prize winning investigative reporter William Thomas, author of the book, Bringing  The War Home (Gulf War Illness) has been following the bio-spraying story for some time, and reports:
       "The 1991 Chemical Hazards of the Workplace warns that repeated exposure to low levels of ethylene dibromide results in "general  weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, chest pains, coughing and shortness of  breath, upper respiratory tract irritation" and respiratory failure caused by swelling of the lymph glands in the lungs. "Deterioration of the heart, liver and kidneys, and hemorrhages in the respiratory  tract," can also result from prolonged contact with JP8."
       Also from Mr. Thomas, "According to the EPA, "Exposure can irritate the lungs, repeated exposure may cause bronchitis, development of cough, and shortness of breath. It will damage the
liver and kidneys". You will definitely want to visit Mr. Thomas's website at to read the stories he has already filed. You may also want to get his book, along with that of Dr. Len  Horowitz, as vital background material. After observing the attack on Houston, I found Mr. Thomas listed as a previous guest on the Bell show (3/17/99) and after listening to the archived program  realized he was a gold mine of information. If you can stand the embarrassingly shoddy programming in the G2 player's transport controls, you will want to listen to that show. Mr. Thomas has not  yet straightened out the confusion with the Air Force weather
control program, but is still a great source for hard information.
       Comparing the symptoms above with what people have sent me or described on the web, it is clear that many of us, particularly after repeated sprayings, are suffering from chemical poisoning in addition to whatever war germs we may have picked up. While the purpose of the EDB chemical is to create lesions or raw places in the lungs so that microorganisms can more easily enter, it is a very nasty item by itself. Those who follow the known interests of the folks who would be our new masters will be intrigued with the additional fact that EDB is strongly implicated in EPA write-ups as a male sterilizing agent.
       Think how incredibly clever this is! Anytime these folks want to spray someone with a biological agent designed for inhalation, all they need is a small tank of the souped up organism to inject into the spray. The Air Force tanker aircraft simply pulls up to any fuel pump, at any airfield, and loads thousands of gallons of the ideal carrier and disseminating agent with no record other than a fuel bill
charged to some innocent looking operational account!
       The DOT hazardous materials registry indicates that Ethylene Dibromide is even more dangerous when burned. Since it has been running through jet engines over our heads for the last eight years, and all this was well known at the time of the reformulation, you can draw your own conclusions. Although Ethylene Dibromide is listed in virtually all chemical databases as an extremely hazardous chemical, no treatment or antidote for inhalation is listed in any of the resources I could find. I'm still looking and would appreciate any help that might be offered. In the meantime, common sense dictates the following procedures.
       If you realize that you have been caught in the open during an aerosol spraying attack, you should follow the same steps as in any  hazardous chemical exposure: shower with plenty of soap and water,  put on fresh clothing and wash the clothes you were wearing. If you are already suffering symptoms of Ethylene Dibromide poisoning your first priority should be to make sure that you are not exposed again. You need to be checking the sky at regular intervals. A far away chemtrail may not be cause for alarm, but be alert for  patterns that are being built in your direction, or upwind of your location. Then you must get inside and stay there for at least 24 hours if possible. You should check your home or shelter to determine that outside air is not being sucked inside via a faulty or
poorly designed air conditioning system.
       Think of the fluid in your lungs as your body's way of trying to get rid of all traces of the chemical and other germs that may be present. It is my opinion that you want to help this flushing process any way you can. I am not a medical practitioner so cannot give you medical advice. My suggestion, however, is that you drink so much water that it is coming out your ears. Get that juicer you got from Wallmart out of the closet and start juicing. If you have a juicing  book, check all recipes dealing with cleansing or flushing. Spending a  lot of time in a hot shower, breathing the steam, has been helpful. Liver damage has been alluded to in EPA literature, so you might try
the beet juice liver cleanse. Don't be surprised if some cleansing recipes leave you feeling a little sick for half a day or so - stirring up and flushing toxins can do that. Also be sure to take B-vitamins       every day because they are water soluble and you are flushing them too.
