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Sightings of Contrails Over
    Long Island, NY From Concerned Citizens
        Feb 20, 1999
       The following images were kindly submitted by 'Concerned Citizens'  in the Long Island, NY area. The photographs were taken on February 11, 1999 and show the contrails not only weaving to some degree, but the typical 'spreading' effect people have been noticing with concern and curiosity. There appears to be a large number of contrails, as well as the unusual patterns, such as the "stitch" or "puff" formations (see last image).
       "We do live within a radius of about 30 miles from both major airports located in New York but we have also lived in our present homes in Long Island for over 20 years. We are very familiar with
the flight patterns of the commercial aircraft heading towards and departing from these airports. Because of our proximity, the planes fly at very low altitudes almost to the point that even their windows are visible. We have never in all these years observed any contrails being formed by these aircraft.

       Our concern over the contrails observed was largely due to the severity in respiratory illnesses that have struck our family and friends. A very close friend of ours, who was in perfect health,
suddenly had one lung collapse overnight. One parent of another friend developed a serious case of pneumonia and the other parent of the same friend was admitted to the hospital for respiratory        distress. They were held in the hospital's hallway for over 24 hours until a room could be found. This was due to the large amounts of patients recently admitted for various respiratory ailments. We have
observed these contrails very carefully. They do not just float away. They spread across the sky for hours to the point that what once was a blue sky now becomes gloomy and silvery gray. It becomes so overcast that it blocks the sun.

       We are not scientists but we are aware of our surroundings and in all our years we have never witnessed any cloud formation or exhaust from normal aircraft creating what we have been observing. It is for these reasons we decided to forward our photos to you. We continue to hope that the truth reveals itself in what has been taking place. Thank you again."
       - Concerned citizens


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