       The herbal supplement made from "stinging nettles" is often suggested for the lungs, and Fenugreek & Thyme (tastes horrible, always take with food) seems to help as a natural expectorant.
Don't, however, attempt todry up your lungs because that would shut down the flushing action. When I realized at Christmas time that I had a serious lung problem, I broke the piggy bank and bought one of those wonderful Living Air / Alpine ozone machines. At higher than recommended levels the ozone appears to act as an  irritant and at least once a day I would run the ozone level way up for a while and get good fluid production in response.
       Within a short time I no longer noticed the pleurisy-like chest pain as long as I was in the ozone rich environment. If I left for more than hour, though, I would soon know it was still there. This may be a secondary infection, and your Air Force has sent you a number of organisms in the spray package to make sure that you come down with something more than just chemical poisoning. In a moment I will tell you the amazing way to get rid of the New World Order Flu.
       The method is called TEXAS REVENGE and it really works. First, lets check out the actual biological agents that have been identified so far.
       The first organism, of course is this strange hybrid that creates the congestion in the lungs and the "flu-like" symptoms. Second, and apparently an Air Force favorite, is the Pseudomonas       bacteria in various heated up forms. This organism is in the same family as strep, anthrax, and the famous "flesh eating" staff germ. It appeared in the 1994 and 97 spraying trials, the final tests last year, and here it is again. All the Pseudomonas strains cause respiratory problems. Psuedomonas Florescens is linked to serious blood infections, and Psuedomonas Aeruginosa appears to be the cause of meningitis outbreaks, or something that presents as meningitis. It is known to attack the joints and the heart also, and is extremely resistant to antibiotics. Mr. Thomas indicates that the most effective treatment to date appears to be colloidal silver. If you are experiencing any of the more bizarre symptoms reported after aerosol spraying attacks you should naturally be under a doctor's
care, and you will want to alert him to the fact that Pseudomonas is a possible organism to shoot for.
       Pseudomonas is very fond of oil and petroleum products, so it is an ideal organism to include in a soup based on jet fuel. This answers a question I posed in Part One. There is apparently a large mix of exotic and lab-enhanced pathogens included in the spray package, in what almost seems a
random basis. I believe it is helpful to think in terms of fast-acting and slow-acting varieties. The faster acting ones, like Pseudomonas, are most likely used as dose indicators. The number of unusual cases being reported give a good indication of the number of people quietly infected with slower acting organisms. This provides data that allows the coordinators to determine the effectiveness of a
particular operation. Using a variety of organisms also helps to confuse the issue, making it less apparent to the public how many people have been infected in a single spraying incident.
       Early tests on some of the victims of the rash of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia Syndrome, and ALS that have appeared after major spraying incidents are coming up positive for lab-created war germ Mycoplasma Fermentans (Incognitus), long identified as the primary organism in Gulf War Illness. Thomas believes that Mycoplasma Pneumonia is the variety most likely to be the source of the pneumonia outbreaks. (He related how VA told several vets that pneumonia was going to be "big" this year.) Looked at in this way, it would appear that creating a short-term pathway into the lungs may be the set up for infecting as many people as possible with Gulf War Illness as the larger long-term goal. Thousands of our Gulf War servicemen have died from this stuff.
       If  Mycoplasma Fermentans (Incognitus) was going to be used again, here at home, it would shed a lot of light on the government's baffling resistance to allowing anyone to seriously examine the
disease or even to admitting its existence. The military, as many of  you know, did everything but stand on it's head to prevent service men and women and very sick veterans from obtaining treatment. This story belongs to the veterans, so I bid you to seek out the courageous Captain Joyce Riley and the American Gulf War Veterans Association ( for more details on GWI and what we can expect from it. Pay particular attention to the work of Dr. Garth Nicolson and the Institute For Molecular Medicine. The antibiotics that they reported some success with are:
       Doxycycline Cipro Zithromax
       I will put up a link to their report detailing treatments and I suggest you make a hard copy for future need. However, if my understanding of the situation is correct, antibiotics will soon be    difficult to obtain.

Now the solution I've been promising you.
       - - - - - - - - - -
       On February 28, 1993, armed troops crossed the open an unprotected borders of Texas and attacked peaceful citizens of Texas and several nations hiding in a church near the city of Waco.       After 20 days of terror they succeeded in murdering 75 men, women, and children, and all apparently for a photo opportunity. They then proceeded to destroy all physical evidence. There was no serious investigation of this brutal act, no one was punished, and no reparations were made. In a mock trial, a few survivors were found guilty of surviving and imprisoned.
       This astounding act of barbarism immediately and forever voided the 1845 resolutions and agreements by which the Republic of  Texas and the United States agreed to join in peaceful union. Once a contract is broken, it is broken forever. Although the citizens of Texas have not yet chosen to reconstitute the government of their beloved Republic, I present to you the first installment of TEXAS'  REVENGE:
       - - - - - - - - - -
       In golden days past, perhaps the last days of great American literature, Earnest Hemingway and some friends decided that ordinary drinking was not good enough for real men and sought,     without realizing it's importance, the fastest way that a person could become seriously drunk. A brilliant method was devised by which the alcohol rich vapor of a high-proo beverage could be drawn into the lungs and go almost instantly into the bloodstream. They called this technique carburation, with a Spanish spelling, and by all accounts had a wonderful time.
       Tuberculosis is a lung disease that his killed millions and is returning to epidemic levels in large areas of the world today. Because the TB organism takes up residence in the lungs, the difficulty of getting medication to the site of infection was a serious barrier to successful treatment. For many years now, effective treatments have included  "inhalation therapy" with, you guessed it, alcohol.
       The TEXAS REVENGE technique for quickly ridding yourself of hostile microorganisms designed to invade the lungs takes advantage of these two relatively unknown facts. You will find that it is remarkably effective. Although we have not had a chance to test it as emergency first aid, because we are still waiting for the next aerosol attack, it is quite possible that you may want to use it as a preventive as soon as you realize you've been sprayed.
       You will need an ounce or two of a high proof liquor or whiskey at  room temperature. 80 proof equals 40 percent alcohol, which seems just fine. Your best bet is a clear or "white" rum that is commonly available. Because of the primary ingredient you will not want to do TEXAS REVENGE and drive, or any other meaningful activity for that matter, so bedtime is an appropriate choice. In a china coffee mug (we didn't have any liquor glasses) pour about three quarters of an inch of rum and find a comfortable chair.
       Practice breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose for a full minute. You will do this throughout the treatment and you don't want to have to stop and think about it.
       Say the following words out loud in a firm voice: "I REMEMBER  THE ALAMO AND I REMEMBER WACO. TEXAS WILL FIND YOU." Then take a sip of the rum - about a tablespoon full.
       Hold the rum in your mouth, swishing it around with your tongue for at least a full twenty seconds.
       1. Breathe out through your nose - all the way.
       2. Swallow the rum.
       3. Take a deep breath in through your mouth, pulling alcohol vapor
           deep into you lungs.
       4. Hold for five seconds.
       5. Breathe out
           through your nose half way.
       6. Inhale through your mouth and hold.
       7. If you are pretty sure you've been infected, drive the alcohol
           vapor deeper into the lungs by trying to push the air out with mouth
           and nose firmly closed.
       8. Finally, exhale through your nose again
           and relax, still breathing in through your mouth, out through your nose.
       9. Repeat any of the phrases above, out loud.
      10.Repeat steps 1 - 9 with more rum until the rum is gone.
      11.Finally, say the words out loud, "Never give up. Never give up.
           Never give up." and go to bed.
       You will find that Papa Hemingway and his buddies did indeed create a marvelous technique for serious drinking. If you have not been infected with the new germ you will simply have had a pleasant and harmless experience with only enough alcohol to make a single stiff drink. If the "flu-like" war germ has been busy taking over your lungs, you will have started a fast-moving process to get rid of it which is detailed below. At this time there is no reason to think that any of the germs being spread are immune to direct contact with alcohol. If you see any articles about how you must never do this   procedure, you will know just how good it is.
       As you get into the TEXAS REVENGE process, you may become a bit more brave and wish to increase it's potency. You can do this by only swallowing half the rum. Tilt your head downward and allow the remaining rum to accumulate in the front of your mouth before inhaling. Then breathe in through pursed lips, allowing the air stream to run right across the top of the liquid. This will pick up a much higher amount of alcohol vapor and may produce a coughing reflex the first time, but you can do it once you know what to expect.
       People vary of course, but this is what you should experience IF the new bug has been in your lungs for a while. The chest pain that many have associated with pleurisy, an ache that may suddenly  appear when you move around, take a deep breath, go into a cold air, etc., will disappear imediately. You will also find, the next morning, that your breathing is easier, and that fluid production in the lungs is slowing down. You will know, without any doubt, that you are feeling better.
       The first proof of real effectiveness will appear 12 to 18 hours after the treatment. If you are infected, TEXAS REVENGE will create a massive die-off of microorganisms, and their little dead bodies, toxins, and associated debris must be cleaned up. Much of this will go through the lymph glands under your arms and you will experience an aching sensation there and perhaps some swelling. Since you know what it is, there is no reason to be alarmed. There are products and techniques for aiding the lymphatic system. You might want to see what's available. I'll post links to good information if you want to send them in - particularly those things that can be done on the spot.
       You will observe that fluid production will continue to slow down, perhaps getting thicker. You will continue to breathe easier and feel better, despite any soreness from the lymph gland overload. Finally, from 24 to 48 hours after treatment, you may suddenly cough up a hard mass that is the reported gelatin-like material the new war germ builds around itself and the infection site. I don't think I would swallow this if I were you. It's disgusting but there's no way around it. Just remember that this is your little gift from the United States Air Force. It is a graphic introduction to the real world, as opposed  to the Disney-like fantasy most people are stuck in.
       You will again notice that you feel even better after expelling whatever-it-is, and should continue to improve dramatically for the next few days. It is probably too much to expect that a single     treatment of TEXAS REVENGE will get everything. Also, the previously infected areas may not be fully able to resist other infections right away. Consequently you may find that several treatments, four or five days apart are a good idea. Please don't forget to say the words.
       Two important notes:
       While TEXAS REVENGE appears perfectly capable of destroying germs that are still in the lungs, microorganisms that move to other parts of the body are a different matter. Keep your hard copy of the information provided earlier in this report and pulled from the web. We will also post the method we use in Houston for producing colloidal silver solution for pennies. Apologies to all those   entrepreneurs who are making a fortune with this stuff, but the information simply has to get out.
       Unfortunately, TEXAS REVENGE is not particularly suited for children, and many of you are worried about your kids. If you've used the method yourself, and seen results, you might put on your thinking cap regarding how to get sick kids to breathe the vapor. Remember that alcohol vapor can be flammable. For obvious reasons I can offer no suggestions about this. For heaven's sake be      cautious.
       Why are they doing this? In my next report I will tell you how the biological attack on America fits into the larger picture, as I see it, and what I believe we can expect. In the meantime, be aware that there comes a moment in every great conspiracy in which the conspirators realize they have passed the point of no return. The truth of what they've done is following them, hard on their heels,   and they know that if they don't win they will hang. This point came many months ago and these folks are now going all out, whether to a hellish victory or the hangman's noose only time will tell.
       For now, let me simply say to all personnel who are working with aircraft that do not proudly show the emblem of their service, but are too stupid or uncaring to realize there is something wrong with this, the truth is catching up with you. And to all officers of the United States Air Force who have ignored their oaths and abandoned their honor as officers and gentlemen by permitting or       participating in the biological aerosol attacks on Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Amarillo, and hundreds of smaller communities (No reports from El Paso): Texas will find you.
       Best wishes from Houston,
       Ken Welch
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